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Diagramming software allows users to create detailed diagrams—such as flow charts and floor plans—out of data and images. Diagramming tools often include templates for building diagrams in addition to enabling users to create diagrams from scratch. Certain diagramming programs can integrate with other design tools, and may offer collaborative platforms so multiple users can view and edit diagram files at the same time.

To qualify for inclusion in the Diagramming category, a product must:

  • Offer specialized tools for designing one or more types of diagrams, such as organizational charts and floorplans
  • Provide industry-related shapes and elements for use in diagrams and allow users to create or import custom diagram components
  • Allow specified users to view and interact with diagrams online during and after presentations
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    Whether you want to quickly capture a flowchart that you brainstormed on a whiteboard, or map an IT network or build an organizational chart, Visio makes it simple to do so.

    Lucidchart is an essential visual productivity platform that helps anyone understand and share ideas, information, and processes with clarity. With this intuitive, cloud-based solution, anyone can learn to think visually and collaborate in real time while building flowcharts, mockups, UML diagrams, and more. Lucidchart is utilized in over 175 countries by more than 9 million users, including Comcast, NASA, Netflix, Target and Xerox. Since the Utah-based company’s founding in 2010, it has grown in revenue by nearly 100 percent each year and has received numerous awards for its business and workplace culture. Lucidchart also releases updates to user accounts every month so the program continues to improve as you use it. We support Visio import and export, and you can export your diagram as a PDF or image. Lucidchart includes all the standard libraries that you would expect from a Visio alternative, including: flowcharts, swimlanes, ERD, wireframes, Venn diagrams, mind mapping and other specialized libraries. If you don't find the library that you are looking for, you can always create your own by importing .svg files into a new custom library. Lucidchart is most often compared to Microsoft Visio. They are both enterprise-level diagramming products. As a Visio alternative SaaS offering, Lucidchart allows users to work on the same document at the same time as their colleagues in any modern browser.

    Sketch gives you the power, flexibility and speed you always wanted in a lightweight and easy-to-use package. Finally you can focus on what you do best: Design.

    draw.io is the industry standard technology for diagramming software, as well as online and desktop diagramming software for end users.

    Diagrams are as powerful as they are versatile. They get people to see the big picture. They help teams vault over communication hurdles. They can be equally useful for looking at high-level plans or drilling down to the smallest detail. And, if you think there’s no inner diagramming Jedi waiting to awaken within you, give us a chance to prove you wrong. Visual Language is Universal Chances are, you’ve experienced the instant disorientation that sets in when you visit a country and don’t speak the language. You immediately regress to a time when you couldn’t read and symbols become your new best friends. Symbols can guide you to food, shelter and gas. They can help you avoid danger and tell you when to stop and when to go. Diagrams (comprised of multiple symbols) are even more powerful. A diagram can align a team, clarify a process, communicate a complicated idea and get departments with different areas of expertise to finally understand each other. Whether you’re a software engineer, a product manager, work in marketing or HR or just want to show your brilliant sense of humor, there’s a diagram for you.

    Pingboard is an org chart with superpowers. It is the place for everything you need to know about the people you work with. Why is it we can get any answer in seconds outside of work, but not at work? We believe that democratizing company information is essential for companies to be successful today. It's also the key to making employees happier, more effective, and more connected to their coworkers. With Pingboard, everyone in the company has quick access to a powerful org chart that includes contact info, whos out sick or working remote, birthdays and anniversaries, and who knows Ruby or loves to bike.

    We're an award winning web based diagramming tool which you can use to draw flowcharts, UML diagrams, network diagrams, mind maps, org charts and 40+ other diagram types.

    Creately Reviews

    XMind develops robust mind mapping, brainstorming and collaboration software and services.

    Makes drawing business processes and diagrams a snap!

    OmniGraffle is for creating precise, beautiful graphics. Like website wireframes, an electrical system design, a family tree, or mapping out software classes. For artists, designers, casual data-mappers, and everyone in-between.

    Create interactive infographics and diagrams quickly and easily with rich gallery of examples and templates.

    SmartDraw is the easiest way to create complex and powerful visuals from any device or platform. SmartDraw offers over 4,500 smart templates and more than 34,000 symbols for over 70 different types of diagrams, including flowcharts, org charts, floor plans, network diagrams, and more. SmartDraw is the best alternative to Microsoft Visio® and organizations looking for an affordable yet powerful Visio replacement. SmartDraw allows you to open Visio files even if you don't have Visio installed on your system. You can even batch convert entire directories of Visio files at once. It's best of both worlds. You get the power and ease of SmartDraw and the ability to collaborate with Visio users.

    Share plans, layouts, and work schedules instantly with team members in the same office or around the world. Create wireframes, flowcharts, UML, org charts, mind maps, and more with Cacoo.

    yEd is a powerful desktop application that can be used to quickly and effectively generate high-quality diagrams.

    Roadmap Planner is a Mac App for building and sharing roadmaps. Our mission is to make things easier, which is why we created Roadmap Planner. You can jump in and start building beautiful roadmaps in no time. Our collaboration features allow users to work on strategies and plan together as well as share the results with their teams, investors or users.

    Dia is a program to draw structured diagrams.

    Bubbl.us is an easy-to-use, online brainstorming software. With Bubbl.us you can create colorful mind maps and share them with others. To view examples of mind maps that were created using Bubbl.us, see https://bubbl.us/help/examples

    ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 provides a complete range of business graphic documentation solutions with thousands of stencils and hundreds of templates for rapid diagramming. ConceptDraw Solutions offer business-specific add-ons to support an expansive variety of workflow requirements. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 is a versatile diagramming tool, which provides for the sharing of drawings and assists in team collaboration through presentations and many export options.

    Powerful Drawing and Diagramming Solutions ConceptDraw PRO provides a complete range of business graphic documentation solutions with thousands of stencils and hundreds of templates for rapid diagramming. ConceptDraw Solution Park offers business-specific solutions to support an expansive variety of work-flow requirements. ConceptDraw PRO is a versatile diagramming tool, which provides for the sharing of drawings and assists in team collaboration through presentations and many export options. MS Visio Compatibility ConceptDraw is an excellent alternative to MS Visio on macOS and Windows. Many people involved in visual communication need software tools that will import and export to the Visio file format. Powerful business graphics and diagramming tools are the norm and not the exception for today’s businesses. For these important visual communication tools do their job it is often important that they be compatible with a file format that can be easily shared with others. For years the de facto standard file format for business has been Microsoft Visio™. As a result, when looking for a Visio alternative, people need the ability to open and save MS Visio files. ConceptDraw PRO is such a viable alternative for individuals and organizations that are looking for a professional business software. ConceptDraw PRO has import and export roundtrip of the native Visio file format. Rapid Flowchart Technology ConceptDraw PRO is dedicated to providing professionals with the optimum tools required to create diagrams in a clear and efficient manner, maximizing possible output to keep up with the designer's speed of thought. Accelerate designing of Business Process Diagrams, Process Flowcharts and UML diagrams using powerful RapidDraw capabilities. Organizational Charts, Concept Maps and Data Flow Diagrams visualization are highly benefiting of drawing speed from the use of advanced Chain and Tree connection modes. Create Sales Process Flowcharts and EPC for the moment using the auto-routing capabilities of Smart Connectors. This intuitive tools takes a lot of the workload from specialists, allowing them to focus on the more creative aspects of their tasks. Drawing Tools ConceptDraw PRO provides a set of powerful and comprehensive drawing tools. Effortlessly design any kind of custom stencils to visualize your specific business diagrams. Arrange and format diagrams of any complexity using revamped side panels. Format, order, align and position tools allow one to create professional looking engineering drawings, flowcharts, infographics, dashboards and more diagrams that are clear and easy to understand. Communication and Presentation Facilities Empower your communication processes and improve your presentation techniques. The set of versatile tools in ConceptDraw PRO enables you to quickly prepare your business graphics for presentation. Design and create your presentations the same way you would create any drawing. ConceptDraw PRO documents can be shown as a presentation. Sophisticated shapes can be rapidly designed to your presentation needs. Create a dynamic presentation with charts that can change their visual appearance based on external data source files. Display information that is up to date by incorporating your organization’s key performance indicator data, as well as collaborative feedback in presentations. Present your diagrams to any audience in one click. Building Plans Designer ConceptDraw PRO is well suited as building plan software. There are a number of add-in solutions that contain vector stencils and templates to assist in any project. ConceptDraw PRO is a professional tool imagines your blueprints, architectural, and floor plans; for home, business center, restaurant, shop, or office layout. The building plan solution family includes hundreds of stencil libraries that are tailored to industry standards. Solutions are available for: office layouts; piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID); heating, ventilations, and air conditioning (HVAC); and emergency exit plans. Live Objects Technology Important business metrics can be viewed and tracked with live object technology. Live objects can dynamically show changes based on external data source files to give you an accurate overview of any process. ConceptDraw Solution Park provides a set of solutions with library stencils of data driven charts and indicators. Using live objects, you can communicate the state of any process or the metrics of any workflow. Making custom KPI dashboards will provide real-time information with the help of interactive and easy-to-understand charts and indicators. The ability to rapidly and visually communicate these items makes live objects a powerful tool for helping your organization function more efficiently. ConceptDraw PRO Benefits ConceptDraw PRO simplifies and enhances presentation generation with flexible slide construction, automated processes, and Live Object technology for displaying external data. You’ll find an extensive library of over 20,000 ready-to-use objects, with hundreds of templates and examples to get you started quickly. We also support dynamic presentations that contain live content and can be edited on the fly to reflect input from collaboration or feedback. Presentations can be exported to numerous graphical formats or emailed as a slide show. ConceptDraw PRO presentations can be displayed in full-screen, automated playback mode, or using dual monitors — display on one, edit on the other — for team collaboration. Presentation Preparation Creating a presentation, slide by slide, in a multi-page format provides maximum flexibility when presenting and using presentation content. You can take additional control over your presentation by formatting the appearance of each slide with background pages, color schemes, and clip art. Hyperlink to other objects and pages within the presentation, or to external documents and web pages. The benefit of this feature is that your presentation is not confined to one source of content; all resources are available for your audience. You can create presentations that contain live objects. Live objects can be set to respond to external data sources, such as a file database or different data feeds on the internet. You can export your presentation to Microsoft PowerPoint for presenting locally, or to Adobe Flash (SWF) for presentation over the web. Dynamic Presentations Dynamic presentation allows you to display your presentation on a secondary monitor or projector, while your main monitor is left open for you to make edits as you move through the presentation. This gives you the unique ability to collaborate with team members in a meeting setting or quickly respond to feedback from your audience. Any diagram or drawing you make in ConceptDraw PRO can be a dynamic presentation — everything from flowcharts and block diagrams to network diagrams and wiring schematics. ConceptDraw PRO Strength Delivers in-depth drawing and diagramming power in an accessible package, simplifying and streamlining what used to be complex processes. ConceptDraw PRO utilizes sophisticated technologies to save you time, often requiring just a single click. ConceptDraw Solution Park allows you to extend the core functionality of ConceptDraw PRO to meet business-specific needs. INGYRE4 allows you to create project dashboards to track data from your projects. Live objects let you create diagrams and drawings that can reflect current data from external sources. Dynamic presentations allow you to collaborate with team members in a meeting setting and make adjustments to your drawings on the fly. Extensive import and export options make your diagrams remarkably flexible for sharing. No other product offers these powerful features. Integration Technologies ConceptDraw PRO incorporates several integration technologies to streamline workflow and increase productivity. These technologies allow you to utilize external data for up to the minute status reports, create dashboards that show project status, and create presentations with your data that can fit many situations and audiences. Live Objects This technology provides you with tools to create objects that automatically change their visual appearance or provide computed results. Any live object’s appearance can be changed manually or in response to external data. Objects can be customized or programmed using simple formulas, or using sophisticated third-party programming. ConceptDraw Solution Park contains many additional solutions that utilize the live object technology in ConceptDraw PRO. INGYRE4 This integration technology allows your data to flow freely between all ConceptDraw Office 4 applications. By integrating your data with ConceptDraw PRO, you can automatically create project management diagrams and reports, along with project dashboards that give you up-to-date status reports. You can also use ConceptDraw PRO as a presentation engine for your project or mind map data. ConceptDraw PRO Basic This integration scripting language is for collecting and exchanging data with internal and external applications. ConceptDraw PRO Basic is a great tool for creating sophisticated object libraries with user-defined behavior and a professional visual appearance. The scripting technology can be used by company or third-party developers for customizing data integration solutions that use ConceptDraw PRO for Microsoft Windows and Apple computers eliminating integration barriers that can exist in mixed computing environments. Exporting ConceptDraw PRO Presentations In addition to ConceptDraw PRO’s internal presentation engine, you can export ConceptDraw PRO presentations to Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Flash, giving you presentation options to suit a variety of different situations and audiences. Importing and Exporting ConceptDraw PRO supports the import and export of many file formats, allowing you to integrate with numerous data sources. ConceptDraw Solution Park The value of ConceptDraw PRO goes far beyond the core product. With ConceptDraw Solution Park, you can extend the functionality of ConceptDraw PRO with business-specific solutions — for everything from business strategy and project management, to education and human resources. Solution Park offers additional tools, templates, object libraries, live object collections, sample documents, training materials, and much more. For example, project managers can find additional project dashboards for driving and managing their projects.

    EViews offers academic researchers, corporations, government agencies, and students access to statistical, forecasting, and modeling tools through an object-oriented interface.

    Newired Journeys is an enterprise UX (user experience) management solution that allows companies and organizations create seamless, smooth, and positive experiences for their customers whenever they visit their company websites, online stores, or use their applications, and more. The best part is that Newired Journeys doesn’t require users to redesign or overhaul their websites to ensure a smooth journey for their clients and visitors. It doesn’t involve coding or system re-configuration. Companies simply install a small server-side guidance layer component in their existing corporate web infrastructure. They then capture the know-how of their own experts through an easy PC-based word-processor type app to create “Journeys”… just-in-time, step-by-step guides for every step in every process, transforming frustrating online experiences into smooth and frictionless experiences, so end users can get things done and accomplish what they set out to do every time. Newired Journeys delivers a platform that lets you take charge of the user experience (UX) of your website, online applications, and more. There are many instances where visitors get frustrated when they visit a website because they just don’t know where to go to accomplish their goal. Newired Journeys changes all that. The solution is intended for websites and web-based tools and platforms with an enterprise context, to facilitate and enhance activities such as on-boarding, training, adoption, etc. As you use Newired Journeys to create smooth and seamless experiences for your users and visitors, you also enjoy significant savings on training costs and support. Your users become happier and less frustrated with your website, increasing your satisfaction rating, and encouraging your users to come back for more. As you use Newired Journeys to create smooth and seamless experiences for your users and visitors, you also enjoy huge savings on training costs and allocate less people. Your users become more happy and less frustrated with your website, impacting your satistaction rating, and getting your users to come back for more. With Newired Journeys, your customers are very involved every single time they visit. That means better, increased user engagement for your website. In addition to customer on-boarding and corporate training, Newired Journeys is also great for customer care, product management, online sales and marketing. What Problems Will Newired Journeys Solve? 1 ) Operations Manager introducing a new tool in the company who wants to: lessen reliance on technical Support enhance user onboarding guarantee smooth, successful roll-out 2) Software Product Manager who wants to: enhance user onboarding with new software or features lessen reliance on technical support expose software changes and instruct users 3) HR Department that needs to: increase effectiveness of initial software training investments reduce time to productivity for new hires train internal users to adopt changes in company workflows

    MyDraw is an advanced diagramming software and vector graphics drawing tool for Windows and Mac OS X, perfect for drawing flowcharts, org charts, mind maps, network diagrams, floor plans and general business diagrams. MyDraw includes libraries with hundreds of diagram shapes and symbols, templates, powerful drawing tools, automatic diagram layouts, advanced printing and exporting capabilities, and many more, MyDraw is the right diagramming solution for your business, or personal projects.

    When it comes to reimagining your enterprise, don’t let your tools hold you back. Designer is a world-class online diagramming and modelling application, native to the ServiceNow platform. It supports end-to-end Design-Driven Enterprise Transformation by interacting with existing processes through your diagrams and models. Designer provides the golden source for all your diagrams and keeps them in sync with real-time data. Furthermore, it updates diagrams automatically to show the gaps and achievements on your way to achieve your target landscape. Download Designer in the ServiceNow store: https://ins-pi.com/getdesigner

    FlowMapp is online tool for creating visual sitemaps and user flows that helps you to effectively design and plan user experience.

    Overflow is the world’s first user flow diagramming tool tailored for designers. It offers a new, impactful way for designers to effectively communicate their work, while fully engaging their audience with an interactive user flow presentation.

    UXPressia is an online service for creating professional, editable Customer Journey Maps and Personas. UXPressia is everything you need to design perfect user experience.

    Easily create a visual representation of a process, organization, mind map or other diagram.

    Elements Process Knowledge is a free business analysis application that has been designed to support Salesforce implementations and give benefits at every phase of the lifecycle.

    The complete digital workspace. iMindMap is the first, all-in-one brainstorming and project planning software. With its unique capabilities, iMindMap has helped over 1 million people boost their productivity and creativity in a range of tasks, from ideation, planning and project managing to studying, teaching, presenting and more. Workspaces in iMindMap 11 include Mind Map View, Radial Map View, Organisational Charts, Brainstorm View, Presentation View, Bubble Web Mode, Bubble Groups, 3D View plus more unique features. Click here to download your free 7-day trial today: http://bit.ly/2mbf0j0

    Jamboard is a collaboration platform that allows users to, among other things, sketch their ideas whiteboard-style on a brilliant 4k display, drop images, add notes, and pull things directly from the web while collaborating with team members from anywhere.

    QuickDatabaseDiagrams.com is the fastest, slickest way to design a database - just type! Free for basic use. Made in Dublin, Ireland.

    Schematics.com is a free online schematic editor that allows to create and share circuit diagrams.

    Space Designer 3D is an online design tool that create floor plans, visualize and walk through interior spaces in 3D.

    Barium Live lets you create awesome process driven applications that supports day-to-day work.

    Cloudcraft is a dynamic cloud infrastructure drawing tool that allows systems architects, developers, and technical designers to create smart diagrams of their cloud infrastructures.

    Custellence lets you build customer journey maps by collaborating in a cloud based system so that you can put your customer insights into action!

    Diagramo is an online HTML5 based flowchart software.

    DoView Visual Strategic Planning communicates faster than text-based strategic planning because it is based on using a visual DoView Results Roadmap. This is an example of the principle that 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. What’s more, if you need to change your strategy overnight, you can do this by just tweaking your priorities directly onto your Results Roadmap. You don't need to rewrite your whole strategic plan.

    Dynomapper is a visual sitemap generator.

    Edraw MindMaster is a cross-platform mind mapping software with many advanced features including a streamlined and intuitive ribbon interface; rich exquisite built-in mind map templates, clip art, and examples; stunning theme styles; auto-create slideshow modes; professional Gantt chart view etc. You can also share and export files easily.

    FlowBreeze is a flowchart modeling tool for Microsoft Excel.

    FunnelFlux lets you build tracking the way you think - with flowcharts and diagrams - and without limits

    GenMyModel Flowchart is an online flowchart modeling solution.

    GenMyModel RDS provides online database modeling platform that will increase productivity.

    Graham Process Maps break down business process information flows to INDIVIDUAL documents (forms, records, applications, systems, spreadsheets, email) whatever is used to capture, transmit or store data.

    iMindQ is a dynamic and exciting mind mapping software tool for visual thinking, brainstorming, planning and organizing ideas. iMindQ brings your ideas to live and it helps you map and organize thoughts and information. It is great for solving problems, planning, decision making, presenting and communicating ideas, research and collaboration. Why choose iMindQ: Unique Presentation Mode Beautiful templates Project Planning options Research panel, SharePoint and Cloud platforms integration Available on all devices Dedicated Support

    Ingentis org.manager enables anybody to create and publish organizational charts of their company or team structure within minutes.

    Kite brings maps and messaging together to help the poor state of in-field communication.

    Design crash diagrams more easily, accurately and efficiently

    Its primary function is to visualize and consider the causes and effects of complex relations between multiple concepts or notions. This allows for in-depth analysis of all factors and concepts affected by or affecting a notion or an idea. The software displays all possible paths between any number of various concepts allowing the user to choose the most effective, efficient and logical route to accomplish any given goal. Advanced analysis allows the user to anticipate future developments and to single out the causes of past issues. Furthermore LinkNotions assists in the creation of complex studies, advanced research, problem solving and problem anticipation, as well as visualization of underlying and unclear links, perception of future trends and detailed versions of vast fields of knowledge rendered into useable information and diagrams. As a secondary purpose, LinkNotions doubles as a helper for interactive organograms, sociograms, non linear mind maps, family trees as well as an educational course and exercise planner and as a non-linear organizer.