Digital Analytics Expert Insights

by Jay Baer

On what major criteria should a buyer assess digital analytics solutions?

Customization, the ability to combine online and offline data, ability to view data easily on a mobile device, predictive analytics and real-time capabilities, attribution and data modeling opportunities

What major trends do you see in the digital analytics space right now?

Predictive analytics are blowing up, especially in the content marketing space. And of course, attribution modeling and tracking the impact of different touchpoints remains the holy grail. Third would be real-time analytics.

How do these trends and the direction the industry is moving toward affect companies using and evaluating analytics solutions now?

dark social, dark search, and untrackable behaviors are going to revolutionize analytics due to mobile visits and other factors. newer players in the field came of age in this era, and may be better suited going forward to capture behavior and intent in this murky new world.

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Jay Baer
Founder, Convince & Convert
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