Digital Analytics Expert Insights

by Judith Pascual

On what major criteria should a buyer assess digital analytics solutions?

There are many necessary criteria based on the strategy and needs of the business. However, the items that seem to be relevant regardless of industry, time and place are scalability, adaptability and flexibility in the technology, costs, ingest, visualization and future expansion capability.

What major trends do you see in the digital analytics space right now?

Data integration cross channel and devices. Hence the consolidation of the Data Management Platform (DMP) industry. This falls in line with expanding tag management capabilities and the leaders in that realm to develop new products and services. It's an exciting time for us all where we can evolve and turn 'too much' data to extracting value to improve financial returns in addition to any other business goals.

How do these trends and the direction the industry is moving toward affect companies using and evaluating analytics solutions now?

Overall, we are finally in a position to move towards a unified look of what really matters and placing corporations in a position to provide what this consumer market wants and demands we give them.

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Judith Pascual
Principal Business Consultant, Consultant at comScore, Inc.
Strategy and Optimization professional