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Digital asset management (DAM) software catalogues and maintains repositories of media files such as photos, audio files, and video files. By applying metadata taxonomies to assets, users are able to group, search, and distribute files. DAM solutions often come with other features such as powerful import and export functionality, versioning, preview and thumbnail views of assets optimized for processing speed, and automatic conversion of files to different file types or file sizes. DAM systems are often implemented by marketing and operations teams across various industries for help in defining and managing their online brands. These products can also be used to reduce the duplication of an organization’s assets, maintain up-to-date collections, and control security of assets with role-based permissions. Some businesses assign specific individuals as DAM administrators or “librarians” to oversee these assets and ensure they follow established brand-specific guidelines. Many DAM products integrate with other management software like those in our Enterprise Content Management category and Web Content Management category, as well as with various other creative software including website builders and content marketing software tools.

To qualify for inclusion in the Digital Asset Management category, a product must:

  • Provide storage for company-wide rich media files, such as photos, sound files, and videos, as well as presentations and graphics, specifically related to company branding
  • Allow users to tag assets and search for and access files as needed
  • Offer tools for managing rights and permissions of media content for external use and embedding on internal or external websites
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    Libris is the simplest and fastest cloud-based digital asset management platform built for visual media. We empower teams of all sizes to store, organize, and share their photos, video, audio and other creative assets. We have 13 years of experience managing over half a billion digital assets in the cloud. Customers incl AP, ConocoPhillips, MLB, UNC, Visit Greenland and Pandora love the simplicity, speed and security of the Libris. We provide hundreds of brands worldwide an easy way to get the most from their digital assets.

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    Recognized as the G2 Crowd Leader for digital asset management, Widen serves mid-to-large organizations with a data-driven platform, the Widen Collective. Widen's five integrated applications encompass brand management, video management, and creative operations solutions, integrating with over 30 apps from creative suites to project management, AI, and marketing tools. Power your content management needs with award-winning tools and service beyond compare. Request a demo today.

    Canto makes team collaboration easy with a simple-to-use visual interface and intuitive features, like automatic file organization, watermarking and copyright license management. Upload, download, store and share assets from a central branded environment. Easily search for your brand assets with the help of custom metadata fields. Ensure brand consistency and secure content with permission-based access and branded portals. Most common file types supported in Canto: PDF, PSD, AI, INDD, TIFF, EPS, PNG, JPEG, MPEG, MP4, MOV, AVI Simplify and extend workflows with prebuilt connectors to Adobe InDesign, WordPress, DropBox, Box, Slack, Facebook, Google Drive, Pinterest, Twitter. Or custom build your own integration with our Canto API. Access content in Canto from any browser or device with our highly-mobile friendly responsive UI. See more at www.canto.com/

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    Some of the world's most recognized brands rely on Image Relay to upload, organize, monitor, manage, and distribute their files from one centralized, secure, easy-to-use spot in the cloud. Image Relay is the Digital Asset Management system designed with your time in mind. And if you ever need anything, we're right here, ready to jump in and help.

    Brandfolder is a powerful digital asset management platform that allows you to maximize your brand management potential. With feature like, workflow management, video editing and InDesign templating to enable cross team collaborations. Organizations like Slack, Shazam, Tripadvisor and Salesforce rely on Brandfolder to deliver consistent, organized, and efficient brand experiences.

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    From idea to screen, Wiredrive is a secure video sharing and collaboration tool designed for creative professionals who produce, create, manage, and pitch video. More than 1,500 agencies, brands, production houses, and entertainment companies rely on Wiredrive to effectively collaborate with teams and privately share video and manage media throughout the entire content lifecycle. If you are interested in a demo, please reach out to sales@wiredrive.com.

    IntelligenceBank is the best DAM for streamlining processes around your marketing content and protecting your brand. Our beautifully designed platform simplifies managing creative projects as well as sharing, distributing and reporting on brand assets. With lightning-fast search, custom brand portals, project management and calendars, online creative briefs, web to print templates, brand guidelines and killer workflow for creative approvals: IntelligenceBank makes creative content management a seamless process and enables you to produce and distribute creative faster than ever before. Our flexible pricing model means we can tailor packages for all types of businesses – Enterprise, Mid Tier and Small Business. Contact us to see why companies such as Hertz, KFC, Carlsberg and 400 other brands love IntelligenceBank.

    Multi-user Digital Asset Management software for local networks. Allows you to creating a centralized repository for all your images, videos and documents, from which your team can quickly find the files they need, re-use them, share them and collaborate effectively with their colleagues. Ideal for marketing and communications departments and agencies; architects and planners, nonprofits, designers and photographers. Daminion is designed for Windows, but can be launched on Macs via special virtual tools like Parallels. A read-only web-client version providing access to your files from all devices (tablets, mobiles and Macs) is also available.

    AP ENPS Anywhere is enhanced with the worlds best mobile functionality.

    Extensis Portfolio is the industry’s most usable, flexible, and supported digital asset management solution for organizations and workgroups of all sizes wrestling with an ever-growing volume of digital content. By delivering visual and contextual insight for every file, Portfolio helps workflows move faster and people connect to their assets, projects, and partners. Recognizing that asset usability is business-critical to many departments and divisions beyond marketing and creative teams, Portfolio is built —and continuously evolving— to bring the efficiencies of DAM to workgroups across every organization and industry. By getting the right asset in the right hands at the right time, Portfolio drives creativity, collaboration, and productivity—powering extraordinary work around the globe in a fraction of the time.

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    Salsify empowers brand manufacturers to deliver the product experience consumers demand anywhere they choose to shop online. Our product experience management platform (PXM) combines the power of PIM and DAM capabilities, the industry’s broadest commerce ecosystem, and actionable insights to orchestrate compelling product experiences through every digital touchpoint. The world’s biggest brands including Coca-Cola, Bosch, GSK, Rawlings, and Fruit of the Loom use Salsify every day to stand out on the digital shelf.

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    Cumulus is a market-leading enterprise solution that allows businesses to easily create, manage, share and secure media files on any platform. It can be deployed on-premise, hosted in the cloud or set up as a hybrid solution. Cumulus helps customers improve efficiency, protect brand assets and reuse rich media files.

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    Bynder is the fastest way to professionally manage digital files. Its award-winning digital asset management (DAM) platform offers marketers a smart way to find and share creative files such as graphics, videos, and documents. Thousands of brand managers, marketers and creatives from global organizations like PUMA, innocent drinks and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines use Bynder to organize company files; edit and approve projects in real time; auto-format and resize files; and make the right content available to others at the click of a button. Founded in 2013 by CEO Chris Hall, Bynder has nine global offices located in The Netherlands, USA, Germany, Spain, UK and UAE. For more information, visit www.bynder.com or follow Bynder on Twitter @Bynder.

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    assetSERV is an end to end digital experience management platform. It enables enterprises to manage the complete life cycle of their digital assets and enable the transformation of digital assets into 'strategic' assets It is a flexible solution provided in a SaaS based model that can scale up as per your organizational functional and business needs. Different business units within an enterprise can use assetSERV to manage digital programs, content, assets and archives. It can be used to streamline workflows and increase inter and intra-departmental collaboration Marketing organizations can use assetSERV to create, manage and measure cross-channel customer experiences. assetSERV can power faster time to market for marketing campaigns and ensures brand integrity across all departments – and consumer markets Used by some of the world’s largest companies, assetSERV is powered by Cognizant.

    MediaValet, a leader in cloud-based digital asset management, helps marketing and creative teams easily manage, collaborate on and distribute their digital assets and content, improving productivity and increasing the ROI on their marketing investments. With unlimited users, support and training, teams worldwide can access the content they need, whenever and wherever they need it. As the only DAM built on Microsoft Azure, MediaValet is the most user-friendly DAM platform, and is trusted by global brands like Brand USA, China Southern Airlines, Razer, Margaritaville, Experian and more.

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    BAM! is a powerful and easy-to-use Digital Asset Management (DAM), content management and publishing platform with an integrated Mobile Sales app that delivers the right content to dealers and distributors via mobile device so you can prospect and close more deals.

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    Mediafly offers sales and marketing a modern selling experience that values the buyer and drives business growth. Using the Mediafly platform, marketing and sales teams at companies including PepsiCo, GE Healthcare, MillerCoors and Charles Schwab, are able to deliver custom, dynamic sales presentations quickly and efficiently, engaging customers with insights that are relevant to them. Mediafly’s Evolved Selling™ solution transcends sales enablement by incorporating methodologies and technologies that enhance how brands engage with prospective buyers. Evolved selling starts with rethinking the way you interact with customers and empowering your sales team to leave the status quo behind. The four elements of Evolved Selling are dynamic, interactive, informed and integration. Dynamic sellers can access and assemble content on the fly and pivot in the moment to meet the needs of the buyers. Interactive presentations allow sellers to capture input from the buyer that guide a tailored discussion. When sellers are informed with data from various sources, they can differentiate themselves in the field and teach buyers something new. Integrating a sales enablement tool provides a feedback loop that captures and analyzes each interaction to inform future strategy.

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    Simple. Helpful. Powerful. That's how our clients describe our product and team. Come and learn why we're the most powerful, easy to use DAM on the market. NetX is a leading Digital Asset Management platform with a wide offering of features and functionality, all packaged in a clean design that is super easy to use. NetX offers both On-premise and Cloud subscriptions. “NetX has the rare reputation in the DAM industry of excelling in customer service.” — RealStory Group

    The leader in digital asset management in the cloud, Webdam is the #1 choice by teams of all sizes -- large enterprise, higher education, non-profits, agencies, Gov, and small businesses too. Easily manage, share, find and distribute your digital assets from anyplace at anytime. Recognized for the best user interface, customer experience, lightning-fast performance, enterprise-level security, and scalability -- Webdam achieves the DAM industry's best customer retention rate for a reason.

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    CONTENTdm is a service used by many different types of libraries, historical societies and museums that gives you the tools to build, showcase and preserve your digital collections. With CONTENTdm, you increase the visibility of your digital collections with a website customized for your community that includes search engine optimization and the capability to share your metadata in WorldCat and other repositories where people search for information. CONTENTdm allows you to: • store items in any file format including, text, images audio and video; • add complete metadata to help searchers find your collections; • load large collections quickly with batch processing; • customize the experience for your users and your community by creating a website that aligns with your brand; • ensure secure, managed storage and monitoring for your master files and digital originals. CONTENTdm FAQ: http://www.oclc.org/contentdm/resources.en.html

    The iNEWS newsroom management system is the dynamic center of news content creation and distribution, enabling broadcasters to create and deliver breaking news, unify their entire newsroom operation, and engage audiences across a broad spectrum of TV, web, mobile, and social media channels.

    Asset Bank offers five-star Digital Asset Management software at a great price. Customers say it looks great, is highly configurable yet easy to use, and that customer support is excellent. Asset Bank is used by over 800 organisations worldwide including Coca-Cola, Deloitte, Panasonic, Unilever, Pepsico, Santander, T Mobile and SAB Miller. The SaaS Essential Edition starts from $500 per month, with a perpetual on-premise license from $10,125. Contact us for a discussion about your requirements and a screen-share demo.

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    The Documentum platform offers an enterprise content management system with the essential capabilities to control all your information content.

    Sensory experiences drive customer engagement and tell the story of your brand. The more pictures, graphics, videos and audio you incorporate into your customer experiences, the higher the likelihood of successfully grabbing customer attention. As content marketing and omnichannel digital campaigns take center stage, it is important for your entire enterprise to store and manage the growing volume of digital assets – in an organized way. OpenText MediaBin enables you to take control of your brand and deliver eye-catching, cohesive customer experiences through the following features: • Brand consistency: Centralize control and management of your brand across internal and external partners. • Single source of truth: Maintain brand equity and increase productivity by accessing “core” assets from a single repository. • Compliance and governance: Govern where, how, and who accesses digital content to meet governance and compliance policies. Monitor, analyze, and record usage. Archive files at license expiration dates or when brand changes. • Auto-tagging: Automatically tag metadata to video, images, audio and other assets, and automatically extract asset details for better context, filtering, and search. • Search and browse: Use innovative search that understands facial similarities and human expression. Find assets among volumes of digital content without exact keywords or traditional folder structure. • Rich media workflow: Configure/automate business processes via an integrated workflow engine to ingest, route, review, approve, email, notify, retrieve, transform, and distribute assets. • Targeted asset distribution: Distribute transformed rich content to web, social, print, or mobile with rules-based scheduling. • Role-based experiences: Define user experiences based on role and permissions, e.g., casual users, business owners, librarians, and third parties. • Self-service access: Access and download valuable corporate assets based on defined content permissions based on roles and usage rights without reliance on power users. • Integrated creative experience: Access all rich content from familiar design, photo, and video applications. • Hosted rich media: Deploy on premises, in the cloud, or via a hybrid model.

    Brandworkz is a cloud-based digital asset management and brand management software platform for marketers and brand managers. It is designed to be the central content hub of your marketing ecosystem. With so many marketing channels and so much content, it is easy to lose a grip of whether your agencies, distributors, sales people, partners and colleagues are communicating the right messages to the right audiences at the right time. Brandworkz enables you to centralise, manage and share marketing and brand content; allow artwork editing and even oversee marketing production activity. You enable consistent messaging and a strong brand across multiple countries and media channels. Brands like Red Bull Racing, JLL, Pfizer and Cambridge University are already using Brandworkz to increase marketing efficiency, get messages to market quicker and strengthen their brands with consistent, integrated marketing communications.

    MarcomCentral is a cloud-based portal where marketing assets can be centrally stored, accessed by field teams at any time, and customized while remaining brand compliant. Dynamic templates are provided by the corporate marketing team, and through simple, if-then logic, field teams can personalize an asset within seconds, significantly reducing the amount of one-off requests received by the marketing team. With advanced search functions, in-depth analytics, and user permissions, the portal is a one-stop shop for access to pre-approved marketing content. MarcomCentral is used by companies like Subway, Geico, Volvo, Blue Shield of California , Alaska Airlines, and Mutual of Omaha to control their brand, while providing field teams access to customizable marketing assets 24-7.

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    Alienbrain Studio is a digital asset management software that combines digital asset management (DAM) and software configuration management (SCM) into one software package.

    MerlinOne is a Digital Asset Management solution to help centralize your digital content, making it easy to find, share, and use it effectively. Save time, money, and get your content to market faster.

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    Percolate's complete web and mobile marketing software increases productivity, elevates your brand and helps you generate more sales. From governance, planning and content creation to audience acquisition, customer management and analytics, Percolate unites your brand, your data and your stories across every team, location, integrated system and customer interaction.

    Nuxeo's Content Services Platform is the foundation for applications that manage the entire lifecycle of business content regardless of type, volume, or location. The Nuxeo Platform streamlines operations to make your business more agile and competitive, lowers risks by protecting the security and integrity of your content, and empowers employees by simplifying access to valuable information. Unlike traditional offerings, Nuxeo has been architected to take full advantage of the cloud and uses a microservices architecture to deliver elastic scalability and performance. Nuxeo provides a complete content services platform and includes native capabilities such as content and asset management, collaboration, workflow, search, analytics, renditions, a configurable user experience, and the industry's most advanced metadata modeling. Leading organizations use Nuxeo for digital asset management, document management, knowledge management, and case management applications.

    The hyper Content & Digital Asset Management Server helps organizations to have full control over all their digital assets, to automate processes and cut costs. Our solutions cover Marketing & Brand Asset Management, Product Content & Diversity Management, Commerce Automation & Customer Experience, and Enterprise & Web Content Management.

    The censhare Digital Experience Platform pools all marketing and communications content within one information-centric system and a consistent user interface. The best of breed applications for Collaboration, DAM, PIM, Omnichannel CMS and MRM allow to create relevant digital experiences from real-time information.

    Avid Interplay | MAM provides the most comprehensive and intelligent solution for media asset management available today to help you organize your media, make it broadly accessible, unify and coordinate every aspect of production, and link to business functions such as rights management and market data.

    Never worry again about storing, archiving and endlessly searching for assets in various places. Elvis DAM takes care of all your digital asset management needs. Whether that’s for internal, or external teams. Assets like stock library images, photos, design files, brand logos, presentations, spreadsheets, digital notes, documents, video files and more are all stored and easily searchable. Making it easy for you to reference and reuse your assets whenever you want. Think of it as an intuitive library for all your digital files. We’re talking about one personalized system that makes asset management seamless. Accessible from anywhere in the world, anytime, with optimal security. Used by many media companies including publishers, brands, agencies and corporates—our DAM solution helps to monetize your digital assets. Apart from storing, archiving and assisting with asset search, Elvis DAM also enables the reuse of assets (cutting down costs due to duplicating content), helps to save time on asset searches, eases the photo selection process, ensures brand consistency and supports personalized content. WoodWing markets Elvis DAM via a worldwide network of certified business partners. Web: www.woodwing.com/en/digital-asset-management-system Twitter: @woodwingsoft Tel: +31 75 61 43 400

    WoodWing Elvis DAM Reviews
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    globaledit is the web-based photo and video platform that gives organizations worldwide control over the production workflow from capture to distribution. globaledit was launched in 2003 by the software division of Industrial Color. Industrial Color Brands is a family of vertically integrated creative production companies that provide high-end production, post-production, SaaS workflow solutions and related services. The company has evolved organically since 1991 from a culture of innovation, excellence and attention to industry trends and client needs. The brands operate independently and together to provide holistic solutions for a wide range of leading brands, agencies and creative professionals.

    Collaboro is a video first, full-scale digital content solution. Ensuring creative assets are managed, stored, tagged and used in the future by bespoke human and state of the art AI tagging. Not only do you have a feature-rich cloud platform of your own highly collated library including content-ready video, image and layered art media, alongside brand guidelines and documentation. But, Collaboro also provides an ongoing pick up and uploading service to you, your creative partners, both past and present. Think of it as your own content concierge. We also maintain a highly stable online & offline archive for everything from online HD formats to raw camera archives, legacy materials and the full brand history in terms of rich media. We store all of your assets safely, forever.

    CELUM is a leading cloud software developer. Our Content & Collaboration Cloud optimizes the complete life cycle of digital content and the interaction of people in teams. The CELUM products Workrooms, Digital Asset Management and Contidio - the Content Marketplace, establish the foundation for the creation, administration, publishing and monetization of content. Our clients benefit from accelerated marketing and communication processes, additional revenue streams, reduced costs and increasing productivity. More than one million users and 850 companies in 35 countries rely on CELUM. This includes names such as 3M, CLAAS, Dior, Hochtief, MAN, SCOTT Sports, Shiseido, Silhouette, T-Mobile, Toshiba, Toyota, voestalpine. Over 100 employees in five subsidiaries work on our vision: We disrupt how people work together and engage through content. Learn more at www.celum.com

    ResourceSpace is the web-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) software of choice for leading commercial, academic and not for profit organisations, offering a convenient, productive and easy to use solution for organising and sharing files. We help organisations improve efficiency, encourage collaboration, and free up time and resources. ResourceSpace is available as open source software, meaning that there are no license fees to pay and no vendor lock-ins. Montala is a web solutions company based in Oxfordshire. We head up the ResourceSpace project and also provide hosting, support and development services. Our extensive list of ResourceSpace customers includes Oxfam, ActionAid, Save the Children, Macmillan, Marie Curie, Fairtrade, Oxford University, Plan International, Human Rights Watch, Toshiba, Capgemini, and Tannoy.

    The Xinet solution is a flexible, efficient DAM system that excels at InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator workflows for smaller production teams and creative workgroups within the enterprise.

    Single integrated platform that addresses the requirements for digital resource control, management, commercialisation and distribution. From simple through to complex, Piction's platform can scale to your business requirements.

    Brand Connect is the dynamic brand management platform that centralizes approved content with adaptable brand guidelines and distribution controls, ensuring your brand stays on strategy regardless of where it goes and who works on it.

    For over twenty years, MediaBeacon has been committed to delivering best-in-class Digital Asset Management (DAM). We Innovate. We Partner and Collaborate. We Deliver. In fact, innovation is the foundation of our identity. Through Partnership with our Customers, we empower them to deliver their vision globally from concept to consumer. Our Digital and Marketing Asset Management solution enables this through powerful workflows, best-in class asset management and analytics for both digital and physical assets. As part of Esko, a member of Danaher’s Product Identification (PID) Platform, we have the solution and the Team to help you create, manage, publish and analyze your assets. We are passionate about our Team, who realizes that our Customer’s success is our success.

    Northplains modular asset and content management technology NEXT helps marketers and creatives create and manage visual assets, streamline production and deliver a unified brand story around the world. With five modules to choose from (Studio, Editor, Asset Vault, Portal, and Analytics), NEXT is highly scalable and easily integrates with existing technologies within your marketing stack.

    MediaBank is a digital asset and content management solution that allows you to produce, edit and share digital information with tools to help you manage your data.

    Pimcore is the world's leading enterprise PIM without software cost, centralizing all your product data and delivery across all channels. Pimcore makes it fast and easy to manage product information. It can integrate, consolidate, and manage any type and any amount of digital data. Provide the data to any channel such as commerce, mobile apps, print, digital signage. Its open-source license enables organizations of any size and in any industry to stay in full control of technology. Pimcore is used by more than 80,000 companies in 56 countries and is recognized as Gartner 'Cool Vendor' 2018.

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    MavSocial is a simple and affordable social media management platform used by thousands of marketers, businesses, and agencies to streamline their social media activities. The platform enables marketers to curate and store content, schedule and automate posts, engage with audiences, listen to industry trends, monitor analytics, build reports and collaborate with team members. MavSocial currently supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr and WeChat. Features include: - Content Management: Upload, store and manage all forms of content with AI-powered tagging - UGC Curation: Curate and obtain permissions for user-generated content - License Content: Access millions of free stock images - Campaign Planner: Create and track social media campaigns across multiple networks and see an overview with calendar view - Engage: Respond to comments and messages across all social networks - Listen: Monitor keywords, analyse trends and engage with specific topics - Reporting: Analyze performance by content, post, network or campaign - Advertising: Promote and boost your Facebook posts to your target audience - Teams & Brands: Organize workflows, assign tasks and set permissions for all social media activities by brands, teams, and users.

    Store, organize and share files faster. Keep teams aligned, and eliminate rogue content with Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution from Data Dwell, for high-performance teams.

    Pics.io is a complete solution for managing all your digital assets. Quickly find any of your creative files, collaborate with colleagues on new projects, and share your work with clients and partners. And since it's built on top of Google Drive, Pics.io is secure, reliable, and offers unlimited storage.

    Evoq is a Content Management System (CMS) with powerful features, including page management, workflow, granular permissions, localization, caching and search. We have an Open API (Application Programming Interface) that customers have used to extend the functionality of their sites via custom-developed modules. We also manage the DNN Store (http://store.dnnsoftware.com), which provides hundreds of commercially available (and supported) modules from third-party vendors. If you need to a feature on your site, look first to the DNN Store before building it yourself.

    ImageKit.io provides real-time image optimization on all platforms and faster delivery of images with the help of its global image CDN. It provides image transformations, optimization, cropping, and resizing on the go. With ImageKit, users can even reduce the size of their images and still retain high visual quality. Image configuration can be automated based on image content, quality settings, and the user device. Switching to ImageKit can help you reduce the size of the images being delivered in your app and website by 30-40% instantly. This not only means a faster website and app but also translates to better SEO on Google, improved conversion rates and increase in return users for your application.

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