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Digital wayfinding software allows users to create digital tours for their customers. This software is commonly used by businesses that offer tours, such as museums, or those in the tourism industry. Maps created with this software can be deployed on a mobile app, an interactive touch kiosk, or a web-based app. Users can add text, images, video, and audio to maps so businesses can customize the tour to fit their exact needs. Digital wayfinding solutions also provide support for multiple languages within tours to cater to all members of a business’ target audience.

Digital wayfinding software can work in tandem with tour operator software, to enhance the tours these businesses offer. In addition, digital wayfinding software offers analytics functionality so users can track visitor demographics and behaviors.

To qualify for inclusion in the Digital Wayfinding category, a product must:

  • Create digital maps of a business’ space
  • Provide analytics on visitor demographics and behaviors
  • Allow users to enhance maps with images, videos, text, and more
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    My Tours is the mobile platform that makes it simple to create stunning mobile applications for culture and heritage destinations. Whether you are from a museum, local tourism body, historical society, heritage walk or tour company, we make it easy and affordable to publish your content to mobile devices. With over 9 years of experience working in the culture and heritage sector, we have helped over 200 organisations, both large and small, to publish their apps. Our intuitive app builder is simple to use: if you can surf the web, you can build your tours! And we back you up with a dedicated support team, ready to help you through the process.

    Classic audioguides are usually big and clumsy, unhygienic, expensive, heavy and allow no interactivity. Some institutions provide their own official app, but users are left unhappy downloading a separate app for every place they visit.

    Muzeums is a platform and mobile apps that help museum visitors get a unique individual experience based on their personal interests and learning style. Muzeums offers access to curated content, but also profiles visitors and picks content according to that profile. The content can then be rearranged in many different structures - from tour guides to realtime interactive social games. This means that each institution can create predefined experiences, and/or let the visitor get a personalized experience from Muzeums.

    We provide people with practical tools that exploit the benefits of location based information, digital mapping and smartphones.