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Distribution ERP software manages logistics operations as well as front- and back-office activities of wholesale and distribution companies. This type of software is used to determine product demand and ensure that products sold are delivered on time. Distribution ERP is used mostly by departments in charge of inventory, warehousing, and logistics. Since distributors sometimes combine products before selling them, most distribution ERP software offer features for assembly and kitting. Most distribution ERP solutions also provide modules for accounting, sales, and purchasing, and sometimes human resources.

Since not all distribution ERP products include all the modules mentioned above, they usually integrate with accounting software, CRM all-in-one software, or HR management suites. For advanced supply chain management and e-commerce needs, distribution ERP systems also integrate with supply chain suites and e-commerce platforms.

To qualify for inclusion in the Distribution ERP category, a product must:

  • Provide inventory management and control functionality
  • Generate inventory count documents for cycle counts
  • Include features to manage warehouses across multiple locations
  • Track sales orders and match them to inventory availability
  • Create and manage purchase orders to fulfill demand
  • Manage shipping and receiving operations in various locations
  • Assist users with picking and packing products for shipping
  • Maintain financial transactions for all activities such as sales or purchases
  • Manage product cost, pricing, discounts, and profit margins
  • Plan and implement transportation and delivery schedules
  • Analyze the financial and operational performance of the company
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    Carillon ERP allows you to define as many languages as you want. You can have users working side by side with each of them using a different language. However, the more common use for multilingual functionality is for an organization to create their own language to use with the system. You may have clients instead of customers or parts instead of items. Any word or phrase you see anywhere in the Carillon ERP software can be translated into any other word or phrase. This can even be done user by user, if you desire

    Our flagship ERP product Clear Enterprise supports all core business processes from supply chain through to customer management, resulting in a solution that goes beyond traditional accounting systems.

    Meet Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise, a complete distribution solution that combines the benefits of the cloud with functionality that's built specifically for large, global wholesale distributors with complex and evolving business models. Backed by decades of industry expertise and continually enhanced with the latest innovations, it's designed to help distributors modernize, innovate, drive competitive differentiation, and grow.

    CommonThread is time-proven, highly secure, cloud-based business management and reporting tool. Our consistent user interface enables rapid implementation, reduced training costs, and ease of use. Our modules include Projects & Work Orders, Resource Allocation, Time Tracking, Sales Tracking, CRM, Invoicing, HR functions, Purchase Orders, Inventory Management, and Quickbooks integration. CommonThread is the right choice for organizations that want to control their process and coordinate their staff.

    TheDecision Builder ERP solution is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that serves companies in the Manufacturing, Distribution, and Service industries

    ebizframe is an internet and web based ERP software, can help you share information between various departments/functions and let them collaborate better and help all of them to move towards common organizational goals..

    eFacto-Retail Software is a comprehensive retail ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for retail and distribution companies. That is comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning for retailing and distribution to the companies and to generate automatic and manually reports e-mailing.

    e-intelliprise empowers your entire organization with information and the front-to-back office infrastructure to turn your e-vision into business value, whether you began as an e-business (clicks) or a traditional business (bricks).

    Our main product is ERIC, which stands for Enterprise Resource Information and Control Delivering a comprehensive array of Enterprise Resource Planning applications for Manufacturing, Distribution, Financial, Personnel, Dealer Management System.

    ERP Mark 7 is a dynamic ERP Suite designed for the growing business. Streamline every facet of an organisation, enhancing & supporting the rapid growth & success for any company. Manage effectively, efficiently & effortlessly in the now, and in real-time. Integrated with Paypal, Authorized.Net payment gateways, Integrated and approved with UPS Ready Program for UPS Shipping. Barcode Scanning, Bar Code Label Printing, Pick, Pack, Ship and Receive natively. Get realtime detail insight of customers, employees, suppliers and partners. Incorporates native security features which ensure data is not compromised. ERP MARK 7 is a multifunctional application system gives companies integrated and real-time information of their core processes that are currently operating across their business, or businesses, seamlessly. Collate data across your business seamlessly while maintaining integrity and control over your suite of core applications. ERP streamlines your core business process such as Sales Order Processing Order Fulfilment Supply & Shipping Inventory Product Catalogue Warehouse Finance & Billing Management Contract & Asset Management RFP Commission Processing Loyalty Programs HR Payroll Employee Performance Expenses & Timesheets Program & Project Management With a common structural design at its core, ERP provides detailed, cross-functional insight throughout organization. Whatever the size and nature of a business, transferring data and accessing information from multiple applications & platforms is a huge financial cost, a common cause of errors, and a great drain on resources and ERP Mark 7 with its application suite offer to address this. With a 360-degree view of the business at anytime, from anywhere, allows any company to Run(s) Business As One Enterprise

    ERP Werx is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system that allows to centralise operations and gain deeper insight into a business's performance.

    Evoliz provides CRM, quote, invoice, expenses and other capabilities to businesses.

    EXEControl is a comprehensive ERP/CRM business management system from EXEControl Global Solutions. Perhaps the most flexible and feature-rich standard software package available, EXEControl works to minimize total cost of ownership while delivering measurable business results across the widest array of industries and business processes.

    FACT ERP.NG is an ERP solution designed to offer users a spreadsheet free life and ensure zero manual work.

    Focus 8 is flagship solution of Focus Softnet, an accredited ERP software vendor in the Indian subcontinent with over 30,000 clients and more than 1 million users around the globe.

    InOrder is an end-to-end enterprise management system that delivers features like real time inventory and order tracking with full integration in one database.

    JBM Logic serve North American customers like you by developing and marketing INTEGRA e-business. INTEGRA e-business is a parametric and customizable modular web solution for the manufacturing and distribution industry.

    ERP Distribution Software designed for wholesalers, distributors and industrial resellers

    It automates your business workflows and lets you build layers of functionality to cover the most unique business use cases.

    Iptor’s ERP for Distribution software provides a complete view of the customer, along with the ability to adapt business processes to better serve them, while forecasting the bottom line impact of doing so. This enables distributors to optimize operations and provide added value in return for profitable, long term relationships with key clients.

    Cloud iXERP Standard is a Cloud ERP System, Enterprise Resources Planning Cloud System with a fully automated Cross-Functional Financial Management for Small and Medium businesses (SMEs) that helps you plan, track and manage your business from anywhere any time in a cost-effective way.

    Designed to help you develop your business every day! Scalable, economical and totally modular, iZeeSuite's ambition is to become your best working tool.

    Kechie ERP is the next generation of Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Kechie adapts to your business, with customizable fields, easy implementation, and ready to grow with your business. Kechie ERP helps streamline your business needs by automating and synchronizing the inventory management, procurement, order management, CRM, finance, and much more. We minimize the hassle of a large installation by providing easy integration, customization, implementation, as well as, training. Kechie adapts to your business, with customizable fields, easy implementation, and streamlining your business, no matter the size!

    Designed to help you get closer to your customers, build profits, and manage your margins from your sales team to your back office.

    Logbook HQ is an easy and beautiful way to track your mileage, fuel and other car expenses.

    LOGIC ERP is a retail and wholesale software designed for billing, inventory and accounts functionalities.

    LuitBuzz is a corporate communication tool that has one-to-one, group and company-wide messaging functionalities and can be used to improve employee engagement.

    Exceptional Multi-Channel Order Management Software

    Masterworks provides the real-time data for staff to make the smart decisions on purchasing and sales forecasting.

    Matiss excels at developing and integrating production software and designing and building automated equipment.

    App by Dataflo Corporation Matrix velocity is designed for small to mid-sized businesses with rich feature sets in Orders, Fulfillment, Inventory, Serialized Tracking, Lot tracking & Purchasing that tie your entire Business processes under one single comprehensive solution.

    MaxxERP- Billing Software is an all-in-one solution system for retail for textile inventory and apparels retail billing, supermarkets and hypermarkets, grocery store POS, appliances IMEI track, restaurants, plywood timber glassware.

    Free opensource ERP for modern enterprises.

    Netsis 3 Standard offers a fully comprehensive ERP solution which provides end-to-end management for internal processes in the company and can be scaled in accordance with needs, in addition to the finance and accounting applications of your enterprise.

    Cloud ERP for small and medium sized businesses in Manufacturing, Retailing and Trading

    Rocket ERP deliver solutions that your business needs. We deliver solutions that fit your business that is implemented over a short period of time. Our goal is to deliver value, provide timely responsiveness, consistency, and quality every time you need our help.

    Built specifically for hardware stores and building materials dealers, RockSolid MAX™ software offers easy-to-use modules that manage point of sale (POS), inventory, accounts receivables and more. Each module is built around a centralized document management structure that helps retailers significantly reduce costly human errors and data redundancies.

    RSA eBusiness Solutions is a Supply Chain, Service Billing and Financial Management solution available in two flavours, a traditional Server based solution or from the Cloud.

    SeniorERP includes specific modules for managing activities of distribution, manufacturing, services and retail and can be extended with specialized software solutions such as: CRM, Business Intelligence, SFA, WMS, E-commerce and so on.

    SIMMS is a designed for medium to large-sized mid-market businesses and is a financial management solution, which forms the foundation for the entire suite of applications.

    With Infor System21 and the IBM System i platform, you can optimize every aspect of your complex, global mixed-mode or distribution business, whether it's in apparel, food and beverage, automotive, electronics, industrial equipment, general manufacturing, or distribution.

    T.FAT Trade ERP is a middle range ERP solution designed for small and middle scale companies.

    Tiger 3 which is developed on a different platform by reinterpreting the concept ERP has a flexible structure easily compatible with varying needs as well as rich features. It offers a full-scale corporate and operational solution to enterprises operating in sales, distribution and service fields in all the sectors under suitable ownership conditions.

    BCR's TITAN enterprise (ERP) product is a fully functioning business accounting, order processing, and inventory management product designed specifically for the wholesale distribution industry. It is not sold peacemeal. It will run your company "out of the box."

    The TOTVS ERP is complete, flexible and accompanies the growth of your company.

    VasyERP is a best Cloud-based ERP which features sales and purchase management, lead management, CRM, Warehouse and Stock inventory, Manufacturing modules, payrolls, business analytics and intelligence.

    VISCO software specializes in landed cost calculation, shipment and inventory tracking as well as document generation and management for import businesses in various industries. The software integrates with QuickBooks for accounting but utilizes more sophistication in inventory and all the tools an import and distribution business needs to operate efficiently. By creating Industry specific versions of the base application we are able to provide a more custom fit application out of the box for customers. The industry solutions listed industries on the right are the industries in which we have the most expertise although does not necessarily mean that other industries will not be a good fit. The benefit of using industry specific out of box solution will mean both reduced cost in the implementation of the software, as well as a more complete and thorough solution for the business. By standing on the shoulders of others in your industry you will gain the benefits of custom developed software at a fraction of the cost of developing it yourself. View Our Demos and Training Videos Below:

    WinWeb is a business management platform with accounting, CRM, and stock modules. Users can customize the platform to their needs. Customer support is provided.

    Works Applications produces Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for human resources management, financials, e-commerce and supply chain management.

    Zangerine is a suite of tools that brightens up the dark corners of inventory, sales and marketing, finances, and purchasing while providing business intelligence features.