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Best Document Generation Software

Document generation software allows users to generate, customize, edit, and produce data driven documents. These platforms can function as PDF creators, and document generators that pull data from third-party sources into templates. Document generation applications can leverage data from a variety of source systems like CRM, ERP and storage. Document generation applications should easily maintain brand consistency and offer conditional formatting. Documents created through these products range in functionality and can include reports, forms, proposals, legal documentation, notes, and contracts, among others.

To qualify for inclusion in the Document Generation category, a product must:

  • Enable to creation of text-based and graphically rich documents
  • Allow documents to be saved and exported in multiple formats
  • Have the ability to store and share documents
  • Offer data merge/import capability from 3rd party systems such as ERP or CRM
  • Support for Dynamic and/or customizable templates
  • Support for complex content types such as tables, images, charts, and custom fonts
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    PDFelement is an enterprise-grade PDF solution that is affordable and exceptionally easy-to-use. It comes with professional tools that makes switching from Adobe® Acrobat® a good business decision. More than ever, businesses need a powerful but intuitive solution that is easy to deploy and can be standardized across both Windows and Mac platforms. PDFelement is the only cost-effective solution that meets these requirements. Our affordable pricing is the ideal fit for businesses with finite software budgets seeking to streamline their document workflows. PDFelement 6 delivers powerful tools that will take your document productivity to new heights: ► CREATE Create industry-standard PDF files that are fully compliant with all PDF viewers on virtually any device. ■ Simple PDF creation from over 300+ file formats ■ Print to PDF from almost any application ■ Combine/merge multiple files into one ■ Accurately convert PDF to any Microsoft Office format ■ Add attachments in PDF documents with comment option ■ Archive with ISO Standard PDF/A ► PREPARE Get a smarter and faster editing experience that is similar to Microsoft ® Word ® without losing fonts and formatting. ■ Complete markup and review toolkit ■ Transform scanned documents and images into editable PDFs with OCR ■ Reduce file size for recipient-ready PDFs ■ One-click form creation with powerful automated form recognition ■ Add Bates Numbering, headers and footers, and watermarks ■ Fill XFA-based PDF forms ► PROCESS Process thousands of files with advanced data extraction technology and robust batch processing. ■ Extract data from PDF forms into an analysis-ready format ■ Export Data from scanned paper files ■ Batch process for document conversion, creation, and OCR ■ Work with multiple documents side-by-side ► SECURE Dramatically increase document security and streamline business workflows. ■ Redact sensitive data ■ Control access to print and edit tools ■ Set permissions and password protect PDF files ■ Secure your PDF with 256-bit AES encryption level passwords ■ Use certificates and encryption when signing PDF files

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    PandaDoc is the complete digital document solution, designed for efficiency. Create, send, track, and eSign documents -- all from one intuitive and easy-to-use platform. Supercharge your CRM with our PandaDoc integrations. PandaDoc is an ideal platform for managing organizational documents including proposals, quotes, contracts, HR documents, and more. Create media-rich documents with a single click. Access completed documents from inside the platform at any time. Our clients are consistently reporting on average: 15% higher value per closed contract 30% higher close rates 50% less busy work 100% accuracy & compliance Other features include: Electronic signatures Document insights Seamless editing Templates Workflow automation Content management Configure Price Quote (CPQ) For more information and full product features, visit us at

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    Transform your document generation and create processes that connect all parts of your business. Gain the power to generate accurate, beautifully designed digital documents — both traditional and web-based. Share them and collaborate online in real time.

    IT Glue is a documentation platform aimed at IT professionals. Information is imported from PSA, RMM and other tools into IT Glue, where it is organized for ease of access. With deep search and relationship mapping you can reduce your team's time waste by 50% or more. Create your own assets to document your clients' environments your way. Build integrations with our RESTful API to automate as many processes as possible. Find out why we continually win awards for innovation and as a productivity solution.

    HOW IT WORKS: It's simple! You will set up a document (or template) in WebMerge, integrate it with popular services to send your data to that document, and we’ll send you a merged copy. With our various document types you can create professional looking documents that will fit right in with your business. Whether you need a secure PDF, a dynamically generated document, or the flexibility of a Word/Excel/PowerPoint, WebMerge supports it all. Once you're finished creating your merged document, you can choose from one of WebMerge's powerful delivery options, such as via email, saving it in the cloud, or sending it to another 3rd party.

    SpringCM generates, automates, manages, and stores your documents and contracts, simplifying your business processes so you can close business faster. And make it easier for your customers to work with you. Because when your documents flow, work flows. SpringCM goes beyond Contract Management with a robust and scalable workflow engine that can automate even the most complex document processes. Standardize your business processes and increase visibility at every step. Key Features: Central Repository, Advanced Search & Find, Version Control, Clause Library, Collaboration with internal and external parties, Redlining, Simple & Advanced Workflows, Tagging, Mobile Access, Multi Platform integrations (including tight integration with Salesforce).

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    XaitPorter is a cloud based document co-authoring and automation solution. XaitPorter has a built on workflow, is built on a database to making reuse of information easier and automatically takes care of formatting, layout and numbering. Xait with XaitPorter has 50,000+ users globally. Xait has majority of the larger oil service and engineering companies globally, and 50+ oil companies as clients. In addition, Xait have clients in the CRO industry, ITC, Engineering, construction, and more. XaitPorter is used for a wide variety of documents such as tenders, contracts, license applications, field development plans, well reports, annual reports and more. XaitPorter is built for complex documents and has a built-in workflow to manage teams collaborating on business critical documents. XaitPorter automatically takes care of formatting, layout and numbering. In addition, as XaitPorter is built on a database, XaitPorter ensure that our clients can more efficiently manage, maintain and leverage their content.

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    Docsmore is a Platform as a Service providing a secure, cloud-based, strategic solution for organizations to go paperless, streamlining all documents which require completion, filing, organization, and retrieval of paper forms and the information contained therein. Information from forms is automatically compiled electronically, categorized into spreadsheets, easily searchable, and protected by an industry-leading, secure HIPAA compliant system.

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    Windward Studios' reporting and document generation software is designed to be integrated with virtually any application. The Windward solution consists of an easy-to-use free-form Report Designer and powerful Report Engine that connects your data and document templates for high-performance output. Enterprises and OEM Software publishers around the world choose Windward's solution to add best-in-class reporting and document generation capabilities to their applications—at a fraction of the cost of custom development. · Free-Form Design · Aggregate Multiple Data Sources in One Place · Runs on Existing Server Space · Embedded solution is easy to include in your existing platform · Outputs include: DOCX, RTF, PDF, HTML, XLSX, PPT or direct to print · Engines are available in Java, .NET and RESTful languages · Use our APIs with a variety of languages

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    PDFescape is a totally free and open source online PDF reader and editor, as well as a PDF form filler with features for PDF form design. PDFescape offers users a new way to open and edit PDF files online. It allows for a much better PDF software experience by using the original document file format, allowing users to be not be constrained by typical software requirements. Due to the fact that this PDF editor can be accessed online, PDFescape only requires a modern internet browser and an active internet connection. Below are some of the features offered by this PDF editor. Online PDF Reader Natively open PDF documents in your preferred web browser Manipulate PDF pages with zooming and rotation features for an optimal viewing experience Copy PDF text to your clipboard by selecting your desired content Easily search PDF text for specific keywords and terms with ease Gives you the ability to save, download, and print all PDF documents Provides users with thumbnail, bookmark, and link support features and functionality Online PDF Editor Gives you the option to add text, shapes, whiteout, and other annotations to PDF files Crop, rotate, shift, move, delete and insert PDF files to create more custom files Easily create links to multiple PDF files or other types of web content Edit PDF information tags to help with identification Encrypt PDF content with password protection features Add additional images to PDF forms and documents Sign PDF documents using scanned and imported signatures PDF Form Filler Fill out PDF forms using pre-existing form fields or by using a text tool PDF field calculation and formatting features are supported PDF text, checkbox, radio, list, and drop down fields are available and supported Basic PDF field design and styling properties supported Allows users to quickly jump from field to field using tabs PDF Form Designer Create and add new PDF form fields to any existing PDF file Style PDF form fields with text, color, size features Modify existing PDF form fields to suit custom documents Fully supports checkbox, radio, dropdown, listbox, text, submit button and reset button fields in all PDF files Submit buttons are able to be created to be compatible with PDFescape Ultimate's publishing feature PDFescape also offers many more features as a PDF editor, including RAD options, PDF merging, and some of the functionality listed below. PDFescape Additional Features: PDF Annotator Premium Desktop Features Ultimate Desktop Features Webmaster Tools Additional Publishing Features Volume Licensing And many more!

    The smallest, fastest, most feature-rich FREE PDF editor/viewer available! Create, View, Edit, Annotate, OCR and Digitally Sign PDF files plus much more..

    DevExpress provides user interface controls for WinForms, ASP, MVC, WPF and Silverlight

    A SaaS platform helping organizations go paperless. FormSwift’s tools allow businesses and individuals to create, edit, sign, and collaborate on documents and workflows in the cloud, eliminating unnecessary printing, faxing, and snail mail.

    Apache Velocity is a Java-based template engine that provides a template language to reference objects defined in Java code.

    As a well-rounded PDF editor, ApowerPDF has slick user interface and offers a wide range of PDF editing options to choose from based on your needs. With it, you can easily modify text/graphics, add images, text, watermarks or even manage PDF pages and save with results that look exactly like the original. Indeed, it's quite useful for both individuals and business.

    Apache Forrest software is a publishing framework designed to transform input from various sources into a unified presentation in one or more output formats.

    Apache FreeMarker is a template engine and a Java library to generate text output (HTML web pages, e-mails, configuration files, source code, etc.) based on templates and changing data.

    Apache PDFBox library is an open source Java tool for working with PDF documents.

    BizBroadcast allows you to set permissions and distribution personalization with ease. BizBroadcast is perfect for this scenario. Password protect the highly sensitive information and setup simple logic for sending Worksheet A and Worksheet C to Accounting while Worksheet B and Worksheet C go directly to the Marketing department. BizBroadcast takes the complexity of sending reports and makes it simple.

    Docmosis provides template-based document-generation software. The Docmosis suite of products allow Software Developers, Business Teams and End Users to work together to generate documents and reports much FASTER by allowing the actual document templates to be created using Microsoft Word or LibreOffice – with NO NEED for special plug-ins. Non-Developers can lay the documents out in the desired format with “placeholders” for the dynamic content and images. With a bit of technical expertise, “rules logic” can be added to the templates to give precise control over the way the content is displayed in the finished documents. Docmosis can be used from any platform including Java, .Net, Ruby, PHP, Python, JavaScript, C# and more. Docmosis can generate documents in multiple forms: PDF, ODT, Doc, Docx, HTML and RTF. Docmosis is currently used to create letters, contracts, statements, invoices, reports and many other types of documents for a wide range of industries including Finance, Health, Legal, Education, Government HR, Insurance, Logistics and Manufacturing.

    Docxpresso is a software package designed to simplify the generation of dynamical documents in a web server.

    Fast, Flexible, Create as many documents as needed - for any type of plan, from the most generic to the most tailored. Prepare complete submission and supporting forms packages.

    OFIS Relius Proposals complete qualified plan proposal system offers you complete flexibility in plan design (including side-by-side proposals) for all types of qualified plans.

    Globodox is a scalable document management software that enables medium or large organizations to securely manage and share documents. It features an integrated set of tools that lets you scan, index, search, secure and share documents and keep an audit trail. Using workflow, Globodox helps you route documents electronically to help you automate your business processes. Extremely easy to deploy and use, Globodox is used by people in over 50 countries.

    At Oneflow, we make business as simple as a handshake. We do this by digitizing your entire contract process so that you can work end-to-end with contracts in one powerful workspace. Our all-in-one web application is not only intuitive, it lets you work end-to-end with contracts. From authoring and signing to archiving and reporting, Oneflow enables you to do all things contract in one place. You have full control of your contract process regardless of your role. Collaborate on a contract effectively and securely with your colleagues, customers, and suppliers without switching applications. You will have full audit trail with all communication logs for every contract. With HTML contracts, contract data and workflows can be integrated with your favorite apps or CRM or ERP systems. You get notifications on important contract events. You have control over what happens to your contract after sending it out. No more guesses. Save time, work smarter. Plus all your contracts are responsive and look stunning on all devices. Contracts are at the heart of any business. Business of all sizes including ComHem, Dagens Industri, Byggmax, Falck and many more trust Oneflow to revolutionize the way they work with contracts.

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    OpenForms delivers the capabilities that governments, public sector agencies, and form-heavy industries need to accelerate digital transformation.

    3D PDF Maker is a tool that allows creating PDF documents with interactive 3D content (such as leaflets, manuals, assembly instructions, presentations, product sheets etc.).

    ABCpdf.NET is PDF component library to generate, read, modify, and merge PDF documents.

    ActiveDocs develops software for template management and document automation, giving organizations confidence in their document processes.

    CovePDF is a PDF solution with advanced features such as password protection, digital signage certificate and many other features that follow the PDF standards. The product focus is on the minimalistic design and its simple use that will enable companies to enhance the way they work

    DaXtra Capture is an automated workflow solution and CV analysis software designed to help save time, increase efficiency and boost productivity.

    DaXtra Styler is a resume-formatting tool designed to work as an add-on to DaXtra Capture.

    Vista Solutions Group offers integrated document management solutions specifically focused on driving a paper-on-demand environment.

    Generate documents from Enterprise apps, Databases and JSON-XML-XLSX data with existing templates. Save time and money. Improve brand governance and customer communications

    Innospire's Engagement letter generation systems simplifies engagement letter creation and management for Accountant and staff, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and ultimately improving client service and satisfaction.

    Relius Government Forms supports solutions for the completion of government forms related to employee benefit plans.

    IT Portal is both a cloud-based and on-premise IT Portal where you can easily and securely document, relate, track, search, and share all of your IT documentation.

    Kdan PDF SDK is a universal mobile library for developers who want to render, manipulate and annotate PDF files in their iOS, Android, and Windows applications.

    Advanced and powerful SmartFormer Gold will extend the default Magento 2 functionality and take your custom forms to a new level. Build custom forms of any complexity within minutes. Collect and store customer data in the Database, create email templates, edit validation rules, manage submissions, export data to CSV/PDF, use extra advanced editors, and more. Features: Convenient drag'n'drop content editor; Ability to create multipage forms; Ability to edit attributes, styles, events per element; Filter forms on admin grid; Ability to create copy or backup of forms on admin grid; Conditional branching. Make one element dependent on another; Ability to collect data in the database and manage it in backend; Validation rules' manager; Ability to add new or edit email templates for each form; Ability to send separate emails to admin or customers or 3rd-parties; Avoid spamming using 3 types of Captcha; Ability to apply visual color selector and image selector per element; Various sets of snippets. Ability to build a form literally in minutes; Ability to manage submitted results by admin and customers; Ability to export/import forms via file; Ability to export submitted results via CSV or PDF; Publish forms via the direct link, CMS widget, or XML layout; Plenty of editors for advanced use: built-in PHP Editor, HTML Editor, JavaScript Editor, CSS Editor; Elements: Input Box, Password, Check Box, Radio Button, File Upload, Button Type, Button Type, Reset Button, Submit Button, Text Area, Select Box; List Box, Static Text, Link, DIV Element, Image, Drawing Canvas/Digital Signature, Captcha Image; Responsive forms for tablets and mobile devices.

    MyWorkpapers is a cloud based platform specialising in workpapers for monthly, quarterly, year-end file preparation as well as providing specific and compliance assured content for financial audits.

    PDF SDK generates and modifies PDF files easily and fast. It is available in C# and VB.NET. It allows PDF conversion and multimedia, annotations support. It is based on innovative sophisticated technologies. Regular updates and documentation are included. Developer-friendly interface and awesome support provided.

    ProperSoft Accounting Suite is a solution that converts CSV or Excel or PDF or QIF or OFX files with transactions to QBO (web connect) format ready to import into Quickbooks desktop/PC/Mac/online, Quicken (PC/Mac), NetSuite, Xero, YNAB, Wave Accounting, LessAccounting, and MS Money.

    QuickSilver is a solution that enables businesses to create and publish lengthy, complex documents in virtually any language and any format.

    RChilli provides a resume and CV management software.

    A complete suite of features built to help governments create web forms from scratch and transform their PDF documents into online services.

    Service Center showcases all your forms and resources to citizens and staff on a single centralized platform.

    SmartDocuments helps you save time by making your documents smarter. No more small manual adjustments needed, your corporate identity will always be perfect for each document. And, by integrating with your database/ERP/CRM/DMS system, documents will always contain the right info. One of the best parts, we ensured that the document creation software is easy to use and that you can easily maintain and change the documents yourself. No more consultants/developers for every change. Control and flexibility are back in your hands. Some examples of document-intensive organisations that work with document creation: ministries, municipalities, notaries, law firms, utilities, banks, insurance agencies, multinational corporations, housing associations and commercial companies.

    SpeedMatters for Corporate Law offers intelligent document generation and data management software for creating and maintaining corporations

    Templafy brings custom company templates, brand assets and best practice content together directly inside any office application, streamlining how users create on-brand and compliant documents, presentations and emails. With Templafy, global businesses safeguard their brand integrity and increase productivity through a centrally governed, secure and easy to use platform. Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2014, Templafy’s team leveraged more than 15 years of experience in template management and document automation to develop an enterprise cloud service solution which is now a global market leader within its category, validated by blue chip enterprise customers on every continent.

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