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Donor management software is used by nonprofit organizations to manage relationships with donors. It enables organizations to manage donor information, including donations, volunteer work, etc., and use that information to devise personalized strategies for donor retention. Depending on the fundraising strategy of the organization, this type of software can be used to invite donors to donate online, in person at fundraising events, or to use other payment methods such as check, electronic transfer, and more. Multichannel communication is also an important part of maintaining the relationship between not for profits and donors.

Donor management software needs to integrate with donor prospect research software in order to have up to date information about donors available. Also, integration with nonprofit accounting and fundraising software helps organizations match donors with fundraising programs and track payments.

To qualify for inclusion in the Donor Management category, a product must:

  • Manage donor information and donations history
  • Include options to communicate with donors on multiple channels
  • Deliver value proposition management functionality
  • Allow users to create workflows that facilitate donors’ contributions
  • Provide acknowledgement letters and tax receipts
  • Analyze donor activity and contributions to the organization

Donor Management Software Grid® Overview

The best Donor Management Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
G2 Crowd Grid® for Donor Management
High Performers
Market Presence

What You Should Know About Donor Management Software

Donor management software is used by organizations to manage every aspect of a nonprofit’s relationship with its donors. Nonprofit organizations use donor management solutions to control all donor-related information and grow their donor bases. Organizations also use donor management software to accept donations and track those contributions. Donor management solutions provide an end-to-end option for nonprofits to oversee the entire donations process, from running donor campaigns and boosting engagement to actually accepting donations and analyzing donation-related data. These solutions are a vital piece of a nonprofit organization’s fundraising arsenal and provide the potential to improve the efficiency and efficacy of donor management teams.

Key Benefits of Donor Management Software

  • Leverage current donor base to raise funds and hit goals
  • Strengthen donor and contact relationships by keeping in constant contact
  • Increase giving and new donations through email blasts, newsletters, and hub for donors
  • Track and target key donors with segmented analytics
  • Ensure the relevance of an outreach effort for respective recipients
  • Reduce costs by having automation within donor management

Why Use Donor Management Software?

Nonprofits use donor management software for many reasons. Primary objectives include increasing their reach, supporting fundraising efforts, engaging in online fundraising, managing donor information, soliciting donations, and accepting donations. Donor management solutions provide nonprofits with control over every aspect of the donation process and allow improved access and insight into the process. The robust features included in many donor management solutions make them attractive options for organizations looking for a single solution to take care of their entire donor process.

Donor communication — Communicating with donors is vital for maintaining strong donor relationships. Donor management solutions provide a direct communication channel to donors, allowing nonprofits to send follow-up communication via email after receiving a donation. There are multiple communication channels through which users can maintain contact with donors. Certain solutions contain mass messaging features, which allow multiple points of access to donors via email and text messaging. While the majority of solutions in this category contain emailing features, some also allow users to send mass text messages.

Make informed decisions – The control and insight that donor management software can lend to the donor management process help users make informed, strategic decisions. Instead of fumbling around with huge data sets that give little to no insight to those who aren’t extremely data-savvy, reporting features provide sensible and easily digestible representations of data. While detailed reporting and analytics features are not present in every donor management solution, they are found in a large number of tools. Users can leverage insights into trends and historical data toward more strategic and better-informed decision-making.

Manage donor information — Donor management software functions somewhat like a nonprofit constituent relationship management platform in that it allows nonprofits to organize donor information by providing donor profiles to complete. You can import existing contact data into your solution to easily access information such as donor addresses, contact information, giving history, and more.

Accept donations – Nonprofit organizations utilize donor management solutions to accept multiple types of donations. Donations can potentially be made online, via text, through direct bank transactions, or with credit or debit cards.

Donor campaign management — Running well-organized campaigns is vital to drumming up support and boosting donations. Donor management software contains campaign management tools to run campaigns and reporting tools to view the results of those campaigns. These campaigns primarily include email marketing, but may include social media marketing. Your organization can create specific donation pages for each campaign, giving each round of outreach a unique feel.

Donor retention — Nonprofits use donor management software to help with donor retention. Organizations can use these solutions to launch and run campaigns designed to engage donors and ideally gather more pledges. Creating more touchpoints between your organization and your donor base is key to ensuring your donors stay loyal and continually giving to your organization. For example, a one-time donor may forget about your organization and the work you do. Repeat messaging can get your name in front of that donor and make it more likely that they donate again instead lapsing.

Re-engage with lapsed donors – A key feature of donor management software is donor targeting. Nonprofits can use this feature to quickly sort their contacts by demographic, most recent donors, time of last contact, and more. Teams can utilize the built-in communication tools to send targeted messaging to certain groups, prompting them to donate again or engage with your organization in some other way. Marketing automation, reporting, built-in communication tools, and analytics features all contribute to the end goal of donor engagement and re-engagement.

Data management — Donor management software gathers vast amounts of data on your donors and their contributions. Users can structure the data in useful ways and gain insights that would typically not be immediately obvious with these solutions. Donation teams can generate custom reports and analyze them to gain more clarity into where resources need to be directed.

Who Uses Donor Management Software?

Nonprofit organizations are the users of donor management software, as a large portion of nonprofit funding comes via donations. Since donations are such an important source of funding for nonprofits, managing donors and donor activity properly is immensely important. For example, your nonprofit has lofty fundraising goals set by your board and strict deadlines to meet. Donor management software can improve your reach, track your team’s activities, and boost your chances of reaching those goals.

Donor Management Software Features

Donor management solutions may include, but are not limited to, the following features:

Dashboards – Many donor management solutions contain dashboard features, which present the user with an easily understandable interface for interacting with the software. The dashboard provides real-time access to all of your information, from donor information to fundraising activity.

Reporting – Certain donor management software offers a reporting feature, which can generate detailed activity reports. Organizations can use these reports to shape donor strategy going forward. You can create a report that pulls donation numbers week by week from the past three years, notice that donations are usually down during a certain week, and then use that information to boost outreach during that period.

Marketing automation – Marketing automation saves time and has the ability to make your organization more efficient by eliminating mistakes in the marketing process. You may utilize a separate marketing automation software, but some robust donor management tools provide access to marketing automation features directly within the application. One can use these features to set up automated thank-you email responses or to gently nudge your donor base when they haven’t contributed in a while. Automating these processes means that you free up time to focus on more value-adding tasks, such as strategy.

Email distribution – Email distribution and mail-merge (the automatic addition of email addresses and personalized emails to expedite the process of sending out tons of marketing material at once) are two features included in the majority of donor management solutions. These allow users to send donor-related emails directly from the application.

Messaging templates – Some donor management solutions may contain email templates so users can easily craft and send acknowledgement emails. These solutions may also contain direct mail templates to help craft and send direct mail messages within the donor management application.

Data integration – Integrating existing data sets, primarily in the form of donor information and past donation history, is important to ensuring a smooth transition to a new donor management system. With quality data integration built in to your new solution, users can be sure that the information they will be relying on is accurate.

Mobile-optimized: – Mobility is increasingly important for software of all types, and donor management is no exception. Software vendors in this category are offering mobile-ready solutions to make accepting donations easier. Certain software offers text-to-give options, through which donors can make donations via text. Removing barriers makes it easier to solicit more donations.

Task management – Donation management at larger nonprofits may require an entire team of employees. These solutions may include task management tools, which schedule and assign tasks to individuals on the team and monitor the status of these tasks. Nonprofits often have fundraising goals and donation deadlines to stick to, so having a tool to organize the team can play a huge role in meeting those deadlines and hitting those goals.

Mass messaging – Donor management software may offer mass text messaging features, allowing organizations to reach out directly to their donor base. The combination of mass messaging features and text-to-give functionalities creates an additional line of communication and an additional donation channel.

Donation pages – Some solutions can create custom donor campaign pages to accompany targeted outreach. These pages streamline the donation process and track activity on the page more closely.

Real-time activity monitor — Using a real-time activity monitor, users can keep track of all donor activity as it occurs. This ensures that your nonprofit is up to date with all donor activity. Changes can be monitored and trigger immediate action to alleviate any issues and ensure a smoothly run donor management process.

Additional Donor Management Features

Prospect research database –

Dashboards – Donor management tools may provide access to a prospect database so you can carry out prospect research more easily. Prospect research is vital to increasing your number of donors, raising additional funds, and hitting donation goals. There is dedicated donor prospect research software, but having those tools within a donor management solution streamlines the entire process. With this feature, users can research potential donors and carry out marketing and outreach tasks all within the same tool.

Custom reporting – Many donor management solutions offer reporting features, but some can create custom report filters so that you can get exactly the data you want in the format best suited to the task. You may be able to automate the reporting process as well, ensuring that you have weekly, auto-generated, custom reports on all of the information that your organization deems vital.

Dashboards – Some software in this category may contain the ability to create online forms. These may include sign-up forms, forms to track donor information changes, and more. Creating forms and distributing forms easily streamlines and standardizes the information collection process, which frees you up to focus on creative tasks

Trends Related to Donor Management Software

Donor management software is constantly changing and evolving to meet the needs of nonprofit organizations. There are a few trends in the donor management software industry that have shown staying power and will likely continue to be a vital part of the industry’s development. Solutions in this category are growing increasingly robust, adding features that provide further functionality for users.

One of these trends is mobile optimization. This doesn’t just include optimizing the application portal for mobile, but also includes providing text-to-give options for donors and mass messaging features for organizations. That’s not to say that mobile website and email optimization is not important. It certainly is, particularly as an increasing proportion of donations are made on mobile devices. More donor management software vendors are providing these features in addition to mobile applications so that teams can stay on top of the donor management process from anywhere. The increased mobility has particular utility for staff on the ground at a fundraising event, who can use it to access profiles and solicit donations at the event.

Another trend in the industry is the inclusion of marketing automation features. Automating marketing tasks saves teams time and effort that would otherwise be spent on repetitive tasks. From sending reminders to donors who have not donated in a long time to providing more opportunities for donors to engage with your organization, marketing automation features are increasingly included in robust donor management solutions.

Software and Services Related to Donor Management Software

Donor management software is closely related to fundraising, nonprofit accounting,donor prospect research, and nonprofit gateway software. Many donor management applications provide features similar to those found in fundraising, nonprofit CRM, prospect research, and marketing automation software. Donor management software may integrate with nonprofit accounting software and import contact data from your CRM tool.

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    Bloomerang helps nonprofit organizations to reach, engage and retain the advocates they depend on to achieve their vision for a better world. Our cloud-based donor management application is rooted in principles of philanthropy, simple to use and focused on empowering your team to achieve remarkable results through enhanced donor loyalty. Bloomerang is designed to deliver maximum results, maximum utilization by your team and maximum flexibility with no need for additional technology spending on your part. Plugging in the latest technologies and delivering them with a clean, modern interface and with the added benefit of donor retention insights, our system is your “go-to” for better fundraising!

    The Raiser’s Edge is widely-used donor management and fundraising product. It offers data maintenance tools including record finders, a mobile database app, and an automated deduplication process. The product also possesses fundraising tools such as email marketing, campaign management, and revenue forecasting.

    Refreshingly easy donor management software that fully integrates with best-in-class fundraising pages—all supported with personal fundraising coaches. Since 2001, Network for Good has supported 125,000 nonprofits raise over $1.4 billion in donations.

    NetSuite offers powerful cloud-based solutions for running all aspects of your nonprofit or social enterprise -- all within a single system. NetSuite's modern business platform combines powerful financial management capabilities purpose built to meet the unique needs of nonprofits--such as fund and grant accounting, with core business management solutions—CRM, inventory management, eCommerce and more. Our solutions help organizations of all sizes and types reduce costs, improve performance and achieve operational excellence by removing boundaries so they can focus on their missions, not on managing IT complexity. With NetSuite, nonprofit organizations gain capabilities that enable them to budget to the true cost of mission delivery, ensure accurate financials and stewardship /accountability, gain a holistic and comprehensive view of financial operations and proactively monitor performance to expand impact. Oracle NetSuite Social Impact, our corporate citizenship arm, leverages the company's assets—our people and our products—to amplify the social impact of nonprofits and social enterprises around the world. Through our unique initiatives, including software donations, pro bono volunteer projects and social solutions, we are supporting organizations worldwide to better achieve their missions.

    DonorSnap is a comprehensive donor management and CRM system. Track you contacts, donations, members, volunteers, and all other types of supporters in one database. Manage all of your communications, mail merge letters, donation receipts, etc. inside of DonorSnap. Integrations with popular software systems like QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, DonorSearch for wealth management, and Constant Contact eliminate the need for duplicate entry. Collect online donations through our mobile responsive forms tool, and send mass emails directly from your database at no extra charge.

    Smart, scalable, and predictive, Raiser’s Edge NXT is ready to help you grow your constituent base and expand your revenue streams, so you can increase your impact like never before.

    Kindful is Fundraising Automation for nonprofits. The platform combines Donation Tools, Integrated Payments, CRM and Donor Analytics to provide an end-to-end solution for modern fundraising. Also featuring helpful integrations with other popular tools.

    Raise more, save precious staff time, and focus on your mission's impact. We'll do the rest. NeonCRM is the most robust cloud-based CRM database built specifically for nonprofit organizations. At the core, NeonCRM is a relationship-focused fundraising and membership system. Additionally, NeonCRM empowers nonprofit organizations to raise more revenue through automation, while helping staff streamline day-to-day processes within one truly connected platform. This enables organizations to have their most important information in one dedicated system, accessible from any internet connection. Plus, Neon's online forms integrate easily with any website, auto feed information directly to NeonCRM, and allow for real-time credit card processing and recurring payments with unbeatable rates. Offline fundraising options are not sacrificed with powerful mailing list queries, mail merge tools, and easy to use batch donation entry features -- all included at no additional cost. NeonCRM is an industry leading, scalable platform for nonprofit organizations of all sizes. NeonCRM was built specifically for nonprofits in need of strong relationship management to facilitate increased personal engagement via a truly connected CRM. Neon also offers an in-house Web Studio that builds custom or out-of-the-box websites with nonprofit best practices in mind. Our Studio builds all websites using the #1 website platform in the world, Wordpress. Plus, we have developed the deepest integration between Wordpress and CRM in the nonprofit sector, ensuring your website and your data are fully synchronized at all times.

    Salsa CRM is constituent management software that helps nonprofits build rich donor profiles, track every donation & interaction, create direct mail appeals, and report on all development activities. You'll also get a fully integrated Salsa Engage for online supporter engagement, with mobile-ready tools for digital marketing, online fundraising, online advocacy, and peer to peer fundraising. NTEN/Idealware's 2017 report highlighted Salsa CRM as having 'Strong functionality in every category.' Browse the software features here:

    Church Community Builder, all-in-one web-based church management software and coaching solutions for church community engagement, assimilation, and retention. Move from just managing people, to knowing them, growing them, and keeping them in your church community.

    Luminate executes your online strategy with integrated campaigns for digital, social and mobile channels, so you can engage more effectively with your supporters to raise more money for your mission.

    eTapestry is a cloud fundraising software for small and growing nonprofits

    Little Green Light is a complete fundraising and donor management system designed to give nonprofits the confidence and ability to succeed. Affordably priced, Little Green Light delivers power & flexibility to grow with the changing needs of nonprofits everywhere. Join our growing community of satisfied users.

    iMIS is an all-in-one association and non-profit management system that is cloud-based, mobile-ready, and PCI-validated. It includes options for membership, fundraising, events, product sales, certification, email, online communities, automation, dashboards, website management, and more. Built from the ground up with Responsive Web Design (RWD), iMIS can be used on any device. iMIS fuses database management and web publishing in a single engagement management system (EMS)™ — eliminating data silos, improving reporting, and enabling continuous performance improvement. It enables you to connect with your members, donors, and other constituents on any device — deepening engagement, improving satisfaction, and increasing retention.

    Sumac non-profit software is an easy-to-use, affordable CRM solution that can be customized to meet the needs of any non-profit.

    Cloud-based ClearView CRM is fundraising software that supports nonprofits' efforts to raise money and manage donor services departments. It includes constituent relationship management; business intelligence and reporting; operational tools like data import/export, list segmentation/selection, and gift processing; wealth screening; and a mobile app for frontline fundraisers. Features --Powerful constituent relationship management: complete profiles--with touches and contacts, giving history, interests, demographics and more--coupled with opportunities management to coordinate and automate activities, communications and other efforts in pursuit of donations, including major and planned gifts. --Operational tools like list selection/segmentation for large, complex online and offline direct-mail campaigns, gift processing, data import/export and more. --Hundreds of built-in reports on gifts, donors, pipelines, trends, and more, and intuitive ad hoc reporting and business intelligence tools that let organizations --Free mobile app, ClearView CRM Mobile.

    Efforts to Outcomes (ETO®) supports your efforts to transform the lives of your constituents, especially when your organization is operating at an enterprise level. ETO® ensures that services are delivered as designed, every day. Manage to outcomes more efficiently across your entire team, in all locations, to every client.

    Charityproud is an all-inclusive, cloud-based system providing a 360° view of your constituent engagement. All of the functionality your fundraising teams needs is in our suite of user-friendly tools--from constituent management to donations and pledges, to volunteers and events, to reporting, mailing and grant tracking. We provide you with pages for your website that download data back into your database, as well as integrations with some of your favorite software platforms. Our affordable pricing for the entire platform AND your customer support makes it accessible to nonprofits of all sizes. Schedule a demo with us today!

    Millennium is a donor relationship management tool that provides you with a view of donation activity, communications received, events attended, and personal relationships.

    TESSITURA SOFTWARE® is a enterprise-wide, fully integrated software system for arts & cultural organizations.

    Servant Keeper is a church management software that offers solutions in donor management, fundraising and direct mail

    Shelby Arena is a church management software that offers solutions in member and donor management

    Virtuous is a modern nonprofit Automation and CRM platform that helps nonprofits build relationships at scale. We enable our nonprofits to dramatically increase giving by personalizing communication with their constituents. We identify the passions and capacity of donors and help automate multi-channel communications. Our platform easy-to-use for less sophisticated charities but includes robust giving, marketing and back-office solutions for the most complex nonprofits.

    Church Windows software is a church management solution that provides a way to track the church congregations, its happenings and its giving.

    Church and donor management software to track members, contributions, pledges, pre-authorized deposits (ACH) and gifts in kind. Keeps track of relationships between donors such as: families, sponsors and small groups. Store individual and family pictures so you can do a color photo directory. Import contribution files from Vanco or WeShare with a few clicks. Donarius lets you view and print tax receipts, donor lists, mailing labels/envelopes and donations by date or donor. Your tax receipts can be customized to look the way you want or send us a sample as a Word file and we will set it up for you free of charge. Sends personalized letters, e-mails and text messages. (Emails are sent using your own SMTP server, or your Gmail, Yahoo or AOL account.) Several users at different locations can share the data using DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive,, Good Sync, TeamDrive or SpiderOak. This is like web-based software but without a monthly fee. Imports donors and donations so you can convert the data from your existing software. We can also convert the data for you, no charge. Exports data to other programs too. Donor types and characteristics are customizable. Each user has their own sign-in and privileges. Can also be used by a single user without a password. Also used by non-profits to manage donor and donation database. Donations are tracked by source code so you know which mailings/events were the most successful.

    FIMS is an integrated fund accounting solution tool that also includes grant management and constituent management modules.

    FundRaiser Software offers three powerful, complete donor management packages designed to fit the needs, budgets and installation environments of all nonprofits. For more than 30 years, nonprofits have been using FundRaiser Software to build stronger relationships with donors, raise more money, execute more effective campaigns, grow constituency and expand their reach.

    ResultsPlus is a donor management and fundraising software solution

    CDM+ is a church and nonprofit CRM suite with solutions in donor management, fundraising, fund accounting and event management

    SecureGive has a kiosk system removes the barriers to giving and connects people to your ministry.

    Be a smarter fundraiser by knowing how to build better relationships with your donor base. With Aplos, you have the tools to use your valuable time to reach out to the right people at the right time so you can engage prospects and turn your one-time donors into lifelong supporters. All donor management and online donation features are included at every level and support is free!

    Apricot is a secure and flexible case management system ideal for small to mid-sized nonprofits who want an easy-to-use platform to centralize client and volunteer data, track outcomes, and measure performance.

    The new DonorCentral is a fully-integrated donor management solution that provides an improved, more intuitive experience optimizing donors' ability to engage in the causes they care about most.

    LOGOS II is a church management software

    Allegiance is a software tool designed to as a solution for fundraising, volunteer management, and auction management.

    NewOrg is a nonprofit CRM suite that helps better manage volunteers, donors, fundraising activities and more

    The Databank is a nonprofit CRM with solutions in donor management and fundraising

    Acceptiva is a cloud based provider of secure online forms for any non profit need, whether payments, donations or RSVPs. All forms are hosted and customized, and can contain unlimited data fields and content. Acceptiva is a PCI DSS Level One Service Provider and payment gateway, integrated directly with TSYS, Stripe and Paypal. We have been a leading provider of non profit solutions for donations and payments since 2004 and we are located near Seattle, Washington.

    Advanced Software is a faith database and CRM management tool to esily organize and manage your church or many churches within your pastoral charge.

    AdvantageNFP Fundraiser is a nonprofit CRM fundraising tool

    Agilon's One is a sophisticated, future-ready, Donor Management and CRM solution to help non-profit organizations manage relationships and interactions with their donors, alumni, board members and corporate partners. Our system is configurable to meet your organization's needs with modules for Relationship Management, Contributions Processing, Planned Giving, Donor & Alumni Outreach, Analytics & Modeling, Capital Campaigns, Crowdfunding, Marketing Communications, Events Management, Memberships, Scholarships, and Stewardship.

    AMSoft is an association management software to meet the needs of associations, unions and nonprofits of all sizes

    Causeview transforms CRM platforms into Donor Management Systems by providing powerful payment processing functionality. Causeview Advancement and Causeview Fundraising include everything you need to establish, track and grow supporter relationships. You can: -Track and manage every part of your supporter journeys -Simply create online donation, event registration and volunteer sign-up pages -Measure performance and generate insights with real-time reports & dashboards. Then, you can process and reconcile payments anywhere, anytime and any device with: -Integrated iATS payment processing -Powerful, flexible transaction management -Advanced fund accounting -Automatic receipting -Seamless reconciliation -Full PCI compliance

    ChurchTrac is a church management CRM and database software to help keep track of people groups and attendance, calendar and finances within the church.

    CyberGrants Grants Management is a nonprofit CRM software that works to connect corperations, organizations and individuals in the philanthropic ecosystem

    DonorDirect is a nonprofit CRM software solution designed to help ministries

    Founded in Austin, TX in 2007 by a pair of nonprofit technology veterans, Kimbia’s cloud-based online fundraising software was designed around creating a better user experience for the donor and fundraiser. Our online fundraising software is built upon our core principles of being fast, flexible, effective and secure. With our patented embeddable donation form technology, you can easily place a Kimbia donation form on your existing website without the hassle of duplicating the same look and feel of your existing website, or learning a new content management system. Used by over 10,000 nonprofits, higher education institutions and community foundations, Kimbia’s online fundraising and event management applications help fundraisers launch and manage multi-channel online fundraising campaigns, moving the needle faster. Through Kimbia’s online fundraising tools, organizations are able to harness the power of community through giving days, set up peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, manage event registration for run/walk/ride, galas and golf tournaments, and create beautiful donation forms for year-round online giving. Whether a donation form, registration form, or personal fundraising page and center, Kimbia’s full suite of fundraising tools are mobile-responsive right out-of-the-box. Additionally, social sharing tools let fundraisers and supporters broadcast the campaign across their networks. In addition to year-round, events and peer-to-peer fundraising, the Kimbia giving day event manager is the best in the industry, with some of our clients raising $15M, $30M or more in a single 24-hour period. Giving day donation forms can be added to nonprofit and partner websites by copying and pasting the code, while campaign progress is tracked in real-time and displayed on leaderboards for supporters to see. Kimbia integrates with almost any CRM tool, including Salesforce and the Raiser’s Edge, and is capable of sending data triggers to your email marketing tool. Kimbia brings your nonprofit marketing stack full circle in offering a wide variety of fundraising campaign options. Clients who have switched to Kimbia have seen a 30% increase in donation conversion with our features such as Simple Pay, and prefill technology, that make it easier to turn one-time time donors into repeat and sustaining donors.

    MX Online is a membership management software solution

    Peer-Rayze™ turns each of your organization's donors, friends and prospects into active fundraisers for your cause. Harness the power of each of their social networks, and then sit back and watch the money flow in. Peer-to-peer campaigns are proven to enhance donor affinity by bringing them on board for the cause rather than just asking for their money. A significant number of the new donors generated through these networks can then be cultivated to become regular contributors to your cause. This multiple page platform can be fully customized to the specifics of your campaign.

    Akubo is a cloud-based nonprofit CRM platform to manage fundraising & sales, event registration, members, and email campaigns

    Amergent is a fundraising and donor CRM software solution that focuses on integrated fundraising, donor analytics, and portfolio frundraising software.

    Approved Horizon is an online assocation management, donor CRM, and fundraising solution for professional assocations and nonprofits.

    Apricot Essentials is a high-value, low-cost case management solution designed with small nonprofits in mind.

    AMPAC is an association management, donor management, fundraising and event management software solution for associations and nonprofits

    123 Signup's Association Manager is a Nonprofit CRM tool. allowing you to automate member management processes.

    Association Runner is an association manager tool that allows assocations or nonprofits to post all your events online, take online registrations, accept membership dues, sign-up new members, promote online discussions, and enhance the value of being a member

    Our mission is to serve non-profits and make it easier to raise money, engage the community, and attract new donors. From auctions, events, ticketing, donations, in-kind giving, donor management, and custom websites to our suite of business-facing tools -- everything we do is beautiful, easy-to-use, and highly effective.

    CaseWorthy is an enterprise-level case, client and nonprofit CRM tool used to manage and track client participation.

    ChurchTools ia a cloud-based church management software tool to help with the organization of everything in your church or nonprofit group.

    C-Insight, by Blue Tahiti Software, is an innovative and powerful association management platform which is user-friendly and customized to meet your specific processes and data hierarchy requirements. Staff and constituents can access simple, secure online interfaces on any internet enabled device, to carry out all their daily tasks. The management of information and processes is made easy through the single centralized database which features real-time integration across all departments and directly with your website. The true 360° view brings a whole host of benefits for both staff and members.  Great value and service is central to the Blue Tahiti offering.

    CitySoft's Community Enterprise is a nonprofit CRM software solution that empowers social sector organizations to better manage their operations, communications, fundraising and more.

    CommunityOS is a membership management software solution to communication with your partners, funders, board, donors, volunteers and more

    Crescendo is an emarketing and planned giving fundraising software for nonprofits.

    Simply put, YourCause is a technology company connecting corporations and their employees with the causes they care most about. Our SaaS-based CSRconnect Platform is a fully hosted and managed solution used to engage employees in volunteering, giving, and sustainability initiatives, along with helping grants administrators manage corporate and foundation philanthropic programs. We currently support over 4.2 million employees in 160+ countries at more than 140 Fortune 1000 companies. Since inception we've processed nearly $1.5B to charities and tracked over 23M volunteer hours - that's 2,625 years! The companies partnering with us are joining the YourCause Global Good Network, representing some of the most committed corporate citizens and dedicated nonprofits around the world.

    DataIdeal is a contact and nonprofit CRM tool

    LTI's Demeter is a nonprofit CRM database tool that allows nonprofits to manage all of their information assocation with supporters, volunteers and donors in one system.

    Donorfy is fundraising software and donor management as it should be. Automated. Effortless. Enjoyable. Connected. Nothing to install. No complicated upgrades. Just smart donor management that works beautifully in the cloud – straight from the word go.

    Donor Tools is a nonprofit and database to help charities, churches and growing organizations

    @EASE is a nonprofit CRM database with functionality that allows you to run reports, conducting moves management while integrating with your Outlook calendar, tracking campaigns, and segmenting you donor base.

    Eleo is a product of Community Software Solutions, Inc. (CSS), a company whose specialized software has supported the social programs of numerous nonprofits and governmental organizations since 1991. Eleo grew out of CSS founder and CEO Mark Grossman’s commitment to supporting the vital role nonprofits play in our society. Mark realized the company’s data management and tracking technologies could be applied to provide nonprofits large and small with useful, niche-specific, user-friendly tools to help them make the most of their donor cultivation and fundraising efforts.

    Software Built For Your Advancement Team. Spend less time and effort reaching more donors with EverTrue’s powerful web and mobile software

    Exware Association Management is an event and association management tool designed for associations and nonprofits

    Whether you are looking to improve basic record keeping, office automation, or overall data and knowledge management, our First Pearl grant management software is a scalable solution for private and family foundations. Written in Microsoft® Access, this concise product can be tailored to meet your needs today and can change and grow with your foundation. View or download our brochures:

    Freshvine is a nonprofit CRM, event management and fundraising tool

    Fundly is a fundraising donation platform that is scalable for any fundraiser or nonprofit

    Fundraising 50 provides donor management that allows you to understand the impact of your campaigns you have on your mission.

    Innovairre Communications is a fully-integrated fundraising platform that leverages a social database framework and acts as the central nerve system for an NPO's operations.

    ISGweb is nonprofit CRM and association management tool for members activities

    List Master CRM is a nonprofit CRM that has solutions in donor management, volunteer management, fundraising, grant management, and event management

    MatchMaker's Fundraising Software is a fundraising managment solution for small to medium sized organizations

    MaxPro is a church management tool with solutions in donor management, fundraising and event management

    Member365 provides every tool you need to run your membership-based organization in one place. -Manage your members, email campaigns, and events from a single dashboard. -Track member behavior across engagement channels, extracting deep insight into member needs with the click of a button. -Automate routine administration tasks so you can focus less of your time on management, and more on members. The product of 20+ years of experience working with member-based organizations, Member365 has is enjoyed by hundreds of Associations, Downtowns, Government institutions, and more.

    Memberize is a assocation management and nonprofit CRM that is an administrative tool designed to help run your organization

    Amp Technology's Robust is designed to help grown audience interaction and build loyalty for nonprofits, for-profits, or governments.

    Kintivo's Membership Manager is a nonprofit CRM and association management solution for mid-size and large organizations

    Membership Toolkit is a membership management tool that helps you stay connected to your members and collect dues online

    Members Only Software provides a nonproft CRM along with other tools to help individual nonprofits meet their goals

    MemberTies is a membership database and nonprofit CRM solution is a church online giving and donor management system which primarily lies within user interface. It has been designed exclusively with your contributors in mind. A donor can look at their "eternal investments" from any internet connection much like an investor would look at their investment profile from a major brokerage house. significantly enhances communication between your members and the church.

    NationBuilder gives organizers one smart system to grow their community and lead people to action.

    Parish Data System is a developer of Catholic and Orthodox church software solutions.

    Pushpay builds world-class giving and engagement solutions to help organizations grow their communities. The Pushpay platform is designed to drive participation, inspire generosity, and simplify financial workflows. The company serves more than 7,000 customers including churches, schools, and non-profits.

    Qtego is a mobile fundraising and auction bidding solution for nonprofts and silent auctions

    RunMyClub is a web-based association membership management tool designed to help officers of clubs, assocations and organizations track members and share information allows you to manage time and organize the people and things that help you make a difference in your communities and schools, with scheduling, signups and more.

    Small World Labs is a membership management software solution for your online community

    Our solution provides you with a complete view of all donor activities, helps you build relationships with donors, and improves fundraising effectiveness. -Engage effectively with donors and volunteers -Communicate with donors in different ways based on their preference -Enjoy rich integrations to online payment processing and portals -Get detailed insight through personalized dashboards and reports

    Syntapa eIS is an association management software with solutions in fund accounting and membership management

    xCatalyst for For-profits is a nonprofit CRM tool that integrates your membership database, event registration, and donation management with your website operations

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