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E-signature software gives users the ability to gather signatures on documents shared electronically, eliminating the need for physical documents to record signatures. E-signature software facilitates the distribution of legally sensitive documents for the collection of electronic signatures. Organizations use e-signature software to encrypt documents, such as sales contracts or employment paperwork, for which client, employee, or partner signatures are often required. E-signature software frequently integrates with third-party applications, including CRM software, ERP systems, HR management suites, and accounting, to facilitate quote, contract, and supplier management efforts. Built-in security standards that meet local and federal legal requirements further streamline the legal document exchange process and guarantee the legitimacy and legal ramifications of signatures made through e-signature software.

To qualify for inclusion in the E-Signature category, a product must:

  • Allow both sender and recipient users to sign documents on a variety of devices and operating systems
  • Encrypt and secure communications and shared documents between the users of the solution
  • Track document status and notify users when actions are required (sign, approve, etc.)
  • Enable users to define user roles and permission rights both internally as well as for external users (contractors, partners, customers, etc.)
  • Offer built-document creation and storage capabilities or integrate with third-party software solutions that provide document creation or storage features
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    DocuSign pioneered the development of e-signature technology, and today offer the world’s #1 e-signature solution. DocuSign’s broader cloud-based System of Agreement Platform allows companies of all sizes and across all industries to quickly modernize and digitize the entire agreement process—all the way from preparing agreements to signing, enacting and managing them—from almost anywhere in the world, on practically any device. DocuSign relieves businesses from painful manual processes by: -Allowing for the easy tracking and archival of agreements -Satisfying legal requirements for storage -Standardizing key business processes -Removing need to manual entry of important information ...all the while delighting needs of today’s digital-first mobile customers. The result is significantly reduced error rates and incompletion rates, hard and soft dollars spent on administrative processes, improved standardization and centralization of key company documents, and all adds up to saved time. 85% of DocuSign agreements are returned within the same day. DocuSign’s platform has 350+ pre-built integrations with popular business applications such as Google Suite, Salesforce, Box. Additionally, DocuSign’s API enables embedding and connecting DocuSign’s into websites, mobile apps, and custom workflows.

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    Recognized as a leader by top analyst firms, OneSpan Sign (formerly eSignLive) is responsible for processing e-signed documents by some of the most trusted and security-conscious brands in the world. No matter how simple or complex your eSignature processes are, whether you need to sign the occasional electronic contract or process tens of thousands of transactions online, you won’t have to compromise with OneSpan Sign. You’ll get exactly what you need at a price that suits your budget. Built on a single SaaS platform that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises, OneSpan Sign provides optimized e-signing experiences and strong legal protection and regulatory compliance. Thousands of organizations, big and small, including the leading banks, insurers, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies trust OneSpan Sign as their platform to make business digital. Our e-signature solution is built on digital signature technology to guarantee the integrity of the document and underlying signatures. This creates a digital fingerprint of the document (also called a hash) that can be used at a later point to verify the electronic record. If the document is tampered with even in the slightest, the eSignature will be visibly invalidated. OneSpan is a global leader in digital solutions for multi-factor authentication, mobile application security, fraud & risk management and electronic signature. To try eSignatures free for 30 days, sign up for your trial account at https://www.esignlive.com/products/edition-and-pricing/sign-up-for-e-signlive/free-trial/.

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    Adobe Sign is an e-signing solution that has everything you need to turn existing signing processes into 100% digital workflows. With Adobe Sign, you can automate signing and approvals across your entire organization, reduce signing and approval processes from days to minutes, improve staff collaboration and mobility, and create great customer experiences. Customers choose Adobe Sign because: • Easy-to-use web and mobile experiences • Superior workflow design tools • Top-rated prebuilt integrations (Microsoft’s preferred e-signature solution) • Global, Fortune 500 Brands trust Adobe Sign • Adobe is the trusted, digital document leader for 25 years - Adobe Sign is a part of Adobe Document Cloud, the only complete solution for achieving end-to-end digital document processes • Pricing and terms that are clear and easy to understand and include things like app integrations, customer onboarding and success management

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    HelloSign is the easiest way to send, receive and manage legally binding signatures for your business of any size. We help individuals and teams quickly and securely complete paperwork online through an intuitive, user-friendly signing experience. We provide the same powerful workflow, security/compliance, and custom branding that large companies require at an SMB-friendly price. With tools like automatic email reminders, flexible signing workflow, team management capabilities and more, we help businesses all over the world ditch costly paper processes, increase efficiency, and reach a ROI faster. Overall, we’re the ideal solution for businesses to ensure their most important document transactions are completed with ease. HelloSign's signature experience is optimized for mobile too, so anyone can fill out and sign documents anywhere, at anytime. Businesses that use HelloSign benefit from up to a 93% reduction in turnaround time with contracts. HelloSign customers have seen results like a near-10% increase in revenue, average savings of more than $50k annually in employee efficiency, and increase in sales close rates of up to 25%. To add, HelloSign works seamlessly with business apps you already know and love like Slack, Salesforce, Oracle Content & Experience Cloud, HubSpot CRM, Eventbrite, and more. HelloSign also integrates with cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, and OneDrive, allowing users to save and access their signed documents in any of their cloud storage accounts. In addition to its web application, HelloSign also offers a free mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. Heavily integrated with Google, HelloSign offers a Google App for on-boarding teams, provides the option for users to use their Gmail username and password to log directly into HelloSign, and offers “HelloSign for Gmail,” a Gmail extension that adds a "sign" button to all attachments received via e-mail, allowing users to open, sign and send documents from directly within their Gmail accounts. HelloSign also offers a REST-based API that supports JSON. Companies integrate the HelloSign API in an average of only 2.5 days — the fastest in the industry. API users can send documents by either referencing an existing template or including a file in their API request. The HelloSign API is highly recommended amongst the developer community and is often praised for clean documentation, dedicated API support, and unparalleled developer experience. All documents signed through HelloSign are legally binding under the 2000 U.S. Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and is compliant with Electronic ID and Trust Services (eIDAS) regulations. Data passed through HelloSign stays secure with SSL encryption and world-class server infrastructure. HelloSign is both HIPAA and SOC 2 compliant.

    About SignNow: SignNow is an award-winning e-signature solution used by millions of people to sign, send and manage documents on any device. E-Signature users rate SignNow ahead of competitors in key categories like Setup, Maintenance, Support, Ease of Business and Signature Process. SignNow's industry-leading mobile capabilities have made it the #1 e-signature app in the Apple App Store. And Enterprise users rated SignNow the #1 Enterprise software with an average satisfaction score of 9.56 out of 10. See how the leading electronic signature platforms compare. Download the G2 Crowd Report and find out for yourself: https://www.signnow.com/g2crowd-grid-report

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    In our vision digital signatures are no longer an expensive 'high end' product, but actually a 'commodity' accessible for everyone. Our platform enables you and your network to get documents signed. Easy, fast and legally binding while maintaining the highest standards of security. The agreements we as people make shape the world we live in, and at SignRequest we are proud to be part of this!

    SignEasy is the easiest and fastest way to sign and send documents for signature from your phone, tablet and computer. Over 100,000 customers from 180 countries trust SignEasy to reduce paperwork turnaround times, close deals faster, cut costs, and improve the customer experience by eliminating the cumbersome print-sign-scan-fax process. It seamlessly integrates with your business workflows across popular applications like G-Suite, Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Dropbox. With over 5 million downloads to date, SignEasy is used by professionals, small businesses and enterprises like Equinix, Intertrust, Berkshire Partners, Cleartrip, Aruba Bank, Stribling and Rappi. • Featured among the Best Business Apps on App Store and Play Store • Featured in Apple's global TV commercials • “If you deal with paperwork often, you'll love this.” - TheNextWeb • “SignEasy is a great tool for those always on the go.” - Forbes

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    InsureSign is the simplest, fastest and most secure way to get any document signed electronically. Trusted by thousands of businesses of all sizes, InsureSign lets your customers easily sign your documents from their laptops, tablets and mobile devices - and even via text message. All customers enjoy dedicated customer assistance available via phone at any time.

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    The idea behind eversign is helping both small and large businesses make the digital leap while guiding them every step of the way. We truly understand that a great deal of companies hesitate when it comes to managing and processing sensitive data such as contracts and business agreements in the cloud this is why we dedicated ourselves to building a highly secure and well monitored e-Signature platform that is ahead of its time in terms of functionality, while remaining affordable for both individuals and SMBs, and bringing flexible workflows and an increase in time efficiency for large companies at the same time.

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    PandaDoc is the complete digital document solution, designed for efficiency. Create, send, track, and eSign documents -- all from one intuitive and easy-to-use platform. Supercharge your CRM with our PandaDoc integrations. PandaDoc is an ideal platform for managing organizational documents including proposals, quotes, contracts, HR documents, and more. Create media-rich documents with a single click. Access completed documents from inside the platform at any time. Our clients are consistently reporting on average: 15% higher value per closed contract 30% higher close rates 50% less busy work 100% accuracy & compliance Other features include: Electronic signatures Document insights Seamless editing Templates Workflow automation Content management Configure Price Quote (CPQ) For more information and full product features, visit us at www.pandadoc.com.

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    E-Sign is the official electronic signature service. Securely sign your documents digitally and save your business money and a great deal of time. We raise the standard of electronic signatures and help you to close your deals faster. E-Sign is about speed, security and usability. Our user dashboard is secure and easy to use. Send it, Sign it, Manage it

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    Legalesign is enterprise software to send, sign and manage contracts online. Companies use Legalesign to: gain significant productivity and financial benefits, increase their customers' satisfaction by removing the need for a printer and enabling them to sign from anywhere and,last but not least, relieve the burden of tiresome paperwork upon long suffering staff everywhere. Legalesign customer include legal firms, insurance companies, property firms, recruiters, accountants and many others. Legalesign is built from the ground up to deliver maximum value for our customers. The tariff price of business software is often far exceeded by its costs of use – the cost of adoption, of training, the time in day-to-day usage, the cost of change. Legalesign is designed throughout to minimise these costs so our customers see most value through to the bottom line: from eliminating un-needed clicks in day-to-day actions so you don’t waste time getting contracts sent out, up to the entire architecture of the system that allows you to scale horizontally and vertically seamlessly and easily. We invest heavily in behind the scenes systems to ensure uptime and reliability, providing service where it matters.

    Reinventing the Document and eSigning Workflow through intelligent automation, personalized recipient engagement, and the easiest digital signature on the market. GetAccept helps you create and send documents that stand out against your competition. Double your close rate by taking control of the end of your sales process.

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    Sertifi is the leader in Frictionless Business, with innovative solutions for modernizing the last mile of the sales process. Sertifi offers the fastest and most secure way to close business, from eSignatures to online payment capture. Thousands of companies around the world trust Sertifi to close business 90% faster, recognize revenue quickly, enhance security and compliance, and go completely paperless. 1. Sertifi Closing Pro $150 / month / organization 2. Sertifi Closing Pro $250 / month / organization 3. Sertifi eAuthorize $105 / month / organization To put it simply, Sertifi Closing Pro is for all your eSignature needs and Sertifi Closing Pro+ goes a step further as it adds the ability to collect secure customer payments. Our latest product, Sertifi eAuthorize, focuses solely on verifying and authorizing credit cards, eliminating paper authorization forms altogether.

    RightSignature is the easiest, fastest way to get documents signed. With an elegant, intuitive user interface, RightSignature replicates the pen-and-paper signing experience in any web browser. Users review documents, fill in form fields, and create an actual, wet-like signature online with a mouse or on the iPhone/iPad/Android touchscreen.

    Close deals faster with eSign Genie! eSign Genie is a very easy, affordable, secure and legally binding esignature solution. Helpful features include: - Reusable templates to save time - Ability to send one or more documents together for esignature(s) - Audit trail and Certificate of Completion - Attachments such as photos, drivers license etc. - In-person signing - Bulk sending for esignatures, i.e. permission slips - Generating a document link to email for esignatures - Online form/Embedding code easily for non-techies to integrate esignatures into your website. - Using eSign Genie REST APIs to integrate with your website or application - Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox Save paper, time, hassle, money and the environment by using eSign Genie esignatures. Sign up for your free trial today!

    DocVerify's proprietary secure electronic signature platform and electronic notary platform enables enterprises, businesses, and individuals to send documents to be signed quickly and easily while enhancing user experience. The unique platform has many great features at very affordable rates allowing companies big and small the flexibility they may need to grow without it costing an arm and a leg. Features include integrations with partners such as Wufoo, Salesforce, and Oracle or the full suite of API's allowing for direct integration into virtually any application. Other features such as the Easy Sign widgets allow for the signature platform to be embedded directly into any website, and webhooks for real time events based feedback. DocVerify's core technology is centered around its VeriVault, a proprietary tamper proofing system with some of the most advanced encryption mechanisms to protect the documents and the users. DocVerify is also the leader in electronic notary and remote notary technologies enabling not only notaries as well as companies such as title companies, lenders, agents, insurance, etc., to quickly either electronically notarize or remotely notarize through secure web cams.

    SignOnTheGo is a blockchain-based e-signature platform that allows users to edit, sign digitally, and send official e-documents to all prospective business partners. SignOnTheGo is introducing a negotiation workflow with the ability to modify the terms and conditions that are intended for contract negotiation. If a potential agreement is cancelled, users can retract the agreement. Security is also addressed: SignOnTheGo adopts blockchain as an additional layer of security. This layer provides verification for signed documents. SignOnTheGo also provides a Pay-As-You-Go option to single users and small businesses, removing the burden of paying more than necessary. SignOnTheGo’s Key Features are: Pre-Signature Negotiation Workflow; Document Retraction; Multiple Roles Process; Editing Capability; Unlimited Revisions; Audit Trail; Blockchain Technology; Multi-Signature Workflow; Track and Compare Revisions.

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    PDFfiller is a comprehensive solution created to automate document workflow by making it completely paperless. With PDFfiller you get a powerful e-signature manager, online PDF editor, fillable PDF form builder, and document sharing options in the convenience of a single service. PDFfiller editor allows you to make major changes to a PDF document such as adjusting content and document formatting. You can also: - Add text to PDF documents - Annotate and Watermark PDFs - Erase, Redact and Draw Shapes - Search Text in PDF - Add Images and Video - Add Your Own Branding Businesses, government agencies and individuals use PDFfiller’s functionality to build and host interactive fillable forms online and securely collect information and payments. You can share a fillable form via a direct link, QR-code or host the form on your company’s website. Export data you collect to an Excel spreadsheet or directly to a CRM. There is no need to do any coding. PDFfiller takes care of all that. PDFfiller’s e-signature technology makes it simple to streamline the signing process whether one or many signatures are required. You can send multiple documents to be signed, set the signing order and customize the editing permissions. Using the latest security technology and compliance with all HIPAA standards, you can rest assured about the privacy and security of each document. Take advantage of the PDFfiller app for Android and iOS devices and keep your workflow uninterrupted on-the-go. PDFfiller offers integrations with team collaboration apps, cloud services and CRMs with all the features of PDFfiller within the apps you already use: Salesforce, Google Docs, Google Chrome, Office 365, Dynamics, Egnyte, Zapier, Slack, bpm’online, Confluence, SharePoint and more. This makes teamwork easier, helps complete document turnaround faster and avoids costly errors when working with important business documents.

    DealHub Sales Engagement & CPQ Platform is a unified solution that delivers consistent sales engagements at every step of the sales and prospecting processes, enabling sales and buyers to meet, engage and collaborate online on relevant, personalized and dynamic content, while gaining real-time insights on buyers’ engagement and disposition. DealHub operates natively within Salesforce.com CRM and offers: • Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) • Document Generation • Contract Management and Redlining • E-signature • Real-time Engagement Analytics • Predictive Sales Playbooks • Interactive Content Sharing and Engagement DealHub.io is trusted by fastest-growing technology companies, including ThoughtSpot, SalesLoft, Sisense, Looker, Clicktale, Tipalti, Dynamic Yield, INFINIDAT, Kaminario and AlgoSec. DealHub CPQ is a built-in dynamic quote generator that enables sales to create quotes, contracts and sales collaterals at the touch of a button. Rule-based templates automatically customize documents and their contents based on region, language, customer profile, product and any other chosen parameters. DealHub CPQ lets you embed customized sizing, margin and ROI calculators directly into your guided selling process. These calculators, together with DealHub’s rule-based configurator, ensure your sales reps and channel partners deliver the right solutions at the optimal price points.

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    Dotloop is the leading online transaction and productivity optimization platform in real estate. Dotloop reduces complexity by replacing separate form creation, e-sign, and transaction management systems with a single end-to-end solution and drives growth by helping real estate professionals streamline their businesses with workflow automation and real-time visibility into transactions. Each year, millions of agents, brokers, and clients trust dotloop to get deals done. www.dotloop.com

    Signable is the UK's best loved electronic signature (e-signature) solution. Helping thousands of businesses get contracts and documents signed in minutes, at a fraction of the cost. Signable offer market leading customer support to every single customer. We want all of our customers to get the most from Signable and electronic signatures in general.

    Zoho Sign is a digital signing service that lets you execute contracts quickly without the hassles of transporting paper documents while ensuring security and legality. It works completely on cloud and integrates readily with your everyday apps for a completely seamless signing experience. Zoho Sign is perfect for anyone who needs to sign business documents but widely used for HR, legal, finance, and sales functions. - Sign documents on the go - Send documents to multiple signers across the world - Integrate with everyday applications: Zoho Docs, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail, and OneDrive - Sign and send, secure and legally binding documents Documents that can be signed: - NDAs - Invoices - Sales contracts - Business proposals - Purchase orders - Lease agreements - Partnership agreements - Employment offers and more. KEY FEATURES: General - Create, send and sign documents within minutes - Supported document types include pdf, jpeg, doc, png and more - Create customizable templates once and save them for future use - Set an order for signing the document using the "Send in Order" feature - Upload documents directly from daily applications: Zoho Docs, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail, and OneDrive - Import files from other applications using the Cloud Picker - Send timely reminders to sign documents that are in progress - Add re-sizable signature, text, initial, name, company, checkbox and date fields to the document - Initiate signing of documents directly from your inbox - Preview and make changes to the document using the document viewer - Assign someone else to sign the document - Receive real-time push notifications whenever any action is performed on a document Support URL: https://www.zoho.com/contactus.html

    Scrive is a solution to e-sign documents via email, SMS, tablet or integrated into a webpage.

    Securely send documents for eSignature & Digital Signature + use our automated assistant to send reminders & get updates on document status. Bringing the entire document signing process online has never been so smart, easy and secure. With Signority, your documents can be amended, shared, and stored safely in the cloud. All the tools you need to thrive in todays digital business. Team management, workflow automation, company branding, real-time status alerts, traceability and more.

    Qwilr is reimagining the way you communicate with your clients. We help you make beautiful, intuitive sales and marketing documents that look impressive and integrate seamlessly with your business. - Reimagine your old decks and PDFs and dream up creative, inspiring communications that look professional and are easy to make with our high-quality Template Library. - Use our interactive pricing tools to give your clients a quote that’s flexible, interactive and adaptable to their needs. Create quote packages, upsell using optional line items, and provide conditional pricing in an interactive format. - Streamline your sales process by using allowing your clients to accept, sign, and pay in one seamless flow. Integrate with HubSpot, Salesforce, accounting tools, and more. - Invite your team and collaborate on the same document at the same. Control exactly who has access, so important documents are never overridden. - Promote or privately share your Qwilr Pages across any device. Update your live content, even after sharing, so typos become a thing of the past. - Get deep insights into what’s making your business tick and course correct accordingly. See how many times your Qwilr Page was viewed, which sections they spent the most time on, and create reports quickly with our Audit Trail. - Take control of your communications with and re-use your favorite sections in a single click or use your company’s template, with your set company fonts and colors.

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    The Nitro Productivity Suite combines the latest version of Nitro Pro - the leading replacement for Adobe Acrobat - with Nitro Cloud, a new browser-based application which provides unlimited electronic signatures and powerful PDF productivity tools, to deliver one easy-to-use, affordable solution that helps enterprises measurably accelerate digital transformation across the organization. Additional services are also available for eligible customers, including Nitro Admin, a cloud-based service to assist with user management and deployment, and Nitro Analytics, a managed service that leverages usage insights to drive adoption and maximize ROI.

    At Oneflow, we make business as simple as a handshake. We do this by digitizing your entire contract process so that you can work end-to-end with contracts in one powerful workspace. Our all-in-one web application is not only intuitive, it lets you work end-to-end with contracts. From authoring and signing to archiving and reporting, Oneflow enables you to do all things contract in one place. You have full control of your contract process regardless of your role. Collaborate on a contract effectively and securely with your colleagues, customers, and suppliers without switching applications. You will have full audit trail with all communication logs for every contract. With HTML contracts, contract data and workflows can be integrated with your favorite apps or CRM or ERP systems. You get notifications on important contract events. You have control over what happens to your contract after sending it out. No more guesses. Save time, work smarter. Plus all your contracts are responsive and look stunning on all devices. Contracts are at the heart of any business. Business of all sizes including ComHem, Dagens Industri, Byggmax, Falck and many more trust Oneflow to revolutionize the way they work with contracts.

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    **SigningHub - winner of Productivity and Collaboration Product of the Year at the UK Cloud Awards 2016** The most secure way to sign documents in a connected digital world, providing legally compliant, independently-verifiable, long-term advanced electronic signatures. SigningHub is available as an on premise product or cloud signing service and caters for all levels of signature including EU qualified signatures. Focusing on signature security and trust, SigningHub follows the gold standard “PAdES” definitions including Part 4 - Long-term verification which is important for all organisations who require documents to be valid years into the future. Get a free trial account today: www.signinghub.com Free Trial: www.signinghub.com | Full Features: www.signinghub.com/features-comparison/ Prepare & Manage Documents | Review & Sign | Templates | Bulk Signing & Sending | Long-term Signatures | Workflow Evidence Report | ISO Standards | Adobe® Reader Interoperability | Access Anywhere | Mobile App | Application Integration via API | Enterprise Management Control | User Authentication Options | Corporate Re-branding | 20+ Languages | Legal Compliance | EU eIDAS Regulations | ESIGN Act | FDA 21 CFR Part 11

    Secured Signing is a cloud based eSigning and eForms service that allows business of all sizes to invite their customers, employees, partners and suppliers to fill in and sign electronic documents such as employment contracts and on-boarding, using any device, anywhere, anytime. The system offers a complete signing workflow including issuing invitations, automating reminders, showing signing progress in real time and monitoring of the signing process. The user specific, X509 PKI digital signature technology that underpins Secured Signing ensures the authenticity of signatories and documents. The signature seals the document so that any alteration invalidates the signature. Compliance with the NZ Electronic Transactions Act 2002 and corresponding international legislation guarantees validity and legal enforceability worldwide. Organisations that adopt Secured Signing experience significant cost reduction, fast turnaround of complete and accurate documents, a short and efficient business process and exceptionally satisfied customers.

    AssureSign is a niche contender in the eSignature landscape with enterprise-class software, deploy as you like integration (SaaS, on-premise & hybrid), flexible pricing options & the industry’s leading partner program. Mid-Large Size Businesses: AssureSign is the only electronic signature software specifically designed for mid to large sized companies. For more than 15 years, leading enterprises have trusted us with their most essential e-signature and document transaction management. Our e-sign software is the most secure and the easiest to use, making us the ideal partner for companies that execute hundreds to thousands of electronic signatures every month. Referral, Integration & Resellers: AssureSign offers the industry’s only eSignature software partner program with a proven revenue stream. Our flexible and adaptive API allows our partners to readily integrate AssureSign technology into their existing business systems and processes. As an AssureSign partner, you will receive all of the benefits of our electronic signature software, including no interference with your end user and complete control over the entire signature experience.

    Smartwaiver is an online waiver solution for businesses large and small. Existing paper waivers are converted into interactive, digital documents which can be signed online, or at your location on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Signed waivers are stored in a secure, searchable database, eliminating the need for paper and filing cabinets.

    KeepSolid Sign is a top-notch e-signature solution that will allow you to fill and sign documents smoothly and swiftly, and help improve negotiation and decision-making processes, as well as profits. Our app is available for all major platforms (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and browsers), which makes it fast to use anywhere, anytime, from any device, even offline. With Keepsolid Sign you can: - Sign any PDF document or form on your favorite device - Collect signature and close deals while on-the-go - Be free from paper chase and reduce time of signing - Access and manage signed contracts even offline - Monitor the status of your deals in real time - Improve your customers’ and partners’ experience - Make the workflow of your organization more efficient - Utilize custom templates for standard contracts It is the right time to say goodbye to a print-and-scan practice and increase your productivity. KeepSolid Sign is free to download and try for 14 days!

    Docsmore is a Platform as a Service providing a secure, cloud-based, strategic solution for organizations to go paperless, streamlining all documents which require completion, filing, organization, and retrieval of paper forms and the information contained therein. Information from forms is automatically compiled electronically, categorized into spreadsheets, easily searchable, and protected by an industry-leading, secure HIPAA compliant system.

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    Yozons is a fully branded web-based, open source Electronic Signature & E-Contracting software

    Meet the very first fully functional online PDF solution. With Soda PDF Anywhere, you can access your features on any device with a web browser. It’s designed to accommodate your busy lifestyle, offering a complete PDF application you can take with you wherever you go.

    AlphaTrust is a global leader in electronic signature and document process automation solutions. We are trusted by some of the largest enterprise and technology service provider companies worldwide for their most critical document transactions. AlphaTrust’s mission is to eliminate every need to process paperwork on paper driving significant competitive advantages and efficiencies for our customers. Since 1998 we’ve assisted enterprise customers globally to automate their critical paperwork with key capabilities such as electronic signatures and initials, approvals, acknowledgements, form data and document collection, and secure document delivery. Having delivered these solutions for over 18 years, we are able to help our customers with best practices in quickly automating their most complex document transactions. Through continuous innovation, we are delivering the most cost effective and advanced embedded and cloud-enabled esignature process automation solutions on the market. To learn more, visit www.alphatrust.com.

    A SaaS platform helping organizations go paperless. FormSwift’s tools allow businesses and individuals to create, edit, sign, and collaborate on documents and workflows in the cloud, eliminating unnecessary printing, faxing, and snail mail.

    iSign Solutions Inc. is a Silicon Valley software company that was originally founded in 1981 as the Communication Intelligence Corporation. iSign is changing the way enterprises transact business. With the world’s most secure and flexible e-signature solutions, iSign works across a wide range of industries supporting the transition towards a truly paperless business workflow. iSign has deployments with over 400 channel partners and enterprises worldwide, representing hundreds of millions of electronic signatures captured each year. iSign technology eliminates the need for billions of paper sheets and is a key driver in enterprise cost and human resource efficiencies. Our solutions encompass a wide array of functionality and services, including electronic signatures, biometric authentication and simple-to-complex workflow management. These solutions are available across virtually all enterprise, desktop and mobile environments as a seamlessly integrated platform for both ad-hoc (semi-automated) and fully automated transactions. Our platform can be deployed both on-premise and as a cloud-based service, with the ability to easily transition between deployment models. For more information, please contacts us or visit our website by using the links on the right of this page.

    Very intuitive and super easy to use service for getting your documents signed in a matter of minutes. Advanced features like templates, signing links, branding and team management will make you even more productive.

    With Leafinbox you can design every documents you work with. You can electronically sign your documents or you can legally confirm them with a timestamp.

    Use Your WordPress Website to Sign Documents (No Monthly Fees) WP E-Signature is a powerful eSignature WordPress plugin that makes it easy to send, track, and eSign documents using your website (not somebody else’s). • No Monthly Fees• UETA & ESIGN Compliant • Legally Binding• Money Back Guarantee Avoid Contract Abandonment Syndrome Convenience is king. Customers sign documents at the most sensitive part of the interaction - right before or after the sale. And “Contract Abandonment Syndrome” is on the rise. No one wants to be forced to go to another website to create an account, have to remember another password, or use a scanner just to finish their document. If you want more sales, you want ZERO resistance between your customer taking action. Avoid Paying Monthly Fees Per User Most signature software requires you to pay monthly fees. And what’s worse, most make you pay not just by month… but also by user! When you multiply monthly fees by users, it adds up fast. (Check out how much you can save on our website.) Avoid Legally Sketchy Form-Based Signature Add-Ons Amazingly, almost all basic sigpad + forms that sites like those offered by Gravity Forms offer have the legal standing of a limp handshake. While we love form plugins, they simply don’t do the job when it comes to online contracts. That’s why we’ve spent thousands of hours to keep you and your customers protected online. Avoid Putting You and Your Customer’s Info At Risk You’d be surprised what goes into good security. It takes a lot of work if you want your signatures and documents to be encrypted and stored on your own servers (not anyone else’s). Or if you want tamper-proof contracts that automatically disappear from view if an unauthorized user attempts to alter them. Or if you want an automated trail of edits and amendments, so that there are no surprise additions to a big contract… BUILT FOR SMALL BUSINESSES, FREELANCERS AND WEB DESIGN AGENCIES At ApproveMe, we create no-hassle plugins that work right within your WordPress dashboard. We keep our products drop-dead simple to use… and back them up with below-the-hood sophistication that keeps your information secure. Here’s what we’ve done to make sure WP e-Signature upholds the ApproveMe values: No Monthly Payments, Ever (Save Yourself Four Figures a Year, with Unlimited Documents and Signers) Pay for the plugin once and then for an optional license renewal once a year. No surprises. Most enterprise software charges you not only big monthly fees, but multiply that by user. The math speaks for itself… WP eSignature is a powerful eSignature WordPress plugin that makes it easy to send, track, and eSign contracts online using your website (not somebody else’s). No Monthly Fees. Send Unlimited Documents. UETA/ESIGN Compliant. Try a free demo today!

    As the leader in eForms, electronic signature & workflow solutions for hospitals, FormFast is used by hospitals to automate forms & manual processes.

    MyDocSafe is a secure client and employee onboarding platform for all size of business. We empower companies to design, deploy and manage bespoke onboarding and hiring processes that combine secure e-forms, identity verification, electronic signature and payment processing. We save more than 50% of time and cost of those processes while improving service quality.

    SignaShare provides eSIGNATURES & FORM FILLING within one application. We allow the user to INTEGRATE, customize, or adapt the system in anyway that works for a small, medium or enterprise company. Create your own fillable documents, add merge tags, fill documents, create bundles, sign documents, create eSignature Templates & track the complete processes through the entire transaction life-cycle. Take your eSIgnature experience to the next level with our fastest growing application.

    Easy-to-use, modern eSignature solution built for Salesforce users. Speed up contract execution, save time and reduce costs, while making it easy for companies to do business with you.

    PactSafe’s unrivaled modern signing methods make it easier than ever to get contracts signed. Signers have the freedom to accept when and where they want, and you have the freedom to focus on something else. Signing methods include eSignature, text-to-sign, click-to-accept, SmartPacts, and more! Once a contract is signed PactSafe instantly creates a legally enforceable record - guaranteed.

    Comprehensive Signing Sign full documents or just document hash values (for high performance and confidentiality). Create enveloped, enveloping or detached signatures. Utilize the full power of PDF signatures: visible/invisible signatures, certify signatures (locked against change), PDF/A compliant signatures, Adobe CDS and AATL certificates, watermarking, add blank signature fields according to pre-defined templates. The ADSS Signing Server also includes server-side PDF creator and PDF viewer in pure HTML for secure document viewing on any platform. You may either use built in ADSS Server PKI components (RA, CA, OCSP and TSA) or may optionally integrate with any existing trust scheme for key generation and certification, including handling the registration process for new users. Full Long-term Signatures Embed signer’s certificate validation data into digital signatures for long-term validation using ETSI CAdES, XAdES and PAdES Part 1, 2, 3 or 4 signature formats. Embed secure timestamps into digital signatures as proof of signing date and time. Central Signing, Smartcard Signing, Mobile Signing Access user signing keys held centrally on ADSS Server or locally by the user on smart card/tokens or on mobile devices (in software app or on secure micro-SD Cards or SIM). Capture user's biometric hand-signature from popular hardware signature tablets like Wacom, Signotec and others. API Integrations Business applications can rely on ADSS Signing Server to ensure data integrity, user authentication, non-repudiation and long-term provability of information. ADSS Signing Server can be easily integrated with business applications by using our high-level ADSS Client SDK (Java and .NET) or simple web services calls. Configure all aspects of the signature process within one or more Signing Profiles, by referencing these signing profiles in API request calls, making business applications integration very simple. Advanced Use Cases Allows digitally signing documents within a standard browser without pre-installing any signing software (Zero Footprint signing solution). Other services include Bulk document Signing, Virtual Smart Card for server-side signing, Mobile Signing and Signature verification.

    This signature locks the document and prevents adding additional content or signatures (unless it is intended and signature fields are added before certifying), the Certify Signature seals the document with a recognised professional seal, time stamp, and graphic signature image.

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