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    Integrated switching and routing for voice, data, and wireless communications in small enterprise or remote office environments: supports 3G, WLAN, and 100 Mbit/s LTE. The AR1200’s non-blocking architecture and multi-core CPU deliver resilient bandwidth for voice and data traffic. Supports wired and fiber-optic interfaces, configurable to 1 Gbit/s.

    Fixed interface access routers providing routing and switching functionality for branch offices and small businesses. Easy installation and configuration, quiet, fanless operation suitable for normal office environments

    Scalable and secure, unified voice and data communications for medium-sized enterprise headquarters and branch offices. Gbit/s routing and switching are integrated into a single device, reducing TCO

    High-performance, scalable access routers offering integrated switching and routing for low TCO, with comprehensive management and security features for large-scale enterprise networks.

    The AR3600 provides flexible and scalable application integration for enterprises, shortening service deployment and improving value-added services

    Compact, mid-range routers with SDN technology, optimized for resilient L2 networking and cloud services. Built with Huawei’s Ethernet Network Processor (ENP), the routers offer large cache, support for IP hard pipes and soft pipes, and simplified O&M

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