Email Marketing Expert Insights

by Drew McLellan

What major trends do you see in the email marketing space right now?

Automation is still on the upswing. Companies and agencies know they need to be using tools that allow them to be better at both running drip campaigns and also measuring/monitoring activity levels so they can be in a state of constant improvement. The problem is -- they're struggling with which tool and once they purchase -- actually being able to work the programs.

So the trend I am seeing is everyone is talking about it but most are still using a home grown solution or bits and pieces of free/inexpensive solutions because they're afraid to commit to one of the big automation solutions.

How do these trends affect companies looking to purchase an email marketing platform?

Right now, they're confused. There's so much clutter in the marketplace and everyone is promising that their platform is the holy grail. Everyone is hungry for the silver bullet, which means they're vulnerable to every sales pitch and promise.

Both agencies and clients are struggling to identify good partners that they can invest in, learn and stick with. But there's still a lot of constant migration from system to system as the buyers discover that the tools require more time and have a higher learning curve than they were led to believe.

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