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Email signature software is used by businesses of all sizes to enhance their brand and marketing programs. These applications are used to optimize and manage the creation, curation, distribution, monitoring, and standardization of email signatures. Email signatures can contain written content, company font, and images. Email signature marketing products help to plan, track, and manage emails sent by individuals, encouraging increased response rates, interaction, and engagement.

Companies use email signature software to improve their content marketing strategy by presenting information in targeted ways that engage email recipients. Customizing email signatures is an increasing trend used by marketing or other customer-facing departments toward groups such as prospects, customers, distributors, and resellers. These solutions can help businesses resolve brand consistency issues, while still allowing for a bit of personalization. Email signature marketing software is most often used on top of standard email applications as well as many popular CRM applications.

To qualify for inclusion in the Email Signature category, a product must:

  • Provide features to create and manage different versions of signatures within the application (built-in editor)
  • Include workflows and business processes to streamline content marketing activities, as well as promote collaboration and cohesion among marketing teams
  • Provide analytics on open rates, clicks, design, and platforms used
  • Allow for customized subgroups or departments
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    NEWOLDSTAMP’s email signature generator doesn’t require any coding or design skills, or additional software installation making it easy to use, saving time and resources. We help businesses to get the most out of their Email Marketing and strengthen their brand. Our tool enables professionals to use their email signature as a marketing channel to drive traffic and growth.

    Sigstr helps marketers turn employee email into a powerful marketing channel and relationship intelligence tool that drive your Account-Based Marketing, Demand Gen, Content and Event strategies. With Sigstr Signatures, every one of the millions of emails your employees send can include a hypertargeted call-to-action banner that dynamically changes based on who’s sending it, who’s receiving it, or based on list membership in your CRM or MAP. With Sigstr Pulse, artificial intelligence maps and quantifies every relationship that’s ever existed in your company. By leveraging CRM data, it allows you to build powerful lists and watch how human relationships develop with your most important contacts and accounts. Twitter: @SigstrApp

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    Drift is the world's leading conversational marketing and sales platform that helps businesses connect now with the customers who are ready to buy now. With its quickly evolving set of tools and playbooks, Drift is leading businesses through the customer-driven revolution by using conversations to unlock hypergrowth. Customers use Drift to provide a modern buying experience for potential customers, generate more qualified leads, and dramatically accelerate the sales cycle. After just two years in market, the company has become one of the fastest growing SaaS companies of all-time and was named to the Forbes Cloud 100, LinkedIn Top 50 Startups, Entrepreneur's Top Company Cultures, Boston Business Journal's Best Places to Work, and SaaS Company of the Year by the NEVCA. Get started for free today and join 150,000+ businesses using Drift at

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    CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 lets you create and centrally manage email signatures and disclaimers for all users in your Office 365 tenant. The service is easy to set up and works with all email clients (including mobile devices).

    Exclaimer is a leader in on-premises and cloud-based email signature software and solutions for Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.

    More than 2,000 companies choose WiseStamp to brand and centrally manage all their employees' email signatures. With the average employee sending more than 20 emails a day, you should leverage email signatures to grow your businesses with every mail your marketing, sales and customer success teams send! WiseStamp works flawlessly on all email platforms: G suite, Office and Apple Mail - no coding needed.

    Opensense (formerly SenderGen) believes everyone in an organization is both a brand ambassador and a salesperson. Our email signature management and analytics suite allow the Marketing and Sales teams to: 1) Centrally manage the look & feel of their email signature branding. (No more ugly and unprofessional looking signatures) 2) Insert real-time personalized banners and promotions into the signature. Targeting based on Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce and more. (Drive whitepaper downloads, video views, and event registrations.) 3) Provide Sales teams with the most advanced email analytics data in the world. (Multi-recipient email analytics and more. ie, Sales analytics for grown-ups) We work on every email client (Outlook, iPhone, Gmail Web, Android ++ etc)

    MySignature is an online email signature generator that helps create professional and visually compelling email signatures for Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird and Office 365 clients. No technical background needed.

    Xink is the preferred platform for email signature management by thousands of companies around the world. Our intuitive browser-based platform is perfect for G Suite, Office 365 and Apple Mail users to centrally manage company email signatures across devices. Sync your email signatures with your employee database and ensure consistent, branded impressions in every email. Use Xink to unlock the true potential of the thousands of emails sent every single day. Use the company email signatures as a marketing channel to attract leads and drive traffic to your website. Track all campaigns, clicks, and openings with our advanced analytics tool. Xink seamlessly integrates with your favorite online SaaS solutions such as Salesforce, Zendesk, CampaignMonitor etc. It does not require any technical skills to use Xink. Usually, signatures are managed by a company's marketing or communications department to make sure that all employee signatures are perfectly branded and updated. Reviews

    htmlsig's email signature generator allows you to effortlessly create signatures to use with your email accounts.

    BrandMyMail provides a Gmail signature automatically inserted in your email to create custom templates based on signatures and social media.

    CodeTwo Exchange Rules is an Exchange signature manager a Microsoft Exchange Server add-on designed to help server administrators centralize the management of email signatures and disclaimers on MS Exchange. It will help you quickly set up professional signatures for all employees in your company, without configuring anything on their computers or mobile devices.

    Email Signature Rescue is a beautiful HTML email signatures that work with all your favorite email programs including:Gmail,Apple Mail,iPad/iPhone, Outlook 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016,Thunderbird,Yahoo Mail,Windows Live Mail,Outlook Mac,Salesforce,Postbox,Airmail,Sparrow,Mailbox OSX,Mailbird and much more.

    RocketseedRocketseed offers a full suite of email marketing products: RocketSeed, RocketMailer, RocketRespond and RocketLink. is a global provider of Email Media and Marketing Solutions.

    sigbop is a cutting-edge e-mail signature tool that converts a static, text-based e-mail signature into a dynamic, visual branding statement.

    Black Pearl Mail transforms your company email into your largest digital channel with automated email branding, signatures, promotions, awards, videos and more!

    Brand and Sign, an Email Signature and Branding , manages your email signatures and banners in one place.

    Bybrand is an e-mail signatures generator that engages collaborators in marketing. It allows to advertise promotions, events or a job vacancy in email signature, create standard signatures, no form to fill, responsible templates, team resources and actual tests by email.

    CI-Sign is a solution for client-side e-mail signatures. It provides consistent and CI-compliant email signatures across the enterprise.

    CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro is an award-winning, Microsoft certified email signature and email flow manager for Exchange. Trusted by thousands of companies all over the world, this easy-to-use Exchange toolbox will help you create complex rules to centrally manage email flow and to unify the look of your corporate correspondence - all without touching end users' computers and mobile devices.

    Signaturia is a cloud-based application built for marketers to use employee email signatures as a new marketing channel. Setup is simple and instantly appends campaigns to the signatures of every employee in your company.

    With the Exchange disclaimers software Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers, you can create a disclaimer template made from images, text and dynamic fields, which will be automatically completed for each user and added to their email as it's processed by Exchange.

    Gimmio is an email signature generator which provides the most flexible features on the market. You can customize your email signature in any way you want. With plenty of templates to choose from, you can really make a unique email signature that will help grow your business.

    Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer is an email signature software that allows the user to set up professional email signatures quickly and easily.

    Allows you to centrally manage all of the employees e-mail signatures in Gsuite.