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Employee engagement software helps organizations solicit and track feedback from their employees, recognize employee achievements, and promote positive activity. Employee engagement tools are used to draw actionable insights from employee feedback. Organizations use employee engagement software to understand employee sentiment, promote company-wide recognition of employee success, and to promote positive activities that benefit the health or wellness of the organization or its employees. Employee engagement software is most commonly implemented in HR departments as either a supplemental tool or direct replacement for the traditional performance review process. Employee engagement tools solicit employee feedback through pulse surveys, which are succinct surveys sent to employees at regular intervals with a curated list of questions designed to accurately evaluate employee engagement. Many employee engagement tools offer users access to libraries of questions that can be used to build custom pulse surveys for distribution among employees. Employee engagement software is often implemented as a standalone solution, though some HR management suites may offer employee engagement tools as part of an integrated suite.

To qualify for inclusion in the Employee Engagement category, a product must:

  • Enable users to conduct employee pulse surveys to gauge employee satisfaction
  • Allow users to design and distribute custom pulse surveys
  • Organize and maintain data collected from pulse surveys for reporting purposes
  • Promote employee recognition through internal communication channels
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    15Five is a fundamentally new way for businesses to unlock the potential of their entire workforce. Through a lightweight weekly check-in, 15Five delivers everything a manager needs to impact employee engagement and performance, including continuous feedback, objective (OKR) tracking, peer recognition, 1-on-1s, and reviews. Over 1,300 forward-thinking companies on lists like Best Places to Work and INC. 5000 use 15Five to scale their culture and bring out the best in their people.

    Qualtrics Employee Experience provides employee survey tools and 360 feedback features that let you measure engagement in real time.

    Culture Amp helps you make your company a better place to work. By making it easy to collect, understand and act on employee feedback, we enable HR leaders to make better decisions, demonstrate impact, and turn company culture into a competitive edge. Culture Amp’s on-demand platform is designed and supported by psychologists and data scientists to help you build an employee feedback program that will work for your organization. Working with Culture Amp allows you to tap into the creativity and experience of over 1000 innovative companies using Culture Amp to put culture first today.

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    We help companies become People-First by empowering managers to be better leaders as their actions and influence are the most critical in making their people thrive. Our solution allows each manager to see in real-time how their teams are doing and get recommendations of actionable tips on how to address the challenges they are facing. As business leaders, you will also get to see the state of engagement of teams across your organization to fuel your People Strategy.

    TINYpulse Engage sends a quick, one-question pulse to your employees each week. Employees can respond using their browser, Slack, iOS or Android device, and now Outlook.

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    Reward Gateway helps more than 1,700 of the world's leading companies, in 23 countries, to attract, engage, and retain their best people with an employee engagement platform that brings employee benefits, discounts, and perks, reward and recognition, employee wellbeing, employee communications and employee surveys into one unified hub.

    Branch Messenger is a mobile-first employee self-service platform that empowers hourly shift workers to manage their work lives in real-time and enterprises to instantly address staffing and operational needs at scale. Hourly employees use the platform to coordinate schedule changes, request time off, view their pay, and receive real-time operational updates. Enterprises use Branch to tap into an elastic workforce that they can scale up or down based on demand, communicate with frontline workers across their network locations directly, and gain insights into shift worker performance. Branch Messenger is currently adopted by enterprises in retail, restaurants, hospitality, transportation, banking and call centers industries. It is available on mobile, web, and an onsite tablet.

    Measure and improve your customer experience with beautiful, mobile-friendly surveys and powerful real-time analytics. With GetFeedback, you can build engaging, mobile-friendly online surveys in minutes. Distribute them through email, on your website, or through any customer service channel. Then translate your insights into action with real-time analytics and custom notifications. With GetFeedback, you can start getting customer insights in minutes, not weeks. Customize built-in survey templates for customer satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score, employee engagement, sales, events, marketing, and product research ... or design your own survey using a variety of question types. Advanced users can take advantage of survey logic and personalization to create customized survey journeys. And for Salesforce customers, GetFeedback makes it possible to automatically save feedback directly to the contact and case record after any customer interaction. To learn more, visit us at www.getfeedback.com or request a personalized demo. We looking forward to working with you!

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    Motivosity is a software platform that allows companies to modernize their ability to recognize and reward employees for doing great work. Our software solution enables enterprises to have a more energetic and collaborative workplace where people are more engaged and anxious to help each other. Employees that use Motivosity experience higher productivity, less turnover, better workplace relationships, and most importantly, to know what it’s like to work for an amazing company.

    With research firms like Gallup reporting that only 32% of workers are engaged, HALO Recognition helps organizations of all sizes worldwide deliver scalable recognition and incentive programs that put their workforces above the norm. Relying on a near 50-year history of service in the industry, our comprehensive programs put people first and are tailored to your needs to create meaningful, sustainable engagement that drives productivity, inspiration, and loyalty to the next level. With a passion and enthusiasm for personal service HALO Recognition celebrates your success, one memorable experience at a time.

    Beekeeper is an award-winning digital workplace app that connects dispersed workforces by combining operational systems and internal communication channels within one secure, intuitive employee portal. Beekeeper connects frontline workers and on-site colleagues across locations and departments in real-time via mobile or desktop devices. With an intelligent analytics dashboard and HR tools that can be fully automated such as group messaging, polling, and chatbots, Beekeeper improves team communications, increases employee engagement, and streamlines workforce management. Information is instantly distributed, searchable, and measurable in one centralized hub for highly-efficient, digitized workflows. Learn more at www.beekeeper.io.

    To make the world a better place, we need to build a better workplace. This moves beyond perks, benefits, and payroll. It moves beyond engagement, and it moves beyond the bottom line. To build a better workplace, we need to start with employees at the center of it all. At Energage, our employee engagement platform combines cutting-edge culture technology, more than 12 years of Top Workplaces™ research insights, and expert guidance to transform your workplace and build a high-engagement culture. Powered by proven neuroscience, AI guidance, and an unparalleled database of employee feedback, our platform helps you to unlock the potential of your employees, inspire performance, and achieve amazing results.

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    Poppulo is the global leader in employee communications and we work with many of the world’s most biggest brands and successful corporations Poppulo is a first in IC, a pioneering platform specifically built for internal communicators. It’s the only software that can measure the effectiveness of employee communications across multiple digital channels: email, intranet, video and social - linking communications to business goals and demonstrating the value of the communication function. Our mission is to create groundbreaking products and services that make organizations great by releasing the power of their people, putting employee communications at the heart of organizations

    Engaged employees go the extra mile for their coworkers, their companies and themselves. Willis Towers Watson Employee Engagement Software provides leaders and managers with insights and tools to motivate employees to give their best effort enthusiastically and on their own terms. THE WILLIS TOWERS WATSON DIFFERENCE Even in the largest companies, every employee can be highly engaged if they know their employer really listens, truly cares and is focused on continuously improving. Willis Towers Watson Employee Engagement Software helps employers assess employee opinion on key issues and shape an engaging high-performance culture that delivers measurable business results. That’s the Willis Towers Watson difference. KEY FEATURES Employee Engagement Surveys — Leverage myriad survey models and styles to gain actionable insights into employee attitudes, behaviors and beliefs. Employee Engagement Measurement Monitoring — Monitor employee engagement scores on a rolling basis to track the impact of significant events and changes. Employee Engagement Reporting and Analytics — Visualize critical trends in employee engagement that link prevailing attitudes to business outcomes and compare results with the world’s largest normative benchmark database. Employee Engagement Action Planning — Provide managers with pre-built action plans that are based on deep human capital expertise and available the minute managers log in.

    EPIC features a Rich Survey Engine, Peer-2-Peer Feedback, Company and Employee Evaluations, Community Team-Building, a robust Recognition Store and more. EPIC (Employee Perceived Image of the Company) is web-based software that allows both employees and employers to evaluate each other from a cultural, collaborative, environmental and needs perspective. The robust software includes enhanced features that allow for a Manager to assess an employee’s perception of the company, their colleagues and their environment. The data gathered is compiled in real time and kept in a clean, easy to use dashboard within EPIC. EPIC™ measures a wide array of indicators, not just about your company, but also information about an individual, whether they participate in answering the anonymous surveys or not. The Evaluations Model is derived from FOUR different approaches: EPIC Culture Wheel Mood & Climate 15 Essential Factors Pyramid of Needs EPIC COMMUNITY The EPIC Community consists of the following features, allowing for enhanced employee engagement. Suggestion Box: An interactive forum where team members can make suggestions to improve or enhance the workplace and vote on their favorite ones. Feedback: Send private feedback messages to your peers offering praise or constructive criticism Peer-2-Peer Praise: Employees get recognized by other employees, and rewarded for their accomplishments. The EPIC Store is a self-managed recognition and reward function where you can honor individuals who exceed expectations. Here is where they can trade in Virtual Coins for a reward such as a free lunch, coffee or gift cards. Other ideas could include a designated parking spot, wear jeans to work, an extra day off or arrive to work late. You choose the reward system that best fits your organization and your budget. The EPIC Store is easy to manage, customize and control and you can add, change or remove merchandise and rewards at will.

    Quantum Workplace provides an all-in-one employee engagement software that makes managers the central drivers of workplace culture. Serving more than 8,700 organizations, Quantum Workplace’s technology gives team leaders direct access to employee feedback and personalized real-time insights, so they can make work better every day. The software includes surveys, goals, recognition, feedback, one-on-one, and alert features — providing a powerful solution for team engagement and continuous improvement. As the survey partner for America’s Best Places to Work, Quantum Workplace has helped honor and create top workplaces for more than 15 years. For more information, visit quantumworkplace.com.

    Hyphen is a mobile-first Employee Listening and Engagement solution that helps companies continuously listen to their people and act on critical feedback and issues faster than with any other solution. With Hyphen, you will collect quantitative *and* qualitative people opinions and feedback easily, in real-time and at scale using a combination Employee Lifecycle Surveys, dipstick Pulse Polls, and our proprietary Employee Voice module - allowing for anonymous crowd-sourced employee conversations. With this goldmine of data, management, leadership and HR is empowered with powerful alerts, reports and analytics (heatmaps, trends, alerts, sentiment analysis, benchmarks etc.) to proactively identify the hotspots in the organization, thus enabling earlier action planning. Often coined "internal Glassdoor", Hyphen is the most complete employee listening solution for organizations to identify and solve issues before it is too late, thus increasing employee engagement, productivity, retention, and boosting the workplace culture.

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    Threads Culture Software builds and strengthens your culture by putting your organization’s core values front and center. Threads reviews measure employees against your core values and goals (results) unique to their position to identify who is adding to and who is detracting from your culture, all while remaining simple and understandable. Threads removes the complexity and subjectivity, that creates a culture of disengagement in your review process. To monitor your culture, timely and actionable self, peer and 360 feedback is captured in an easy to use software to help teams communicate better throughout the year, not just at review time. To protect your culture, ensure your team is educated and accountable with training and coaching included in your subscription.

    Built on best practices and decades of research Engagedly Performance Management Platform, organizations can set and track goals, manage performance appraisals and 360 reviews, provide 1 on 1 feedback and recognize performance. Features include goal management, Manager and 360 Feedback, Peer Praise, Knowledge Sharing/eLearning, rewards, social performance. Engagedly is the most comprehensive tool available to drive Employee Engagement.

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    Rallyware reinvents corporate training by connecting company-specific learning activities with operational and performance data utilizing Machine Learning and science-based gamification technologies for most impactful outcomes. This has resulted in significant business KPI improvements for companies with large workforces. Our customers are industry leaders and include companies like Samsung, Avon, Recruit, Vivint, Oriflame, and Mary Kay. Rallyware improves employees’ knowledge and performance by: - Enabling employees success through performance-based learning, customized engagement, and adaptive talent development programs - Providing ability to segment employee population by teams, geographies, interest, or any other attributes in order to align them with specific process workflows - Energizing and motivating employees through scalable personalized social game-like experiences and peer recognition - Fostering collaboration among employees across functions and geographies - Identifying talent and improving engagement through real-time metrics and analytics

    Saba is a global leader in next-generation cloud solutions for talent management. The company helps organizations transform the way they work by enabling the continuous learning, engagement and development of everyone in their people network, including employees, partners, and customers. Supporting the new world of work, Saba delivers learning, performance, succession, career development, workforce planning and compensation solutions that incorporate modern technologies such as social, collaboration, mobile and gamification. Saba solutions are based on the Saba Cloud platform, a highly scalable architecture that exceeds industry scalability, performance, and security standards. With over 4,000 customers and 33 million users around the globe, Saba helps the world’s best-known and most innovative brands adapt to the future of work by continuously developing, engaging and inspiring their people. In turn, these smart, innovative and forward-looking organizations push Saba to continuously innovate, improve and scale solutions and technologies to help them deliver business results and achieve business transformation. Fifty-one percent of the Fortune 100 rely on Saba to manage their mission-critical learning and talent management processes. Saba's customer base includes major global organizations and industry leaders in financial services, life sciences and healthcare, high tech, automotive and manufacturing, retail, energy and utilities, packaged goods, and public sector organizations.

    Emplify, the industry leader in data-driven employee analytics and action-enabling insights for business leaders, helps executives leverage employee insights to make their workforce more successful. Backed by decades of research in human psychology and neuroscience, Emplify Insights blends employee engagement best practices and hands-on expert coaching into an agile feedback system that's simple yet more effective than historic annual employee surveys, and more trustworthy than modern pulse surveys.

    YouEarnedIt is a employee recognition and reward software.

    Fond is an employee engagement platform that helps companies attract, retain, and motivate their workforces. Motivated employees are productive employees, and that's why organizations like Salesforce, Delta Dental, and Sephora use Fond. With Fond, you can recognize and reward employees, access exclusive corporate discounts, and measure engagement levels in your organization. Celebrate achievements, inspire employees, and encourage growth with Fond.

    Perceptyx specializes in facilitating organizational change through the strategic use of employee surveys and people analytics for the large enterprise. Experienced partners with some of the world's largest organizations, Perceptyx is uniquely positioned to deliver insights across heavily distributed organizations with complex hierarchies - in a way that’s as unique as an organization’s own culture and brand.

    Peakon is the employee feedback and data analytics platform designed to provide organisations with the insights they need to improve employee engagement, build a strong company culture, and drive better business performance. Through continuous pulse surveys, advanced data analytics and intuitive reporting dashboards, Peakon allows you to understand what’s driving engagement in your business - and identify areas for improvement - in real-time. • Universal accessibility - Gather feedback from every employee. Our platform is accessible via web, kiosk and SMS, and translated into over 35 languages. • Intelligent question sampling - Our algorithms distribute your question set in a way that's proven to reduce survey fatigue and improve insight. • Advanced data segmentation - Drill down into employee feedback by any dimension - team, office, tenure... even sales performance. • Topic & text analytics - Add colour and nuance to your data. We can highlight the most important themes from hundreds of thousands of employee comments. • Manager dashboards - Encourage managers to take ownership over their performance by providing them with a flexible overview of their team’s engagement data. • Action planning - Identify and manage your initiatives from within the Peakon platform. Peakon is trusted by enterprise and government organisations such as BMW, Verizon, Harrods and the Ministry of Justice.

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    Bonfyre is an employee experience platform built to help place company culture in the hands of those most capable of shaping it. Employee-driven digital communities foster vertical and horizontal conversation throughout the organization, promoting higher engagement and more connected teams. As a mobile-first tool, Bonfyre supports internal communications, employee feedback through surveys, and peer-to-peer recognition. By leveraging Bonfyre’s data and analytics dashboard, leaders gain actionable insights to transform the way they are measuring and optimizing investments in their employees. Key features and capabilities include: Communications: Bonfyre’s suite of tools support internal communications strategies by ensuring each employee group gets the messages most important to them, regardless of role or location. Features: Communities; Direct Messaging; Announcements; Broadcasts translated to 77 languages Feedback: Two-way communication and employee feedback are foundations of a positive employee experience. Bonfyre’s suite of survey and feedback tools allow you to get the answers you need from employees quickly. Features: Quick Poll; Multi-Question Surveys Recognition: Bonfyre’s recognition tool makes sending both a peer-to-peer or top-down digital high-five for a job well done easy. Features: Badges; Organic recognition through chat feed Internal Events: Whether it’s a town hall, employee training, or other in-person meeting, our event tools can help keep attendees engaged and maximize the impact of your live events. Features: Agenda; Live Polling; Trivia, Quick Poll, Announcements Dashboard: Data. It’s the difference between having a hunch your internal initiatives are working and having proof of results. Bonfyre’s robust reporting and intelligence capabilities interpret platform usage data to help inform strategic decisions. Features: Platform Usage Dashboard, Content Consumption Data, Survey Results, Custom Reporting

    CultureIQ is a platform that helps companies strengthen their culture. It consists of software and strategy that enable organizations to make positive, measurable changes to their culture, and a community that connects peers and experts around the topic of culture. CultureIQ helps companies actively engage their culture through an ongoing process of collecting, understanding, and responding to internal feedback to drive employee engagement, retention, and success. CultureIQ recognizes that culture is dynamic, and further, that your ideal culture doesn’t just happen. Building and maintaining a strong culture requires regular, proactive efforts, driven by leadership and inspired by employees. Therefore, we developed CultureIQ with the goal of giving every employee a voice and providing leadership with the tools to listen. Our approach is guided by three main principles: 1) company culture isn’t perks, it’s people and communication; 2) culture isn’t something you can set and forget; and 3) using data to make human decisions will make you and your employees more effective.

    SurveyMonkey Engage is a comprehensive business solution built to help you holistically understand and improve employee engagement

    HighGround’s real-time performance management and recognition platform facilitates continuous feedback loops and aligns people to a shared purpose to maximize the potential of teams and bring out the best work. The consumer-like solution gives employees and managers a better way to navigate increasingly fluid workplace dynamics and boost productivity through agile goals, continuous check-in conversations, peer feedback, recognition and pulse surveys. It integrates with everyday workplace applications such as email, collaboration and CRM systems to improve performance within the natural flow of work. By facilitating the end-to-end employee touchpoints, HighGround provides workforce insights that are essential to understand organizational health and make wiser decisions about talent investments. Companies can tailor HighGround’s intuitive technology platform based on the levers that best align with their talent goals.

    HR and Communication leaders rely on our platform to give all employees the news and information they need to thrive. SocialChorus is the only employee communications platform for complex, distributed workforces. Everyday our platform allows leaders to reach everyone in their enterprises wherever and however they consume news and information. Employees using SocialChorus are more engaged, informed and connected. SocialChorus is headquartered in San Francisco. Backed by amazing people and investors, including Kohlberg Ventures, Western Technology Investment, and Windforce Ventures, SocialChorus is led by a seasoned management team that has led over a dozen successful SaaS startups.

    Primalogik is an online, easy-to-use, flexible and affordable Performance Management service that you can customize to your needs. You can combine the different modules in the platform to automate the different processes: • Goal tracking • 360-degree feedback • Performance appraisals • Instant feedback and recognition • Employee satisfaction/engagement surveys • Employee directory • and everything conveniently integrated in one tool. Primalogik provides a powerful tool for HR professionals and managers to gather valuable information about employees, with tools like benchmarking and blind-spot detection. With little initial configuration, the system is available to be used by hundreds and thousands of users with no special training necessary.

    Glint provides dashboards and employee pulse surveys to help understand the health of your organization.

    Sparkbay lets your employees contribute to the conversations that matter most to your business.

    emplo is an online platform which improves business effectiveness through engaging communication. It enhances employee development and performance management thanks to process automation and continuous feedback.

    GamEffective supercharges employee performance and learning using digital motivation, gamification and real time feedback. GamEffective has changed the way companies motivate their employees and the way managers align their teams with company goals. GamEffective’s solution significantly improves performance of sales teams, employees in call centers, learning, onboarding, and more. To top it all off, it is easily integrated into existing systems. GamEffective uses the power of real time performance tracking and goal setting to reach new records of employee engagement and improved performance and drive knowledge and learning growth.

    Pomello provides employee surveying tools that help managers quantify employee values and motivators.

    Sociabble delivers top of the line enterprise social media solutions for employee advocacy, social selling, internal communications, employee engagement, and influencer communities. Their brand advocacy solution focuses on engaging employee advocate communities into amplifying content, engaging with clients and partners on social media, facilitating recruitment and employer branding, all while developing company's own personal brand. Sociabble is available on all mobile devices and is the easiest way for companies to transform employees into brand ambassadors. Headquartered in Paris, France, Sociabble currently has offices in London, New York, Lyon, and Mumbai.

    crewHu is an online social employee recognition platform that helps employers create a happy work environment resulting in lower turnover and higher productivity and sales. crewHu helps businesses do three specific things: identify their best people, recognize them for a job well done, and reinforce excellent behavior.

    Disco helps your team recognize one another's contributions, big and small, and quantifies that feedback to keep your culture on track.

    Employee Communication and Engagement Platforms are a critical component for the success of world-class organizations at a time of historic, unprecedented change in the global workplace. Successful serial entrepreneurs Russ Fradin, Steve Heyman and Jim Larrison founded the company in 2010 with the mission of establishing stronger bonds between organizations and their employees so great things can be achieved. Today, hundreds of enterprise organizations, including more than 20 percent of the Fortune 100, trust Dynamic Signal to align their organizations and increase productivity by delivering timely, relevant information to millions of employees around the world so they can do their jobs better.

    Engagement Multiplier is an online program that helps small-to-medium sized businesses develop a more engaged and productive team thats excited to come to work every day. Though the program is simple and requires minimal time commitment from employees and management alike, it delivers valuable measurements and insights.

    Grokker is a video network that features yoga, cooking, and fitness classes.

    JHipster is a development platform to generate, develop and deploy Spring Boot + Angular Web applications and Spring microservices.

    Sitrion Social is an employee app for engaging the entire workforce.

    Recognized by industry analysts as the most comprehensive solution available, SumTotal provides full employee lifecycle management, including a core system of record, on a single cloud software platform for improved business intelligence. SumTotal offers an end-to-end solution including learning, performance, compensation, succession, career development, 360 degree feedback, recruiting and hiring, social collaboration, workforce management, expense management, payroll and benefits, HR management (HRMS), workforce analytics.

    Teamphoria allows you to increase productivity and employee engagement through custom tools and analysis to motivate and recognize your staff.

    Thymometrics is the world-leading provider of always-on and pulse employee engagement surveys & feedback solutions. Our unique and simple survey enables employees to express their views and feelings about the place they work at any time and via any device. With Thymometrics' out-of-the-box analytics for managers, we provide a broad array of flexible and real-time reports, dashboards and trend reports that reveal the mood across any part of the organization, over any chosen date range. We understand the importance of giving your staff a voice, so Thymometrics' patent pending anonymous 2-way feedback solutions enable a dialogue to take place between employees and management to address concerns, suggestions or feedback, all from within one online environment.

    Zeal provides companies with a suite of unique tools to deliver consistent and accurate metrics of employee morale and company culture. Zeal is the only employee engagement product that focuses on making employee data capture real-time, fast and fun. This drives higher employee participation, greater data integrity, and a faster return to work. Ava, an entertaining and fully conversational artificial intelligence, conducts scheduled check-ins using specifically worded questions about morale, work relationships, satisfaction and managerial effectiveness. Employees are also free to provide anonymous feedback to Ava at any time.

    Access Perks is an employee engagement service built around the nation's largest private collection of local and national discounts at restaurants, retailers, and more.

    Bambu by Sprout Social is an employee advocacy platform that gives your employees a simple way to share curated, pre-approved content across their social networks.

    Friday Feedback is software for managers, directors, and CEOs to collect consistent feedback from employees. We help you understand each individual's aspirations and motivations.

    Good&Co’s culture insights enable companies to make smarter hiring decisions, improve employee engagement, and reduce turnover.

    Sprint is an online platform for hosting and managing hackathons that customisable giving user a complete control of hackathon, it can be used for hosting hackathons either internally in organisation or externally in the HackerEarth community.

    Happster is designed to supercharge employee happiness and workplace engagement across any organization or team. Built on the principals of positive psychology. Forget everything you've learned about annual reviews and pulse surveys, think HUMAN, that's Happster. We believe that employee engagement and positive company culture are the by products of happy people.

    HappyOrNot is a Finnish company, and the global leader in instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting. HappyOrNots innovative feedback collecting smileys and intelligent data analytics reporting service help our clients to improve their customer experience, relationships, and employee engagement.

    Intranet Connections empowers your employees with the tools they need to build a workplace that thrives. Our flexible but user-friendly software allows your team to create, edit and share documents, communicate internally, collaborate with teams and increase productivity and employee engagement. Although our software works best for organizations with 70-2000 employees, we are trusted by NASA, The Mayo Clinic, The Chicago White Sox, and hundreds of other security-conscious organizations.

    Intuo is a straightforward learning management system that enables you to improve performance through training, tracking and reporting tools.

    It's time to uncomplicate things. The Jive interactive intranet solution gives you one gateway to everything you need to get your job done. It works wherever you do, with fantastic integrated mobile apps that keep you connected on the go. It works with your other systems and tools, too, powering seamless collaboration across your applications. And it’s incredibly quick and easy for companies of any size to set up, solving real business challenges and delivering massive value from day one. Jive's Interactive Intranet software provides a single platform for company communications, team collaboration, employee engagement and onboarding, knowledge sharing, enterprise search and organizational analytics. It is accessible via browsers and a mobile intranet app, and integrates with external enterprise systems, bringing information into a common collaborative environment.

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    Karma Notes is a mobile app that allows employees to seek and give each other instant onging feedback linked to critical incidents by syncing with office calendar, making feedback specific and timely with real-time feedforward advice to facilitate development.

    Ohana engages your team. Connect anytime, anywhere. Measure the impact. Help your team truly belong.

    Oracle Work Life Solutions improves productivity and employee engagement by helping employees align their work and personal lives.

    OrgMapper is an online organizational diagnostic tool that analyzes and visualizes the human networks your employees use to collaborate, communicate and exchange information over in order to do their daily work. It produces informative network maps and lists of key influencers who have substantial impact on performance, communication, learning, and innovation.

    Ramco HCM is a complete and refreshingly simple cloud HR software that covers HR needs from hire to retire. It enables organizations to simplify their HR strategy by offering Core HR, Time and Attendance, Global Payroll (across 40+ countries),Talent Management, Recruitment, Planning & Analytics. Ramco HCM empowers through innovative tech like bots, Zero UI, mobility, in-memory payroll etc. enabling Digital HR. Ramco HCM;s unique offering encompasses • Unified HR platform from hire to retire with Global Payroll • Use of Chat bots • EmpSense - an app to capture employee mood with real-time pointers and analytics • Talent Tagging - helps managers tag skill sets and inclinations with each employee enabling HR to identify the right employee with the desired skill set for a project • Email & SMS based Employee Self Service(ESS) - allows users to apply leave, raise queries and perform transactions, all via a text message • Performance Journals - a comprehensive system that considers and fine-tunes talent assessment on an ongoing basis • Rapid Deployment capabilities Ramco HCM is scalable and can be deployed on cloud or on-premise. It supports integration with most of the existing ERP, HR, Financial business applications. Ramco HCM is ideal for any organization who are ready to embrace Digital HR to transform their operations. It caters to medium and large enterprises- 500+ to 100000+ employees. For more details, visit http://bit.ly/2cRpw8B. Ramco is a fast growing cloud enterprise software player across HCM & Global Payroll, ERP, Logistics, Asset Management and Aviation MRO. Trusted by 450+ multinationals, Ramco HCM has been recognized by NelsonHall, Everest Group, CIO Honour, Human Resources Group & CIO Choice.

    Retroospect provides employee survey management tools to track team motivation levels.

    The Devine Inventory is a behavioral assessment used to accurately evaluate talent for hiring, development, team review and succession planning. The assessment provides job specific, competency-based reports that are predictive and much easier to understand than traditional hiring and development tests.

    Waggl is a pulsing platform that enable focused communication on enterprise topics like culture, events, change, strategy, and talent to elevate the authentic experience of people and deliver the analytics leaders need.

    WebRetain is a retention management system to implement an employee satisfaction survey they allows you to automatically capture, track and statistically analyze your employee data.

    WooBoard is a platform that uses social features and gamification design to drive every day engagement in the workplace.

    WorkJam is the leading employee engagement suite empowering the digital workplace for shift-based, hourly and non-desk workers.

    How do you attract, motivate and retain talent in the workforce? At Xexec we believe the key lies in employee engagement. Our Employee Discount Platform helps to drive engagement by making staff salaries go that much further. With over 3000 discounts on our portal employees can be sure of making great savings on everything from groceries to retail to entertainment – and pretty much all that lies in between! Discounts come in the form of e-vouchers, top-up cards, and cashback. Best of all, extensive management reporting and information functionality enables you to see how much employees are saving. Reward your team by making them feel special today – and watch engagement soar. Our exclusive concierge service add-on is unique in the industry and helps employees save time as well as money. Instead of spending countless hours trying to organise life activities why not let our concierge team assist you? Requests can be made for simple things such as organising flowers to be delivered to a loved one or more complex requirements such as booking a holiday. Xexec’s concierge service enables you to spend time on what really matters. Why Choose Xexec’s Employee Discount Platform? - Wide range of discounts: 3,000+ offers on our portal from known online and high-street brands (as well as boutique outlets). - Large number of brands: over the years we have developed relationships with several hundred known brands and work with them to provide great offers and savings on our portal. - Competitive discounts: we offer some of the most competitive discounts in the market. We conduct regular comparisons to ensure our discounts are amongst the best. - Wide range of redemption methods: staff can redeem discounts via top-up cards, instant e-vouchers, and through direct cashback, catering for a variety of shopping habits. - Concierge service option: take the hassle and stress out of organising your busy life. - Hotel / travel benefits: Xexec provides clients with a large selection of offers on tour operators, hotels and packages. These can range from complimentary upgrades and spa treatments, to free luxury airport transfers and champagne in the room on arrival. - Access to sold out events with our own seats at top UK arenas including The O2, Wembley, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, and more. Saving Money Has Never Been So Easy 1) Sign up your organisation to Xexec’s employee discount portal. 2) Choose a custom design and branding and add employees. 3) Login as an employee, browse the offers, and start redeeming your discounts!

    ZiveBox is a mobile app for all team communication and collaboration.

    2DAYSMOOD is the only Employee Engagement Solution with Engaged Expert Consulting The 2DAYSMOOD Online Platform sends a 15-second-survey® on a daily or weekly basis. The results of all the surveys are gathered in our online portal. Besides ready views and dashboards, you can create your own reports and look for interesting trends. In addition, all teams receive a weekly team report that is designed for review in team meetings. We Analyze and Advise. 2DAYSMOOD solution = 4A Analysis – continuous feedback loop with 15-sec. Pulse Survey Awareness – Dashboard with insights and trends Action – weekly Report with recommended actions Advice – active expert Consulting for successful implementation

    DecisionWise helps organizations to create competency models that drive business results. These competency models are incorporated into the performance management process and measured using our 360-degree feedback software platform.

    6Q provides employee survey tools and analytics benchmarks to drive employee engagement.

    Acuom software platform is designed to enable franchise and retail businesses to gain better engagement with franchisees and employees across their networks.

    Ascendus enables you to analyze your employees through use of 360-degree feedback, Employee Engagement Surveys, and Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    backstitch offers a full platform for Communications and Human Resources teams to better communicate with their most important asset; their employees.

    Benefit One USA, Inc. is a tool that provides intra-social employee recognition platform to motivate, engage and create next level corporate value using points, badges and meaningful messages, while collecting data to analyze talent and key person at the company.

    BetterSkills is a next generation organizational development and employee engagement platform focused on the employees'​ professional development path.

    Bleexo analyzes and develops employee engagement, improves the ROI of HR actions and coaches managers

    Blink is a simple way for companies to deliver integrated digital experiences to their people. It takes data from multiple systems of record that are today silo'd across your business and presents it to your employees as single actionable feed.

    Blue will adapt to growing enrollment, 100 to 100,000 + FTE, and support large scale centralized and decentralized surveys. Key Features: - Integrate with existing security infrastructure (any LDAP or SSO) - Utilize demographic and response-based piping to create dynamic forms - Use nested branching to skip over questions based on responses and demographics - Use validation to obtain required responses - Provide access to forms anytime, anywhere, and through any device (web, mobile, etc.) - View real-time results and response rates with live monitoring - Send reports automatically to the right people based on hierarchy and role

    Boost Rewards creates online solutions for recognizing and tracking employee achievements based on business objectives.

    Use Brand Builder technology to engage employees, capture their stories at scale, and elevate that content for branding.

    A cloud-based solution that supports and measures employee engagement, employee recognition and customer loyalty in a single solution. The result is real-time, data-driven insights that drive business outcomes.

    Brilliant Assessments is a SaaS software tool designed to enable users to become more engaged with their prospects, customers or employees.

    Butterfly is the first employee intelligence platform to offer real-time leadership coaching to continuously develop managers based on their team’s feedback.

    Chimp or champ is a weekly anonymous employee happiness meter for you to check your team pulse, improve employee well-being and achieve better results.

    Corporater Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Suite is a software solution that integrates KPIs and dashboards with how customers run their business through measuring, managing, and driving performance. Corporater places data analytics and performance evaluation within its business context so users clearly understand results, and can place decisions into an execution framework to drive improved results. EPM Suite is a highly flexible solution that can be configured for a wide variety of performance management models. Corporater helps customers tell the whole performance story, where decisions are supported by analytics, and can be placed into execution through actions and projects. With Corporater, you can create your own business management solutions for KPIs, dashboards, strategic performance management, project portfolio management, governance, risk, compliance, and more. Corporater offers 250 ready-made business objects to support any full business framework. Solutions are configured on the Corporater Business Management Platform (BMP). The platform offers three main management pillars - analyze, plan, and execute, to enable customers to deliver business outcomes. Corporater is a global software company that empowers medium and large organizations to evaluate, manage, and continually improve business performance. Corporater is featured in the Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant for Strategic Corporate Performance Management Solutions.

    Coworkers.com is built around the question "How's my work?"SM. Users connect with current and former colleagues for honest and, if desired, anonymous feedback on their professional profile, their overall work performance, and the quality and effectiveness of deliverables or specific milestones.

    Simply put, YourCause is a technology company connecting corporations and their employees with the causes they care most about. Our SaaS-based CSRconnect Platform is a fully hosted and managed solution used to engage employees in volunteering, giving, and sustainability initiatives, along with helping grants administrators manage corporate and foundation philanthropic programs. We currently support over 4.2 million employees in 160+ countries at more than 140 Fortune 1000 companies. Since inception we've processed nearly $1.5B to charities and tracked over 23M volunteer hours - that's 2,625 years! The companies partnering with us are joining the YourCause Global Good Network, representing some of the most committed corporate citizens and dedicated nonprofits around the world.

    CultureNext connects people to create a culture of engagement and empower employees to transform organizations into amazing places to work.

    The DecisionWise Leadership Intelligence System is a robust employee engagement survey platform. The system uses research-based questions that can be customized to accurately measure employee engagement. The online reporting tool allows you to dynamically view results by any demographic and drill down to specific populations. You will see real-time survey participation, employee engagement survey response details, and benchmarking comparisons. Quickly see your highest and lowest performing departments. View demographic comparisons and gaps between groups. Read open-ended comments by theme and search by any phrase or keyword.

    EE*Trends is an employee satisfaction measurement and turnover prediction system that helps you predict where you can expect future turnover to occur.

    Collaboration, engagement and productivity have taken on new meaning for companies that are using digital platforms to enable their employees. Magentrix Employee Collaboration Communities redefine collaboration by connecting employee communication, engagement and learning in one secure place. It's much more than just messaging. Magentrix Collaboration brings familiar social tools to the workplace where employees can engage in real-time and asynchronous communication to access the information, content and data they need to get the job done. Magentrix provides a complete integrated solution so that all employees, regardless of location can collaborate easily. Whether it's private messaging, group discussions or tracking multiple conversations, Magentrix makes it easy for workers and teams to stay engaged and productive. Standalone or seamlessly integrated with Salesforce CRM, Magentrix Employee Collaboration Communities increase employee productivity, reduce costs and improve employee satisfaction. Magentrix Employee Collaboration Communities are mobile-friendly, brandable and pre-configured with social collaboration, document and content management, discussion forums and groups, help ticketing, ideas, eLearning LMS, and dashboards so you can launch in weeks not months.

    Employee Value Proposition uses behavioral economics to design solutions that inspire results. BI Worldwide specializes in sales incentives, event production and employe engagement solutions.

    Enerjoy is an employee performance platform which empowers the employee's experience, contributing directly to improving the company's bottom line results. Enerjoy is an AI based web app that increases employee's motivation by providing unique challenges, adapted to each employee's drives and abilities.

    Engager is a solution designed to help engage people in their work using work mechanics backed up by empirical research in the field of employee engagement.

    ENME employee engagement software is here to boost engagement, productivity, satisfaction and retention of your team. HOW IT WORKS? - launch pulse survey (5 short questions every week) - collect anonymous feedback from your employees - get real-time data insights visualized in the dashboard - get HR analytics (eNPS, pNPS) WHY USE ENME? - real-time actionable insights to keep your team engaged and productive - culture of frequent and honest feedback to bring employee experience to new levels WHAT ENME GIVES TO YOUR BUSINESS? - lower employee turnover - increased productivity - better eNPS - top talent retention - stronger corporate culture Measure and increase employee engagement with ENME pulse surveys. The simplest strategic way to maximize employee engagement, loyalty, satisfaction and retention.

    Espresa is a software platform and vendor network for providing onsite workplace services that help companies attract and retain the best people while measurably increasing their productivity.

    Stimulate employee engagement and productivity with Ezzely. An intuitive mobile app for Employee Communication, Recognition, Rewards, Surveys, Raffles, Training & much more.

    Facilitates SMART goal setting, peer reviews employee progress conversations & peer recognition to create an employee first organization. One can customize competencies and questions so that an organization can evaluate for values and ask questions that best suit their culture. Also, there is no hierarchical setup required which helps in bringing transparency among the employees. One-on-ones allows employees to discuss and track the progress of each other.

    The leading employee recognition & culture management platform that helps HR Leaders turn data into thriving workplaces GoodTokens is an easy-to-use employee recognition and company culture management platform that lets employees, managers, and company admins celebrate value-based employee achievements and important company milestones.

    Grytics for Facebook Workplace is a workplace analytics platform.

    Happierco is an intelligent goal setting tool for team engagement and happiness.

    A frictionless way to gather and share information across your organization that measures happiness and job satisfaction.

    HappyOffice is an employee happiness solution that helps create happier and productive workplaces by identifying problems real-time and giving contextual direction for improvement using people analytics.

    Built for companies that recognize the power of ongoing development and engaging, bite-sized learning.

    Henry is an AI-based employee engagement software that has both a chat mode and a classic survey mode.

    Herd Wisdom increases your productivity through use of surveys, recognition, team collaboration, rewards, and analytics.

    Specializing in incentive programs and reward fulfillment.

    Honestly makes it easy for companies to collect employee feedback and improve employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity.

    HR Cloud’s Onboard delivers an onboarding experience to new employees that immerses them into company culture and propels them into productivity. Our onboarding software saves you money on recruiting, training, and onboarding new employees. Prepare new hires to excel from day one and set them on a trajectory toward lasting success with HR Cloud’s Onboard. Compliance Onboard helps you maintain compliance with employment verification requirements and avoid penalties. Streamline the E-Verify process and electronically sign, store, and audit I9 and W4 forms. No more paper forms, making the onboarding process a breeze. Culture HR Cloud’s Onboard delivers the level of personalization that today’s employees expect. Welcome new hires with a customized portal that includes messaging, videos, content and documents specifically for them. Provide the resources your new hires need to hit the ground running. Custom Forms Use Onboard’s form builder to make any online form that new hires need to complete. It’s easy with the ability to upload PDFs and drag and drop fields. You can also assign forms to specific employees, groups and departments. Completing new hire forms is a cinch, making onboarding new employees easy. E-signatures Employees can use their mouse to sign any online form. With individual access accounts and secured credentials, your company has a new level of authentication and security. Task Management Speed up your onboarding process by creating tasks that take new hires through the onboarding checklist. Use automated reminders to keep everyone on track. New hires can even complete the onboarding checklist before their start date—that’s more time spent learning about your business than trudging through forms. Our Core HR product is called People, a HRMS made to streamline your HR processes. Access employee information anywhere via the cloud. Track and analyze employee pay and position across the entire workforce. Full-Featured Employee Tracking Software Track and manage employee data online. Monitor vacation time and sick leave and automate the benefit paperwork. Track assets assigned to new hires while ensuring that they are collected during offboarding. Maintain all historical position changes and effectively date future changes. Multi-Level Security Customize security protocols and control user access. Protect the safety and privacy of each employee while ensuring the internal security of your firm. Single Centralized Records System Employee data management at your fingertips—anytime, anywhere. Organize dates and track job position and pay information across all offices, divisions and cost centers. Use People HRMS to create reports and provide data that is streamlined and consistent. Achieve a commanding view of your entire workforce with the best HR software on the market. Make communication easy and fun with business social networking software that strengthens teamwork. Engage Teams & Collaborate Post comments and start discussions. Work together effectively as a team. Keep Your Team Updated Share information across teams, keep everyone in sync, and improve employee performance. Build Better Communication Employees can promote dialogue with everyone in your company by sharing thoughts and ideas. Get Connected Workmates connects your entire company so no one’s left out. Find anyone, on any team, on any channel, whether it’s by phone, chat, text, email, or social media. Employee Recognition & Rewards with Kudos Accomplishments come in all shapes and sizes, and with Kudos integrated right into Workmates, employees can give each other recognition for a job well done. Peer-to-Peer Recognition Increase morale around the office by letting employees nominate one another for recognition, give points and reward them with the kudos. Points & Rewards Points can be redeemed for rewards such as gift cards. Team members can also choose to donate to charity or transfer to other employees. Employee Engagement Employees can promote kudos within the Workmates feed. Team members can also like, react and comment on coworkers’ kudos! Seamless Integration Use other popular apps with Workmates to sign-in, invite team members and integrate features in order to boost teamwork and grow company culture. google, linkedin, slack, yammer, office 365 Know Your People With your entire company at your fingertips, you can increase productivity and collaboration by finding employees and starting conversations directly in Workmates! The Workmates app is also available for free on iOS & Android

    Incentivefox makes it easy for local businesses to collect more referrals, re-engage with their customer base and improve employee retention to drive more revenue with less hassle.

    Inspirus, enhancing the Sodexo commitment to delivering Quality of Life Services worldwide, offers employee engagement that inspires employees through one point of interaction for everyone and brings joy to work, one experience at a time.

    Iridize is a powerful Enterprise grade platform for flexible employee training and onboarding web users.

    JobVibe allows you to see how your employees feels and gives you the means to react before frustrations arise among staff members.

    Joyous turns HR processes into conversations. Time and Attendance, Pulse Surveys, Peer Feedback, Performance Reviews, and Health and Safety all in one familiar dialog-based interface.

    Kallidus 360 is a management solution designed to provide the insight needed to drive positive actions and development.

    We are a leader in the art of measuring and improving employee engagement.

    LifeWorks unifies employee engagement with unrivalled EAP and wellbeing programs.

    As a global leader in Social Recognition, Madison provides enterprise-class organizations with employee recognition, incentives and service anniversary programs designed for the needs of today's ever changing workforce. Madison's recognition strategy focuses on making managers mentors; reinforcing a sense of belonging, celebrating personal and professional milestones; and emphasizing inclusion and diversity.

    Maritz Motivation Solutions empowers leading global companies to motivate and champion human achievement and connection through forward thinking and next generation solutions.

    MeetNotes is a meeting software designed to help make meetings fun, engaging and effective.

    motivationWorks is a platform for maximizing employee motivation and engagement - measures what matters, provides clear and actionable insights, and empowers professionals.

    MTM Recognition offers comprehensive, meaningful, memorable strategic recognition solutions.

    Niko Niko is an emotion tracking and analytics platform for managers and team leaders to get a quick pulse on their teams' emotions, morale, and productivity level via customizable and user-friendly email and phone prompts.

    We built a kickass SaaS platform akin to iOS for companies to inspire a positive corp culture making employees happier, healthier and most importantly, safer at work. In this way we dramatically improve retention and talent recruitment. Social impact - we have CSR functionality for donation, volunteering AND remote pro bono for sponsored partners OR to search from out 10,000 nonprofit database with multiple filters. And then the ability to share the goodwill internally or externally to social with a single sign-on. Crowdfunding capabilities as well. HR - mentorship matching, Voice heuristic surveying thru an exclusive partnership with IBM Watson; mentorship matching; fully customizable reward redemption; HR document hub; and a proprietary safe-at-work initiative we call lockbox™ in a partnership with Kroll Inc. The largest investigative firm in the world. Wellbeing - creation & management of fitness challenges that integrate with over 30 different mobile health devices; gym reimbursement; Jim discounts throughout the country; A video learning management system in app to self- actualize your career; and and even an interactive therapy functionality in partnership with talkspace.

    OMBEA Insights gathers real-time feedback from all your touchpoints. It works 24/7/365 to give you a continuous stream of actionable insights.

    Peoplecart is a modern Engagement and Recognition Platform. Our apps tech-enable Clients to align employees to organizational priorities, improve employee engagement and simplify global R&R & redemption. Peoplecart is HQ in India and has clientele and sales presence in the North America, Middle East & South East Asia. Game Changers from peoplecart * Single platform for engagement, performance & alignment * Analytics through Dashboards & Reports, Gamification tools, Mob Apps * Self Managed Admin Panel * Global Redemption Peoplecart's top client engagements include: a.) Framework design & deployment of engagement and Rewards for a leading retail Conglomerate with over 40,000 employees across India b.) Customized implementation for an emerging BPO in Kuala Lumpur with unique features and tools for gamification of R&R c.) Global R&R deployment for a niche IT services company covering 22 countries across Asia, Middle East, Africa, West Europe & US

    Performly is a full talent Management cloud based solution, our aim is transforming Outdated Talent & Performance Management Practices to the New trending and best practices making it more Engaging, Effective & Ongoing mechanism; Perfomly will transform organizations’ human capital to be more engaged & productive while ensuring they are aligned with organizational Vision, mission & Values.

    Assessing and Improving the Health, Happiness and Performance of People and Teams. Plasticity Insights - collects, predicts and reports on the state of people and culture while predicting group and team level performance. The Plasticity Platform - A web and mobile solution to improve the character traits that create resilient, optimistic, positive people and teams and then tracks it back to organizational performance.

    Porpoise is an innovative platform that increases employee engagement and workplace culture through goal setting, gamification, and acknowledgement. Porpoise allows employers to connect with their employees, and employees to connect with each other, while sharing meaningful stories surrounding their passions and accomplishments both in and outside of the workplace.

    Power2Motivate is the world’s leading provider of employee recognition and customer loyalty programs. We have offices throughout Australia, Asia North America, South America, Europe and Africa – and we continue to expand, with programs in over 144 countries and 17 languages around the globe. With a combination of smart technology, passionate people and excellent supplier agreements, we offer our clients a straightforward yet powerful solution at an affordable price. With one cloud-based platform, you can provide a tangible reward and immediate recognition. That’s the key to improving employee performances, customer loyalty and measurable return for your business. And this in turn enables a stronger recognition and reward culture.

    Praiseworthy is an individual feedback management solution designed to increase employee motivation and performance across front-line teams

    Proforma SI provides configurable software solutions for rewards and recognition programs.

    PukkaTeam is an always-on, online workplace designed for remote teams to work together throughout the day and feel more connected, no matter where they are.

    Qarrot gives the superpower of Multi-Factor Employee Engagement.

    The performance management solution you’ve always wanted: Help your employees succeed with real-time feedback, coaching and actionable insights.

    REFFIND is a mobile employee engagement app that is redefining the way organisations communicate with their employees.

    Reppify is a social referral platform designed to leverage employees’ social connections to redefine talent sourcing and sales lead generation.

    Resonate helps to meet the customer's needs by operationalizing their voice. It provides tools which help to manage VoC, CX, NPS and employee experience programs.

    Customer feedback, employee engagement, lead followup - Responster is the survey creation tool with businesses in mind. Beautiful, cross-platform surveys can be easily created in a drag and drop builder, and survey results are automatically uploaded and visually organized in your dashboard, with easy export to Excel or PDF capability. Surveys can be completed in any web browser, and can also run offline in a native iOS or Android app, an agile solution for feedback collection via smartphone or tablet kiosks in the office, on-site in your store(s), or at an event.

    ReviewCloud is a cloud-based employee engagement solution that streamlines performance feedback.

    REWARDview gives your employees a full view of their compensation to engage and retain them.

    RubiBoard increases performance and boosts productivity by providing polls and analytics, helping motivate the workforce.

    Sapho delivers an employee experience portal that surfaces personalized tasks and information to your workforce to triple employee productivity.

    BP2W is a unique program in that it develops leadership and builds engagement from within...rather than expecting management or HR to wave a magic wand. The employees are empowered to make changes in their worklife and workplace relationships because they drive the program. As soon as they take the diagnostic (survey) they are presented with information to help them and their team become better IMMEDIATELY - rather than wait months for someone to get back to them with some "You spoke, we listened" platitudinous message. The program has BUILT-IN Activities, Resources and Goal-Setting to help individuals and teams in areas of need. It quickly helps you become a Better Place to Work

    SelfDrvn is an integrated platform designed to help companies strengthen engagement in their employees, customers and events. It uses gamification, big data and analytics to lower voluntary employee turnover, increase attendee participation, enhance event experience and motivate customer buy-in.

    Simoona is a cloud-based social intranet that boost employee engagemen for effective communication, empowerment, acknowledgement and social networking of company employees.

    Smarp is the standard for modern employee communication. Their Employee App connects employees to the content they need to be successful in their work, while empowering them to act as brand ambassadors for their employers. Smarp helps employees build their thought leadership and networks, and to stay up to date with their company and industry news by making it easy for them to discover, share and measure the impact of great content. Smarp’s native mobile apps enable companies to push content directly to their employees’ smartphones, making sure employees are always well informed and up to date, regardless of whether they work in an office or are on the go. Smarp is the easiest way to create a well-informed and influential workforce.

    Employee-sourced problem solving and idea generation.

    Your Staffbase employee experience platform is your channel to share everything your employees need to deliver great results: Publish corporate news, broadcast messages or create pages with documents, images and text. Choose to send push notifications to make sure everyone gets the message. Create user groups to target your content. Works well with your current directory and can import content from your existing desktop intranet. No company email required.

    StaffConnect delivers a powerful mobile employee engagement platform that transforms the employee experience by enabling large enterprises to connect, communicate and engage their entire workforce, especially remote, non-desk employees.

    StatusApp will help you develop the motivation of your employees and improve your company's employee engagement. It helps you foster continuous, mutual feedback between employer and employees - at all levels of the company.

    Syndio is a People Analytics platform helping people understand how to work better together, and giving business leaders the insight they need to build a better company.

    From hire to exit, TalentPulse is the most easy easy to use software that does a 360 degree analysis and provides management with actionable insights. Under the hood, TalentPulse deploys surveys, captures feedback across the Employee Life cycle in real time, condenses the data and delivers predictive analytics. Currently deployed in 50 countries and in 12 languages, TalentPulse does all the heavy lifting and provides companies with unbelievably fast employee insights

    Talmetrix is a predictive analytics platform that enables and equips organizations to retain talent by connecting Talent Insights with Business Results.

    Teamatics is the solution for developing human capital and improving team performance which offers the ability to align individual personalities, talents, values, and interests to the needs and culture of your team.

    teambay is a software that enables employees to anonymously share their honest opinions about their work with their managers, who in turn can analyze their teams feedback and improve the performance of businesses by increasing employee satisfaction, happiness and productivity at work.

    Most of the problems with engagement and performance are due to the lack of recognition, opportunities to speak up, clarity on how to grow and fairness in evaluations. Feedback is key for solving that, yet it’s not a part of a daily worklife, since it’s hard to share it. Existing processes, like annual performance reviews, one hundred question surveys and random feedback are outdated, hardcore and disconnected. So feedback is not shared, lacks context or is forgotten by the time the person is formally evaluated. Teambit changes that. Teambit offers a holistic solution for all of engagement and performance management challenges of a team. It sends contextual suggestions at the right moment, so that people never forget to share regular feedback. It creates a source of record for all the engagement and performance data over time, so that people can have a holistic understanding of everyone's engagement and performance. It enables a safe, lightweight and fun environment to speak up, so that everyone can quickly and regularly share their thoughts. All of that leads to a really high adoption among the team, makes feedback a daily habit and empowers your team to be the best it can be.

    TeamGraph is an Employee engagement solution for CXOs that track workplace dynamics through quantified metrics and actionable insights.

    TemboStatus is all-in-one employee engagement software for HR professionals.

    Totem is a employee engagement platform that helps teams communicate, recognise each other and drive performance with key metrics.

    UnderstandBetter uses context driven AI to generate meaningful metrics for each employee at any company. It helps CEOs & HRs measure the employee engagement quotient in the company, with little to no effort.

    Web and mobile solution for companies of any size to improve employee engagement via automated feedback collection. VibeCatch enables the setting up of automated polls collecting relevant feedback from your employees. You can use your own questions or use our scientific QWL framework with ready made questions and automatic analysis to find what areas would most benefit from development investments. Book a demo with us and join our hundreds of happy customers!

    The VIP Crowd Engagement Hub makes it fun and easy for your employees and customers to provide feedback and promote your company. Companies use VIP Crowd's Engagement Hub to: *Drive Engagement: Create activities that get your customers and employees talking about your brand, providing feedback, and having fun. *Accelerate Sales: Support your sales and marketing efforts by turning your best customers and employees into brand advocates. *Boost Retention: Show your customers and employees how much you appreciate them and why they should continue to work with you. See how your team can easily join the VIP Crowd community and reward your best customers and employees for having fun: https://vipcrowd.com

    Weekly10 is a continuous employee feedback platform that allows employees to report on progress, blockers and successes quickly and efficiently via weekly online report.

    Wellevue motivates employees through simple missions and tasks to keep them motivated and stimulated.

    An action-based Employee Engagement platform that empowers employees to reach greater fulfillment in their work & drive company results via PositiveImpact.

    Employee Engagement, Evolved. WeThrive is the agile engagement platform that uncovers how your people truly feel, enabling managers to create highly effective teams, retain key staff for longer and deliver better business results. At organisation, team or individual level WeThrive’s unique 4C model leverages the latest psychological understanding to quickly and easily deliver insights, actions and learning content to help your managers become better managers, creating a high performance culture. UK based, WeThrive has delivered thousands of customer surveys in multiple languages with a 91% average completion rate.

    Whispli is a SaaS platform enabling secure, anonymous two-way communication for individuals (e.g. employees, students, the public) to report suspected wrongdoing and for their Organisation (Company, School, Local Government, Media) to investigate the allegation made.

    Workmates is an engaging employee recognition software and company culture hub for teams that work. Workmates has features like a company directory, favorite coworkers, direct messaging and group chat. Workmates provides instant attendance oversight and announcements.

    Forward thinking leaders in growth-oriented organizations use the Workplace Genome®, our cloud-based culture management platform, to measure and analyze their organization's culture, to uncover the distinct priorities for heightening their success, and to guide their teams to meaningful action on them.

    WorkStride Recognition is a configurable software solution designed to uncover the great work being done at your company and reinforce those desirable behaviors through recognition, rewards, and social participation.

    Wrkit is an employee engagement platform.

    Xoxoday has been helping corporates helping them appreciate employees and business partners who do great work. Its easy to use SaaS platform helps companies, small and large, automate their rewards and recognition programs effectively. Xoxoday rewards software is one of its kind which helps you digitize the entire reward and recognition program. It has 3 key elements viz. recognition, engagement and fulfillment. Xoxoday helps people discover places through people. Xoxoday has curated one of the largest and most diverse selections of experiences and activities. From traditional sightseeing tours to unique once-in-a-lifetime experiences, all provided by hosts who we have pre-screened for quality, value and service.