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Employee monitoring software provides businesses with the ability to record employees interactions with customers to ensure the quality of service is up to par and ensure employees are using time productively. These solutions can log phone calls, emails, social media interactions, and live chats to make sure that specific strategies are working and ensure employee quality. Employee monitoring products are most frequently used by managers of customer service teams to make sure representatives are working appropriately and to the best of their abilities. The solutions can also benefit sales teams that are implementing new pitches or approaches to establish that proper messages are being conveyed to prospects. These products allow organizations to be agile and quickly determine which methods are working and pivot depending on the level of success. Most frequently implemented alongside contact center software, employee monitoring software can also be used alongside live chat and outbound call tracking products.

To qualify for inclusion in the Employee Monitoring category, a product must:

  • Monitor employee phone and chat interactions with customers
  • Oversee employee computers to ensure consistent level of productivity
  • Archive interactions for future quality review
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    Time Doctor time tracking software is a global leader in workplace time-analytics technology. Our mission is to facilitate the effective management of computer-based employees, while at the same time giving both employers & employees geographic freedom and peace of mind. Time Doctor provides both high level and granular insight into where & how time is spent in a company. This information allows companies to monitor and encourage employee effectiveness, and to make both HR and time allocation decisions with confidence. We’re most proud of enabling employer-employee relationships that wouldn’t have been possible if not for Time Doctor. Try our 30 day trial.

    A fully automatic time tracking software that has proven to boost employee productivity by 30% within the first weeks of using it. See how you and your employees spend their time online and offline, track time by projects and automatically calculate their costs based on workers' hourly rates. Additionally, generate custom reports for in-house use or your customers, plan employee vacations and time offs, calculate overtime pay, and store your team member's contact information in one place.

    ActivTrak is a comprehensive cloud-based analytics service that allows businesses to gain insights on and improve employee productivity. As a freemium service easily installed on an employees desktop to measure activity, the ActivTrak platform provides valuable aggregate data on a company’s day-by-day performance, with information displayed on an easy-to-manage dashboard. The company’s software is easy to install and data transfer is encrypted, ensuring protection and security. Employee Monitoring Information

    Fight inefficiency and work better with streamlined time tracking, team and project management from Hubstaff. Accurately track time with lightweight desktop, web, and mobile apps. See work happen in real time with screen capture, track GPS locations, view reports, send invoices, and keep moving forward. Hubstaff integrates with over 30 apps so your business can run seamlessly, including Basecamp, Trello, Asana, Github, and Paypal. Available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS.

    Are you currently conducting quality evaluations on your service team? Are your growth and high amounts of customer demands affecting your service? Running quality assurance on spreadsheets is difficult to control, not scalable and not accurate enough for you to make decisions on what needs to be improved and what’s truly important to your customers. Centralize, filter, and prioritize all your interactions to identify where the real problems are. PlayVox is a quality assurance software for customer service teams. By using PlayVox you can manage all your quality operations to easily pinpoint customer service issues and take real-time action such as coaching, training and motivating agents to drive continuous improvement.

    PlayVox Reviews

    Teramind provides a user-centric security approach to monitor employee's PC behavior. Our software streamlines employee data collection in order to identify suspicious activity, detect possible threats, monitor employee efficiency, and ensure industry compliance. We help reduce security incidents by providing real-time access to user activities by offering alerts, warnings, redirects and user lock-outs to keep your business running as efficiently and secure as possible.

    VirtualLogger LLC provides call recording, quality monitoring, post-call surveys and e-coaching technology to contact centers on a hosted basis. Our "pay as you go" approach is designed to dramatically reduce the cash investment required for recording and QA systems and related technology. In addition, because we maintain the database and application software from our central operation center, clients can access their recordings, call evaluations, coaching content and other data from anywhere.

    As part of Aspect's workforce optimization suite, Aspect Quality Monitoring offers call recording capabilities which monitor agent audio and screen interactions in real time, and which calibrate agent quality scores to ensure consistency and fairness. Automate the quality process with advanced analytics to sample 100% of calls and perform ad hoc searches on interactions using keywords and phrases..

    CleverControl is a cloud-based business solutions software that allows employers to enhance efficiency of staff work efforts and also prevent corporate information from being disclosed, its accumulated data could be an asset in resolving various issues and incidents in the workplace.

    Flextivity Complete is a cloud-based security and activity monitoring solution that helps business owners protect their company Macs and o ce networks while giving them powerful tools to impact the security and productivity of the individuals within their company.

    InterGuard employee monitoring software provides employers and managers insight into all computer and internet activity. InterGuard records all employee computer activity regardless if it is on or off the network.

    OsMonitor is a solution for the employment monitoring. It records the screen, web visited history, chat, email, file copy, application, USB disk usage.

    Transera's cloud-based on-demand virtual contact center software enables real-time visibility and control of distributed contact center operations

    Aobo Keylogger for Mac OS X is a parental control and employee monitoring app.

    Berqun gives quantifiable insight into how your employees spend their time at work. These insights allow you to confidently identify low performers and enable you to jointly take action towards higher productivity.

    Bodi is a cloud-based software with real-time alerts for unusual computer activity. It continuously records HD video for playback to help reduce audit costs and allows for remote access to improve support times.

    BrowseReporter captures the websites your employees visited. It includes a powerful reporting utility for generating tabular and graphical websites visited reports. It runs in stealth mode.

    Cicero Insight provides activity intelligence by capturing, storing, and reporting activities and events across applications, time and users to map employee effort and highlight areas of improvement in business processes, compliance, training, and application utilization.

    Refog Employee Monitor tracks employee internet usage and their online activities, helping organizations reduce time wasted in social networks, chats and non-business activities.

    iMonitor 365 is a software for the employee monitoring, for enterprises, education and government sector. It protects the confidential data and generates the record and alert on copies data to the USB.

    KindleEms is an Enterprie solution for Employee Efficiency Monitoring to Analyse and Improve Team / Employee Productivity

    Recite is an interaction recording suite designed to help boost business success and ensure compliance.

    SentryPC is a completely cloud-based computer monitoring, content filtering, and time management software wrapped into one.

    SoftActivity is an employee monitoring software that can record and display emails, chats, keystrokes and all reports in any language.

    SQmediator® Symphony is a suite of performance management applications for Voice over IP and IP videoconferencing. SQmediator is a sophisticated multi-user management system that supports both passive QoE monitoring and active testing, and provides per-location or per-customer dashboards. SQmediator Service Provider Edition is a highly scalable multi-server management application that supports multiple services, aggregation for customer locations, and a web services API for integration with back-end applications. The Service Provider Edition supports millions of subscribers and thousands of customer locations. SQmediator Enterprise Edition is a scalable multi-server management application for large enterprise, providing aggregation by location, SNMP trap generation and Email alerts. The Enterprise Edition supports hundreds of thousands of users and thousands of locations. SQmediator Business Edition is a cost effective single-server management application for mid-sized enterprise and call centers, supporting thousands of users and hundreds of locations. SQmediator Small Business Edition is a low cost single-server management application for single location businesses with hundreds of users. All editions of SQmediator support definition of service quality thresholds, SNMP trap and email alert generation, secure multi-user browser based user interface, advanced interactive dashboards with rapid drill down for troubleshooting individual calls and a range of other features.

    Veriato 360 employee monitoring software provides unmatched visibility into the online and communications activity of employees and contractors.

    With our employee monitoring software you can easily track those who do the job and those who tweet

    One Step Easy Web-based Monitoring. Results in the Cloud. Reports in Your Browser.

    WorkTime is an employee, computer and Internet monitoring software system designed for businesses (companies, employers, human resources) to monitor productivity level.

    Magnetic North delivers SAAS OnDemand productivity and communications solutions delivering call recording and predictive dialing solutions Since 1998, Magnetic North's solutions have been helping Global 2000 customers such as HP, Vodafone, Stream International, Sirius Radio, Hospital Billing and Collection Services, Chubb, Johnson and Johnson and more to deliver the best possible service to their clients, and increase workforce optimization and and analytics. With over 130,000 users now, in more than 20 countries, our customers rely on us to help them grow their own organization. We believe our fresh new approach to doing business, known as "The Magnetic North Advantage", enables these companies to have long term and mutually profitable relationships with us.

    Track and manage labor, assets, forms and productivity all in one inclusive solution.

    AnalytixMachine is a talent management software that tracks employee efficiency, workforce behavior, productivity, and helps plan using data analytics.

    BrowseControl is an easy to use Internet Control software that restricts Internet access and enforces web usage policies across your network.

    HigherGround’s Calibre product suite offers a unified call recording, agent evaluation, and reporting solution for multi-source contact centers.

    High-tech products have complex development cycles involving multiple design revisions and cross-functional teams. The risk of inefficiencies, wasted engineering effort and product delays can be high. Cognidox helps overcome these risks. We are a leading provider of document management software for the high-tech product sector. Our solution improves visibility and control for the development process and the entire business.

    CXM provides call recording plus quality monitoring solutions for workforce optimization, including contact center and VOIP call recording software.

    Secure Employee Web Filtering and Monitoring Suite

    Dubber is a transformative Cloud based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution in a multi-billion dollar hardware centric market place. It provides enhanced service and is flexible to a myriad of requirements not easily achievable with current market solutions. This is global call and communication recording platform through your Service Provider.

    Easemon to monitor and control on unethical activities on job premises. Automatic mail alert sends to the authorized person when inappropriate activities detected.

    EmployeeTrail helps to track applications used by your employees in the work hours and identifies productive hours and non-productive time. Non-productive time is classified as time spent in distractive non-productive work activities like personal web browsing or using office resources for personal use.

    Originally developed for the federal government to help the FBI screen flight school applicants, Endera helps enterprise security departments detect and reduce insider risk and prevent potential workplace fraud, theft and violence in regulated industries such as transportation, healthcare, finance and infrastructure.

    E-XMS creates ASDR (Application and Services Detail Record) combining location, subscriber, network, and service performance for every subscriber call, session monitoring and the ability to monitor and analyze hundreds of thousands of RTP streams.

    The plug and play location stack or your app.

    Majuda's call recording and quality management products guarantee a measurably streamlined process, improved customer service, and liability control.

    MiaRec is a compliance call recording and quality management solution for unified communications.

    Network Lookout is a solution for employee monitoring. It tracks the employee activities to increase the productivity and gives totally record of visited websites and productive and unproductive work.

    Track calls, measure staff productivity, ensure great customer service. Make sure you are getting the most out of your organization.

    ObserveCTI automates the management process by providing your business a quality assurance tool, which provides business-driven, selective/intelligent voice and data recordings without the need for a proprietary voice logger.

    PockeTracker 3.0 is a powerful and efficient verification and attendance tool, enabling you to verify privileges and access to events and facilities with your smartphone or tablet. You can easily switch between profiles on the device, giving you the freedom to validate multiple privileges without reconfiguration.

    PukkaTeam is an always-on, online workplace designed for remote teams to work together throughout the day and feel more connected, no matter where they are.

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