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Employee referral software helps HR personnel, recruitment professionals, and hiring managers oversee employee referral programs (ERPs). These solutions provide a platform in which employees can refer friends, leverage their networks, and participate in company-wide hiring campaigns. Employe referral software increases employee engagement by incentivizing employees to become brand ambassadors; this is accomplished through participation in social sharing via engagement tools such as gamification. These solutions also incentivize employees to participate in the recruitment process by offering and managing referral payout bonuses.

Employee referral software often provides access on all devices so employees can be empowered to refer qualified candidates at any time and in any place. Employee referral software often integrates with applicant tracking system (ATS) software or core HR software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Employee Referral category, a product must:

  • Provide a platform for employee referrals
  • Provide employees with options for job sharing
  • Track and manage employee referral bonus payouts
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    Leverage your employees' connections to identify, engage, and hire top talent. Teamable is the only system to ensure you are spending time pursuing the right talent.

    An overview to our effective solutions for talent acquisition. Including Referrals, Apply, Internal Mobility and Integrations.

    Talentry’s recruitment marketing platform provides solutions for Candidate Relationship Management, Employee Referrals and Employee Advocacy - enabling companies to tap new sources for talent leveraging their employees’ social networks, strengthen the employer brand by distributing relevant content and build and maintain relationships with candidates. The platform provides lead generation, talent pool building, talent lead nurturing and conversion of leads into applications, and ultimately connects high quality talent with open positions. In addition to accelerated time-to-hire, companies benefit from more qualified candidates and lower cost-per-hire. Talentry integrates with applicant tracking systems to provide a seamless candidate journey. It's time to redefine the future of recruitment - let's connect so we can share our vision with you. helps companies streamline their employee referral program, maximize employee engagement, and automate recruiter tasks with seamless ATS integration.

    Facilitating referrals in recruitment. Invite only. Helping the best recruiters make more placements through applications and referrals.

    Game-changing referral engagement network

    Cornerstone OnDemand
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    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Unified Talent Management One solution to attract, develop, manage, and connect your employees. Cornerstone was founded with a passion for empowering people through learning and a conviction that people should be your organization’s greatest competitive advantage. Cornerstone is a recognized global human capital management (HCM) leader with a core belief that companies thrive when they help their employees to realize their potential. Putting this belief into practice, Cornerstone offers solutions to help companies strategically manage and continuously develop their talent throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Featuring comprehensive recruiting, personalized learning, development-driven performance management and holistic HR planning, Cornerstone’s HCM platform is successfully used by more than 3,500 global clients of all sizes, representing all major industries, spanning over 40 million users across 192 countries and 43 languages. Using one data model and one integrated, extensible platform, Cornerstone HCM gives clients greater talent insights, recommendations and supporting tools to meet their growing human capital management needs.

    Helps employers and staffing firms fill their jobs faster through referrals.

    Jobote is a referral hiring tool which helps companies leverage social networks to hire trusted talent.

    JobzLab is an easy to use and secure social bounty marketplace that enables EVERYONE to be recruiters.JobzLab takes care of all bounty payments for employers.

    Employee referrals are your number one tool for talent acquisition.

    Referagig is an employee referral program automation and recruitment marketing solution.

    REFFIND is a mobile employee engagement app that is redefining the way organisations communicate with their employees.

    The Talent Recommendation Graph Cut 94% of sourcing costs, improve diversity, and double retention.

    The strongest teams are built through employee referrals.

    SociallyHire is an online platform designed to allow organizations to quickly hire quality talent through the social media networks of employees.

    VouchFor is a customer reference management software used to build a referral reward offer that entices your customers to vouch for your business.

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    Optimized for quick response

    Workable is all-in-one recruiting software: a single system for teams to find, track and evaluate candidates. Quick to implement and easy to use, Workable accelerates the hiring process by finding the right candidates faster and improving hiring team collaboration. Workable is currently helping 6000 organizations of all sizes to meet their hiring goals on time and on budget, by reducing their time to hire.