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Endpoint management software products help users keep track of devices in a system and ensure their software is secure and up to date. Typical features of endpoint management products are asset management, patch management, and compliance evaluation. Companies use these tools to make sure no unapproved devices are linked to the system. They also use these products to ensure each endpoint device has up-to-date software that has been patched properly to prevent intrusion. These tools have many overlapping features with vulnerability management and mobile device management (MDM) products. Endpoint management solutions simply have a wider scope of capabilities than vulnerability management tools including device governance and device compliance. While endpoint management software helps secure all sorts of endpoints, MDM tools typically only manage remote workers and mobile devices.

To qualify for inclusion in the Endpoint Management category, a product must:

  • Manage endpoint assets connected to a network
  • Manage patch updates and ensure device compliance
  • Detect new or suspicious devices connected to a network
  • Have the ability to install new operating systems or applications to an endpoint device

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    Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business offers a tightly integrated combination of superior security technologies and far-reaching systems management capabilities, which can all be controlled via a single management console.

    LogMeIn Central is a pure, cloud-based endpoint management solution enabling IT professionals to effectively monitor, manage, and secure their endpoint infrastructure. ​Whether you have remote employees or endpoints scattered across the globe, LogMeIn Central provides IT organizations with the speed, flexibility, and insight needed to increase productivity, reduce IT costs, and mitigate risk.

    inSync provides a comprehensive IT solution for protecting and governing enterprise data being managed by today’s mobile workforce, thereby enabling IT with visibility and control over mobile data without compromising end-user productivity. Designed from the ground up as a unified on-prem or cloud solution, inSync offers rich features like seamless, enterprise-grade backup for endpoints and cloud applications, secure file-sharing, data loss prevention (DLP), and data governance capabilities. In addition to providing tamper-proof audit trails of user and admin activities, inSync uniquely collects and preserves custodian data to easily administer legal holds with an interface for data ingestion into any eDiscovery system for businesses that need to address their compliance and eDiscovery needs. Explore the virtual tour: About Druva Druva is the leader in cloud data protection and information management, leveraging the public cloud to offer a single pane of glass to protect, preserve and discover information - dramatically increasing the availability and visibility of business critical information, while reducing the risk, cost and complexity of managing and protecting it. Druva’s award-winning solutions intelligently collect data, and unify backup, disaster recovery, archival and governance capabilities onto a single, optimized data set. As the industry's fastest growing data protection provider, Druva is trusted by over 4,000 global organizations and protects over 53 PB of data.

    Trend Micro Endpoint Security provides immediate protection for enterprise endpoints lowering infections by instantly securing end-points from sophisticated cybercriminal attacks

    Check Point Endpoint Security combines data security, network security, threat prevention technologies and remote access VPN into one package for complete Windows and Mac OS X protection.

    VIPRE is a leading provider of advanced security products purpose-built to protect every major attack vector from today’s most costly and malicious online threats. Leveraging decades of proven industry expertise, our award-winning software portfolio includes comprehensive email and endpoint security, along with real-time threat intelligence and the industry’s premier sandbox for next-gen malware analysis.

    Cb Protection is the strongest security possible for data centers and critical systems. Using a ‘Default Deny’ approach, Cb Protection reduces your attack surface with a single security agent and reduces downtime by automating approval of trusted software and eliminating the burden of whitelist management. and drives automatic approvals through IT-driven policies, as well one of the most extensive trust and reputation databases in the world. Cb Protection helps organizations achieve continuous compliance across every regulatory framework. It does this in a highly scalable manner that minimizes IT overhead, allowing a single admin to manage up to 10,000 endpoints.

    Panda Endpoint Protection provides centralized protection for all of your Windows, Mac and Linux workstations, including laptops, smartphones and the leading virtualization systems.

    Laptops and removable media devices have provided today’s mobile workforce the freedom to work anywhere. With this freedom comes a greater risk of a data breach through lost or stolen devices. Symantec Endpoint Encryption combines strong full-disk and removable media encryption with centralized management to protect sensitive information and ensure regulatory compliance. Symantec provides maximum protection by encrypting each drive, sector-by-sector, ensuring that all files are encrypted. In addition to protecting laptops and desktops, Endpoint Encryption supports various types of removable media including USB drives, external hard drives, and CD/DVD/Blu-ray media. With Symantec, removable media users can access their data on any Windows or Mac system, even if encryption isn’t installed on the machine.

    Ivanti Management Suite increases user and IT productivity. It helps you establish intelligent, integrated control over your user’s multi-platform desktops and mobile devices. Empower administrators to automate software and operating systems deployments, quickly fix user issues, and discover software assets. Management Suite provides foundational data and actions that integrate with multiple Ivanti solutions within a unified management experience—reducing operational overhead and delivering a quick ROI.

    Comodo provides Advanced Endpoint Protection Solution for Small Medium Enterprise that solve malware problem quickly with complete security from known and unknown threats from automatic containment and crowd-sourced intelligence knowledge base.

    Ivanti Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager prevents, detects, and remediates even the most sophisticated ransomware and other threats, protecting your users, systems, and critical data. Multi-layered defenses automate discovery, inventory, patch management, and application and device control. You can also isolate infected devices, take action to keep running malware from spreading, and provide the data business leaders need to swiftly assess and update the security strategy. And because our solution integrates with Ivanti Endpoint Manager, powered by LANDESK, you can secure your environment from the management console you're already using—saving you time and increasing control over the extended enterprise.

    Avast is the global leader in next-gen cyber security products for consumers and businesses and protects over 400 million people online. Avast offers products under the Avast and AVG brands, that protect people from threats on the internet with one of the most advanced threat detection networks in the world. Avast digital security products are top ranked for mobile, PC and Mac. For businesses, Avast offers comprehensive antivirus security that keeps your devices, data, and employees safe from the latest cyber threats. Work and browse confidently from anywhere knowing your business is completely protected. If you are a MSP or VAR, you can also deliver enhanced managed services to your customers and take your business even further. Just choose from our Avast CloudCare cloud-based protection solution or our full-stack, remote monitoring and management platform.

    Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite unifies the functions of IT operations and security through a single console, server and agent architecture to seamlessly and more effectively address IT risk and systems management requirements across the enterprise.

    Absolute delivers adaptive endpoint security and data risk management solutions for computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Persistence® technology by Absolute provides a reliable two-way connection with mobile devices to confidently secure mobility. Persistence technology is embedded into core of devices from global manufacturers.

    Centurion SmartShield endpoint protection creates a virtual space where all unwanted changes are wiped away upon reboot, freeing the user to perform daily tasks without compromising system integrity.

    User Device Tracker know when and where users and endpoint devices are connected to your network

    CloudCare is a free, cloud-based, endpoint security administration platform that makes it significantly faster and easier to monitor threats, resolve issues, and deliver multiple layers of protection to your customers.

    Heimdal Corporate manages your network security from a single easy-to-use interface to keep cyber-criminals and data stealing malware away from sensitive data.

    IGEL’s endpoint management software is designed to allow users to convert any x86 device and control every PC from one easy-to-manage platform.

    ManageEngine Patch Manager scans endpoints to detect missing patches, tests patches before deployment to mitigate security risks automates patch deployment to OS and 3rd party applications, audits and reports for better visibility and control.

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    Micro Focus ZENworks Endpoint Security Management (formerly Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management) is a location-aware, policy-based solution that protects the data on every PC, controls how endpoints communicate and access information, and monitors and maintains the health of endpoint devices all from a single console.

    AppGate Insight automatically and continuously discovers all assets in your virtual fabric, allows the grouping of these assets into logical TrustZones and visualizes asset relationships and the east-west traffic flows between them for improved analytics.

    The Argos Online Asset Protection platform scans your digital footprint to produce alerts and reports for malicious activities. These include: defacements, spamming, malware drop-off, links to phishing sites, account takeover, and more. Once a malicious activity is identified, alerts are disseminated automatically for immediate mitigation, or in some cases, mitigated automatically.

    Bufferzone is a patented containment solution designed to defend endpoints against advanced malware and zero-day attacks while maximizing user and IT productivity.

    Clearswift Critical Information Protection is a software that enable organizations and individual users to securely collaborate by applying centralized information management policies to include the endpoint, i.e. laptops and desktops.

    Trend Micro endpoint application Control allows to enhance your defenses against malware and targeted attacks by preventing unknown and unwanted applications from executing on your corporate endpoints.

    Hawkeye offers a single Web based interface which scales to monitor hundreds of endpoints anywhere in the world. Endpoints sit at remote sites (e.g. branch office or home) and at a data center, headquarters, private or public cloud. They generate synthetic traffic to inject into and receive from the live network, reproducing real users traffic patterns. The synthetic traffic is processed for objective quality metrics and used for insights.

    Hysolate is revolutionizing enterprise endpoints, resolving the conflict between security and productivity. We bring air gap security to the enterprise and at the same time free knowledge workers from past usage restrictions.

    IBM® BigFix® addresses a major challenge faced by many organizations — how to gain full visibility into the constantly changing endpoint landscape while bridging the gap between threat detection and remediation. See clearly: Discover and audit endpoints on or off the corporate network. Detect evasive attacks with behavioral analytics. Understand completely: Guided investigations to define the scope of detected attacks. Define what remediation action you need to take. Act precisely: Immediately contain and remediate attacks enterprise-wide. Continuously reduce your attack surface.

    MaaS360 with Watson is the industry’s first and only cognitive unified endpoint management (UEM) platform, enabling a smarter approach for enterprises to manage and secure all endpoints plus their users, apps and content. MaaS360 can be used to manage disparate endpoint types—including smartphones, tablets, laptops, ruggedized devices and the Internet of Things (IoT)—all from a single console.

    Instant performance assessment of complex networks in pre and post deployment

    A comprehensive endpoint solution that prevents attacks through trickery and deception.

    NetSupport DNA features a wealth of components including: automatic discovery of devices; hardware and software inventory; change tracking; and user and software license management. Building on the flexibility of a single solution, NetSupport DNA also includes as standard: energy monitoring; power management; USB endpoint security; printer monitoring; application and internet metering; a flexible alerting suite; and an easy-to-use software distribution module. NetSupport also offers optional service desk and remote control modules.

    NVC enables authorized users to easily configure their visibility nodes seamlessly. By treating connected visibility nodes as a single virtual switching fabric, configuring multi-device solutions becomes transparent without the need to manually configure each of the connected devices one by one.

    Observable Networks Dynamic Endpoint Modeling solution lets you see these different behaviors so you can quickly take effective action.

    PEM inspects every aspect of endpoint assets not just what's currently running in memory and provides detailed context so that you can detect threats before they are causing problems for your Enterprise not after the damage was done.

    Rippling is a single system for employee data that sits, like a layer, underneath all your business software and services, and which pipes employee data, configuration instructions, and access rules into all of these systems. What We Handle Employee Paperwork: offer letters, IP agreements & NDAs, W4s and I9s, employee handbooks. We generate these documents from templates, get them signed electronically, and store the executed copies HR & Payroll: full-service payroll, PTO and vacation tracking, reporting, integrations with time and attendance systems, 401Ks, commuter benefits and FSA Account Provisioning: create user accounts in all business systems such as email, Salesforce, Box, Slack, G Suite, GitHub, Basecamp, etc., and provide Single Sign-On (SSO). Rippling currently has about ~100 integrations Password Management: manage passwords for teams, I.E. share your company Twitter account credentials with everyone in the marketing department Computer Hardware: Mac and Windows machines pre-configured and shipped out, software patches applied, security policies enforced, machines deactivated and reconfigured when employees are terminated Office Access: cloud based keycard access granting and revocation

    This tool monitors all external storage devices that are connected to PCs, preventing internal data breach.

    The secure and reliable protection against any malware is Application Whitelisting. It defines what can be executed. Anything else cannot be started.

    OPAQ is the premier network security cloud company that enables partners to deliver security-as-a-service to mid-size enterprise customers. With the OPAQ Cloud, service providers can deliver Fortune 100-grade network security and centrally manage and enforce policies through a single interface while optimizing networking performance. This empowers partners to instantly grow their revenue and margins and establish a competitive advantage while eliminating complexity and costs associated with managing a multitude of products.

    Sentinel's managed intrusion detection and prevention systems relieve the burden of security for businesses.

    ServerProtect scans and detects malware in real time and incorporates cleanup capabilities to help remove malicious code and repair system damage. Administrators can use one management console to centrally enforce, administer, and update malware protection on every server throughout an organization. This robust solution enables enterprises to secure the entire server file system including compressed archives, distribute virus patterns to remove any viruses that get through, and help automate the damage cleanup process to resolve problems left by virus infections.

    Smartguard is software designed to manage internet, bandwidth and network security.

    The Full Protect product utilizes a unique proactive signature-less technology which protects efficiently against unknown and sophisticated attacks.

    Symantec Client Management Suite automates time-consuming and redundant tasks for deploying, managing, patching, and securing desktops and laptops so organizations can reduce the cost and effort of managing Windows, Mac, Linux, and virtual desktop environments. Client Management Suite 8.0 brings significant new functionality and enhancements to this already feature rich solution. Before covering what’s new in version 8.0, here’s a quick overview of some of the key capabilities of Client Management Suite. Key Deployment features include: - Scalable, enterprise deployment for desktops and laptops across Windows, Mac, and Linux - Web console, well suited for distributed access and detailed security models - Support for Windows PE and Linux pre-boot environments - Support for hardware independent image deployments - Hands-free migration - Ability to configure new systems using imaging, scripting, or a combination of both Key Patch Management features include: - Support for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems - Support for 50+ non-Microsoft applications - Support for remote and disconnected users - Patch automation - Complete audit trail and reporting

    Tachyon is an endpoint detection and response solution, designed to transform urgent ad-hoc issue identification and resolution time from hours to minutes.

    ThinAir is the next generation Endpoint Data Visibility technology that gives you complete intelligence about every information in your organization.

    TSP is a complete device security solution, delivering a proven, scalable set of services.

    Manage, control and secure network access for all authenticated users on Windows Active Directory Network

    User Management Module (UMM) is BlueSoft answer to fulfill needs in growing demand for an innovative tool for identity access management, security compliance and consolidated credentials to each application in organization. UMM is based on the best practices in field of Customer Identity and Access Management ( CIAM) implemented standardized communication and advanced approach to data encryption. User Management Module allows to manage availability of individual elements of application according to granted roles for and individual user. Solution is tailored to support changing organization needs in the field of market diversity and is very useful in case of gain competitive advantage. UMM ensures high availability achieved with installation of redundant instanced of each component into separate availability zones. Situation such as failure of a single server or single database will not affect availability of the whole solution. Advantages of User Management Module (UMM) implementation: • Introducing a corporate standard for managing identity and access to commercial applications • Unified mode of action to modify user data • Significant reduction of costs and time necessary to build new web and mobile solutions • Flexible access control configuration on the domestic and application level due to the use of a decision rule engine • Flexible management of granted credentials and available subscriptions • Processing hundreds of thousands of log-ons (average log time ~0,5 second) • Standardized way of exchange user data • Different stages of user management depends on the size of an organization and dedicated way to communicate (direct or indirect) • Implementation of flexible models of user registration according to valid legal standards and business model • Provide specific information about user profile and connected components using standardized set of REST API • Unified user profile. Detailed user data available to preview to support following actions: data mining, segmentation, reporting and statistics.

    Valt.X Cyber Security for Windows is antivirus software that protects computers from various types of threats.

    Votiro Disarmer for removable devices eliminates this high risk by detecting and scanning every plugged-in device for known and unknown malware and neutralizing any zero-day exploit that might be hidden as a payload on those removable devices.

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