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Best Enterprise Architecture Software

Traditionally, enterprise architecture is viewed as an approach, but a number of technology solutions have emerged to facilitate the analysis, design, and implementation of business technologies or strategies. Administrators are given tools to organize a business’ operations, processes, and standards to visualize and understand the company’s structure. They support high-level project portfolio management to plan the businesses structure, processes, and asset utilization. They also assist in IT portfolio, risk, requirements, project, and business process management.

There is a strong relationship between enterprise architecture solutions and IT portfolio analysis technologies. They differ in the idea that IT portfolio analysis and management is only one component of the entire enterprise architecture. While enterprise architecture tools are designed more for project planning and managing technological execution, policies, and organization, IT portfolio analysis tools are geared solely toward aligning technologies in place.

To qualify for inclusion in the Enterprise Architecture Software category, a product must:

  • Facilitate business modeling, management and structural analysis
  • Assist in managing processes, requirements, and risks
  • Provide project management features for business strategy planning
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    The Oracle Enterprise Architecture Framework helps Oracle to collaboratively work with customers in developing strategic roadmaps and architecture solutions that enable business and IT alignment.

    Plan and manage complex business transformation initiatives with SAP PowerDesigner. The software’s data modeling tools let you build a blueprint of your current enterprise architecture and visualize the impact of change before it happens. Automatically capture architecture layers and requirements, tap into a powerful metadata repository, and share discoveries with your team.

    Software AG's Alfabet Cloud IT Portfolio Management Platform provides decision-makers with insight into the IT portfolio to make the right IT investment decisions and to plan how IT will support the business in the future.

    MEGA’s HOPEX platform helps you to understand the relationships throughout your company’s ecosystem. If you think of your business like a Jenga tower, pulling out the wrong block could collapse your tower. MEGA provides visibility that enables you to make intelligent decisions and strategic investments, respond to market changes, and ensure that strategies are linked to execution. Now you’ll know which blocks to pull, and why. With MEGA’s software platform, manage enterprise complexity for optimal business performance. Gain a stronger understanding of your organization’s strategy, investments, processes, risks, and IT landscape. We’re proud to have customers who have achieved a 300+% ROI. Together, let’s see how we can do even better for your business.

    Enables better IT investment decisions and reduces transformational risks by helping you understand when, where, how and why to make changes in the IT portfolio. This comprehensive suite links the interdependent perspectives of IT, business, finance and risk for whole view analysis of how IT can support business change. Using it, you can manage all your IT portfolios in a single environment, including demands, applications, technologies, projects, finances and risks. Gain unique insight into your current IT portfolio and get support for planning and realizing the future one. Read more

    Ardoq is bridging the gap between the business and IT by providing a single platform to enable the entire organisation to contribute to documentation. Ardoq tools help simplify the documentation of software, business process, requirements, architectures and infrastructure.

    Create, analyze, manage and administer whole enterprise model, from strategy of business processes to information architecture, application landscapes and services.

    Enables the documentation of an enterprise architecture to analyze and harmonize IT environments. An extension pack for ARIS Architect & Designer.

    Enables companies to define and build enterprise architectures that are compliant with TOGAF specifications. An extension pack for ARIS Design Server. Read more

    Enables companies to define and build enterprise architectures that are compliant with TOGAF specifications. An extension pack for ARIS Design Server. Read more

    BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio is the collaborative business design platform that offers powerful, integrated modeling across multiple disciplines. It provides all the capabilities needed to seamlessly plan, track and execute change in a single software platform.

    Castera is a business architecture and capability mapping software that is easy to use, cloud-based and inexpensive tool enables companies to model capabilities, draft value streams and process, draft business motivation and strategy, and capture a veritable treasure of enterprise information to associate with other entities.

    Business Continuity Maturity Model is a business continuity software that assists in improves businesses abilities to recover from disruptions.

    The Cameo Enterprise Architecture product, based on the core product MagicDraw, offers the most robust standards compliant DoDAF 2.0, MODAF, NAF 3, NAF 4, and UAF 1.0 via a UAF standardized solution. And what's more, No Magic fully supports all architectural framework products ensuring users achieve project results. No Magic also leads the industry in its integration in systems of systems engineering, ensuring that users achieve net-centric success. Meet interoperability challenges with proven, tested No Magic solutions.

    How can you start a digital transformation or digital modernization project if you don’t know what you have? Every CIO and IT leader needs to be able to analyze their application portfolio and do an application portfolio assessment. CAST Highlight is a product of CAST, the market leader in Software Intelligence. CAST technology helps digital leaders and doers see the truth, become software geniuses and deliver super software - resilient, responsive, safe and secure software. CAST Highlight rationalizes and optimizes your application portfolio, giving IT leaders a chance to improve governance, optimize application portfolios, and make budgetary adjustments. Our solution facilitates application portfolio analysis and helps to provide an assessment of risk, cost, documentation, complexity, and strategy. CAST Highlight has partnered with companies such as BiZZDesign, Mega and Alfabet to improve end-user satisfaction and time-to-market, prevent business disruption and reduce cost.

    erwin EA takes the guesswork out of business and IT transformation, and tames the inherent complexity of major IT initiatives like application rationalization, migrating to the cloud, and implementing Big Data.

    eVSM is a complete lean toolkit to map, model and improve value streams of every type

    ServiceNow Financial Planning helps you create a more streamlined and accurate budget planning process though a centralized budget data repository that gives everyone access to the same system and data.

    iteraplan is a tool to manage Enterprise architecture with focus on the IT landscape.

    LeanIX boosts companies growth and enables digital transformation by establishing a SaaS-based information hub for their IT architecture.

    Aligns architecture, design and implementation of business solutions with ARIS and webMethods BPMS. Read more

    OpenText ProVision is an end-to-end solution for enterprise and business architecture and business process analysis allowing customers to translate business strategy and operational objectives into successful enterprise change through views that describe enterprise assets and their relationships.

    ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management gives you full visibility from idea to execution.

    QPR EnterpriseArchitect helps with the gain capabilities for analyzing, planning and improving business.

    QualiWare enables positive change by providing tools, methods and services that ensure coherency, consensus and consistency, and support the agile and innovative company in handling complex knowledge, maintained by multiple persons with different backgrounds, in a continuous process.

    ServiceNow Service Mapping creates and maintains service maps that show the associated mix of IT components and dependencies.

    Plan, allocate and release space to individual employees, departments or projects, track how your spaces are used, and automate the entire workflow of your space utilization process in real-time. The Space Management tool integrates seamlessly with any ERP, HR or CRM system currently in place

    Sparx Systems is a global software company specializing in high performance, scalable visual modeling platforms for planning, designing and constructing software-intensive systems. Sparx platforms are used by systems designers, corporate planners, business analysts, enterprise architects, standards developers and software engineers.

    A fast, reliable Web sessions plug-in that delivers the scalability benefits of a stateless Web architecture without overloading your database or rewriting your application. Works with your favorite Web framework and your own custom session objects. Read more

    UNICOM System Architect is a market-leading enterprise architecture tool that enables to build and automatically generate data-driven views of organization's enterprise architecture -- its strategy, business architecture, operational architecture, data, application landscape, supporting systems, technologies, and infrastructure.