Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Expert Insights

by Virginia Backaitis

What trends have you been seeing of late in the enterprise content management (ECM) space?

Definite moves toward mobile and cloud
Interest in leveraging analytics
Collaboration is becoming important

How do these trends affect companies looking to purchase an ECM platform?

Most companies I encounter already have ECM systems; however many are looking at options that are available on the Cloud, that make collaboration easier and that leverage analytics

At what point should they consider using an ECM tool to enhance its efforts?

Companies that don't have ECM systems/tools are at a disadvantage, I'm curious why any company would opt out.

About the Expert
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Virginia Backaitis
Executive Search Consultant and Journalist
My entire career has been about connecting companies with the talent they need to help them meet their business goals.I have met and placed many stellar professionals in the process. I have also had the pleasure of connecting people to better jobs, to better technologies, and to opportunities that weren't here yesterday. I have worked with the founders of technology start-ups from all over the world to identify the talent they need to grow their companies and go public. I work with pharmaceutical.biotech firms in the areas of drug discovery and regulatory operations. I write about technology and jobs for major newspapers and websites. (It's fun and it just makes sense!)