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Enterprise feedback management (EFM) software allows companies to solicit and centrally manage feedback and data from their customers. EFM software transforms customer feedback (e.g. surveys) into actionable information and enables the distribution of that information throughout an organization. Companies can use EFM systems to get data on customers, employees, and market research. Ideally, EFM systems allow organizations to better respond to customer needs. These tools are often designed to be used by multiple users in an organization, and the tools are often designed for users with varying roles and permissions. EFM applications are often integrated with CRM systems as well as HR management suites.

To qualify for inclusion in the Enterprise Feedback Management category, a product must:

  • Enable organizations to solicit feedback from customers or stakeholders
  • Trigger alerts from collected feedback to send users regular feedback
  • Assign differing permissions to each employee or department to access specific customer information
  • Enhance Survey tools’ design, content, or analysis capabilities
  • Facilitate the distribution and analysis of data
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    THE EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT PLATFORM POWERING THE WORLD'S BEST BRANDS Qualtrics helps organizations better manage experiences. The company is uniquely positioned in the market to enable enterprises and organizations of any size or complexity to continuously improve their product experiences, customer experiences, employee experiences, and brand experiences - all on a single platform. That's why Qualtrics is trusted by the world’s most forward-thinking organizations from Nike to Netflix, American Airlines to American Express, Marriott to Microsoft, GE to P&G, Nasdaq to NASA, Ferrari, Porsche, Tesla, Royal Caribbean, Stanford, Harvard, MIT and thousands more. They all rely on Qualtrics to inform decisions that enable success. No other solution has the unique combination of speed, power, flexibility, scalability, compatibility, ease of use, value, and world-class support like Qualtrics does. Qualtrics is backed by three of the top venture capital firms in the world, Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners, and Insight Venture Partners. See for yourself why over 2,000 employees, 9,000 clients, and millions of users love Qualtrics. To learn more and schedule a demo, visit

    BirdEye enables you to be the best business. BirdEye drives business growth by getting new reviews and improving customer experience. More than 50,000 businesses use BirdEye to manage their reviews, be found online, gather customer feedback, improve operations and increase revenue. BirdEye’s all-in-one software includes review monitoring, review generation, review marketing, customer surveys, social listening, social publishing, social engagement, customer support ticketing, listings, webchat, business insights, and competitive benchmarking. Founded in 2012, BirdEye is headquartered in Silicon Valley and led by alumni from Google, Amazon and Yahoo. In 2019, BirdEye was ranked #60 in the “100 Best Software Companies” in the world by G2 Crowd. BirdEye is backed by Salesforce founder Marc Benioff, Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, Trinity Ventures and World Innovation Lab.

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    UserTesting is an on-demand human insights platform that empowers entire organizations to make timely, customer-centric business decisions with confidence. With UserTesting, brands can target their exact customer audience, readily create and execute studies, and engage in 1:1 live conversations to better understand, capture, and spotlight meaningful reactions and responses. Easily package these human insights into a video reel and share them across the organization to make more informed decisions that influence the customer experience and increase brand loyalty and revenue.

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    AskNicely is customer feedback software that helps businesses improve customer experience and accelerate growth using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) framework. Create a culture of continuous feedback. Automatically collect feedback from every customer at any point in the customer journey on any channel (email, web, SMS) using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) framework. Empower every team member with the feedback they need to make every experience great on the right screen - Salesforce (with full NPS dashboard, leaderboard, text analytics, and reporting capabilities), mobile app and TV dashboard Automate customer reviews, referrals, and retention. Use workflow tools to turn feedback into reviews that boost your Google rating and case studies that win new business. Boost retention by automating follow up with at-risk accounts.

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    HELPING COMPANIES WIN THROUGH CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. Over a thousand of the world’s leading brands trust Medallia Experience Cloud™, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, to win through customer experience. Through our platform we capture feedback everywhere their customers are, understand it in real-time, and deliver insights and action across their organization. This empowers organizations and their employees to embed the pulse of the customer into their daily decisions. Through Medallia Experience Cloud, companies can create more loyal customers, grow faster, reduce costs and improve corporate culture. According to the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study commissioned by Medallia, organizations using the Medallia customer experience management platform can achieve $35.6M in value and an ROI of 591% over 3 years with payback in less than 6 months. Learn what Medallia can do for your organization by requesting a demo at

    Wootric offers a modern approach to customer feedback management for growth. Our consultative approach helps you develop a rigorous VoC program that will deliver impact fast, and that can expand as your needs evolve. MODERN CUSTOMER LISTENING Wootric uses customizable Net Promoter Score (NPS), CSAT and Customer Effort Score (CES) microsurveys in any channel to deliver real-time customer sentiment metrics and qualitative feedback across customer journey touchpoints. Note: All languages supported. Survey channels include email, web & mobile in-app, in-chat, and SMS. Leverage our two-way integrations to trigger surveys based on events & actions in Salesforce, Mixpanel, Segment, Intercom. Send data and trigger action in all of your connected systems like HubSpot, ZenDesk, Slack, Gainsight, Totango using native integrations or Zapier. PRIORITIZE ACTIONS TO IMPROVE CX AI-driven text & sentiment analytics deliver insight from qualitative responses at scale. Break down silos and get a holistic view of your customer when you see all of your VoC data into one platform -- analyze NPS data alongside AppStore reviews, for example -- in a platform that can be easily leveraged by multiple teams, no analyst required. Note: Already collecting VoC feedback? The Wootric analytics platform is available as a stand-alone product to companies that want to enhance their VoC program with text & sentiment analytics. ALIGN YOUR COMPANY AROUND BOOSTING CUSTOMER HAPPINESS Advocate for CX improvement and evangelize customer centricity when you have data-driven insight. Close the loop with customers -- within Wootric or in your systems of record. Set watchlist alerts and automate reports that are meaningful to stakeholders. Easily export data for business analytics.

    ReviewTrackers is the award-winning review monitoring and reputation management software platform trusted by over 40,000 businesses. Reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use, ReviewTrackers specializes in aggregating and analyzing online reviews from all major review sites, and in helping multi-location businesses discover and interpret key customer insights at a time when word of mouth has gone digital and online review shape business reputation. Features of the Software-as-a-Service platform include customizable review notifications, a centralized monitoring and management dashboard, powerful reporting and analytics, simplified multi-user collaboration and workflow management, and tools for efficient review response and review generation. delivers the category-leading Online Reputation Management platform for large, multi-location enterprises. We help companies monitor and improve online ratings and reviews, improve customer experience, and drive traffic, visits and revenue. Reviews
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    Measure and improve your customer experience with beautiful, mobile-friendly surveys and powerful real-time analytics. With GetFeedback, you can build engaging, mobile-friendly online surveys in minutes. Distribute them through email, on your website, or through any customer service channel. Then translate your insights into action with real-time analytics and custom notifications. With GetFeedback, you can start getting customer insights in minutes, not weeks. Customize built-in survey templates for customer satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score, employee engagement, sales, events, marketing, and product research ... or design your own survey using a variety of question types. Advanced users can take advantage of survey logic and personalization to create customized survey journeys. And for Salesforce customers, GetFeedback makes it possible to automatically save feedback directly to the contact and case record after any customer interaction. To learn more, visit us at or request a personalized demo. We looking forward to working with you!

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    SurveyGizmo is an enterprise–level data collection platform that has been empowering informed decision making for over ten years. By combining flexible, intuitive software with a friendly, easily managed user interface, SurveyGizmo has created the perfect data tool for you and your entire team. We believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice presentation for professionalism, and with SurveyGizmo, you'll never have to. Collaborate across your entire organization by mixing and matching license plans with Team & Enterprise Edition, or create your own personal survey platform with one of our Individual licenses. SurveyGizmo is the one stop shop for all your survey and data collection needs, from Market Research, to Human Resources, to the greater business world and beyond. It's all right here under one name. If you ever have trouble, our world-class support is here to help – we work around the clock 24/7 to address your needs.

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    Apptentive is mobile customer engagement software that helps companies listen to, engage with, and retain their customers, it gives brands the opportunity to identify who to talk to, intelligently engage user segments, and mobilize customers to take action through in-app messages, surveys, and ratings prompts, helping companies engage mobile customers, boost app ratings, drive downloads, and earn customer loyalty.

    NICE Satmetrix software, data, and expertise combine to offer unique benefits to customers as they manage their customer experience programs. Our industry leading software enables companies to collect, integrate, and analyze customer feedback data; close the loop with customers, including action management and tracking, escalation management, and comprehensive reporting; and take action and manage change, using comprehensive, configurable reporting, data delivery, and more. It is purpose-built for managing the entire customer experience management process. Business outcomes for customers include higher rates of growth, improved retention and upsell, reduced churn, and lower cost to serve.

    Vision Critical provides a cloud-based customer intelligence platform that helps companies build engaged, secure communities of customers they can use continuously, across the enterprise, for on-going, real-time feedback and insight. Sparq 3 is the engine that powers your insight community to deliver the most intuitive, user-friendly experience possible. It is a powerful customer intelligence platform that introduces the concept of Relationship Memory™.

    The digital landscape can be overwhelming. Unpredictable, ever-changing, and advancing faster than ever. So, how can you make sure your company stays ahead? We decided to come up with a solution. The idea was simple. Empower organizations to become truly customer-centric by listening to what consumers need. How? By collecting targeted, contextual feedback. We believe that by knowing exactly what customers value, you can build digital platforms that not only drive results, but outlast change. Almost a decade later, we’ve come a long way but our goal is still the same. Today, Usabilla helps market leaders such as Philips, Tommy Hilfiger, KLM, and Audi improve their digital touchpoints by investing in the Voice of Customer. Join them and put your customers at the heart of your digital strategy.

    SmileBack is the only customer feedback platform that makes it so easy for helpdesks to capture genuine and actionable insights that improve customer retention and increase their revenue.

    SurveyMonkey CX is a turn-key NPS solution with powerful features designed to collect, understand, and act on your customer feedback

    iperceptions is a global leader in Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions, guiding the world's most respected brands to become customer-centric organizations. We balance expertise and technology to transform customer feedback into insights that allow brands to align and execute more precisely and more quickly. iperceptions’ VoC platform collects and analyzes the feedback of real users in real situations on all touchpoints of the customer lifecycle. With an experienced team that has managed 1000s of VoC programs since 1999, we offer a full range of services from survey design to deployment to analysis. iperceptions collects 100+ million feedback data-points every year across 80 countries and in 35 languages for retail, hospitality, finance, education, healthcare and automotive brands. To start doing VoC that is guided by experience, visit

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    CustomerGauge is a software-as-a-service platform that helps clients improve customer experiences. The system automatically measures, analyses feedback and has close-loop tools to retain customers better, and reduce churn, all based on the industry standard metric Net Promoter System®. Results are published and analyzed in real-time, using highly customizable and flexible reporting tool making it ideal for global enterprises. is the #1 white-label review management and marketing platform for marketers, agencies and SEOs. The platform offers a suite of tools to: (1) convert happy customers into reviewers on the sites that matter; (2) recover disgruntled customers and pre-empt negative reviews; (3) monitor customer reviews across scores of third-party review sites; and (4) capture and amplify a business's positive reviews to reach a broader audience with SEO-friendly Web and social media content. We support complete automation of your review acquisition and monitoring efforts, provide scheduled client or staff reporting, and stream your latest and greatest reviews to your website and social media profiles via a simple copy/paste widget or Wordpress plugin. You can manage hundreds of clients or locations in a single dashboard, get click and conversion data to demonstrate ROI and optimize your campaigns, and more. is also marketer-centric. We give marketers and agencies total flexibility to deliver services white-labeled under your brand. (Note: Language support is only for landing pages)

    InMoment™, the leader in customer experience (CX) intelligence, arms enterprises with compelling insights to fuel high-value action and relationships with both customers and employees. The company’s industry-leading Customer Feedback Management platform leverages a proprietary, AI-based analytics engine to power a full suite of Voice of Customer (VoC), Voice of Employee (VoE) and Employee Experience technologies. InMoment provides innovative solutions and related support services to more than 350 leading brands across 95 countries. For more information, visit

    Survicate is an all-in-one customer feedback tool. It offers 6 solutions: - Targeted Website Surveys, - Web Application Surveys, - Email Surveys, - Net Promoter Score® Surveys, - Questionnaires - Mobile App Surveys With just one tool, you can collect customer feedback across all digital touchpoints. Use collected insights to decrease churn, improve customer loyalty, and address customers’ needs more precisely. Survicate integrates directly with popular Marketing Automation platforms and CRMs, including HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Intercom, and Salesforce. Integrations allow you to enrich profiles of leads with answers to surveys to segment your customers better than ever.

    CloudCherry is a Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform that is changing the way organizations around the globe listen and respond to customers. CloudCherry's innovative journey-based approach, integrations and predictive analytics allows business leaders to quickly understand customer needs to proactively tackle churn, increase recommendations and productivity. With its quick deployment architecture and Customer Experience framework CloudCherry enables industry-leading response rates, real-time actionable insights and business outcomes. CloudCherry's customer obsession means that support is bundled into the platform for the best CEM value on the market today. CloudCherry is based out of Salt Lake City UT, with offices in Singapore, India & Dubai.

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    SAP Clicktools enables business to drive sales and refine service though automated and actionable customer data. Utilizing deep out-of-the-box integration, Clicktools Enterprise Feedback Management allows business users to capture rich customer sentiment, refine centralized 360 account data, and engage customers with automated workflows to improve sales, refine service, identify new opportunities, and more... Clicktools and Salesforce seamlessly integrate, enabling organizations to automate and centralize VoC initiatives: • CAPTURE customer insight through surveys, scripts, conditional questioning, and forms. • REFINE service and CRM data with contextual customer sentiment. • ENGAGE customers with deep insights automatically to drive loyalty and improve lifetime value.

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    UserVoice collects and organizes feedback from multiple sources to provide a clear, actionable view of user feedback for product teams. With a customizable feedback portal, in-app widget, and direct integrations with your email client, CRM or support tool, it’s easy for your customers and internal team members to share feedback at anytime. The UserVoice platform allows you to manage all this feedback in a single view, analyze your data to make product decisions based on customer demographics, sales data, or customer satisfaction, and seamlessly close the loop with both internal stakeholders and customers. Companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe and Intuit use UserVoice everyday to continuously improve their product and delight their customers. Don't waste time cobbling together point solutions when you can get a single platform that gives you all the tools to listen, analyze and close the loop with customer bases and internal teams.

    Feedier knows customers aren’t inherently excited about providing feedback, which is why Feedier makes sure you give customers a unique and enjoyable experience. Through aesthetically pleasing and gamified surveys, customers can give you feedback and have an incentive by being rewarded (vouchers, discounts, prizes, etc.) on any device. All feedback will be stored in one dashboard. Here, you can monitor your KPIs with real-time insights, in-depth reports, and powerful analytics. Use those insights to build relationships with your most engaged customers and make valuable changes to your business that'll keep them coming back for more. Submitting feedback needs to be fun and rewarding for the customer. Or else, why in the world would they do it? Get the feedback you need for your business and build better relationships and brand loyalty in the process. Create gamified surveys now!

    Your partner in Driving High-Value Customer Experience Programs MaritzCX is customer experience management for big business. We believe organizations need customer experience (CX) programs that drive high value and high return. We help increase customer retention and lifetime value by ingraining customer experience-driven insight and action into the DNA of business operations. With a unique combination of CX software, data, and research science, deep vertical market expertise, and managed program services, only MaritzCX offers a full-service, professional CX approach to continuously improve the customer experience across an enterprise's customers, employees, prospects, and partners.

    Clarabridge can help you turn your customer feedback into customer happiness. Our comprehensive customer intelligence platform can help your business understand customer needs, wants, and feelings.

    ForeSee is the driving force behind more than 2,000 of the world's most revered brands and organizations — in retail, financial services, government, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and other industries — that understand the powerful intersection of CX and business impact. Understanding the full voice of your customer and an increasingly complex customer journey is challenging. Point solutions result in fragmented processes and systems. Data can lead to dead-end results or insights with no clear action. Piecing this together takes time and effort. Over the years, our clients and the market have asked for a better way to make complex CX decisions everyday. ForeSee CX Suite is the next evolution of ForeSee. It’s an integrated suite of CX applications that helps you manage all your CX intelligence needs from one central place. Best of all, it’s backed by the only proven methodology for CX measurement; 15 years of benchmarks; and an expert professional services team that can serve as an extension of your insights team. With ForeSee and ForeSee CX Suite, you’re co-investing with us in the future of CX. Because getting CX right is more important than ever.

    Passenger’s enterprise-grade SaaS-based online community platform, FUEL CYCLE, gives brands exactly what they need to know about their customers in real-time, with 360-degrees of knowledge – not as data points, but as people, buyers or prospects. With the voice of the customer at their fingertips, our customers are empowered to make decisions that increase both revenue and long-term customer loyalty.

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    Online customer satisfaction survey software, including CSAT, Net Promoter Score ® (NPS) & Customer Effort Score ™ (CES 2.0). Nicereply helps hundreds of teams at companies like Microsoft, Lenovo, Hubspot and Buffer to measure and improve the quality of their customer service. - Measure Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES) per agent, team or company-wide - Increase your survey response rates by 200% - See your data in your CRM and set triggers based on it - Get 3x more feedback without sending more emails - Customize both the look and content of your surveys - Set goals, track KPIs, generate reports and more...

    Questback is the global leader in building employee and customer loyalty through feedback. We were founded on the simple premise that every human being matters and capturing their wisdom will help your organization succeed. People matter - whether they’re your customers, your employees or your market research community. Yet while technology has made it easier to engage, how much time do we really spend listening and taking action? Are we nurturing real human connections and building mutual trust? Or are we simply paying lip-service, sacrificing credibility as a direct result? These challenges are eroding loyalty between companies, their employees and their customers. At Questback, we go beyond surveys. We’re here to help you reach out, gather insight through meaningful dialogue and take action. All of this helps build loyalty with employees and customers to improve your most important relationships, and move your business forward. We have over 5000 customers in over 50 countries, including a third of the Forbes 100. As our customers attest, the best insight is foresight. With Questback, engage, listen and act. To learn more or schedule a demo, go to

    TopBox is dedicated to addressing the needs of B2B organizations. Based on hands-on 20+ years of Waypoint Group’s B2B consultative work, TopBox was created to provide a simplified process in understanding B2B customer expectations, gaps, and opportunities, while also facilitating appropriate action across the organization. TopBox’s out-of-the-box reporting links B2B account-level feedback with financials to deliver actionable insights to the right people while also prioritizing the optimal improvement initiatives in as little as 30 days. Convert customer feedback into millions with incremental cross-sell and up-sell revenue, accelerate sales-ready leads, and improve win rates by 5x and higher. Turbo charge a Net Promoter® or Customer Success program with TopBox today.

    Confirmit Horizons is a software platform that helps businesses gather feedback from customers and employees, analyze the results, and take action to improve business processes. Confirmit Horizons lets you create and customize your surveys, deliver them to your customers or employees, and use advanced reporting tools to filter information, create tables and charts, and share important findings and business insight.

    Our patented feedback solutions deliver customer insights you can act on: improving the bottom line and impacting customer experience

    Hyphen is a mobile-first Employee Listening and Engagement solution that helps companies continuously listen to their people and act on critical feedback and issues faster than with any other solution. With Hyphen, you will collect quantitative *and* qualitative people opinions and feedback easily, in real-time and at scale using a combination Employee Lifecycle Surveys, dipstick Pulse Polls, and our proprietary Employee Voice module - allowing for anonymous crowd-sourced employee conversations. With this goldmine of data, management, leadership and HR is empowered with powerful alerts, reports and analytics (heatmaps, trends, alerts, sentiment analysis, benchmarks etc.) to proactively identify the hotspots in the organization, thus enabling earlier action planning. Often coined "internal Glassdoor", Hyphen is the most complete employee listening solution for organizations to identify and solve issues before it is too late, thus increasing employee engagement, productivity, retention, and boosting the workplace culture.

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    Informizely (formerly known as Insitez) is a leader in qualitative web analytics solutions. By capturing feedback from your online visitors through non-obtrusive surveys, learn the 'why' behind user behavior. Unlock actionable insights for conversion optimization, UX research and customer profiling. Our survey panels seamlessly integrates in the style of your website through beautiful sliding widgets. Advanced targeting features drive up conversion rates up to 70%. Surveys can be build with a drag and drop survey builder, consisting of multiple survey pages, and multiple questions of various types. Built-in reporting and interactive analytics tools, such as smart filtering and Text Analysis allow for understanding sentiment and categorization of free text. Integration with Google Analytics enables creation of Custom Segments for further comparison or campaigning. APIs are available for further customization and real-time reporting.

    Qualaroo has years of experience helping companies like TripAdvisor, Twilio, Spotify, Lenovo capture insights on why their prospects and customers make decisions. From desktop, to mobile, to in-app, Qualaroo’s real time feedback platform enables companies to ask the right question at the right time to the right person helping increase conversion rates, product engagement and customer loyalty. Features like intelligent targeting and sentiment analysis enables companies to go beyond what their customers are merely doing and leads them to the discovery of why decisions are made.

    QuestionPro is a leading provider of online survey software that allows our users to generate the insights they need to make better business decisions. Our software includes not only tools for creation, distribution, and analysis of surveys, but also provides a platform for polling, tablet-based mobile research, and data visualization.

    Fishbowl provides deep insights to execute data-driven decisions and personalized marketing that drive brand preference and amplify guest sales and visits.

    Leading B2B SaaS companies use Receptive to build winning products... Receptive is a product feedback solution that enables your product teams to make data-informed decisions, understanding what customers, prospects, and team members want the most. Our unique method of prioritization lets you see your customers' dealbreakers and nice-to-haves, so you aren't just left with a long list of wants. Our in-depth reporting and analytics allow you to segment by the metrics most important to you, such as account value (MRR), location, size, industry, and many more. Receptive automatically keeps your customers in the loop, sending out notifications whenever a request they're interested in changes status. This is isn't just a product management tool, it's a company-wide solution that enables you to start taking feedback seriously and gives you the data and insights needed to develop your product in a meaningful way.

    Stella Connect captures customer feedback after every service interaction and uses the data to increase employee motivation and transform QA and training for companies like Jet and Mercedes-Benz.

    SurveyMe helps business owners minimize risk by using mobile surveys and instant rewards to gather real-time feedback from customers.

    Advocately is Online Review Management software that helps companies get a continual stream of new 5 star customer reviews every week. Advocately integrates with your existing systems to start generating reviews on the first day. It is the easiest and fastest way to set up a Online Review Management process that get's results.

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    Auryc is a client-side journey intelligence platform that surfaces real-time insights with powerful visual context across all of your digital ecommerce journeys. We are helping enterprises find and resolve the customer journey issues that directly impact conversions and customer satisfaction. Auryc’s like having an expert CX analyst in-house who witnesses and delivers deep ROI insights about what your customers are experiencing and why they are buying- or why not.

    The Fizzback Engagement Platform enables multi-channel customer communication, either initiated by the customer or the company, in an automated or intervened manner. Unstructured customer feedback is collected through Fizzback Channel Connectors covering SMS text, email, voice, web and comment cards. Fizzback۪s unique artificial intelligence engine categorises and structures this data, extracting meaning and context and in many cases, location. The engine learns from each interaction, copes with poor grammar such as text speak, and having processed over a million messages, has become very smart indeed. The engine reveals its level of confidence for understanding each interaction, and in rare cases where it isn۪t sure, it can ask the customer for missing information

    Promoter is the most comprehensive customer intelligence & engagement platform built to drive growth and customer retention. We combine constant actionable feedback using a best-practice NPS approach alongside internal customer data from hundreds of sources to provide unparalleled customer insights.

    Canny is a solution for teams to collect and organize feedback from theirs users.

    Critizr is a technology company that uses customer feedback to help companies build better customer experiences. For consumers, we believe sharing an opinion should be as easy as messaging a friend. We provide a solution that enables millions of feedback interactions every month with any store manager in Europe. With our team of unique experts, we designed and built the most powerful Customer Experience Platform to date. Critizr drives the customer experience transformation across the market as we partner daily with local retail outlets through the organisation all the way up to the board room. Our platform is easy to use, fast to implement and has an immediate impact with the customer as that is where the conversation starts thanks to our multiple feedback channels. Enabling over 20k store managers and corporates Critizr has key references across Europe such as Carrefour, Total, Thomas Cook, Douglas, Flunch, and Credit Agricole. With deployments in over 30 countries, we are rapidly becoming the global customer experience leader.

    Software so you can gather, manage and respond to customer feedback, improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.

    Users don’t like answering surveys, we invented a better way to get answers (patent-pending). In a nutshell, Gotcha helps you discover new insights and trends, based on your users’ answers, and act on them. Our embeddable, non-intrusive, micro-surveys, employ multiple gamification techniques to increase answer rates by 300%+. Best part, because you now know your users intimately, you can trigger automated pop-ups, lead forms, emails, coupons and videos based on users’ behavior and personality. Boom! :)