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Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) software acts as a data management system that stores and analyzes information related to waste management, occupational health, sustainability, and worker safety. EHS solutions are primarily used by businesses to maintain regulatory compliance by tracking environmental performance metrics, providing detailed reporting functions, tracking inventory, and more. Companies also use the data gathered by EHS software to guide risk management analysis and strategy.

Businesses use EHS software, or EHS management software, to reduce workplace risks, improve environmental performance through waste reduction, and ensure accountability for workplace incidents; the software can also be utilized to improve data collection and reporting. EHS software is widely used throughout highly regulated industries in which compliance standards are high.

EHS management solutions often integrate with ERP systems or individual solutions within the Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, and Manufacturing categories.

To qualify for inclusion in the EHS software category, a product must:

  • Provide analytical reporting functionality
  • Monitor company waste
  • Include incident reporting
  • Perform risk assessments using system-gathered data
  • Create an auditable trail of compliance-relevant data
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    Occupational Safety Management Software is all about managing the safety interaction you have with your workers. It combines business, processes, people and technology to create and maintain a safe environment for your workers. It’s an overall strategy to help you communicate information on hazards and best practices in your workplace, so you can develop a stronger, lasting culture of safety within all stakeholders in your organization. It’s very difficult and risky to run a successful business without a strong focus on safety. SafetySync makes it easy to deploy your safety program and not only fulfil your legislated safety requirements but go above and beyond for your workers.

    Donesafe is Health, Safety and Environment software that connects your management system from workers in the field to the management team in the boardroom. Donesafe makes it fast and easy to access, enter and report EHS data in real time. Donesafe is a modern & fresh platform with end to end functionality. It works online with any device, including offline with native iOS and Android apps. Use our out-of-the-box templates or configure to align with your specific requirements.

    EtQ is the leading quality, EHS and compliance management software provider for identifying, mitigating and preventing high-risk events through integration, automation and collaboration. EtQ provides a compliance management platform that enables organizations to implement compliance processes, create new processes and automate and control their compliance ecosystem. Core solutions include Corrective Action, Risk Management, Document Control and Employee Training.

    iAuditor is an inspection app used to empower your workers in the field. Combined with the web platform, iAuditor provides visibility and insights to help raise safety and quality standards across an organization. Your team can collect consistent data, standardise operations, send reports, identify failed areas and get problems resolved.

    Airsweb is a leading QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment) software solutions provider, focused on helping clients around the globe manage risk, maximise compliance and develop sustainably.

    Airsweb Audit Management is a powerful, easy to use, configurable audit management tool with best practice templates, automated scheduling, and non-conformance action tracking built-in.

    Assure is a multi-tenanted solution with a single code base. It is continuously developed by applying agile methodologies to a microservices architecture. Assure was designed from scratch as an integrated cloud based solution meaning that all features work seamlessly with a common look and feel and without the need to compromise to accommodate legacy solutions.

    Spheras Audits & Assessments solution allows you to use your data to identify areas of risk and make adjustments in your business processes and behavioral observations to actually lower risk and the potential of an adverse event.

    BIS Training Solutions is a leading provider of learning management technology and course development services with extensive experience working with companies in the safety industry.

    Cammsrisk is the easy way to manage risk on the cloud. We keep things simple, with a simple to follow user interface, pre-configured risk, incident and hazard management templates and easy-to-read dashboards. But we dont let this simplicity compromise performance. Cammsrisk complies with international standards such as ISO 31000:2009 and the COSO framework. Plus, our iOS and Android apps mean you can access your organisations data anywhere, any time. We'll have you up and running really quickly, so give us a try!

    EHS management is one of the most critical aspects of our clients’ operations. Our tracking and reporting system enables organizations to monitor and generate reports concerning environmental, health and safety matters at every level of a project.

    Construction Management Software helps you stay organized by storing your EHS and quality information in one web-based database and is your one-stop-shop for things related to safety, quality, site management, and more.

    Cority empowers organizations to centralize, streamline and standardize EHS and Quality information and risk management across their operations.

    Cyanic HSE is software that improves the efficiency of your business by minimizing the paperwork and overhead of your safety and regulatory programs. Cyanic HSE management software is affordable, easy to use, and endlessly customizable to meet your needs without compromise.

    Dakota Auditor empowers companies to execute Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) compliance management procedures and programs.

    The EHS Compliance Center™ is a secure cloud-based comprehensive environmental, health, and safety solution that adapts to match organizational requirements.

    EHS Insight allows you to ensure company-wide compliance with all your regulatory and other requirements without the burden of over-complication.

    ProcessMAP's EHS software solution empowers organizations to streamline Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) related processes and manage associated risks. It establishes company-wide consistency and provides real-time insight to optimize the overall EHS performance.

    Intelex's web-based management systems optimize business performance, enable regulatory compliance, and streamline ISO initiatives through environmental, health & safety, quality management, and supplier management features.

    Manage changes, safety-related events and action items, training and more.

    Ekotrope TCO is a cloud-based, integrated design management software that gives you the ability to identify the designs that meet your business needs and provides a way to compare cost and performance of a home designs energy related components.

    EMEX - a modular web-based platform that centralises, integrates and automates the management of EHS compliance. Scalable, configurable and designed to meet the needs of dynamic businesses it is truly flexible and allows specific business rules for different divisions and business units throughout an organisation. The configuration toolset available on the platform provides advanced capabilities such as Workflow design, Web Forms configuration and Report & Business Intelligence design. These toolset's along with the flexible application set-up allow organisations to rapidly implement best-practice for all aspects of EHS compliance.

    Enablon offers a Green Facilities solution designed to empower organizations to decrease or, in some cases, completely eliminate manual environmental data entry and validation, resulting in substantial cost savings and risk reduction.

    Enterprise GIS is a solution feature for ENFOS customers that allows project and portfolio data to be automatically queried and viewed on maps.

    Track incidents and injuries by providing a systematic approach to incident investigation and recording. Cover every aspect of incident reporting: near-miss documentation, OSHA recordkeeping, worker compensation claim submissions, corrective action reports, and more.

    Field iD is a completely automated solution that takes the guesswork out of safety compliance inspections and reporting. Field iD uses a combination of advanced identification (barcodes, RFID), mobile devices and the Web. Field iD is the world's most advanced, easy-to-use inspection software solution.

    Our comprehensive suite of cloud-based EHS Software Solutions deliver intuitive and robust best-practice based functionality, enabling compliance & management systems excellence across diverse industries. Over two decades, we’ve helped companies establish safe & sustainable workplace environments worldwide, offering intuitive applications for rapid configuration and deployment, with a focus on fast return on investment (ROI), service excellence and continuous innovation. Join over 600,000 users that trust Gensuite with their compliance and EHS Software needs!

    Hammer Tech works closely with industry to ensure that the product is user friendly. We understand the need to remain agile in an evolving market. As a result, feedback and user comments are constantly reviewed, with improvements implemented into the system. We love what we do, and we believe that is reflected in our product.

    HAZOP Manager Version 7.0 is a comprehensive Personal Computer program for the management of Hazard and Operability Studies (Hazops) and other similar safety-related reviews

    HSE Compliance is a service for management and assessment of Health & Safety and Environmental regulatory compliance. Used by more than 10 000 industrial sites of all sizes, HSE Compliance is suitable for single- or multi-site implementation. Our service helps manage your EHS-related legal risks and EHS regulatory monitoring, one of the requirements of ISO 14 001 and OHSAS 18 001 . HSE Compliance includes customized regulatory information, compliance help features, and action plan management. It is a user-friendly platform geared towards HSE managers, and will help ensure your global regulatory compliance.

    Pro-Sapien provides enterprise EHS management software exclusively to large, multi-site organizations (typically 1000+ employees) in high-risk industries. Based on Office 365 and SharePoint, our software is used throughout the world to support business processes and drive EHS performance improvements by equipping the EHS Director with meaningful metrics, KPIs and powerful analysis tools. With an international client base, the Pro-Sapien team works across a number of sectors including engineering, oil and energy, financial services and health.

    integrum is the leading provider of management systems software for Safety, Health, Environment, Quality, Governance, Risk and Compliance, used globally by Fortune 500 companies and SMEs alike. All the functions listed below are available in the one application, not in modules. integrum is recognised as the most configurable system of its type on the market today.

    INX InViron is an environmental management system designed to simplify environmental and compliance requirements with a all-in-one solution.

    IsoMetrix brings together, in a single system, all requirements for managing business risk, legal compliance, governance, and sustainability.

    iSystain is flexible and cloud-based to grow as your company expands or reporting standards change, so we grow as you grow.

    ITRAK is the definitive software solution for managing your company’s Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) processes. Close integration within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment leverages the integration, power and scalability that comes with the platform. Organizations can adapt ITRAK to their ever-changing workflow requirements, allowing them to mitigate operational risk.

    Life Safety Inspector is an inspection, service system that allows the ability to use Pocket PC's to electronically perform fire inspections with code compliant reports and other features to help you manage your business.

    The mai™ (which means Measure, Analyse and Improve) management system is a software tool to help organisations implement and maintain their systems in compliance with ISO/OHSAS standards and regulatory requirements.

    Medfiles software was developed in the field by health & safety professionals who use the software and share the goals of improving care, ensuring compliance & lowering costs. Medfiles.OHS presents a centralized and standardized software solution for managing workplace health and safety data. Medfiles.OHS helps thousands of users navigate the requirements of regulatory compliance and the complexities associated with OSHA.

    myosh Safety is an environmental health and safety management (EHS) cloud based. Its features include easy to use interactive dashboards and mobile apps servicing the requirements of many industries including government, defence, aviation, manufacturing, construction and mining.

    N'Vizion is a web based reporting and analysis tool, built to provide an integrated system to manage and report on Environment, Health & Safety.

    Optial supports all kinds of audits, including internal, external, business reviews, ad hoc, risk-based or checklist based audits. It features allows you to identify issues, which are readily and securely available to all interested and affected parties, and assign actions, update on a regular basis with status and supporting information.

    Perillon is a simple EHS management software that centralizes all regulatory compliance, enterprise risk, and corporate sustainability data and activities.

    ProntoForms is a leading provider of smart mobile forms for enterprise. The Company's solution is used to collect and analyze field data with smartphones and tablets – either as a standalone solution or as a mobile front-end to corporate systems of record. The Company’s 100,000+ subscribers harness the intuitive, secure, and scalable solution to increase productivity, improve quality of service, and mitigate risks.

    PURE Environment solution manages all aspects of any environmental program to automate reporting, regulatory compliance, and reduce impacts, risk, and costs.

    PURE Platform is a leading company EHS which reduces risk, raises productivity and enhances compliance. It is specially designed for all size of business. It is a safety service serving users from more than 120 years in many countries.

    PURE Safety is a workplace safety data management software.

    PURE Platform is a leading company EHS software which reduces risk, raises productivity and enhances compliance. It is specially designed for all size of business. It is a safety service serving users from more than 120 years in many countries.

    S2Web Corporate™ is the culmination of decades of input from human resource and safety professionals and it provides one point of reference with unlimited points of access.

    SAFETYLYNX is a “Cloud” based intuitive Health and Safety Management Software Program designed by a veteran professional with 40+ years’ real world experience. The program provides unique interactive tools, guides, and templates to assist in building, implementing and maintaining an effective company specific health and safety system. It is compliant with legislation, and international standards.

    SCANNELL is a web-based software application that addresses all the key areas of Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Management using a modular yet fully integrated approach

    SHEQX (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality) management solution aggregates SHEQ data in a single, auditable database and manages analysis and reporting effectively, ensuring effective compliance and a more robust approach to corporate sustainability

    SiteDocs is a digital safety management system designed to allow users to move their entire safety program from paper, clipboards and filing cabinets to the iPad and web.

    SOAR Solutions, standing for Safety Operations Anytime Reports, provides all-in-one software for managing vehicle fleets, drivers, equipment and EHS. Customized to meet specific compliance and safety requirements, the secure and encrypted web-based system offers dashboard access from any online device and can be re-skinned to adopt existing corporate branding.

    Sospes provides Software-as-a-Service solutions that support worker safety through engagement. Our cloud-based web and mobile application allows workers to directly report workplace incidents involving injuries, property damage, environmental hazards and security threats; close calls; or even just make suggestions – anonymously if they desire.

    Sphera is the global provider of software solutions and information services for operational risk, environmental performance and product stewardship. Sphera helps organizations keep their people safe, their products sustainable and their operations productive through software innovation, proprietary information and expert-driven insights, .

    TrackWise software by Sparta Systems is an enterprise quality management solution (EQMS) that optimizes quality, ensures compliance, reduces risk, and lowers costs for world-class clients across a range of industries. Commonly known as QMS software, TrackWise software is the only enterprise quality management solution that offers the flexibility and configurability to adapt to company-specific requirements and business processes, enabling our clients to define, track, manage, and report on the core activities vital to their success.

    VelocityEHS is the leading global environment, health and safety (EHS) software provider. Its award-winning, cloud-based software platform and innovative mobile solutions revolutionize how companies recognize and manage operational risk, helping them improve workplace safety and reduce environmental impacts faster. With enterprise-level EHS capabilities accessible and affordable to businesses of all sizes, VelocityEHS helps more companies solve their complex compliance and regulatory challenges in simple ways. The company’s MSDSonline chemical management solutions streamline the organizational-wide management of chemical inventories and makes it faster and easier to communicate the hazards associated with those chemicals to employees. The MSDSonline HQ and HQ RegXR Accounts feature built-in GHS workplace labeling capabilities, while its SDS/Chemical Management Mobile App simplifies complex chemical inventory management tasks and provides on- and off-line access to SDSs to ensure employee right-to-know access is being met. A sampling of other GHS/HazCom solutions includes on-demand training courses, SDS Authoring, and Regulatory Consulting Services. Other VelocityEHS modules include Incident Management, Audit & Inspection, Ergonomics, Air Emissions, Management of Change (MOC), Compliance Management, Risk Analysis, Performance Metrics, Corrective Action, Waste Compliance, Water Quality, On-Demand Training and Training Management. The user interface supports 16 languages, and is suitable for a variety of industries including manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas, construction, education, municipalities, utilities, pharmaceuticals, transportation and retail. Recognized by the industry’s top independent analysts, including leading scores in the Verdantix 2017 Green Quadrant Analysis and 2017 NAEM EHS & Sustainability Software Ratings Report, today more than 13,000 customers worldwide across virtually every industry trust VelocityEHS to improve EHS performance.

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