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Best ETO ERP Software

Engineering to order (ETO) ERP software manages production operations and related activities for companies manufacturing custom products with unique engineering specifications. ETO ERP systems are used to control and allocate resources, plan and implement production schedules, and deliver custom products.

This type of software can be used across a company, but it is critical for manufacturing operations. Production managers and shop floor employees use this type of software to manage manufacturing activities and monitor the quality of the finished products. Inventory and logistics managers use ETO ERP tools to maintain the inventory level required for production and plan transportation for finished products. Other departments may also benefit from ETO ERP software, including sales (by configuring custom products based on specific customer needs) and accounting (by tracking production costs).

ETO ERP solutions usually include front-office and back-office modules, but some vendors focus on production and distribution features and prefer to integrate with software such as accounting software, CRM all-in-one software, or HR management suites. ETO ERP also integrates with PLM software or CAD software for product development and design.

To qualify for inclusion in the ETO ERP software category, a product must:

  • Provide advanced product configuration features to create custom products
  • Include features to calculate costs and prices for custom products
  • Determine the inventory and the human resources required to fulfill demand
  • Allow users to create complex and multilevel bills of materials (BOM)
  • Deliver various types of BOM for estimating, engineering, and production
  • Quickly implement engineering changes to adapt to customer requirements
  • Manage product installations, warranties, and maintenance operations
  • Monitor overall costs and profitability, or by project and contract
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    Leverage world-class ERP software. Sharpen your competitive edge and drive growth with enterprise resource planning from SAP. With more than 40 years of experience and nearly 50,000 customers, our market-leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a proven, trusted foundation built to support the world۪s largest organizations as well as small and midsize companies in 25 different industries. Leverage role-based access to critical data, applications, and analytical tools and streamline your processes across procurement, manufacturing, service, sales, finance, and HR.

    Developed by experts in discrete manufacturing, Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial (SyteLine) has more than 25 years of experience built in. That means you can be confident you’ve got the tools you need to get the job done-and that you’re getting it all from an experienced support team. Infor CloudSuite Industrial helps manufacturers and distributors of all types improve productivity and respond faster to change. From selling and sourcing to production and fulfillment, this robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution provides organization-wide visibility. Even organizations with highly complex supply chains are able to cut costs and ensure on-time production and delivery by using Infor CloudSuite Industrial to automate and manage key business processes, implement highly efficient process flows, and better match supply with demand. Infor CloudSuite Industrial's deep functionality, remarkable flexibility, and scalability provide the foundation to improve business efficiencies, customer service, and overall productivity for a broad range of industries. Whether you're an engineer-to-order or mixed-mode manufacturer, Infor CloudSuite Industrial adapts to your needs, rather than forcing you to follow a rigid set of procedures. Without the cost and delays involved in modifying or writing new code for unique business requirements, you get a powerful, easy-to-use solution that works the way you do. As your business grows and your needs change, the solution’s unmatched scalability is there to provide support. Add a new company to your organizational structure with no downtime. Easily separate data if you sell off a subsidiary. Plus, cloud deployment allows you to expand the solution to any location you want—without IT involvement. Infor CloudSuite Industrial is packed with more than 25 years of industry expertise. Advanced manufacturing and supply chain planning capabilities—including role-based dashboards and KPIs, in-context data visualization, and more are built into the core solution, so you can concentrate on your business, not your systems.

    Rootstock Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software helps manufacturers and distributors deliver personalized customer experiences, build operations that scale and out-service their competition. Rootstock Cloud ERP lets organizations take a more customer-centric and project-oriented view of operations across a robust suite of modules, including Order Management, Manufacturing Operations, Supply Chain and Financial Management. When combined with Salesforce CRM on the Salesforce Platform, companies gain complete visibility to their entire organization and customers. Let Rootstock’s cloud ERP experts help migrate your company off legacy ERP today. To learn more, please visit

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    IFS ERP Solutions for Aigle Business combines best-of-breed solutions with a complete suite of component-based ERP software.

    Total ETO is a highly specialized ERP solution designed exclusively for Engineer to Order (ETO) Job Shops and Custom Design Manufacturers. Here are a few highlights: Sales & Estimating, Quoting and Change Orders. Even Spares and Parts Orders. Jobs have a nested Bill of Materials (BOM) and can be integrated with popular CAD applications: SolidWorks or Inventor. Using more than one CAD system? No problem! In addition, Total ETO can import BOMs from all sorts of CAD programs such as AutoCAD Electrical, EPLAN, Catia, Creo, SolidEdge and more. A unique hold & release system allows engineers the ability to release completed assemblies and long lead items to purchasing early on and hold back incomplete designs until ready, eliminating bottlenecks in procurement bottleneck that prevent ETO shops from getting jobs done on time. Purchasing has more time to issue RFQs and shop for best pricing and availability. As designs change, Total ETO reconciles changes to required materials and notifies your buyers so they can cancel or return any unnecessary orders, saving you money. If you have left over parts from previous jobs that you can't return, you can track them in the inventory management system in case you might need them again. Fabrications can be tracked all stages, both in house and farmed out. With Purchasing, Routing, Receiving and Quality Control in one system, Expediting information is readily available so buyers can stay on top of vendors for late deliveries and monitor supplier performance. Financial and data analysis is easy with over 200 reports including Real Time Committed Job Costing, allowing you to slice and dice your data as needed. Accounts payable and receivable invoices are Integrated with feature rich, industry proven accounting systems such as QuickBooks and Sage. No double entry and the best applications for the job! All this and more at very affordable prices. Tiered pricing starts at $85/user/month and includes implementation, training, support and upgrades. No hidden fees! Pricing includes all features and modules. For over 20 years, Total ETO has been streamlining Engineer to Order Job Shops across North America. Call us to find out more: 1.855.780.8973

    Manufacturing ERP Software for Engineer to Order (ETO) and Make to Order (MTO) Businesses

    abas ERP helps mid-sized business efficiently manage complex products and processes. Our unique technology maximizes flexibility while maintaining a high degree of long-term sustainability. Firms in custom manufacturing, automotive, electronics, metal fabrication, industrial machinery, biomedical, as well as serial production, distribution and process industries use abas ERP to optimize their processes and react quickly to changes in their business environment.

    Accelerated ERP software is a functionally strong integrated business system designed, configured and customized to enable small and midsized manufacturers to Maximize Profit, Improve Efficiency and Improve Customer Satisfaction.

    This solution provides deep visibility into every aspect of your business, so you can easily configure and price unique products, manage complex projects, streamline production, coordinate with global suppliers, manage factory floor activities, deliver quality products, and manage service operations.

    Encompix is a directly-delivered enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, services and support solution for engineer-to-order and custom manufacturers.

    Finesse ERP is a suite of resource planning and management systems designed for manufacturing companies.

    Genius Solutions delivers a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, including software, implementation services, and field expertise for small to mid-sized custom manufacturers across the US and Canada. Genius ERP is built for SME manufacturers handling make-to-order, engineer-to-order, custom-to-order, and assemble-to-order manufacturing. Genius ERP provides custom manufacturers with the tools they need to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve the performance of production sites, including CRM, inventory management, product engineering, job costing, account management, scheduling, production planning, and accounting. Every tool is incorporated into one centralized, easy to use system, ready out-of-the-box for custom manufacturers. Automate time-consuming steps, quote for more jobs, estimate with greater accuracy, reduce bottlenecks on the shop floor, and connect historical data to upcoming runs to optimize production. Genius ERP was designed specifically for custom manufacturers by industry experts. From design to delivery, Genius ERP helps manufacturers achieve increased throughput without hiring new staff or expanding operations. Manufacturers can handle more jobs and take on new customers while avoiding bottlenecks, stalled projects, and supply overstock. Genius ERP: one system that helps simplify complex manufacturing. To see Genius ERP in action visit

    Jeeves is the number-one ERP software solution in Sweden and entering new markets around the globe. Learn more about the top six reasons manufacturing and distribution companies choose Jeeves ERP is the leading-edge technology enterprise system that enables organizations to significantly optimize business effectiveness and dramatically enhance performance.