Event Management Expert Insights

by Miguel Neves, CMP

What trends have you been seeing of late in the event management space?

I've seen a trend of event apps maturing and starting to offer features that really add to the live event experience. Features that facilitate business networking or allow for deep audience during educational sessions are leading the pack. There are also apps that are exploring the location based technology that open new opportunities. There are also a select group of full event management apps that provide a streamlined and feature rich experiences to event mangers that is not possible with generic tools.

How do these trends affect event and marketing professionals looking for an event management tool?

in some ways the choice has decreased as event technology companies have merged and some have changed their products, but at the same time new apps are released all the time that focus on new features. Event professionals are increasingly required to have a good understanding of event technological and user experience to be able to select and manage event technology integration. Deeper integrations and more features add complexity to the process and for event technology to be well integrated into an event, adequate resources need to be allocated to this. A simple example is running an app 101 session at the start of an event or conference. This can go a long way towards user adoption and help the event achieve its objectives.

About the Expert
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Miguel Neves, CMP
Senior Online Community Manager at IMEX
I'm a passionate social media advocate and I frequently speak on event technology and social media at industry events. I've been active in the Meetings Industry since 2005 and have a master’s degree in Conference and Events Management from the University of Westminster in 2009. I spent 3 great years with SYNAXIS Meetings & Events and joined IMEX in 2011 initially to manage the IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum. I am now the Senior Online Community Manager and also President of MPI UK & Ireland Chapter.