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Oil and gas companies use exploration software to identify and evaluate deposits in order to decide either to start extraction or not. Exploration software helps oil and gas companies determine the size, accessibility, and overall feasibility of deposits. By using exploration software, oil and gas companies can start planning extraction operations and prepare an infrastructure that ensure the safety of their personnel. Exploration software is an important tool for hazard identification and risk assessment.

For accurate exploration data, exploration software integrates with geology and seismic software solutions. Integration with oil and gas simulation and modeling can also help companies create and compare scenarios for optimal extraction and production strategies.

To qualify for inclusion in the Exploration category, a product must:

  • Provide information on oil and gas deposits across multiple locations
  • Visualize and analyze your drillhole and borehole data
  • Automate data capture and processing tasks for exploration
  • Convert and share surface and subsurface geoscience data
  • Determine the potential of unexplored deposits
  • Estimate the feasibility and costs of extraction and production projects
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