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Construction and real estate companies use facility management software to manage the maintenance of buildings, properties, or technical infrastructure. By using this type of software, companies ensure the safety and the wellbeing of their tenants, while also monitoring maintenance activities and employee productivity. Facility management software helps companies optimize the human and material resources required for facility maintenance.

Facility management software uses technical documentation created with CAD and PLM applications, making seamless integration with these types of solutions important.

To qualify for inclusion in the Facility Management category, a product must:

  • Manage different types of buildings and properties, including their technical characteristics
  • Schedule personnel and equipment for inspections, repairs, and maintenance
  • Include health, safety, and environmental compliance documents and best practices
  • Determine material inventory requirements for maintenance operations
  • Provide inventory management features for equipment, parts, or materials
  • Deliver space management functionality, including room sizes and other measurements
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