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Best Farm Management Software

Farm management software manages and optimizes the production activities and operations of farms. Farm management software automates the recording and storage of data, facilitates the monitoring and analyzing of all farm activities, and streamlines production and work schedules. This software helps farmers improve the best production and profit rates of their crops by giving them access to analytics on their specific crops, environmental conditions, and finances. Farm management software and crop management software solve overlapping agribusiness concerns, but the scope of the former is larger. The cost- and resource-saving benefits of farm management software are amplified by precision farming solutions. Specialized farm management solutions exist, tailoring the record-keeping and farm production monitoring functionalities to the business needs of dairy farms, cattle farms, poultry farms, etc.

To qualify for inclusion in the Farm Management category, a product must:

  • Track and provide insights into the day-to-day operations and aspects of a farm
  • Provide tools to improve production efficiency and profitability of a farm
  • Track and monitor field workers’ progress and communication
  • Offer crop management functionality
  • Coexist with other agriculture/agribusiness solutions
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    Created with farmers, Conservis is an easy-to-use farm management system that helps growers work smarter, not harder. Gather, analyze, and report on data all in one place. Troubleshoot in the moment and see the big picture. Farming is a complicated business. Conservis helps you streamline and simplify in all stages of the growing process. The farm-smart Conservis team will be working with you to get things up and running fast and along the way. Lead your farm profitably into the future. Founded in 2009, Conservis is based in Minneapolis, MN.

    Conservis Reviews

    Industry-leading farm management software tools with the operational, financial and agronomic information you need to make the best call every time.

    The AGRIS agribusiness management system includes modules for accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank management, commodity management, custom file transfer (CFT) and web service communications, fuel transaction importing, general ledger, inventory management, patronage and equity accounting, payroll accounting, and system control and security.

    A collaborative farm management system that will revolutionize the way you work. Agworld's comprehensive set of budgeting, scheduling and precision features enable growers, agronomists & contractors to work together at the same time, using the same set of tools. It takes a community of people and a wide range of skills to successfully grow a crop. Our cloud-based solution brings it all together by ensuring everyone has the information they need, when and where they need it!

    Bovisync is a herd management software for dairy and beef operations of any size.

    Cropio is a satellite field management system that facilitates remote monitoring of agricultural land and enables its users to efficiently plan and carry out agricultural operations. Cropio provides real-time updates on current field and crop conditions, determines vegetation levels and pinpoints problem areas, delivers precise weather forecasts and an actual overview of the soft commodity market.

    Land.db is an innovative computer software that helps manage crop production records to meet the business needs of modern farming operations. This easy-to-use system provides production cost as well as production traceability.

    PickTrace provides labor and harvest management with real-time analytics to the agriculture industry.

    Full-featured business management software for growers, nurseries and garden centers.

    The ACS Nursery Sales and Inventory system resides on a secure server and helps manage and report on your nursery.

    AEGRO is a farm management software to plan crops, control costs and get everyone working together.

    Increase the performance of your people and your business

    AFS Connect offers a farm management system that provides a real-time dashboard access to equipments on any device.

    AgCloud provides internet based technology in farming communities.

    Ag-Finance is a farm management solution.

    AgOS Grower Access is a web-based application that shares real-time agronomy information with growers.

    AgOS Mapping is a mapping tool designed to combine high-resolution aerial or satellite images with GIS orientation, providing mapping capabilities to the AgWorks suite.

    AgOS Operations is the management core for AgWorks software, handling the complexities of retail operations.

    AGRanger is a set of cloud-based productivity farming tools designed to help farmers and their teams collaborate and manage their fields from anywhere through the web and mobile devices.

    Agricolus is a platform for precision farming designed to optimise the work in the field and provide agricultural operators with decisions support systems.

    Agrimap is a farm management software designed to help farms improve efficiency, profitability, and sustainability.

    AgriTech Analytics (ATA) is a certified dairy records processing center.

    High end Herd Management and Farm Automation for beef fattening farms. Especially designed for mid-large scale farm operations. From feed bunk management to abattoir automation.. Probably the most advanced Herd management on the market.

    Agri Tracking Systems is a farm management software with features for irrigation tracking, field and crop management, lab sample storage and analysis, mapping and field scouting.

    Agrivi is knowledge-based farm management platform in the cloud. Get insight into all farm details, organise tasks that need to be done.Track inventory, prevent waste, facilitate reordering and prevent stockouts. Manage staff and resources from one view, upload your documents and create reports that suit you. Learn about best practice production processes for your crops, pests, weeds & diseases that can harm your crops and how to prevent losing harvest. Features: - Project-oriented farm management with simple and fast way of planning, monitoring and tracking all farm activities and inputs usage (fuel, fertilizers, pesticides, work hours). - Advance sales and expense tracking ensures taking control over farm finances. - Inventory management with low inventory alarms removes delays in production caused by lack of inputs. - Weather monitoring with detailed 7-day weather forecast, 3-year weather history for each field and smart disease risk detection alarms. - Knowledge base of best-practice production processes for over 60 crops. - Powerful reporting and analytics available with a single click. - All farm documents in the cloud Website: http://www.agrivi.com/ iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/agrivi/id882695732 Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.agrivi

    AgriWebb offers a farm management and record keeping app designed to drive more efficient and profitable farms.

    AgriWebb is a livestock and agricultural farm management software.

    AgriXP is a platform designed by farmers and their crop consultants to track field data.

    The AgroGuide agronomy management system for improved crop planning, field history, spatial management, formulation, blending, invoicing, and reporting in a single system.

    The technological solution that brings agronomists and farmers together. Save resources, prevent risks and maximize your production.

    Agroptima is a software and mobile app designed to help farmers manage their farms easily and on-the-go.

    AgroSoft is a database software product designed to handle the information system demands faced by modern agribusiness.

    AgSquared is an online farm planning and management software.

    The AgStar system turns basic record keeping into a management tool that can assist growers in decision-making using a simple, yet sophisticated, enterprise accounting application.

    Ag Studio is an agronomic data management software application designed to provide task automation, simplifying working with large volumes of data.

    AgVision develops software and technology solutions for agribusiness.

    Helps to produce high-protein food commercially - because we want you to be successful. If you are to work economically, automation and cost-conscious management are essential prerequisites.

    Blue Skies is an accounting software for agriculture.

    DigitalBeef is an information tracking and data banking company for the beef cattle industry.

    CattleBytes is a feedlot management software, designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized feedlots.

    Cattle on Feed is a program designed to help run pasture cattle or feed cattle in multiple feedlots.

    CenterPoint Accounting is a farm accounting software designed to help users manage their farm_s finances and profitability with software specifically for agriculture.

    Cloudfarms Pig Production Management System is a cloud based multi-sited pig production management system for large and efficient farms.

    Cow Sense Suite is a beef management tool.

    Cropolis is a local food sales and marketing platform designed to offer what farm or distributor need to sell directly to their business community.

    CSAware is a CSA management system designed to offer subscription management, harvest lists, box labels, invoices, signup sheets, and bulk email capability for newsletters and announcements.

    DairyLive is a dairy herd management software.

    DataTrack is a data collection solution designed to increase crop harvest efficiency.

    DigitalSwine is a swine association management software that provides associations with member and staff interfaces to help with association management needs.

    EasyFarm is a farm accounting and management software.

    EasyKeeper is a goat herd management software.

    Farm management information system with features such as accounting, inventory, and production traceability.

    Esoko provides a simple communication tool for designed to allow businesses, projects, NGOs and governments to connect with farmers.

    ExactFarming is a cloud-based farm management software.

    EZ-Ranch Cattle Software is a herd management software designed specifically for the animal ranchers who keep track of their own purchases.

    FarmBooks is a full service financial package for rancher and farmers.

    Farmbox is the complete solution box for the management and operation of your farm.

    FARMDOK is a digital planning and recording tool for the agriculture industry.

    FarmERP is a multi-user, multi-location, multi-cropping, integrated software platform for all sorts of agribusinesses.

    FarmersWeb is software designed to help family farms and farm cooperatives inform their buyers of product availability, handle orders, keep track of payments, simplify customer interactions, and others.

    farm-file is a farm mapping software.

    Farm Files Crops is an agricultural software package designed to track harvest data, crops, chemicals, fertilizer, planting, tillage, contracts, elevator inventory, expenses, net income, custom trucking and field mapping for farms.

    Farm Files Livestock is a livestock software package designed to track breeds, treatments, purchase and sales transactions, deaths, and blood lines for your cattle.

    Farmigo is a software designed to help grow and manage CSAs or food hubs.

    Farmlogics Contract farming solution is a business software designed to help businesses address complex operational processes specific in a farmer-buyer environment.

    FarmLogics ERP solution is a business software made to help Agri business address the complex operational processes specific in plantation management.

    Field monitoring software detects yield threats, automatically logs activities & gives instant access to field-specific rainfall data, soil maps & yield maps.

    Farm Manager Pro is designed to be an all in one Agri app for all farm records, farm costs and expenditure accounting, tractor management, crop management, grass management, animal database, and others.

    Farm Matters is a cattle, sheep, crops, medicines and NVZ farm management software.

    Farm Produce Manager is designed for market farmers, produce farmers, vegetable and flower farmers.

    FarmRite offers on-demand information services.

    Farmlogics FarmScout mobile application is designed to allow users to coordinate their farmers and their technical/field staff.

    Farmwizard is a provider of agricultural software for the effective management of farm resources across livestock supply chains.

    Feed Supervisor is a Windows based computer software program designed to control feed and clean-up, control and measure shrink, control operator performance using our hihech easy to use Touch Screen in the tractor cab.

    FeedSync TMR is a mobile app for managing TMR rations and feeding on dairy farms.

    Field Manager software is designed to help keep all crop and field management information in one place.

    fieldmargin is a cloud-based mapping and note recording system.

    FieldSync Livestock Tracking is designed to help users have more productive operations.

    FieldX develops software tools for the agricultural industry that focus on the collection and management of field information.

    Generation is a specifically designed ERP solution for the seed industry offering total traceability compliance.

    Genet-Assist is a herd management software.

    GoatPRO is a software program designed for dairy goat producers.

    GrainTrac is a grain accounting solution for the agribusiness industry.

    Grossman-WOW is a grain elevator solution, designed to provide functionality for all types of small to medium size agricultural companies.

    Harvest Profit is a farm business management solution.

    HeiferPRO is a software solution for raising heifers.

    Herd Detective is a dairy records management system.

    HerdMASTER is a performance based herd management software.vv

    HighQ Analytics is designed to provide growers with actionable information that enable them to make more profitable, environmentally sound decisions, maximize yield, and generate the profits growers need to remain successful.

    iAgri Online is a farm management agricultural software.

    iCattleMgrPro is a tool for management of cattle and other livestock in agricultural operations.

    iCropTrak is an enterprise farm data management and compliance.

    ifarma is a farm management solution.

    iRely Grain Origination software is designed to provide grain elevators, feed mills and commodity management groups the power to simplify these activities.

    Kingswood Herd App allows you to combine the flexibility and convenience of phone/tablet recording with the in depth analysis only available on PC programs such as Kingswood Herd.

    KoolCollect is your individual animal data collection tool for use in the yards.The program integrates with all major hardware solutions to automate the capture of critical information on your animals.

    KoolPerform is designed for seedstock producers, with KoolPerform you can identify lists of animals based on any information you have previously collected.

    Krisol offers a ERP for the agriculture industry designed to help generate the reports of daily purchase and sales of products.

    LandMagic is a suite of simple to use web based agriculture software products designed for the commercial grower. LandMagic includes LandMaster, CropCare, GeoMaps, BarnManager, Harvesting, FieldTime and MobileMagic which help manage many aspects of a commercial operation.

    Libra is an integrated solution for recipe optimization, labelling and quality control.

    Manure Management Planner (MMP) is a Windows-based computer program developed at Purdue University that's used to create manure management plans for crop and animal feeding operations.

    Mapgrower is a geo-referenced agricultural management platform that solves the problem of minimizing time in decision-making according to visual indicators that are the product of work management.

    An economical solution for maximum efficiency and profitability in both modern feed mill and livestock operations.

    Medria is a company specializing in monitoring and control solutions for cattle health. The company designs, produces and sells sensors and associated computer solutions for use in farms in France and internationally.

    MillMaster is a fully integrated software solution which facilitates the implementation of common business practices.

    NAVFARM is an application that manage Farms and livestocks and contributes to manage the bookkeeping, food processing and its distribution, production along with critical report in scheduled manner that integrates through way-bridges to give complete automation.

    NMTracker is a suite of tools supporting strategic and tactical nutrient management planning.

    OnFarm offers a cloud based agriculture management software designed to enable near plug-n-play adoption of hardware and data solutions from industry leading companies.

    The automatic egg collection system in combination with the egg counters enables the farmer to accurately count egg production and keeping the farm packer running at full capacity. Egg production is tracked through the system and can be compared with a set bird standard so you can easily track and compare the performance of your flocks.

    Keep team on the same page from anywhere. Plan ahead and respond fast to weather and drought.

    Phoenix solutions have been designed specifically for the agricultural industry and includes a range of ag production modules. These modules function together as an�integrated farm management system�that is both innovative and easy to use.

    The PigCHAMP line of products is an integrated and innovative suite of powerful management tools for the swine industry. It is the leader in swine data collection, management and interpretation that gives you the clearest vision of your operation available today.

    Agricultural designed to help manage your production and control costs to maximize profitability.

    Private Feeder is lot accounting software and designed for the small rancher feedlots where all charges, feed and head days are tracked by the lot.

    ProbityAgric farm management software supports Tillage, Breeding, feeding, planting, spraying, fertilization, weight tracking, mortality, irrigation, harvesting and all other activities are managed with a few clicks..

    Pro Feeder is lot accounting software for custom feedyards. Pro Feeder options include calculating feed finance by the lot and calculate finance charges on individual cattle notes on lots.

    Profit Zone Manager uses yield maps, aerial imagery, soil maps, and other data to identify field zones with varying profit potential.

    Pro Harvest program from Hi-Plains Systems tracks harvest yields by individual fields and individual owners.Pro Harvest program comes with help documentation built into the program and free telephone support for 90 days.

    Pro Med program tracks vet treatments by individual animal ID. Pro Med is run as a standalone program or interfaced to Hi-Plains Systems Pro Feeder, Pro Mini, Private Feeder and Pro Pasture programs.

    Pro Mini is lot accounting for growing/backgrounding and private feedyard.

    Pro Pasture program saves you time and money as it is designed to track cost and performance for each lot of cattle in pastures, growing yards, or feedlots.

    RationPRO MVP is the software choice of not only Consultants, but Dairy Producers around the world. Its easy to use interface allows you to learn the mechanics of the program quickly with very little memorization.

    Responsive Egg Flow (REF) is a unique, money saving system that electronically counts and controls the flow of eggs from the hen house to the processing equipment. A farm-tested, user-friendly system, REF helps to reduce shell damage by gathering all houses simultaneously or in batches, REF automatically regulates belt speeds to provide smooth egg flow to the plant.

    ScoutPro offers a complete crop scouting program.

    SMART! Fertilizer Management is a decision support platform for optimizing fertilizer use for agriculture, enabling growers to maximize crop yields, save costs and increase their profits. The platform supports over 250 different crops in a wide range of geography.

    Soft.Farm is a free on-line system for planning, accounting, and analysis of the management of agricultural enterprises engaged in crop production and livestock husbandry.

    SourceTrace is a global leader in providing innovative mobile solution for sustainable agriculture and allied sectors such as Aquaculture, Plantation, & Forestry.

    The Spokane System is an agricultural ERP system for the grower, packer and shipper of agricultural products. Spokane Software develops platform-independent clients that take full advantage of the latest desktop technology and applications that utilize IBM Power Systems technology for reliability, performance, and ease of use.

    Surety is our flagship online mapping software for the continental United States as well as land mapping for Manitoba and Saskatchewan, CA.

    Tiger Jill is a modular software with data collection, records keeping, reporting, measurement, equipment tracking, etc

    TMR Tracker is a full-featured Windows based feed management system. TMR Tracker also offers operators additional management tools including:operator control, pen review, online feed data exchange with nutritionists, ingredient tracking and numerous reports.

    Todays Rancher is a Desktop Ranch Accounting and Asset Management System and Android based mobile livestock management apps.

    trecker.com is a SaaS platform for the agriculture industry. It is designed to allow farmers and farm contractors to manage their business and cover all their administrative needs.

    Trimble Ag Mobile works on both Apple iOS and Android devices. The App can manage Crop scouting, Seeding, as-applied and harvest data capture, Field re-entry alerts (as an add-on), Pre-harvest interval alerts, Field details and history, Grain inventories, and Precision ag prescriptions.

    Unitas Poultry manager gives instant visibility across all farms for improved decision making

    VeggieTables is a web app that makes farm recordkeeping easier. The goal is to make the organic certification and annual inspection process a breeze.

    The tool that makes vine water stress management easier. Vineyard managers can tailor irrigation decisions to production objectives in each block and for each major plant growth stage.