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Field sales software is geared toward employees engaging in the tradition of door-to-door sales. It assigns sales personnel logical routes that maximize efficiency. These tools can guide team members through sales routes and inform managers of where their employees are at any given time. Field sales software can be used to log successful sales or transactions, and monitor the activity of teams on the road.

Field sales software plays into the world of greater sales software. While other sales software assigns employees digital territories to be contacted via telephone, email, or video call, field sales software is different in that provides physical location territories. Field sales software seamlessly connects salespeople to their leads’ front doors. Certain tools can also integrate with or act as a CRM, harvesting contact information and serving as a hub for updates and field notes.

To qualify for inclusion in the Field Sales category, a product must:

  • Create physical sales routes
  • Allow managers insight into employees’ locations and progress
  • Integrate with a CRM or allow salespeople to record transactional information and contact details
  • Create reports that outline sales activity and performance

Field Sales Software Grid® Overview

The best Field Sales Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
  • Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: MapAnything, Badger Maps, and SalesRabbit
  • High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the Market Presence of the Leaders. High Performers include: Truly and Map My Customers
  • Contenders have significant Market Presence and resources, but have received below average user Satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate the solution.
  • Niche solutions do not have the Market Presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer Satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate them.
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    Combine today’s global economy with a mobile workforce and you get a lot of moving parts. CRM alone can’t help you answer the critical business questions: Where am I and where do I need to go? Founded in 2009, MapAnything is a Geo Productivity company leveraging Location of Things (LoT) software to visualize assets, territories, routes, and customers all within a map inside Salesforce. We enable users to harness "Where" in their business to drive revenue and productivity. With more than 50,000 users globally, ranging in all sizes and industries from small businesses to international enterprises, MapAnything is the leading Geo Productivity Software that drives productivity and planning across multiple use cases. MapAnything is a Gold Salesforce App Innovation Partner, the recipient of Ventana Research’s 2016 Technology Innovation Award for Location Analytics, and has been named a Customer’s Choice – Highly Reviewed App by users of Salesforce.

    SalesRabbit optimizes every aspect of your sales and management process. Track leads, manage areas, collect data, and crush sales records with our field-proven approach. “Sales production has increased by 35%+ per year since we started using the system.” - Marc Cram, DishOne We achieve these results by improving every aspect of your organization: CANVASSERS View demographic data and homeowner details Schedule appointments, share leads and notes Show videos and digital presentations CLOSERS Set and track personal and team performance records Receive, upload, and create leads on the go Streamline with digital credit approvals and sales agreements LEADERS View real-time reports on performance metrics Assign territories, track rep locations, and identify behavior trends Simplify team communication and collaboration COMPANIES Identify improvement opportunities from company data Reduce customer creation costs with automated workflows Cultivate a competitive, unified sales culture Retire outdated sales practices Our software integrates with the leading software and data providers, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Docusign, Zapier, JobNimbus, MarketSharp, PestPac, Pocomos, Agemni, SecurityTrax, FillQuick, and improveit 360. This makes us a must-have for any company with outside field reps or technicians. “It is now the MOST important tool used by our sales teams. It has increased our efficiency, led to higher sales, and allowed us to communicate nationwide with all of our reps.” - Earl Koskie, Fuse “SalesRabbit has cut the time managers put into area management by at least 50% and in a program where more time is money, the use of SalesRabbit literally pays for itself.” - Erick Gonzales, Satellite Guru “SalesRabbit has made something that was nearly impossible not only possible, but easy.” - Shane Lynch, Storm Guard

    Badger Maps is a route planner that automates territory management for outside salespeople. Badger visualizes their sales data on a map, optimizes daily routes and schedules, and generates meeting reports. The app focuses specifically on the type of salesperson who is visiting customers face-to-face - the field or outside salesperson. It helps them solve their daily problems in minutes rather than hours, and shows them the best opportunities and leads along the way. Users spend less time on driving and busy work, and get more meetings and sales. Reps report that they drive 20% less and sell between 10% and 50% more with Badger.

    Map My Customers provides the productivity and mapping tools needed to supercharge field sales efforts. It enables reps to be more effective, stay engaged and helps them avoid the frustrations that come with being in the field. -Available anywhere on any device -Integrates with leading CRMs including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, Infusionsoft & more -Visit more customers & spend less time in the car with Smart Routing -Automatically check-in to appointments, take notes, scan business cards and track field activities from your mobile device or tablet -Create and send automated email campaigns -Supercharge prospecting with Chrome extension for LinkedIn & Google Maps -Robust visual reporting includes charts, graphs and sales funnels -Sales leadership module gives managers deep visibility into team activities (live feed, territories, team member funnels, weekly performance report cards, etc.). Want to see a demo?

    Unleash the Power of Professional Conversations. Truly is the all-in-one enterprise voice platform bringing rep productivity, global telephony, and realtime conversation intelligence together with one tool. Organizations use Truly to clean up their voice stack. Get more conversations and cleaner data for your team while saving on cost. As the only inbound and outbound voice solution, Sales and IT leaders alike love using Truly. Truly works everywhere, captures all your call data, and maximizes conversation quality with minimal support required.

    SPOTIO is a sales tracking and territory management app used by mobile sales teams to get ORGANIZED, find more OPPORTUNITIES & DOMINATE their marketplace. Our software is perfect for sales, marketing and canvassing teams in the B2B and B2C space that want a simple yet powerful way to track their sales efforts and territories on a map driven interface.

    Repsly is a simple, adaptable tool for organizations that need visibility into the field in order to optimize their business. Repsly is a Mobile Cloud based solution that simplifies the processes for field teams and their managers. Repsly is ideal for field reps that visit established clients on a recurring basis to perform customer service and field management functions, such as taking replenishment orders, merchandising products on retail shelves, marketing for referrals, or performing regular maintenance. Deployed by leading global brands as well as innovative start-ups, Repsly enables these companies to improve the efficiency of their field teams, and greatly simplifies the collection and analysis of field data, which in turn helps create a tight connection between the field and back-office operations. Our customers use Repsly because: - They want to know exactly what’s happening in the field as it’s happening - They want to be able to coach their team to be more efficient - It allows their team to easily collect information about customers, activities, and products that they can analyze immediately” - They can take orders and conduct inspections and audits - It enables them to react to changes in the field

    PestRoutes is a powerful Pest Control Software that provides automatic Service Reminder Calls, SMS, and Email and mobile Apps which eliminates paper work and data entry.

    CanvassMaster tracks your canvassers real-time,generates more leads and creates the ultimate mailing lists.

    Canvassmate is a real-time mobile solution designed for firms with no effective means to gather and process vital information gathered in the field or to supervise and maximize the efforts of their outside agents.

    Door 2 Door Mapper provides customized reporting so your sales team can track the specific indicators important for your success.

    Door To Door CRM is a door to door sales app that tracks your door to door sales teams and is made for desktop, laptop, mobile devices & Web (iOS, Android, Mac & PC)

    Ecanvasser revolutionizes your field operations providing a canvassing app for canvassers and a campaign dashboard for campaign managers. The app acts like a satnav for canvassers and ensures no information is lost while in the field. For campaign managers all data is fed back to the dashboard in real-time and allows them to manage walk lists and canvassing teams easily. All data can be analyzed on the dashboard to better understand voters and manage voter issues.

    FieldEdge is the dedicated NationBuilder mobile app for accessing your Nation from anywhere.

    FieldPie is a cloud-based software solution that helps companies manage their mobile workforce in Field Services, Field Sales, Field Audits and Merchandising Operations. Trusted by industry leader brands as well as innovative start-ups, FieldPie helps companies improve the efficiency of their field resources, and greatly simplifies the collection and analysis of field data. Easily schedule tasks, dispatch your field team to the right tasks, design beautiful mobile forms to collect mobile data and monitor every field activity in real-time with FieldPie.

    A fully-integrated sales force automation and CRM solution, designed to provide an easy, fast and smart solution for sales representatives and sales managers.

    Geopointe is a Salesforce Gold Partner and the #1 rated geolocation application available on the AppExchange. Geopointe provides numerous ways for end-users, administrators, and developers to tap into the geographical aspects of their data to improve efficiencies and streamline processes through features such as proximity searching, routing and optimization, territory management and much more. A free 15-day trial is available to install on the AppExchange -

    Ground Game is the ultimate mobile sales app to streamline your door-to-door (D2D) sales.It enters data directly from iPhones, iPads and Android mobile devices where results are synced to the central database and updated in the online management interface.

    InterfaceIt brings together experience and expertise in data, selling techniques, business processes, digital technologies and delivery channels for remote staff by providing a way to supercharge face-to-face sales.

    Knockwise empowers real estate agents with a revolutionary door to door knocking app that ends manual notation & planning, while teaching them to become better knockers.

    MapSee is a sales team management, planning and tracking tool for direct sales activities.

    Mapview provides field sales and service reps with a mobile mapping and planning tool to efficiently plan and manage their territories. It helps strategically improve your daily schedule by mapping appointments and drop-in visits as a route, along with contacts and any other location-specific data. - Plan trips and optimize your daily routes with drop-in visits and calendar appointments. Easily re-route to respond to schedule changes! - Visualize your territory and travel routes to help locate opportunities along the way. Use color-coding and marker styles to prioritize and organize accounts. - Target specific customers and prospects by filtering groups on the map. Create custom filter options from any column in a spreadsheet! - Manage your customer interactions all within the app by sending emails, taking notes, viewing websites and setting up meetings. - Utilize even when offline by accessing saved information, routes, directions and target map area.

    Organizer is a political campaign management tool for managing canvassing efforts. The tool has a web management console and a mobile application counterpart.

    Workflow happiness for field reps.

    Pobuca Sales is a mobile field sales automation solution for sales representatives and merchandising auditors

    Pocketbiz is a mobile Field Sales Automation Solution for sales representatives, van sales representatives and merchandising auditors. It works offline on mobile android devices (phones or tablets), helping sales representatives and merchandisers perform their daily tasks more efficiently and improving their performance by providing information at the right time.

    Polis is a door knocking app that is perfect for door-to-door sales organizations (i.e. construction, solar, energy, home repair, retail, cable, insurance, etc.), non-profits, church groups and political campaigns.

    portatour, the future of personal sales-route planning for field sales representatives, consulting and service team members

    Red Shed Technology, Corp is a leader mobile application development for real estate.Its niche markets are real estate & title, education, healthcare & banking.

    Routzy is an acclaimed iPad CRM app that squeezes the functionality of several specialized business programs into one centralized, do-it-all sales center. This mobile, agile app helps you turn leads into customers on the go. Make your sales in the field with nothing more than your iPad! From forms to sales calls and from quotes to routing, Routzy does it all.

    Sales Buzz is a Mobile Sales Force Automation System. Via PDA, you will be able to empower your sales force, merchandizers and distribution channels to increase revenue and improve customer service.

    TurfWalker's simple interface provides for a seamless sales process by allowing intuitive leads management, direct communication with field reps, digital collateral for easy presentations, order process integration and instant reporting to evaluate and improve performance.

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