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File migration software helps companies complete the process of upgrading to new systems by assisting with the relocation of all enterprise-level files and documents from the old folders to the new ones. These solutions, also referred to as content transformation or content integration tools, often provide features for data encryption, backup assistance, and tracking migration histories on both a systemwide and file-specific level. The compatibility of file migration tools with source and destination platforms varies depending on the software. They may integrate with entire classes of software, such as enterprise content management (ECM), or specific tools such as SharePoint or Office 365. Some file migration tools can also move over company calendars, contact lists, and conversations to newly installed platforms. Successfully utilizing a file migration tool can save IT departments much of the time and stress associated with manual migration of files, and offer benefits such as consolidation and reorganization of files in the process.

To qualify for inclusion in the File Migration category, a product must:

  • Sync two or more disparate storage systems
  • Assist with bulk migration of large amounts of files and various file types
  • Provide data security tools, backup assistance, or integration with backup software to keep files safe during migration
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    When you run a small business, you have a lot on your plate. That's why Carbonite Business backup solutions are designed with your to-do list (and your budget) in mind.

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    Sharegate simplifies the digital workplace so that organizations can benefit from its full potential. Driven by our belief that humans should be at the core of every organization, we develop tools and resources that empower people to fully embrace the digital workplace. Trusted by over 25,000 IT administrators worldwide, we help them move their business to the cloud, gain visibility over their Office 365 & SharePoint, and keep control of their environments.

    Accelerate your Migration, Management, and Protection of Office 365 and SharePoint

    Cloud FastPath is a cloud-orchestrated data movement service for migrating and syncing digital content between on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure. Cloud FastPath has integrations between the leading enterprise content collaboration platforms, the largest cloud storage providers, and on-premises filesystems. Some of Cloud FastPath's features are automation, advanced logging and reporting, migration scheduling, WAN optimization, multi-user management, account and permission mapping, and more.

    Over the past 15 years Content Matrix has evolved to focus on the details that make SharePoint migrations successful. Thats why over 20,000 companies rely on Metalogix solutions to move their content.

    Essentials for Office 365 is designed to empower managers with a console to easily move and reorganize content, manage permissions, and gather key intelligence about user adoption.

    Cloudsfer is a cloud based migration service, supporting over 20 cloud storage providers such as Google, Dropbox, Box, SharePoint, Office 365, Aliyun, Azure, Amazon and many more. Cloudsfer is designed to seamlessly migrate and transfer your data between any two cloud storage providers. Cloudsfer requires no installation, hardware or bandwidth during the migration process.

    Layer2 Solutions is one of the leading vendors of add-ons for Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and Azure with a major focus on data integration and document synchronization. Our products help customers and partners to keep data and files in sync between 100+ systems and apps, on-premises and cloud-based.

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    We are more than just a name we are on a quest to make your information technology work harder for you. Our solutions simplify the IT operations at more than 100,000 organizations worldwide.

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    SkySync is an Enterprise Content Integration platform that dynamically bridges disparate storage systems together.

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    AppBridge offers enterprise-ready content transformation software to help businesses migrate to Google Apps.

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    Aryson Merge PST Software is designed to merge and combine multiple PST files into a single file.

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    Download & Export Office 365 mailboxes to Outlook PST (local machine featured) & EML file type. Archive entire/complete O365 account’s data items like emails, contacts, and calendar. Impersonation option for admin to transfer multiple user accounts at a time. Apply naming convention to export PST from Office 365 emails locally by the name of your choice. Email filter, Date filter & Users filter for selective O365 mailbox backup Selective Backup is an option provided by Office 365 email backup software to filter out selective data to be downloaded/exported based on specified time interval or selected folder. Quickly Restore Mailbox to Office 365 from locally Saved Offline PST file

    BitTitan empowers IT services professionals to assess, deploy, and manage technology solutions in a cloud-first world.

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    The CloudMigrator offers full data migration from any Platform to Google G Suite. We move more and we move it faster, enhancing User Adoption and ensuring a seamless journey to the Cloud.

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    Control-M Managed File Transfer enables you to securely automate internal and external file transfers from a central interface, integrating them with other applications and activities, to increase convenience, visibility, and control.

    DataHelp PFC to PST converter is a tool designed to convert PFC files of AOL to Outlook importable PST format with entire data.

    DobiMigrate is the enterprise-class file and object migration software that gets you to your next storage platform fast and with the highest integrity.

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    Sixth generation SharePoint migration solution supporting migration to SharePoint 2001 / 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016 and Office 365. Handles a variety of migration scenarios, both simple and complex, with its rich and powerful feature set. The maturity and its adoption by customers over the years makes it The Gold Standard in file share migration to SharePoint for the rest of our competition to catch up with. Terabytes of data migrated from file shares to SharePoint by large multinational corporations in Energy, Oil, Mining, Power and Financial sectors and other Fortune 500 companies in the past 17 years. Experience outstanding performance with the Office 365 Migration API that uses network, IO and CPU resources effectively. Use temporary Azure Storage containers to package content and dispatch them as jobs to Office 365. No additional Azure subscriptions are required.

    EmailDoctor OST to PST Converter is a technology driven application which is used on the downtime or crahsed Exchange Server to convert OST file to different other reliable file format.

    An application that simplifies bookkeeping and automates importing and exporting files out of Xero. You can import any kind of file in whatever file format you may have, and export data out of Xero in any format you may need without doing any manual work. EntryRocket can help you import Invoices, Bills, Bank Transactions, Purchase Orders, Manual Journals, Payments directly, and from email. Any custom attributes and rules can be set with EntryRocket's customization engine, including things like credit card fees, affiliate commissions.

    External Data Connector for SharePoint imports data from multiple external data sources, including Databases, SharePoint, CSV, Excel files, and Mails from Exchange Server / Exchange Online and integrates them into SharePoint Lists and Document Libraries. It supports databases such as SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle and any ODBC compliant database, file sources such as XLSX, CSV and Mail Items from Exchange Server / Exchange Online. The product can integrate data into SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint online in Office 365.

    Use the GoodGrids API to export your data into an Excel spreadsheet. Create beautiful Excel files for your users, and skip the clumsy, error-prone, and inefficient CSV file altogether.

    LinkFixer Advanced allows you to do your migration or your file system changes without the worry of broken links. But what if you already have a links disaster? That’s okay, LinkFixer Advanced can help with that too.

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    As adoption increases so does the complexity associated with securing, administering and governing your SharePoint environment. While out-of-the-box tools may initially be suitable, managing your SharePoint environment quickly becomes a time consuming and daunting task. Even the simplest of activities can consume significant portion of your most precious asset, time. Even then, most organizations do not get the information they need to support governance processes and ensure that SharePoint has been successfully deployed within their organization. Metalogix ControlPoint provides the necessary control without taking away from the freedom that users have come to expect when using SharePoint. ControlPoint provides support for securing, automating repetitive administrative tasks and providing the tools necessary to govern your SharePoint environment.

    We move files online, and we move them very well. Mover is a cloud service for developers to build and scale applications that need to move data between clouds.

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    Office 365 Migration planning tool provides you a complete pre-migration checklist / inventory of your current infrastructure on premises in order to assist you with your planning for Office 365 migration.

    The PST Merge tool provides user with multiple options: Join, Merge & Merge Contacts. Join Option allows users to join PST Files by creating New PST Folder. Merge Option allows users to combine similar PST into single. Merge Contact Option allows to join contacts within PST.

    Zero Cloud Knowledge Empower "Cloud-First" IoT (Internet of Things) strategy with an innovative IoT SaaS/PaaS, operate a global scale business with a simple dashboard and intuitive user console. Unleash the power of management and data insight. Simple and yet powerful! Fast and Effortless Availability unique software architect requires no software installation to your cloud infrastructure, no more resource wastage and drastically reduced the time and cost. Instant up and running when you decide to kick-off a successful IoT (Internet of Things) service. Manage from anywhere to anything connected. 100% Data Ownership Risk-free IoT(Internet of Things) platform gives full control of your precious data asset and save cloud configurations at your cloud account. Why collecting data to somewhere else when you can keep your own? Your data possession matters!

    Sharemate is the business delivery tool that supports an effortless migration.

    IBM users can migrate their email data to Office 365 environment easily using this efficient Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration. The software has the power to convert complete data to the office 365 environment without having any trouble to Lotus Notes users.

    Fleximal IT Solution offers quality-rich SharePoint migration & development services. It also offers Cloud Solutions, SharePoint Configuration and Branding, SharePoint Performance Analysis and Custom Solutions, Web and Windows Application Development.

    SoftwarePro EML to PST Converter is a software designed to convert any email client .eml file into pst file format.

    Amazon to Quickbooks or Xero Made Easy

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    Migrate your files to Office 365 and OneDrive for Business with Files To Go.

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    VitalPath is an enterprise, business-class data migration and content migration software solution from Xybion Corporation. Capable of handling large data migration projects, VitalPath can ensure your data migration project goes smoothly.

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    The most advanced All-in-one SharePoint migration solution. Plan and Migrate File Shares, SharePoint, external DMS and Databases. A solution with unsurpassed maturity built over 15 years of SharePoint evolution.

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    Sets up and manages file transfers. Enables enterprises to securely send and receive files of any size both internally and externally. Read more

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