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Best Financial Data APIs

Financial data APIs (application programming interfaces) are pieces of software that interact with financial applications to facilitate information access, transactions, and payments. Financial institutions use these APIs to improve the ease of integration, facilitate collaboration between financial partners, and improve the customer experience.

The goal of a financial data API is to allow a user to retrieve financial information exactly when they want it. Financial data APIs bridge the gaps between disparate applications and facilitate straightforward data sharing between those applications for consumers, third-party vendors, business partners, and company employees. Businesses also use these APIs to sync data across multiple applications.

These APIs connect to, and collect data from, legacy financial applications by receiving inbound requests, processing them, accessing the requested information, and sending a response. Users leverage financial data APIs to link and access information held in larger applications and financial databases.

To qualify for inclusion in the Financial Data APIs category, a product must:

  • Access financial data
  • Connect multiple financial applications
  • Sync data across multiple applications
  • Be designed specifically for use in the financial sector
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    Plaid is a platform with a suite of products that enables developers to build financial applications which can interact with bank accounts, execute payments, and manage risk. It allows a user to easily authenticate and link their bank account to any application and utilize bank-like functionality out of that app. With Plaid, you will be able to develop applications that sync with users’ bank accounts to track and manage their budgets, and transfer funds. Essentially, it serves as the link between banks and financial technologies. Several noted brands like Gusto, Venmo, TransferWise, Charity Water, Robinhood, and Level Money currently use Plaid’s products and solutions. In the case of popular integrated online HR service Gusto, it uses Plaid’s automated clearing house (ACH) functionality to power its payroll direct deposit service. Other fintechs such as budgeting app Level Money utilize the platform to consolidate and clean data from user’s various bank accounts to help them manage and budget their money. In a broad sense, Plaid spans critical segments of financial services including setting up payments and validating financial data. It can help you arrange and execute ACH payments, collect transaction data, validate user’s identity, examine employment and income data, assess the riskiness of users, and embed bank integrations directly inside borrower flows. Developing your own application has never been made easier – with just a few lines of code, you can fit Plaid into whatever you’re building. Overview of the Plaid benefits: Better ACH authentication Authenticating accounts for bank-to-bank payments is made simpler, faster, and more user-friendly. You’ll be able to instantly authenticate transfers without waiting for micro-deposits as well as reduce failed transactions by authenticating and steering users toward ACH. This results in a seamless user experience since you can set up users based on information they already know, effectively eliminating checkbook hunting. It likewise boosts conversions by letting you deploy a mobile-optimized flow that converts much better. Check balances in real-time Working with financial data is simplified with Plaid. In just a few steps you can pull historical data and real-time balance, and get current and available balance info and details about account status and type. You can check in an instant your users’ balances whenever you need to make a transfer. It helps prevent overdrafts and enables pre-funding of transactions with insight into balances. Furthermore, by gaining visibility into available funds before you transfer, you prevent non-sufficient fund (NSF) fees, thereby, reducing if not outright eliminating fraud cost. Curtail bank fraud Plaid enables you to use bank data to verify identities and reduce bank fraud. You can substantiate user identities such as name, phone number, address, and email, and check the information against what’s on file at the bank. You’ll be able to know your users through simple identity check which is further facilitated by auto-fill forms based on account holder info on file with the bank. Clean & categorized transactions Money management is streamlined when you get clean, categorized transaction data that goes back as far as 24 months. You’ll have better details about transactions when placed in context with geolocation, merchant, and category information. With reliable, real-time data that stretches as far back as possible, you gain valuable insights to serve your customers better and reduce cost with low-latency connections that don’t require additional technical resources. Verify borrower assets straight from the source Borrowers can link their bank accounts in seconds to maximize conversions. You get fast processing speeds with a integrated technology that seamlessly connects Plaid into your own experience to reduce friction for borrower. Also expediting connections is the commitment to security such as the use of enterprise-grade 256-bit AES encryption that comes with regular network penetration tests and security reviews.

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    The Bank Account Starter API provides the ability to open a new 360 Savings Account, 360 Money Market Account, or 360 Certificate of Deposit (CD). Customers can apply for an individual account or a joint account (up to two applicants). And you have full control over how the application is presented.

    The Credit Offers API is available to Capital One Affiliates and allows you to match your customers to credit offers that not only meet their needs but are also more likely to result in an approved application. Within 60 seconds of submitting a few pieces of identifying information through our secure channel, you will receive a list of personalized credit card offers to show your customer.

    The Data Catalog API provides programmatic access to the list of datasets in the World Bank’s Open Data Catalog with associated metadata.

    Yodlee is a new digital financial ecosystem that provides a solution to transform the distribution of financial services and redefining customer engagement.

    The Open Banking APIx solution simplifies and accelerates the process of delivering open banking as required by PSD2 by enabling speedy and secure delivery of PSD2-compliant APIs.

    aplonHUB is an application that enables banks to enhance their existing payments systems with the required functionality to fully support SEPA and SWIFT MT or SWIFT MX routing.

    Leverage our Accounts API and your customers will be able to create a new checking account within minutes and access key account data through your site or app.

    Now that you have created your account, take the next step with Cards API. In one easy-to-use API, you can now create and service all your customers debit card needs.

    Our Customer API allows you to register customers in our bank core so that you can offer them accounts, payments, cards and other white label banking products.

    Start sending and receiving money today with our secure transfer fund capabilities that will grow your business and attract more customers.

    Integrated, multi-channel solutions for greater efficiency and enhanced service experiences

    CreditAPI is fast and user-friendly software that provides instant credit reports for businesses to make efficient accurate decisions.

    An API that allows financial institutions access customers' banking activity

    The AccountRight Live API is a rich REST based cloud API that allows our development community to easily consume data from and augment the features of MYOB AccountRight Live.

    Get millions of financial and economic datasets from hundreds of publishers via a single free API.

    Repair Traq is a repair tracking that comes with customer management, repair slips printing, photo uploading, and searching capabilities.

    The Open Bank Project offers an easy-to-use RESTful JSON API. Connect in minutes and start using it.

    solarisBank enables your business to offer financial services by building your own banking products with our API accessible banking platform.

    Trade360 is a global trade platform that offers corporate portal, cash management, payables, and receivables functionality.

    vBoxxCloud is a business solution that helps manage company files.The extensive online dashboard allows users to see who has access to which folders. Users can keep track of who is connected to the cloud and manage access rights online. vBoxxCloud is available on mobile devices, laptops and desktops. If users have the same rights, they can access vBoxxCloud through the web browser, WebDAV and the Sync Tool.