Best Financial Risk Management Software

Financial risk management software manages exposure to various types of risk for financial services institutions by conducting in-depth analysis, generating reports, and simulating investment scenarios. Financial services institutions use these solutions to conduct detailed analysis on potential deals and investments. Financial risk management software is used by financial services professionals to identify risk, measure the amount of risk, and generate plans to deal with the risk.

Financial risk management software help businesses, typically investment firms, generate value for shareholders by identifying good hedging opportunities to manage risk. This often includes analyzing scenarios, reporting on those scenarios, and generating scenario simulations to determine the best possible investment opportunities using available financial instruments.

Financial risk management software is part of the financial services software category and imports market data to help in conducting analysis. These solutions may integrate with financial research software and connect with other data sources to provide a more comprehensive set of data to work with.

To qualify for inclusion in the Financial Risk Management category, a product must:

  • Conduct risk exposure analysis across multiple asset classes
  • Generate financial risk reports
  • Simulate deal and investment scenarios
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    Finanical Risk Management from Fiserv supports asset liability management, market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, interest-rate risk and funds transfer pricing capabilities to give your organization a truly enterprise view of risk.

    eRisk has been designed from the ground up specifically tailored for the banking and other financial institutions. This platform leverages existing risk management activities by integrating them into a formalized, flexible ERM process.

    BlackSwan Financial Platform is a financial risk management software that accurately models financial instruments by taking into consideration extreme behaviors to recommend the best trade-off between risk and return.

    Advanced Risk Management software for the financial services, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing and transportation industries.

    Capital markets platform that integrates treasury, risk management, investment management, and collateral management solutions.

    The Northstar platform helps hedge funds manage risk, evaluate performance, and effectively communicate with investors. Northstar is not just, it is a service. At Northstar, our experts will fully integrate your back office systems with our risk and performance platform. Northstar is faster, easier to maintain and more accurate, saving you time and money. This is truly as a service.

    qwikForecast is a financial risk management software that eliminates the need for spreadsheets and includes three-way projections (Cashflow, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet), rolling forecasts, built-in dashboards and reports, and what-if scenario analysis for smart future planning.

    RISKTURN is a financial business software that provides an innovative solution for risk-based business forecasting and provides greater confidence and higher visibility to decision makers.

    RiskValue is a cross-asset and customer-oriented software system for the financial services industry covering the needs of investment management operations and financial risk management function.