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Fire departments require software that can simplify day-to-day operations so first responders can devote the bulk of their energy to de-escalating emergency situations. Capabilities of fire department software include records management, incident tracking, inventory and personnel management, administration, operations prevention, equipment information, and training. These types of software are utilized by fire department personnel and management to expedite the report process and streamline important information. Fire department software may integrate with other types of software to perform tasks at a higher level. These integrations may include Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) providers, text message alerts to fellow responders, or automated biometric attendance taking.

To qualify for inclusion in the Fire Department Software category, a product must:

  • Be capable of tracking emergency incidents
  • Manage various personal records relevant to a fire department
  • Help streamline firehouse administrative and reporting activities
  • Aid in emergency equipment inventory and vehicle navigation
  • Organize firefighter schedules and rotations
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