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Fleet management software helps fleet managers operate efficient car or truck deliveries, among other objectives, on optimized routes and with minimized idle time. These solutions consider critical information, such as time windows and available drivers, to create routes that enable employees to hit more destinations while remaining on schedule. Fleet management tools have mobile components allowing for on-the-go updates and communications surrounding changes. The objective is for managers and fleet employees to work together for maximum efficiency in delivery operations.

These tools can integrate with financial software, as well as CRM systems, order management software, and warehouse management software. Fleet management fits under the larger umbrella of distribution software, alongside transportation management, which helps companies choose the best mode of travel for their product.

To qualify for inclusion in the Fleet Management category, a product must:

  • Create optimized driving routes
  • Allow for in-app communication and updates
  • Track employee progress and overall performance

Fleet Management Software Grid® Overview

The best Fleet Management Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
  • Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: Workwave Route Manager
  • High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the Market Presence of the Leaders High Performers include: Dr Dispatch
  • Contenders have significant Market Presence and resources, but have received below average user Satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate the solution. Contenders include: Onfleet
  • Niche solutions do not have the Market Presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer Satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate them.
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What You Should Know About Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software is vital to fleet operations and fleet managers, particularly within the trucking and delivery industries. Solutions are designed to optimize fleet performance, reduce operation and maintenance costs, conduct fleet tracking, and improve driver safety. Fleet management solutions provide real-time GPS tracking, real-time vehicle performance data, route planning features, and more.

The software provides asset management functionality by monitoring the health of the major assets of a company” its vehicles. With the advent of the IoT and the increased capabilities of vehicle sensors, fleet management software is equipped with even more tools to help fleet operations employees create a more efficient and effective fleet. Fleet management solutions are often used in conjunction with, or as a complement to, other distribution software such as transporatation management.

Your business can use fleet management software to solve a host of business problems and gain advantages over your less technically inclined competitors.

Why Use Fleet Management Software?

Fleet management software is useful for any company with a fleet of vehicles. Businesses use fleet management solutions’ multifaceted feature sets to solve a variety of problems and secure advantages over their less technologically savvy competitors. Route optimization, fuel consumption management, comprehensive fleet tracking, and the reduction of accident rates are all vital benefits that companies can secure by implementing a fleet management solution.

Established companies with huge fleets, such as FedEx, UPS, and Greyhound, all use fleet management systems to optimize fleet productivity and uptime. However, fleet management software is not only for companies with massive fleets; small businesses can also take advantage of the wide range of features offered to optimize their own deliveries and maintenance activities.

What are Telematics? You may encounter the term “telematics” when reading about fleet management and vehicle monitoring, so let’s briefly cover what it means. Vehicle telematics, typically referred to simply as telematics, refers to the transmission of information about the vehicle for tracking purposes. Telematics refers not only to GPS tracking, but anything vehicle-related, including engine performance, fuel consumption data, and more. The information is captured by the telematics device, also known as a black box, which uses a network to transmit the data to an external location. Telematics are a vital part of fleet management systems, as they provide detailed fleet tracking data to managers keeping an eye on physical assets such as vehicles and ships.

Who Uses Fleet Management Software?

There are a few key employees that use fleet management software on a daily basis. Let’s dive into how each of those employees utilizes fleet management solutions to improve the efficiency and efficacy of the company as well as themselves.

Vehicle Fleet Manager – The vehicle fleet manager is responsible for fleet operations, which includes the maintenance and management of the company’s vehicles. As the individual tasked with overseeing the readiness of the fleet, the vehicle fleet manager uses fleet management software for tasks such as vehicle tracking, scheduling vehicle maintenance, monitoring vehicles’ performance, fleet tracking, and collecting real-time data from in-use vehicles. Fleet management solutions help vehicle fleet managers maintain a holistic view of their fleets, while providing data-driven insights so they can solve individual vehicle problems.

Drivers – Drivers, via a mobile app, use fleet management software to access customer information, mark delivery status, pull route and navigation information, collect signatures, and track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as hours on the road, mileage completed, and more. Fleet management solutions make drivers’ jobs easier by giving them access to all pertinent information while they’re in the field through the mobile app. Drivers can use the data that fleet management software tracks in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses and leverage that information to improve their performance.

Fleet Manager – The fleet manager is the employee in charge of the entire vehicle fleet. Fleet managers are looking for ways to optimize overall fleet performance. To do this, they use high-level insights, combed from the data that fleet management software collects, and turn those insights into action. The actions they take are designed to improve the performance level of the fleet as a whole.

For instance, a fleet manager looks at the data gathered by the fleet management software and sees that drivers are wasting fuel by idling longer than necessary. This means they are taking longer to make their deliveries and slowing the entire delivery process down. The fleet manager rearranges routes and develops a protocol designed to curb idling time. In turn, the reduction of idling time leads to reduced fuel consumption and more savings.

Fleet Maintenance Manager – Fleet maintenance managers are tasked with ensuring that all vehicles are in proper working order and performing as efficiently as possible. The fleet maintenance manager uses fleet maintenance software to track the performance of each vehicle in the fleet. They make use of the tracking capabilities and the sensor data transmitted from the vehicles in the fleet to stay abreast of any changes in vehicle performance from journey to journey.

Maintenance managers use fleet management and fleet tracking software to track overall vehicle health in real time, as well as to schedule maintenance activities and input work orders. Currently, fleet maintenance managers can use the historical data gathered by the software to schedule recurring preventative maintenance activities. As intelligent sensors become more prevalent, fleet maintenance managers will increasingly be able to perform predictive maintenance by using real-time data to gauge whether a part is likely to break down before it actually does.

Warehouse Manager – Warehouse managers do not typically use the full complement of tools available within most fleet management software. Instead, they use the tracking software features to discern which vehicles are in the warehouse, which are out delivering goods, and what goods are still in the warehouse. Warehouse managers are more concerned with keeping accurate inventory, and fleet management solutions help them do that.

Technician – Some fleet management software has features designed specifically for shop floor technicians. These features include the ability to input work orders, keep accurate historical maintenance data, assign work, and create related checklists; all of which contribute to streamlining technical operations. For technicians, fleet management software means less time performing administrative tasks and more time spent working on the fleet’s technical problems. For the company, this means less money wasted on vehicle downtime, and potentially avoiding all downtime via preventive maintenance.

Business Problems Solved with Fleet Management Software

Companies within the transportation industry have a host of unique business problems that fleet management software helps them solve. There are many different parties involved in a transportation or delivery transaction, and fleet management solutions help all of them to improve the experience in its entirety.

Accountability – Absent of “good” data and the performance-related insights it provides, there is a general lack of accountability when it comes to fleet performance. Fleet management software bridges the information gap and gives managers the tools to capture and use good data sets, along with accurate real-time information to engineer informed strategy. Arming operations employees with powerful fleet tracking and management tools and providing a central hub for historical performance data means an increase in accountability for everyone involved in the fleet. Concrete numbers on driver performance increase driver accountability; putting fleet management tools in the hands of managers removes any excuses for not optimizing fleet performance.

Information storage – Fleet management software acts as a centralized electronic hub for all fleet-related information. This includes maintenance records, driving performance, and fuel consumption and route records, among other important pieces of information. Consolidating records into one central hub that allows easy data access is key to staying on top of historical trends; more importantly, it helps improve business practices based on empirical evidence as opposed to gut feelings. Fleet management software also allows for the electronic storage of records if you are still using paper records of any kind.

Client Communication – Clients like to be in the know, particularly when it comes to the location of valuable goods they are expecting. Armed with fleet management solutions, fleet managers can relay real-time information gathered from the field to their clients. The real benefit comes in the form of an open client communication channel, which businesses can use to head off problems prior to the end of the client relationship, after which they can exert no power over the client’s opinion on the business. If there is a delay, clients want to know why and how the company is fixing the issue. Fleet managers can use their fleet management solution to relay information about the exact location of a vehicle carrying a shipment to a client and field any follow-up questions as well.

Coordinator to Driver Communication – Prior to the arrival of fleet management solutions, drivers had to rely on paper maps and radio communications to plan their routes and keep in contact with their dispatchers. Routes were fairly set in stone, and on-the-fly changes were difficult to carry out. Now, armed with the communication channel afforded by fleet management tools, drivers and dispatchers can stay in constant communication. This makes adapting to changing circumstances much easier for both parties, and avoids the potential for miscommunication by committing everything to record.

Scheduling – Fleet management software often offers scheduling capabilities to its users. Dispatchers and route planners can send out schedules to drivers so they know where to be and what time to be there. Users of fleet management software can adjust schedules based on customer preferences, sales volume, real-time weather updates, and more.

Payments – Fleet management solutions occasionally offer billing and payments features built in, eliminating the use of another solution to secure payment from clients or dole out remittances to drivers.

Real-time Monitoring – Companies use fleet management solutions in order to monitor both vehicles and drivers. With the advent of the internet of things (IoT) and the huge number of intelligent sensors available for use, companies are increasingly able to monitor every aspect of performance.

Sensors can transmit real-time diagnostics to drivers and managers, produce alerts when there are road hazards, monitor and prevent distracted drivers, and more. Better yet, most solutions offer detailed reporting functionality, so the massive amounts of data gathered by intelligent sensors and monitoring devices are digested and turned into actionable insights. Fleet managers can use this data to shape maintenance policies as well as carry out preventive maintenance on vehicles that may be at risk of breaking down and causing the company to lose valuable uptime.

Vehicle monitoring is only going to expand in complexity and scope, as the number of intelligent IoT-connected sensors increases. Machine sensors are able to track factors such as pressure and force, light, flow, sounds and vibrations, motion and displacement, and electronic and magnetic fields, as well as position and proximity. The more detailed the sensor data, the more accurately maintenance technicians will be able to predict when a part will break down and how to prevent that in the smartest, most efficient way possible. In short, telematics are solving the issue of transparency by giving clear insights on the inner workings of physical assets.

Driver Safety – As long as there are accidents, driver safety is one factor that can always be improved. Accidents are (hopefully) going to become a thing of the past as autonomous car technology improves and sees widespread adoption. In the meantime, fleet management solutions typically provide lane departure warning and speed monitoring features. These features allow you to identify high-risk drivers before they cause an accident while pointing to concrete evidence of high-risk driving behavior. Real-time updates on traffic and hazardous driving conditions give drivers another tool in the fight for safety on the road.

Event Recording – Before the adoption of telematics and fleet management solutions, if an accident occurred it would take the collective memories of people at the scene to piece together what actually transpired. Some fleet management software offers event-triggered recording and transmission using telematics. This feature can be coupled with video footage from the vehicle to put together an exact record of any event that might happen on the road. This can be used to protect drivers from blame in the event of an accident, and to ensure that companies can take whatever corrective actions necessary to improve driving performance and safety records.

Fuel Management – One of the largest costs of running a trucking or transportation business is the cost of fuel. Fuel is what powers your fleet, and if you maintain a large fleet your vehicles guzzle tons of it every day. Managing fuel consumption is a key aspect of running an efficient fleet, and fleet management software helps businesses do that. Fleet management solutions provide information on vehicle fuel consumption, allow managers to plan fuel efficient routes, and track vehicles so that dispatchers can plan the most efficient fuel stops.

The GPS tracking functionality that fleet management systems contain typically has real-time traffic information built in, so drivers and route planners can stay informed and change routes according to the information. Fleet management software typically tracks idle time, or the time that a vehicle is running but not moving, which is another key aspect of fuel management. Fleet managers can use that information to draft driver policies and notify drivers when they are wasting fuel by idling for too long. Idle time may not seem like a huge deal, but for a large fleet every drop of fuel wasted adds up.

Route Optimization – Route optimization is one of the crucial business problems that transportation companies solve with fleet management software. Think of a huge transportation fleet like that of FedEx and the complexities involved in planning routes that make sense and optimize fleet performance. Fleet management software helps companies such as FedEx accomplish that, as well as maintain compliance with the increasingly complex rules created by organizations like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Integration – Fleet management software brings a lot of different features together and provides a single platform from which fleet management staff can direct operations. One of the key integrations is with on-vehicle telematics devices, which gather on-board data and transmit it to external sources. In the case of fleet management software, the data is transmitted directly to it and managers can maintain meticulous records.

Maintenance Management – Every physical asset degrades over time and requires regular maintenance in order to perform; vehicles are no different. Vehicles, whether they’re trucks or cars, are the twisted metal backbone of any transportation or delivery company. Fleet management software offers a host of features that target maintenance management. These features range from tracking scheduled maintenance checks to inputting work orders and maintaining a comprehensive log of all work performed on the vehicle in question.

Competetive Advantages

Users of fleet management software hold a host of competitive advantages over companies that do not use it. One of the major advantages is that fleet management solutions provide a holistic overview of an organization’s fleet. This is particularly useful for companies with massive numbers of vehicles. Sure, if you have a few trucks it’s easy enough to keep a spreadsheet with all of the pertinent information; even then, by not using fleet management software, your business is missing out on potential savings and alleviating the multitude of headaches that come with managing physical assets. Instead of carrying out preventive or even predictive maintenance, you may experience significant downtime as one of the vital members of your fleet is put out of commission because of a preventable occurrence.

Fuel Consumption – It’s easy enough to tell drivers to watch their fuel consumption, but gathering hard, quality data on the actual amounts of fuel they are burning each journey is extremely valuable. One might say it’s invaluable, but there is a calculable value in the form of fuel cost savings. Realizing the savings that come with reducing fuel consumption is a boost to your profit margins, not to mention the PR boost that accompanies carbon footprint reduction.

Improved Client Relations – Fleet management solutions offer GPS tracking capabilities, allowing fleet managers to keep a constant watch on their shipments and the exact location of every member of their fleet. This helps immensely with client relations, particularly in the event of a late shipment or a delay caused by inclement weather. Instead of responding to angry client inquiries as to the status of their delivery, managers can stay informed and relay the situation to the client to appease their desire for accurate information.

Driver Performance – Numbers drive the transportation business, especially if a company is tasked with ensuring efficiency and optimizing fleet performance. In many cases, fleet performance is dependent on driver performance. Fleet management solutions offer GPS tracking to ensure drivers are always on route, as well as a variety of other tracking methods designed to make certain that drivers are performing at their optimal level.

Reduced Insurance Costs – By implementing a fleet management solution and reaping the aforementioned benefits, your company has the potential to reduce downtime and road accidents. The second point is key, as reducing the number of accidents your drivers get into will reduce your cost of insurance. Any company—whether it be a multinational one enjoying the benefits of economies of scale, or a local business operating a fleet of three trucks—is looking to reduce costs. Reducing accident rates will certainly provide a push in the right safety- and profit-filled direction.

Fleet Management Software Features

GPS tracking – One of the vital features of fleet management systems is GPS vehicle tracking. Managers use solutions’ vehicle tracking software features to keep an eye on where their assets are in real time. Apart from simple location tracking, the telematics that most vehicles are equipped with can track aggressive driving behaviors, harsh braking, low tire pressure, and more.

Real-time alerts – The production of real-time alerts is one of the most useful features of fleet management software. Real-time alerts can range from reporting low tire pressure to pushing out event reports as they occur. Solutions that leverage telematics hardware already on board can alert the employees that need to know about engine issues in real time, as well as provide vehicle health scores based on real-time data.

Detailed reporting – Vehicles generate a ton of data and will continue to generate even more as the IoT allows companies to leverage the advanced reporting capabilities that on-board telematics offer. Quality fleet management software options feature detailed reporting functionality, to allow users to create specific and detailed reports containing the exact data they need. Fleet management software will often integrate with the black boxes located within most commercial vehicles to grab as much real-time data as possible.

Engine performance data – Using telematics and the enhanced reporting capabilities afforded by intelligent devices, fleet management software can transmit real-time data on engine performance. Dispatchers, managers, and drivers can stay on top of engine performance and adjust driving styles or routes accordingly.

Route optimization – This is another aspect of fleet management software that nearly all solutions contain. Route optimization is a fundamental tenet of organizing a transportation or delivery company. Goods need to be transported as efficiently as possible, taking into account route length, potential delays, fueling stops, and the like in order to craft the best route possible. An optimized route saves on fuel costs and time spent on each delivery, as well as improves overall performance. Fleet management solutions provide rich maps that can be used to create efficient routes.

Customer feedback – Companies often face difficulties in collecting customer feedback, especially when it comes to positive feedback. Clients usually only take the time to write feedback if they want to complain about something that went wrong during their experience. Fleet management software offers an easy outlet for customers to constantly connect with and provide feedback to the company they are working with. In practice, this means that companies can head off and prevent potential unpleasantries from occurring in the first place through the use of a built-in communication channel provided in certain fleet management solutions. Coupled with the enhanced transparency afforded by real-time GPS tracking and alerts, fleet management software becomes a powerful customer relations tool.

KPI measurement – Using fleet management solutions, businesses can set key performance indicators (KPIs) and measure actual performance against them. Fleet management software offers granular measurements, so there are more possibilities for setting specific KPIs.

Work orders – Fleet management solutions sometimes provide a work order feature, through which technicians can create a work order directly within the application. The software will also keep a repository of historical work order data, so technicians can view the entire maintenance history of the vehicle they are servicing.

Fuel management – Fleet management software typically features a fuel management system, which tracks fuel consumption throughout the journey. Managers can use the data to see when and under what conditions fuel consumption rates are optimal, and then leverage that data to direct route optimization, driving policy, and other strategies that impact fuel consumption.

Compliance – There are fleet management solutions that also offer features designed to help your business stay compliant under Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations. The FMCSA is responsible for reducing the number of traffic accidents involving large vehicles; the organization has instituted regulations to that goal such as limiting hours of service (HOS) and keeping up vehicle maintenance standards. The features include electronic logs of hours driven to stay under law-defined HOS regulations, which outline exactly how many hours drivers can be actively driving after a certain number of hours of rest. Drivers can mark if they are on duty, off duty, in the sleeper berth, or driving; the information is captured by the in-vehicle app. In addition, solutions offer pre-trip inspection record logs to help businesses stay FMCSA compliant.

Trends in Fleet Management

The fleet management industry has not changed much over the past several decades. Now, however, fleet management software offers businesses the opportunity to leverage new technology and reshape their business processes.

Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence presents a huge opportunity for driver enablement as well as a huge improvement in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). ADAS that use deep learning and machine vision technology are being deployed in vehicle fleets to improve the safety of both drivers and everyone else on the road. In addition, vehicle maintenance managers will deal with less unplanned downtime as systems become more intelligent and are able to leverage their ability to order preventive maintenance as needed.

Autonomous Fleets – Driverless vehicles are on everyone’s minds these days, and the situation is no different for the fleet maintenance industry. Autonomous truck pilot programs are popping up everywhere as driverless technology is finally catching on as a real possibility. While fully autonomous fleets are likely still a few years away, this is nevertheless an industry trend to keep an eye on. In addition, there are still massive legal battles to be fought in the near future, as the inevitable errors that self-driving vehicles will make occur; however, the prospect of trucks humming along highways around the world sans human pilots is bright.

Internet of Things – Preventive maintenance is already in use, but can end up costing businesses money on unnecessary repairs. Predictive maintenance with the use of IoT-connected sensors is likely to become prevalent in the next few years. Essentially, predictive maintenance is predicated on taking the real-time data, transmitted from the IoT-connected sensors within the vehicles, and using it to carry out maintenance activities on parts that are degrading—before they hit the point at which they break down. This leads to less downtime, as breakdowns are prevented, along with less money being spent on unscheduled, otherwise unnecessary maintenance that is solely based on past performance metrics.

Real-time tracking is becoming more prevalent throughout the industry as fleet management and related software actively supports the capability. There are already solutions providing detailed real-time data related to driver behavior, event recording, road hazards, engine and overall vehicle performance, and more. Moving forward, companies can begin to leverage the massive amount of data that is being gathered and use it to shape more well-informed policy, with the ultimate goals of keeping drivers safe and optimizing fleet performance.

Vehicles are getting smarter with the widespread adoption of the internet of things (IoT). Human drivers are invariably imperfect, so there has been a push to develop technology that bridges the gap created by those imperfections. Internet-connected audio and visual technology is being put on board to collect real-time data and push it to fleet managers. Operations managers will be able to use that data to not only craft routes and strategy for future application, but to optimize performance in real time.

Potential Issues With Fleet Management Software

Fleet management is a complex business with a ton of physical assets and people to coordinate. There are bound to be issues that arise during the administration of all of of those moving parts; fleet management software can help solve those problems.

Measuring ROI – Measuring return on investment (ROI) can be difficult when implementing a software solution. In the case of fleet management software, there are some concrete numbers that businesses can examine to ensure the solution they’ve implemented provides the benefits they expect from it. Fleet management solutions keep track of all of a company’s fleet data and allows for the creation of customized reports, so businesses can point to the numbers within the report as the evidence of their ROI. Savings on fuel costs from reduced idle time, route optimization, and reduced insurance costs are all measurable benefits gained from implementing fleet management software. Increased productivity leads to more deliveries in a shorter time, with more money saved and drivers covering fewer miles.

Maintenance – Maintenance will always be an issue for any company with physical assets; software helps alleviate those issues. Fleet management systems are multifaceted, and one of those facets is maintenance focused. Much like a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), fleet management solutions often feature a place to track maintenance, specifically for vehicles, which includes placing work orders and the maintenance of work history records for individual vehicles.

Weather Delays – Inclement weather is a major impediment to transportation companies. Fleet management software gives businesses valuable tools to find reasonable alternatives to shutting down operations. In addition, fleet management solutions provide an avenue of communications for drivers and customers, which helps ensure driver safety as well as transparency between your company and your clients.

Software and Services Related to Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software fits within the Distribution software category along with Transportation Management solutions. Transportation management software allows businesses to select a carrier, track shipments, provide freight audit, and issue payments to vendors providing the transportation services. Fleet management software is occasionally included within transportation management solutions to cover the tracking, auditing, and payments functionality, and is included under the larger umbrella of distribution software.

Fleet management software is also closely connected with trucking software as both are concerned with using tracking software features to manage the transportation process. Fleet management solutions cover fleets of all vehicles and include maintenance features, while trucking software is focused entirely on the trucking industry and is less robust in its feature set.

Solutions within the fleet management category typically integrate with software such as warehouse management solutions, which tracks inventory, storing, and shipping for goods. The goods that warehouse management solutions track are usually shipped using the vehicles within a fleet that is managed by a fleet management solution.

Shipping software helps businesses coordinate and streamline their outgoing shipments to customers with features such as comparative carrier pricing on shipments, bulk editing and printing of shipment information, and custom tracking and confirmation notifications. Shipping software usually integrates with fleet management software.

Supply chain suites are all-encompassing solutions that cover the entire production process through shipping and delivery. For this reason, supply chain suites often provide fleet management capability.

Inventory control software is dedicated to tracking company inventory. Fleet management software often integrates with inventory control solutions to provide users with the ability to track inventory and what vehicles it ends up on. Fleet management solutions then use GPS tracking to ensure the goods are delivered as promised.

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    With instant-install OBD-II plug-in devices, intuitive cloud-based management portal, and focus on gamification and driver rewards, businesses everywhere are moving up to Azuga to improve fleet and field operations, reduce costs, and get workers engaged in building a culture of safety. Get better control of your workforce and fleet. Increase the level of safety your technicians use when driving, reduce accidents and insurance premiums. Azuga Fleet is a powerful solution used by fleets large and small to improve their operations and their bottom line.

    Runzheimer, a business vehicle technology and solutions provider, is the recognized leader in mobile workforce management. We help organizations increase agility, reduce costs, and improve satisfaction through fair, accurate and defensible™ vehicle reimbursement programs. Our solutions deliver an effortless experience for employees while providing data, visibility and actionable intelligence for managers and executives. It is our mission to offer mobile technology and solutions that connect people, companies and their vehicles to drive superior productivity and valuable business intelligence.

    Wialon platform comes in SaaS and server-based versions, supports over 1000 device models of various GPS hardware trackers, includes a cartographic server, has an open API for integration with existing back-office systems, allows for a custom white labeling of the interface, and offers such advanced functionality as driver behavior monitoring and powerful report building tools. Wialon platform is used by more than 900 solution providers and enables to track over 850 000 assets combined.

    The full product suite is comprised of FuelFocus fuel management system, KeyValet automated motor pool solution, GPS powered by Networkfleet, and the Field Service Solution mobile workforce management system.

    Web based Freight Broker and Trucking Dispatch software for the logistics Industry. Integrated Load Board, Rate Confirmation, Dispatch Report, Load Tracking, Invoicing and other industry standard features.

    Manhattan Carrier provides the tools to optimize load assignments, minimize fuel costs, manage drivers hours of service and meet customer expectations.

    Open Door Logistics Studio is a standalone open source application for performing geographic analysis of customer bases, sales territory design and vehicle fleet scheduling.

    SM2 is Coencorps crown jewel. It is a web application, installed once on a web server and accessible from anywhere, allowing central management of multiple sites. Client applications on individual work stations are not required. All you need to access real-time fueling, vehicular data, and maintenance related reports and work orders is a web browser, available on any standard PC. SM2 is highly advanced, very user friendly, and modular, resulting in a real-time fleet management system tailored to your specific needs. Your other third party systems will also be put to good use. SM2 is designed to interface with other systems, thus driving synergies across all applications to new heights.

    eXpert Dispatch System allows you to manage your business capacity without adding additional vehicles on the road by allowing your operations staff to take calls, dispatch cars, monitor fleet, and more.

    Fleet Complete is the only solution of its kind to offer fleet, in-field worker, and mobile asset tracking from a single software platform. Access the software from any PC, browser, or mobile device to take your business to the next level. Fleet Complete enables you to: - Track and manage your mission-critical fleet, assets, and workforce in real-time - Monitor ECM (Engine Control Module) Data and reduce fuel, maintenance, and other operational costs - Manage your job orders electronically and dispatch the closest available driver - Reduce your company’s carbon footprint

    Fleet Director Global is a mobile resource management system that helps you manage your bottom line and provide operational insight into your driver and fleet resources.

    High Point GPS Fleet GPS Tracking and Dispatch is a web-based solution designed to help companies coordinate and track their fleet of vehicles in real-time.

    With GeoOp, businesses can easily manage field workers, schedule and track jobs real-time, quote on the spot and invoice same day.

    An all-in-one gps-driven fleet management solution delivering premium service. Monitor driver behaviour, vehicle locations, fuel usage, idle-times and more.

    GPS Insight works with businesses that have fleets of vehicles and other mobile assets to solve your unique business challenges through increased revenue, reduced costs, and reduced risk.

    The Roadnet Anywhere Platform combines the best fleet management capabilities — routing, dispatching, telematics, proof of delivery, and analytics in order to accomplish the perfect execution of a delivery. Roadnet Anywhere encompasses traditional daily routing and dispatching tools, but also incorporates real-time and historical data elements as well as telematics and domain-specific analytics to provide 360 degrees of data on every element of a delivery, service, or sales call.

    ORTEC provides cloud-based fleet management and transportation management features that allow you to manage your dispatch system with a click or touch of a button providing direct access, integrated back-office, and more.

    The routing, mileage and mapping software that the transportation and logistics industry depends on to succeed.

    Prophesy Dispatch is a central trucking software solution for managing your growing trucking business or brokerage operation.

    AFS is a freight audit and shipping software that provides the comprehensive logistics strategy services to help companies manage shipping costs.

    With the Fleet Director GPS fleet tracking software platform, companies can optimize routing and customer service. Fleet Director provides a wealth of driver behavior behavior increasing productivity, while saving money on unnecessary fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance and driver overtime.

    TomTom WEBFLEET is an online application that allows you to manage your fleet 24/7 from any PC with features and functions to help you manage your field operation from your desk.

    UltraShipTMS offers software-as-a-service solutions to shippers in food production, packaging, manufacturing, retail and other industries.

    Abivin vRoute is a route optimization software that is designed to operate businesses more efficiently, manage fleets in real-time and save logistics costs.

    Meet customer demands by setting accurate and reliable delivery dates based on availability of resources with Acumatica's Advanced Planning and Scheduling.

    AGILIS is an integrated real-time equipment dealership software that has what you need to run your business in one system with modules including part management, equipment sales, rental management and more.

    ArcFleet is a trucking dispatch software system that helps you manage your business from initial lead tracking, creating load orders, trip reports, driver settlements and accounting, with the ability to help track all aspects of your business.

    Astra is a 24-7 live-tracking app in Android and iOS platforms with GPS/GPRS technology that provides accurate information on the location of school buses and sends instant alerts upon overspeed, route deviation and more. The RFID based validation supported helps track student attendance in buses.

    AutoMile is a fleet and asset management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes track their vehicles and assets, remove paperwork, stay compliant, improve vehicle utilization, reduce accidents and increase productivity.

    AUTOsist is a mobile fleet tracking & maintenance software which enables fleet management companies to track fuel & maintenance records simply & effectively.

    Avaal Express is a transportation management software solution that provides different modules: dispatch software, container software, freight broker software and auto hauler software, that can be configured to meet your needs.

    AVLS Software System is a fleet management software solution that is designed to control the cost of user training and allows administrators to control what users can do and see within the application.

    Axon Trucking Software is trucking software integrated in real-time with dispatch and accounting capabilities to help you manage your cashflow and profitability, customer satisfaction and more.

    BargeOps is a towing, fleet, and terminal management solution desgned to provide management and planning, billing, and reporting functionality.

    Improve the visibility and quality of your delivery process and increase customer satisfaction with Beetrack’s shipment tracking and parcel delivery solutions. Beetrack is a logistics software providing transparent package tracking solutions for companies and customers worldwide. We enable companies to provide customers simple package tracking and offer complete visibility of the delivery process.

    Best OnLine Tracking is an integrated, web-based dispatch system for fleet and freight solutions with freight-based rules, automated dispatch, data capture and analytics, load pooling and more to help you manage your business.

    Borg Fleet brings it all together from fleet maintenance management (FMM) to fleet resource planning (FRP), all through a simple website to your business.

    BrokerPRO is a transportation management solution designed to let your dispatchers work from one screen allowing them to build loads, assign carriers, enter ship details, fax or email rate confirmations, and more.

    Mobisoft Infotech offers a customizable bus booking app and ticketing system designed for bus operators to automate operations, get more direct bookings, increase brand recall and improve revenues.

    CerebroX is an advanced fleet management solution to keep tracking, monitoring & dispatching your vehicles in real time. The platform helps your business to quickly narrow the operational cost & maximize your profit.

    Track all your vehicles in realtime with 30 second updates and easy to use web based and mobile apps. Alerts and reports for speeding, unauthorized use, engine diagnostics, and much more. Automatic Virtual Timecard Report makes accountability simple and clear. No contracts and cancel or suspend service anytime with no penalties.

    Fleet and Asset Management Software Systems

    Used by Couriers, Truckers, DriveAways, Fleets, Owner Operators, HotShots Carriers, Haulers, Shippers, Fleets, Brokers, and anyone making deliveries. The DeliveryMark Delivery App allows you to Create Deliveries/Orders, Track via GPS, Collect Signatures, Take Photos, Create a Proof-Of-Delivery document and more. Easy to Use. Costs less than the price of today's lunch. Great for current delivery / trucking companies and Start Ups!

    Manage from Anywhere Anytime Dispatch based on Real Time information Reduced OT, Customer Issues & Stress.

    DispatchMAX is a fleet and transportation management software solution that allows you to have control over your business and transportation activities.

    The fleet maintenance software of for-hire and public fleets.

    DQ ODT System provides delivery and scheduling information to dispatch, sales, and management organizations allowing you to manage your daily logistical operations.

    e-FMS is a web-based fleet and workshop management system that helps manage processes from purchasing materials to the control of maintenance, repairs, tires, fuel, to invoicing.

    EMDECS is a cloud-based maintenance software for heavy-duty equipment that combines fleet and repair shop management into one package allowing you to track where everything is in your shop, manage profit and loss, preventative maintenance, and more.

    (EMMS) Recover every dollar on every type of warranty available including OEM, component, and after-market parts. Ensure reimbursement using our comprehensive claims tracking system.

    Express Waybill is an innovative trucking dispatch system, a driver and fleet management tool, and an invoicing system adapted for the trucking business. Fully integrated with Express Waybill trucking dispatch, the xDriver mobile app makes it easier and quicker to deliver information to your drivers. Get your customer's signature (as Proof of Delivery) on the driver's mobile device and view the signature instantly on the dispatcher screen. Real-Time Trucking Dispatch - Easily dispatch orders by making appointments. View available drivers and fleet. Add movements to your orders as they happen. Orders Management - Your order history is kept by an order management system. Advanced order search-engine with 12 search criteria. Invoicing System - Create invoices from your delivered waybills and keep track of your customer payments. Print and send PDF invoices. Address Book - Keep your customers' contact details and frequent routes on hand in safe, organized fashion. Drivers & Fleet Management - Driver license expiration and truck & trailer inspection date notifications. Reports - Bookkeeping, profit/loss & operations reports. Multi Office - Express Waybill works for multiple offices. Free and continuous updates, daily backup and dedicated support.

    FieldLogix provides GPS fleet management 2.0! Our system offers advanced GPS fleet tracking, driver behavior management, and mobile workforce features.

    TransPac is a multi-industry delivery software solution that manages the efficiency of your drivers and creates scheduling and delivery processes.

    Fleet Cost & Care (FCC) is a fleet management software company serving businesses of all sizes in the heavy equipment industry. FCC software enables companies to improve internal operations by providing a centralized system that speeds up invoicing, streamlines payroll, and ensures safety and success.

    With Fleetilla FleetFACTZ web-based solution, track vehicles at any time and from anywhere. With a simple, uncluttered, easy-to-use interface, FleetFACTZ can present the current positions of an entire fleet or the path taken by a specific vehicle or vehicle group. Drill down using various views (map, satellite, street view, etc.) to recreate a specific vehicle's activity at a designated time via the 'replay' mode.

    Manage your fleet from anywhere. Fleetio's suite of cloud- and mobile-based fleet management solutions enables fleets of all sizes to automate fleet operations, manage asset lifecycles and track drivers. Fleets can automate maintenance management, track fuel, vehicle inspections, parts, vendors as well as track the real-time locations and driving behaviors of their drivers. Data about asset utilization, maintenance costs, fuel efficiency, parts and labor can all be reported on within Fleetio. Fleetio improves fleet communication and streamlines issue resolution with its mobile apps, email notifications and reminders. The Fleetio system allows for unlimited users and offers bulk data imports, data reports and the creation of custom fields in report modules. The smartphone-based app Fleetio Go enables fleets to access vehicle information anytime, track trips and assign scores according to driving performance. Fleetio offers fuel card automation plus integration with multiple telematics solutions for automated odometer updates, DTC handling and fuel location reporting. Developer APIs and webhooks allow the software to integrate with other applications such as QuickBooks and Xero. Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

    Fleet Management lets you track, evaluate, and manage your equipment assets and expenses from one central location.

    Glydel OneFleet provides cutting edge technological solutions to the transport fleet management software services in India.

    Simple and versatile fleet management software backed by live support, mobile access, and online collaboration.

    Fleet Manager Professional is a trucking dispatch and logistics management software that helps you manage your business' operational processes and performances by managing costs, productivity, communications, customer service and more.

    Innovative cloud-based fleet management solutions tailored to your needs. Are you a short term, truck or long term rental company? Are you looking for a dedicated solution and an efficient way to manage your fleet of rental and lease vehicles? FleetMaster can help you in saving time and reducing costs. Plan and keep track, easily and without errors, of your vehicles and drivers. A dedicated solution developed in cooperation with industry partners specifically for your business. We believe technology can change the way we look at fleet management. Through continuous innovation we're creating a solution built for the future. FleetMaster offers more than a software tool: - Understanding of your business - Support for your growth - Close cooperation and value creation - Innovation through integrations and new technologies

    With FLEETMATE, you'll have organized records of all service activities on all of your fleet vehicles and equipment. Access data right on-screen. Or easily run reports to give you the information you need.

    Fleetminder is a fleet maintenance and workshop management software that helps manage job cards, inspections, maintenance planning, compliance, vehicle history, business intelligence reporting and more.

    FleetOR is a comprehensive Fleet Management System that brings your entire operations on fingertips.

    Track your fleet on the go. Our FleetReach system is now available on your mobile device as a downloadable application. This means you can access important information from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

    FleetZoo is an all in one planning and optimization SaaS platform for fleet operators and mobile workforces such as last mile delivery, HVAC, pest control, landscaping companies as well as city governments.

    Control your fuel costs with rugged and reliable automated fuel management systems and easy-to-use web based dashboards that increase your efficiency and help optimize your fleet operations.

    GreenRoad connected vehicle solution has revolutionized the way commercial fleets drive by combining real-time, in-cab coaching with cloud based contextual intelligence to make every business mile safer.

    groundHog is a mobile fleet management system used for underground mines. This system is designed to work out of the box for all underground mine operations. groundHog fleet management system controls production, tracks and schedules workforce, and helps you get deep insights to drive higher process efficiency. With groundHog, you can build a mine that is highly efficient, safe and profitable.

    HCSS Telematics is a GPS and telematics solution designed for the construction industry that enables users to track the location and performance of an entire fleet, using either HCSS GPS devices or the original equipment manufacturer devices already installed.

    Vessel fleet management software solution including invoicing, dispatching, maintenance, data collection, and training.

    Horizon is a dispatch software solution that provides the ability to customize and highlight information with the ability to show five sets of information at one time from drivers, tractors, manifests, trailers and more files.

    Dispatch, routing and distribution-based software.

    Optimizes ship technical processes, satisfying the main requirements of shipowners for a fleet management system.

    Powered by, ITS Dispatch is the number one trucking business solution in North America. With over 50,000 satisfied users, ITS is the most affordable, easy-to-use web-based trucking and freight broker software for small to medium sized companies. You'll get the crucial tools needed to organize and grow your business, including IFTA processing, one-click invoicing, easy load entry/management & full Quickbooks integration with unlimited users & free expert support. Request a FREE DEMO today!

    GFI Systems' Latitude Fleet Management platform provides an all-in-one GPS-driven fleet tracking and management platform.

    LeaseWave is an end to end browser-based lease and loan management system designed to support the entire lifecycle of leases, loans and assets.

    Linbis is a software development company that specializes in providing solutions to support most activities within the logistics and supply chain industry.

    littlefleets is a workforce management software that handle daily task from start-to-fininsh, from the initial customer call to dispatching and tracking your team, to creating work orders and invoices, to collecting signature and payment onsite, to getting an automated time sheets and travel reports, all in one place.

    ManageTeamz offers a live tracking app for fleets. It allows to track fleets, current speed, distance traveled and delivery location for the day.

    Intelligent route planning and optimization software for improving delivery efficiency & reducing costs.

    Logistream is a freight forwarding solution designed to allow ocean, land, air, and CBP filing in one cloud based platform.

    Manhattan Associates' Dispatch Management system is designed to automatically recommend the optimal route, driver and vehicle based on hours of service, availability, compliance, seniority and service needs.

    Transportation Procurement is a web-based tool for contract sourcing to match your business needs with carriers capabilities and capacity and to ensure you receive the best rates.

    Marcotte Operation is a software solution designed to support you from the quotation phase to delivery that allows you to control costs by centralizing your dispatching while performing batching from the closest plant to the delivery site.

    MarineCFO Enterprise solutions are scalable from the largest industry players to small family-run companies. MarineCFO provides MarineCFO Enterprise, a comprehensive behind the fire-wall solution, and MarineCFO Live!, an on-demand web-based solution.

    Masslogics is a provider of trucking company software for small and mid-sized fleets.

    MercuryFleet gives you the information you need to track and proactively manage your drivers, operations, and equipment.

    MercuryGate Carma mitigates unqualified carrier risk, expedites new carrier onboarding, and gives your operations users access to all of your carrier information at the click of a button.

    So much time is spent on the mechanics that you can’t perform bids as frequently as you might want to. With MercuryProcure, you effectively procure and manage both long-term contracts – all while keeping your eye on the market ensuring you a good negotiating position

    Shorten proof of delivery and orders collection time with application that offers online document storage and signature capture.

    A mobile app which enables your driver to execute your deliveries and tracks all the delivery events and KPI. It Tracks a Vehicle Live, captures driver attendance, tracks loading time and unloading time, alert if delay, Proof of delivery signature, checks if correct location of delivery or not, scans bar-code, uploads images, alerts over speeding, control room dashboard with 5 LED TV visibility, Check in location, customer tracking online, customer tracking app for Regular and E-Commerce.

    GPS Mobile Phone Tracking for Businesses

    The multilingual native mobile application is available for both Wialon Hosting SaaS-solution and Wialon Local server-based product. Wialon mobile client allows to manage monitoring unit list, providing immediate insight into activity of assets in a real-time mode.

    MyRouteOnline is a web-based route planner that allows you to import your address list, plan the best routes and get route planner driving directions, and export your routes to GPS or mobile and get a live map with all destinations.

    NexGen Dispatch Software is a fleet management software designed to help manage workflows and provides tools to help you manage your business' productivity and profitability.

    NexTraq is more than just a provider of vehicle and asset tracking solutions. It is a valued GPS fleet and mobile workforce management partner customers helping them succeed with every vehicle, every mobile asset, and every employees every day.

    ODO keeps track of vehicle and driver data, including fuel consumption, mileage, servicing and maintenance. ODO allows fleets to create a practical vehicle policy and the mechanism to ensure drivers sign up too, so everyone is clear about their responsibilities.

    Pedigree Technologies is the leading provider of solutions that enable companies to make better business decisions by providing real-time visibility and management tools via the OneView platform. The OneView platform is customizable and built for growth with expandable solutions for People (enterprise), Safety (compliance), and Performance (service/supply chain), while improving the ability to dynamically manage people and operating environments in an increasingly complex, interconnected real-time life. Key solutions include ELDs, asset tracking, fleet management, maintenance, dispatching, and more.

    OptimoRoute is a web based route planning and scheduling software for delivery and mobile workforces.

    Oracle Fleet Management Cloud allows you to manage your orders and shipments and determine the way to fulfill them by utilizing internal capacity (private or dedicated fleet) or third-party capacity.

    Outfleet is a delivery management software thea offers an auto dispatch system and real time tracking and increases work efficiency.

    A courier solution for the Israeli market to optimize routes, coordinate recipients, dispatch routes to drivers, recipients, and more.

    Paradox Routing Tool is a Windows based routing and scheduling software that helps with distribution network design, territory planning, route planning, scheduling and more to manage your business needs.

    PC Dispatch is an internet-based vehicle tracking software that is designed to help manage your response time to paying customers.

    Manage your workflow and track your performance using PeopleNets suite of performance monitoring applications. Improve efficiency and decrease out-of-route miles with routing integration, oil field mapping and in-cab navigation. Know more about your trucks on the road using tire pressure monitoring, fault code monitoring and remote diagnostics link.

    ProgressionLIVE is a web-based turnkey solution that provides distribution for your e-workers by entering tasks and distributing them to delivery personnel, technicians and representatives on the read giving them the information to complete requests.

    Q7 Trucking Business Software is single entry trucking software system that integrates dispatch operations with billing, payables, fleet management, and accounting functions to help you manage your business.

    Ramco Logistics Suite is a unified cloud based software for Third Party Logistics providers, Freight forwarders and Courier service providers. Ramco Logistics enables to drive optimization and maximize productivity through disruptive tech around mobility, Command Center & in-memory optimization. Ramco Logistic’s unique offering encompasses but not limited to • Unified Logistics Software including HR & Finance • Flexible & Scalable solution to uberize operations. • In Memory based Optimization enabling real-time scheduling & routing • Command center for end to end visibility of operations • Predictive Analysis to measure profitability Ramco Logistics is scalable and can be deployed on cloud or on-premise. It supports integration with most of the existing business applications. Ramco Logistics is ideal for any organization who want to optimize their operations , embark on Digital transformation and thrive digitally. Ramco ERP caters to both medium and large scale enterprises. For more details, visit Ramco is a fast growing cloud enterprise software player disrupting the market with its multi-tenanted cloud and mobile-based enterprise software in the area of HCM and Global Payroll, Time & Attendance, ERP, Asset Management, Logistics and M&E MRO for Aviation. Ramco is a trusted cloud technology provider for 1000+ customers empowering 150,000+ end users globally.

    Roadcast provides real-time tracking vehicles, people & assets. The app has features to assign daily jobs, schedule or dispatch, track employees in real-time, generate daily/weekly/monthly reports to help optimize logistics. The software has all the capabilities to manage last mile or long haul deliveries. The software is ideal for restaurants, fleet businesses or any enterprise with a feet on street or delivery based revenue model. Get access to data points such as distance, idle-time, total time & delivery time for each employee. Third party integration APIs available.

    Routeware provides fleet automation systems (both software and hardware) for the solid waste industry. Routeware’s easy-to-use in-truck tablets include reliable thin and thick tablets that simultaneously support multiple “smart-truck” peripherals such as video cameras and fork sensors. We supply everything you need including equipment and carrier service so you only have to work with one vendor. Our back-office software and billing interfaces make it easy for dispatchers, supervisors, customer service reps, and executives to compare route progress, service levels, productivity, speed, and over 30 key metrics to your ambitious targets.

    Routific has developed a route optimization Application Programming Interface (API) adopted by businesses around the world to plan more efficient transportation routes. The benefits of route optimization are clear, with Routific’s users reporting savings of up to 37% in operating costs, while greatly shortening an arduous planning process.

    Cloud-based technology designed to support digital transformation in logistics.

    Job assignment, delivery tracking, and driver management tool that can be used for your own drivers or integrate with third parties.

    SilentDispatch is a cloud-based software solution provides customization capabilities and the ability to scale vehicles and manage the chaos of mobile operations.

    Silent Passenger software is a fleet management solution.

    SkyRouter is a cloud-based web portal that provides tracking, communications and management of dispersed assets from any internet connected device.

    StreetSync allows you to create daily dynamic route plans with features like, the ability to build balanced routes, export to mobile/navigations, and more.

    Stylicious Distribution is completely Web-based / Cloud, which allows businesses to access all important data from any location. As a customizable solution, businesses can work with SD directly to determine which applications will be the best fit.

    SyncroTESS is a software solution that helps you manage planning and real-time dispatch of truck, fleets, container, and transportation operations that helps you manage processing times, handling capacity and transparency.

    Causeway Telematics uses live location data for advanced GPS tracking of vehicles, improving fleet tracking and fleet management and enabling more efficient scheduling of field-based staff.

    Telenav Enterprise solutions are perfect for organizations that want increased visibility and control of their operations.

    With Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR you can manage your fleet and mobile workforce using a single platform. DIRECTOR is the fleet management solution that drives efficiency for over 40,000 businesses worldwide.

    TMS On Demand is a browser-based trucking management software that provides tailored features like order entry, billing and custom invoicing, driver settlement and more to meet the needs of your business

    Tookan is a fully customized on demand delivery application for driver and provide end to end solution to delivery business. Streamline the delivery operations by connecting delivery agents to customer and route manager. Agents can plan the deliveries, receive notifications for pickup & delivery and get optimize delivery route. Real time tracking of agent and customer chat engage the customer with the delivery platform. Manage rating & reviews, real time agent tracking & status and manage agent performance through manager’s dashboard. Take control of all your delivery business operations by managing number of deliveries, delayed & cancelled orders and monitor delivery time. Easy integration of existing management portals and website to Tookan. Connect Tookan with various applications using Zapier. Boost profit and efficiency by automating the delivery, dispatch and tracking tasks. Try Tookan for 14 days free trial and free forever plan for upto 300 tasks & 3 agents every month.

    Track and Trace is a field assets solution that allows you to manage your field equipment tracking needs and assets, owned, rented or third party, from one system.

    Trackox is an Mobile Field Force Management Solution that helps manage your field operations in real-time. Trackox provides visibility from the Road to the Board with features like jobs & scheduling, location & tracking, forms and more.

    Trackstar is a CRM tool developed specifically for sales departments in car dealerships.

    Track & Trace solution allows having a glance where your vehicles, machines, and employees are located. This allows you to quickly and correctly plan an intervention. You can follow up all activities of people, fleet, rolling stock and materials on a single platform.

    TransTrack is a Transport Management System that gives businesses increased visibility over their logistics process by automating transport operations on a real-time basis for better management.

    Traversa is a comprehensive program which includes functionality for routing, fleet maintenance, activity trips, along with many other functions all built from the beginning as one system.

    Trinium-TMS is a transportation management software that allows you to automate your processes from order receipt to customer service to operations and billing and driver settlements with features to help you manage your business.

    TruckingOffice is a web based trucking management software used to run your trucking business. Our easy-to-use trucking business software will save record for dispatches, invoices, expenses, maintenance, and maintenance plans.

    TruckStops is a routing and scheduling software solution that provides multi-drop LTL with daily scheduling or fixed route revision to help you manage your route planning.

    TruckTrack is a web Truck Tracking Solution that provides real-time GPS Tracking, effective Truck Fleet Management & Transport Documentation.

    TruckWin is a trucking management system with integrated dispatch and accounting to help manage pending loads, maintenance, driver advances, and more.

    Valomnia Solution optimizes Sales and helps its users keep control over their distribution channels through Cloud and Mobile Technologies.

    VAMOSYS is an advanced GPS based vehicle rracking platform.

    Courier Software starting at $50 per month! This easy-to-use, complete package has been used by couriers, freight forwarders, distributors, and truckers since 1986. Web enabled tracking and order entry, driver manifests. Integrates with QuickBooks. Customizable to meet your needs. Free 30 day trial available.

    Whip Around is a mobile inspection platform designed to help transport businesses perform driver vehicle inspection reports quickly.

    Wialon Hosting is a SaaS version of our GPS tracking software, characterized by extensive functionality and flexible customization options. Platform updates come out on a regular basis and constantly add to already robust fleet management capabilities. Hosted solution allows you to eliminate costs, associated with server hardware and software acquisition, installation and administration

    Wialon Local is a server based version of Wialon satellite vehicle tracking system. Due to modular functions structure the client may choose only the features relevant for their business.

    Gain 24/7 visibility on GPS location, monitor driver behavior, and access detailed reports from any device with our real time GPS tracking software. Simply install your device, login to your dashboard and stay alerted on what matters most to your business.

    Introducing YardTrac Pro, the next generation cloud-based yard management software (YMS) by Exotrac. YardTrac Pro provides real-time trailer pool data, asset visibility and process management tools for manufacturing plants, proprietary and third-party distribution centers, storage yards and truckload carriers.

    Yojee best-in-class logistics software utilises blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to optimise and manage fleets. Yojee software is designed to optimise any business on an affordable monthly recurring fee model.

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