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Florist software provides a retail or e-commerce solution for managing florist store operations through an integrated, paperless shop management system. Florist software is a management system that facilitates and automates order entry, delivery, and back-office accounting to lower costs and increase sales specifically for florists. Florist software is geared towards small and mid-size businesses, but as it fine-tunes business operations, it can be scalable for any size shop. The majority of florist products don’t require the installation of any hardware or software as it generally works alongside pre existing terminals, programs, etc. Extra benefits of florist software include e-commerce platforms, BI tools, integrations with APIs, and inventory management, sales effectiveness, and procurement functionality.

To qualify for inclusion in the Florist category, a product must:

  • Be exclusively used within the florist industry and not apply to any other industry
  • Manage POS systems
  • Manage incoming orders, order history, and customer information
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