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    Email monitoring for Google Apps monitors Gmail inbox for Google Apps users in their domain to identify inappropriate usages with audit capabilities.

    Slack Cleaner, Post Drive to Slack for G Suite, is a tool for bulk delete messages and files on Slack channels.

    Collavate offers a centralized document and workflow management suite for Google Drive.

    Dialpad for G Suite is a business phone system built for Google Apps users.

    Dossier for G Suite is an app designed for organizing customer conversations.

    Vonage for G Suitefor G Suite offers a phone system that integrates with G Suite.

    Yet Another Mail Merge for G Suite allows users to create their mail template as a draft in Gmail and merge it with their sheet data.

    Esna Cloudlink for G Suite integrates Cisco Collaboration solutions with Google Apps.

    Esna Officelinx for G Suite is a collaboration and messaging tool.

    Forum for G Suite is an online message board that lets employees share links, blogs, and files with each other.

    Jivrus' Feed Monitor for G Suite is designed to monitor RSS or ATOM feeds for specific keyword in title or description and stores in Google Sheet.

    Jivrus Integra for Facebook Insight is an application that integrates Facebook with Google Sheets and helps users to get Facebook insight metrics.

    Jivrus Integra for Twitter is an application that integrates Twitter with Google Sheets and helps users to get twitter feeds and data into Google Sheet.

    LunchVote for G Suite is designed to allow users to quickly and easily run ranked-ballot elections in Sheets.

    WizyRoom - Enterprise Workspace & Chatbots for G Suite is a collaborative digital workspace that connects employees, partners, customers and chatbots.

    Zoho Connect for G Suite is an employee collaboration tool.

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