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    Google Apps Script is a JavaScript platform that provides easy ways to integrate with and automate tasks across Google products.

    Colaboratory for G Suite is a data analysis tool that combines code, output, and descriptive text into one collaborative document.

    Aeegle Cloud Platform is a Web based enterprise application builder that helps companies to create and deploy Cloud business apps at the Speed of ideas boosting Digital Transformation and Paperless culture.

    Cloudstitch for G Suite add-on creates a Google Form that will be used as the new API endpoint for your project.

    Code Blocks for G Suite is a syntax highlighting for Google Docs. Code Blocks makes it easy to put your code into Google Docs.

    Editor of Vu Tran for G Suite shows document on Google Drive with Syntax high lighter

    The add-on for Google Sheets lets you bring the power of Machine Learning to your spreadsheets.

    Markdown Sidebar for G Suite takes the contents of the Google Doc and runs it through a Markdown converter to display stylized output.

    Novel Script Editor for G Suite provides Novel Engine scripts validation and formatting.

    OverDRIVE for G Suite builds a site automatically from Google Drive folders, files and lots more

    Planio is a platform for online project management. It combines several features to facilitate the task of planning and running projects.

    PlantUML Gizmo for G Suite creates and maintains UML diagrams in your Google Docs.

    Sheet2SQLite for G Suite allows you to use this add-on to directly convert ready to use SQLite database.

    TheBugTrack eliminates the tedious setup and IT support associated with traditional bug tracking systems.

    Tramsy (Cloud App Studio) lets you create anything from a simple web form to complete web applications.

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