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    DocHub streamlines document signing, distribution and form completion.

    DocuSign pioneered the development of e-signature technology, and today offer the world’s #1 e-signature solution. DocuSign’s broader cloud-based System of Agreement Platform allows companies of all sizes and across all industries to quickly modernize and digitize the entire agreement process—all the way from preparing agreements to signing, enacting and managing them—from almost anywhere in the world, on practically any device. DocuSign relieves businesses from painful manual processes by: -Allowing for the easy tracking and archival of agreements -Satisfying legal requirements for storage -Standardizing key business processes -Removing need to manual entry of important information ...all the while delighting needs of today’s digital-first mobile customers. The result is significantly reduced error rates and incompletion rates, hard and soft dollars spent on administrative processes, improved standardization and centralization of key company documents, and all adds up to saved time. 85% of DocuSign agreements are returned within the same day. DocuSign’s platform has 350+ pre-built integrations with popular business applications such as Google Suite, Salesforce, Box. Additionally, DocuSign’s API enables embedding and connecting DocuSign’s into websites, mobile apps, and custom workflows.

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    Lucidchart provides collaborative online diagramming to make it easy to draw flowcharts, org charts, wireframes, UML, mind maps and more.

    Google Apps Tips is packed full of the things that make you more productive and make you smile even more when youre using Google Apps.

    DocSecrets is an add-on for Google Docs that hides and encrypts sensitive information such as passwords or an idea for a patent. helps you to schedule meetings, get you prepared for meetings, get you introductions, set reminders, book travel, and more.

    GTasks add-on for Google Sheets integrates your Google Tasks with Sheets, allowing you to tackle your to-do list and manage them effortlessly.

    Kloudio gives users the power to access and update any database within Google Sheets - without any IT involvement or query language necessary.

    PDF Merge and Split for G Suite app allows you to merge, split, remove, and rotate PDFs for free.

    SignEasy helps you sign documents or get them remotely signed securely and legally on your mobile & desktop in minutes.

    SignRequest is a Google Docs Add-on that allows you to easily sign documents online using an electronic signature.

    The Twitter Curator add-on for Google Docs helps you search, filter and curate tweets right inside your Google documents.

    Jira Sheet Tools for G Suite Add-On allows to connect to your Jira instance.This versions allows you to have any Jira Ticket ID in your sheet display the individual ticket status with a single click in the Add-On's menu.

    Ultradox allows you to build amazing stuff like simple mail merge to complex reports, invoices, contracts or creating newsletter campaigns within minutes by combining the power of several cloud services like GMail, Google Forms, Docs and Sheets.

    Folder Team Notifications for Google Drive for G Suite gets notified you and others people when a change is made in a Google Drive Folder.

    Gmail Merge for G Suite is a google spreadsheet add-on that helps to do the mail merge by using gmail account.

    Link Manager for Google Drive for G Suite allows for native sharing of files from Google Drive offers opening native Google documents or preview mode for other types of files.

    Litera Change-Pro Document Comparison for G Suite allows users to compare documents from their Google Drive/Docs.

    Lumin automatically works with Gmail and Google Drive, allowing you to view your files or email attachments without downloading them.

    PDF Mergy for G Suite allows to merge PDF files with a simple drag and drop interface.

    WriteWell for Google Docs for G Suite is a Google Docs add-on that jumpstarts your writing project by choosing from our vast template library for professionals, college and K-12. Get outlines, tips, samples and smart phrases to guide you through the writing process.

    Advanced URL Shortener add-on for Google Docs lets you to shorten multiple long URLs in your document by a click.

    The Google Docs Creator add-on from apps experts features a document merge function for Google Docs.

    DocuSign allows you to Sign, send, track, and manage documents right from your favorite G Suite applications.

    ezFlow for Google Docs is designed to allow users to create version and workflow right in the document no need to create multiple version.

    G-Connector unlocks the Salesforce data loading functionality of the popular Microsoft Excel add-on in the Google Drive environment.

    Grackle Docs is an add-on that extends the accessibility of Google Docs by automatically checking all aspects of your document and advising you how to make things better.

    Kami tools enables you to annotate, markup, and collaborate on your PDF, document, or image files.

    Link Manager for Google Drive for G Suite allows for native sharing of files from Google Drive offers opening native Google documents or preview mode for other types of files.

    PieSync syncs contacts between cloud apps (Pipedrive, MS Dynamics, SugarCRM, Highrise, Zoho, BaseCRM, Insightly, Conctactually, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Salesforce, SalesforceIQ, ProsperWorks, MailChimp, InfusionSoft, etc.) 2-way and in real-time.

    Power Tools add-on cuts the clicks on repeated tasks and brings features for organizing and unifying data in Google Sheets.

    Process Street is a SaaS platform that lets non-technical teams create powerful, API-driven workflows. Process Street is the easiest way to document, track, automate and optimize customer-centric processes.

    Receipt Printer for G Suite is designed to generate, print, save and publish customized receipts.

    Sidebar Translator for G Suite add-on displays the sidebar with an embedded google translation.

    The Google Slides Creator add-on from apps experts features a presentation merge function for Google Slides.

    Sorc'd for Google Sheets for G Suite allows to sort, filter, and insert online research to sheets.

    Table Styles add-on lets you quickly apply a professional and uniform look to your tables in Google Sheets.

    Visual Paradigm Online for G Suite draws UML, Flowchart, BPMN & ArchiMate, performs user story mapping and customer journey mapping.

    Advanced Find & Replace add-on for Google Docs revolutionizes your experience by saving your time to search and replace items such as text and/or/with formatting.

    Auto Email Spreadsheet for G Suite allows users to schedule and email sheet/entire spreadsheet/range as attachment to multiple recipients.

    Blank Detector for G Suite add-on detects blank rows, columns and cells on your sheet.

    Cacoo is a user friendly online drawing tool that allows you to create a variety of diagrams such as site maps, wire frames, UML and network charts.

    Case Studies Extractor for G Suite is designed to extract some text fields from MS PowerPoint presentations.

    Chart Exporter for G Suite allows users to export charts in your Google Sheet to high resolution images.

    CoContacts for G Suite unleashes the power of collaborative Gmail and Google Contacts. It allows you tocontrol what's shared, who can share, edit, view...even connect Android, iOS, and Outlook.

    Contents for G Suite is a table of contents add-on for Docs.

    Crop Sheet for G Suite provides the ability to quickly remove extra rows and columns from a sheet.

    Doc Variables for G Suite is a simple tool to add variables in content, title, header, and footer.

    The Email Spreadsheet add-on can convert and email Google Spreadsheets as PDF, Microsoft Excel XLSX or CSV files to one or more email recipients.

    EZPro for G Suite is a cloud based service management and customer support software to achieve cost-effective operational transparency and efficiency

    Fax Rocket for G Suite is designed to help send a fax, online or offline.

    Flowtocol for G Suite allows users to import the Flowtocol procedures that were created under FlowWriter and run them as a Google Sheet add-on.

    Form Notifications Extended is a Google Forms add-on that supports a few variables in the notifications to respondents.

    Form Workflow Plus sets up validation process within minutes inside G Suite.

    Forward To The Next for G Suite is an Add-on for Spreadsheet that forwards the last received email to the next email in the list.

    Freeze Selection for G Suite is designed to help users to instantly convert selected formulas to values.

    Grackle Sheets for G Suite allows for users to check a Google Sheet for accessibility issues and publish an accessible HTML version of the sheet.

    Haiku Deck is the fastest, easiest new way to create and share beautiful presentations without hiring a professional designer or wrestling with complicated software.It easily imports photos from Google Drive, Facebook, and other popular sites, and share instantly to any social network or connected device.

    KISS Email Merge for G Suite offers free email merge utility for sending templated emails.

    Label Merge for G Suite is a fast and easy way to merge data from a Google Sheet to produce mass labels.

    Mailform enables you to send USPS First Class Mail and USPS Certified Mail right from your computer. It's perfect for sending letters, complaints, invoices, statements, contracts, agreements, or any other type of document.

    Mail Merge Contacts for G Suite merges your Google Document as emails to your selected Gmail Contact Group.

    Metadrive is a Dashboard for Google Drive to boost your team collaboration with advanced findability options like: Custom metadata, Advanced search, Folder and sub folders data consolidation, customizable views, and much more

    Obie for G Suite is a digital teammate designed to help users share and access knowledge across their team. for G Suite is a file converter designed to let users convert media easily and in high quality from one format to another.

    OVER.AI for G Suite deploys voice AI experiences across telephony and communication channels.

    Phonami PBX for G Suite allows users to add and manage communication accounts for their business or organization.

    Projects for G Suite is a project management software designed for Google Works.It is focused on budget approval and organizing your documents.

    Ranges for G Suite allows users to controll any named ranges that include the text Hide.

    Rethink Workflow is an advanced cloud-based system that helps to create your forms and define your processes quickly, easily and is readily accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device. service enables you to rotate PDF documents permanently, free of charge.

    Sejda PDF Editor for G Suite allows you to edit PDF documents, adding text, images, editing existing text, whiteout tool, annotate with highlight and strike-through, draw shapes.

    Sentiment Analysis for G Suite analyzes the sentiments of your paragraphs in your Google Docs.

    ServBasic Service Industry Software allows you to manage customers, schedules, billing, payments, google calendar, and more in minutes.

    The servicecamp app for Gmail allows you to directly reply to tickets in your servicecamp from your familiar Gmail environment.The app offers you all the advantages of servicecamp without having the need to frequently check both, your servicecamp and your Gmail inbox.

    SORC'D provides an easy way to organize, recall and discover snippets of relevant content.

    teamgeist is the app for the work environment of the 21st takes care of absence planning and reclaims your time for what's important to you.

    Text gBlaster is perfect for sending bulk text messages from Google Sheets , including tailored messages, to small, large or huge groups of mobile devices.

    Typsystem for G Suite help for assigning types to cells and checking the correctness of formulas.

    Unsafe Content Detection for G Suite component is an integration of this service into Google Doc that allows to scan big documents in one click in order to detect content that should be reviewed by an user to be sure it should not be removed.

    ViewMyBrowser allows you to get a personalized, browser based business solution covering the areas of support, sales and attracting new clients.

    Watermark is an advanced feature allows you to optionally password protect your file as well.

    Wizy Mail Merge & Doc Merge with Attachments for G Suite allows you to do free mail merge & document merge with attachments , merges Sheets, Docs, PDF or Emailwhich also Includes Email tracking & templates library.

    YoolinkPro is a full corporate social network focusing on sharing information and fostering discussion within a company or an association. YoolinkPro drives adoption with state-of-the-art interfaces so users can use them immediately.

    Zerabase is a free document grammar and prose checker add-on for Google Docs.