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Gamification software applies common video game features (badges, achievements, points, leaderboards, etc.) to functions related to business in order to encourage employee engagement, brand advocacy, and/or customer loyalty. If a business is looking to incentivize its employees or customers to perform certain tasks, such as sharing content or making a purchase, gamification software is a way to both track and reward that behavior. Gamification may be used by anyone looking to encourage certain behaviors, such as marketing teams, HR, sales teams, customer service teams, or managers.

Gamification software can be used independently or it can integrate with other software frequented by a given team or customer. Gamification software is most often used internally, but it can even be integrated into a customer-facing app or website.

To qualify for inclusion in the Gamification category, a product must:

  • Track or allow for the input of certain behaviors
  • Allocate rewards such as points or badges
  • Provide some analytics functionality to track behaviors and successful users
  • Have either a public or private leaderboard function
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    Gleam is marketing app help to grow the business Email List, E-commerce store SaaS business, and Facebook audience.

    Enable customers to pay with their phones at your store locations. Leverage LevelUp's already-built POS integrations for free to enable a seamlessly integrated payment workflow. Reward your users when they achieve goals in your app by sending them LevelUp Credit for specific merchants.

    Recognized as "Innovators of Systematic Virality" by CIO Magazine. Viral brand advocacy and community activation platform for amplifying demand, organic acquisition, revenue acceleration, loyalty, engagement, and awareness. Platform integrates gamification, cross-channel social media, actions, data on-boarding, analytics reporting, email automation, and advertising intergration. Queue is flexible to support fan, customer, and employee brand advocacy reward programs, waitlists, and promotions, giveaways, and contest based campaigns.

    GetBadges gives a boost to employee engagement and improves company culture by adding fun thanks to game elements. It can help both management and HR staff increase motivation in everyday (sometimes boring) tasks. The innovative key is that we using smart algorithm, that process the data directly from tools the employees are using and gives them instant feedback about their work. The game runs automatically based on previously sets management KPIs and helps whole software team reach their goals.

    Bunchball combines behavioral economics, big data, and gamification to inspire loyalty that lasts. We empower businesses to motivate, engage, and generate true loyalty among customers, partners and employees. This is Loyalty 3.0. We motivate millions of people to take action every day. We know what gets people going: a goal that matters, recognition among peers, and a meaningful reward. We’ve built the best tools and assembled the most experienced team to help you to motivate and engage your most important audiences: employees, customers, online communities and partners.

    Active Community™ is the gamification app built on Salesforce for Salesforce, internally as well as externally such as Salesforce Communities.

    Socialshaker offers marketers a range of 30 mechanisms to set up contests and giveaways games with social media on Facebook, mobile or website.

    Battlejungle is an online employee engagement tool that helps companies build an attracting workplace via gamified team building events, activities and sports tournaments.

    Datagame enhances or replaces traditional online surveys with interactive, mobile-friendly gamified experiences. These gamified surveys significantly improve user engagement and response rates, yielding superior and more authentic insights. The growing Datagame catalog includes solutions for MaxDiff, image and logo testing, brand health research, customer feedback, and more.

    You don’t have to spend your time scouring physical stores or the internet looking for client gifts or employee recognition gifts. With Gravy, you can select and send the perfect gift in minutes using our free business account or Business Pro account— best of all, our tools make managing and tracking your gifting a breeze. We’ll even set your account up for you if you like.

    nGUVU offers an employee engagement platform for contact centers. Using game mechanics, recognition, and social media concepts, nGAGEMENT influences agents’ behaviors by leveraging people’s natural desire for competition, collaboration, achievement, status and recognition to build intrinsic motivation and improve employee engagement. nGAGEMENT is an immersive experience that empowers agents to self-manage and makes it fun for them to accomplish tasks that are at the core of their responsibilities.

    QuizCom is an interactive game show solution designed for supporting learning campaigns, promoting or reinforcing corporate communications, engaging with delegates at live events and for making learning fun.

    Reading Eggs makes learning to read easy and fun for young kids – and it really works! The program is the perfect way to prepare your child for school or help them catch up with their peers if they're struggling.

    Accept Mission is a brainstorm tool which uses gamification. Harvest input from different groups. Users generate ideas undercover and earn points for the (best) ideas. It's perfect for small to very large groups and offers easy collaboration, time, place and function independent.

    Badgeville provides gamification and social engagement solutions that enable companies to influence and measure user behavior.

    With mobile coupon software you can create and spread redeemable, trackable and validatable mobile coupons and deals.

    Gametize is a platform to help motivate an audience using quizzes, polls, and QR code challenges.

    KPIsland synthesizes the user experience of a game with the utility of enterprise software

    Designed to reward customer engagement all the way from acquisition through to retention and loyalty.

    OfferCrafts patent-pending behavior modification software leverages human psychology and data analysis to make incentives more fun, motivating, and profitable.

    Picnic BasKit - the ultimate gamified engagement, loyalty & contesting package

    Pinpong is a ping pong bot for Slack.

    Playoff is a powerful rules engine that can be easily integrated via SDK API into every enterprise existing systems as a gamification layer. If you have an existing software or process that you would like to add a layer of gamification to and you don’t have the time to have your own team of developers look into it, then Playoff provides an ideal solution. In Playoff you can create, modify and simulate "gamified projects" in a simple and intuitive way, saving time and money to invest in development and therefore to shorten the time to market. Playoff allows you to introduce easily competition, rewards, progress bar, incentives and leaderboards in all the projects in which you need to engage and motivate yours users. Thanks to its agnostic nature, it works for any vertical integrations in any lines of business (HR, learning & training, sales, marketing, etc.) ENGAGE PEOPLE MOTIVATE ACTIONS

    Roialty social profile based gamification and engagement solutions help brands boost their loyalty programs and marketing campaigns.

    SiLAS is a browser-based software designed to allow students to act out social scenes using video game pads and microphones to control their own 3D avatars.

    Sweet Tooth is a points and rewards app for e-commerce merchants, offers customized loyalty programs and reward systems to custome...

    WorkStride is a fully-configurable software platform designed to help organizations reach and engage dealers, distributors, contractors, resellers, and more with exciting promotions, seamless sales entry and validation, and motivating rewards experiences. Our interactive channel incentives platform helps drive positive selling behaviors, loyalty, mindshare, sales lift and ROI.