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Governance, risk & compliance (GRC) software helps businesses monitor performance and relationships to minimize financial, legal, and all other liabilities. GRC features may organize and evaluate risk information, track companywide incidents, and provide various other tools for measuring risk factors and modifying operations as necessary to comply with certain policies. These products may integrate with general performance management software to show how compliance impacts the overall operation. They may also integrate with corporate performance management and other accounting tools for when incidents and risk training requires company financials. Operations teams within an organization utilize GRC software to maintain the integrity of their company and avoid scenarios such as lawsuits, investigations, and injuries. Each of the three GRC components and tasks—governance, risk, and compliance—impact the same aspects of an organization and reveal valuable information to the other two. Vendors typically package GRC products as a whole to deliver these collective benefits to the user.

To qualify for inclusion in the Governance, Risk & Compliance category, a product must:

  • Catalogue and assess business-specific risks
  • Provide administrators with tools to communicate risks to employees and ensure operations comply with company, industry, and federal policies
  • Help users structure audit and risk mitigation projects
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    PowerDMS is cloud-based software that stores and distributes content online. The application provides practical tools to organize and manage crucial documents and industry standards, train and test employees, and uphold proof of compliance, thereby helping organizations reduce risk and liability. PowerDMS simplifies document management through powerful collaboration, process and automation.

    Reduce the cost and effort needed to proactively prevent risk events and compliance violations

    CIMCON Software is the leading provider of Model risk and EUC risk management software. We provide solutions to minimize the risk of errors and data loss in end-user controlled applications (EUC or UDA). This includes Excel spreadsheets, Access databases and other modeling tools. CIMCON Software has been consistently recognized as the industry standard in end-user controlled computing risk management & compliance, helping hundreds of the world’s largest organizations.

    Occupational Safety Management Software is all about managing the safety interaction you have with your workers. It combines business, processes, people and technology to create and maintain a safe environment for your workers. It’s an overall strategy to help you communicate information on hazards and best practices in your workplace, so you can develop a stronger, lasting culture of safety within all stakeholders in your organization. It’s very difficult and risky to run a successful business without a strong focus on safety. SafetySync makes it easy to deploy your safety program and not only fulfil your legislated safety requirements but go above and beyond for your workers.

    LogicGate enables enterprises to transform disorganized risk and compliance processes into easy to use applications with an intuitive user interface. The platform enables organizations to configure powerful yet pragmatic agile GRC workflows, logic, and rules to reduce their risk exposure and reduce costs associated with managing large compliance programs.

    LogicGate Reviews

    Grow, and live, with GDPR . DPOrganizer is a Swedish company offering a flexible and easy-to-use data protection management software. The DPOrganizer SaaS-tool helps businesses and organisations map, visualize, report and manage your processing of personal data. DPOrganizer supports businesses on three levels: 1. Comply: For the person working with GDPR matters; the project manager or data protection officer 2. Collaborate: For collaborating and automating your work within the organisation 3: Communicate: For managing external relations, such as individuals, businesses and supervisory authorities

    Cammsrisk is the easy way to manage risk on the cloud. We keep things simple, with a simple to follow user interface, pre-configured risk, incident and hazard management templates and easy-to-read dashboards. But we dont let this simplicity compromise performance. Cammsrisk complies with international standards such as ISO 31000:2009 and the COSO framework. Plus, our iOS and Android apps mean you can access your organisations data anywhere, any time. We'll have you up and running really quickly, so give us a try!

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    The Fastpath Assure suite is a cloud-based audit platform that can track, review, approve and mitigate access risks across multiple systems from a single dashboard. The suite comes with a pre-configured segregation of duties rule set specific to each ERP, and works across a variety of ERP/CRM systems, including Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, SAP, Oracle, Sage Intacct, and Acumatica. Access Reviews Using Fastpath Assure, clients can easily report what access users have, run reports, and record sign-offs for later audits. This can report can be run in minutes, and even automated, cutting audit times from weeks to hours. Includes auditor created report templates to report areas of critical access. SOD Reviews Segregation of Duties (SOD) reviews are made simple with Assure by housing a customizable out of the box ruleset and continuous monitoring for conflicts. Also includes report templates, with the ability to record mitigations for existing conflicts. Reports can be easily shared and signed off on for later audit, and especially for SOX 404 compliance. Change Tracking The Audit Trail module allows you to track changes within your system, changes made directly to the underlying databases, and even schema changes. Audit Trail can report changes by who, when, and what, recording before and after values, including deletions. This is perfect for finding and fixing errors, mistakes, and fraud. Compliant User Provisioning The Identity Manager module automates user creation, editing, and termination. Taking the manual processes of requesting, approving, and granting access, and improving it by giving it to the business process owner, applying an automated approval workflow, and automatically applying without the need for IT. With the use of the SOD module, the requests even include conflict reports for full transparency. Cross Platform Our tools allow you to run functionality simultaneously across many platforms, simplifying GRC across multiple locations, and subsidiaries. Our integrations include Oracle, NetSuite, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics (AX, GP, NAV, SL & CRM), Intacct, Salesforce, Workiva Wdesk, and Zendesk.

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    Automate your audit, risk, or compliance programs for better governance. ACL GRC helps put a big, shiny exclamation point on how awesome you are in your role. By taking the spreadsheets, manual processes, and struggles to collaborate out of your team’s day, you can get back to helping your organization achieve goals, deliver services, and protect its reputation. All of your activities are centralized in a modern workflow so you can focus your team on high-value critical thinking and let the technology aggregate your data and statuses for real-time decision making and reporting. Your boss will think you worked all weekend.

    Enabling a reduction in internal control deficiencies, streamlining inefficient business processes and implementing a proactive approach to risk management

    As the leading global provider of ethics and compliance cloud software, Convercent connects ethics to business performance by weaving ethics and values into everyday operations in over 600 of the world’s largest companies. Convercent Applications: Convercent Helpline including - Whistleblower Hotline & Case Management Increase employee engagement and issues reported with the industry’s easiest-to-use helpline and case manager. Convercent Helpline offers global 24x7 phone, web, proxy, mobile texting and comprehensive case management for investigators to ensure your employee voices are heard and acted on for all issue reported, anonymous or not. Convercent Campaigns including - Policy Management & Online Training Simplify the administration of policy management, learning and training while increasing employee engagement. Convercent helps ensure employees both understand and sign the policies that support your company success while integrating with your HR system. Convercent Disclosures includes - Conflicts of Interest & Onboarding Questionnaires An extensive disclosure program is your best protection against misconduct and prosecution. Broaden your protection beyond the executive suite to eliminate institutional blindness. Convercent Third Party includes - Due Diligence & Supplier Questionnaires Driving ethics to the center of your business extends to your suppliers. Convercent Third Party ensures there are no weak links in protecting company culture. Convercent Insights includes - Board Reporting & Root-Cause Analysis See compliance and company-wide data in a way that highlights patterns, outliers and correlations. Convercent Insights helps you anticipate compliance hotspots before they appear, enabling targeted, proactive leadership. Convercent has almost 600 customers worldwide, including: Microsoft, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Capgemini and Under Armour who care deeply about driving ethics to the center of their organizations.

    Convercent Reviews

    Certent Disclosure Management delivers more control over SEC reporting process with greater efficiency, superior quality, and expert support. Certent enables you to create, compare, collaborate, and communicate all crucial aspects of regulatory reporting in a Microsoft Office environment, with integration with your ERP and/or consolidation system, one-click EDGARization, and extensive XBRL functionality streamlining the process, improving productivity, and strengthening controls and compliance. When you need the best in regulatory reporting, the choice is Certent. From a comprehensive onboarding process, to the flexibility to choose the right level of services to meet your needs, to an assigned customer relationship manager ensuring your success, you are never alone in your pursuit of efficiently-produced, high-quality disclosure documents. Our experts are here to help you address and resolve questions about complex SEC compliance and XBRL tagging issues. We provide robust customer support, extensive online resources, and regular software updates. We are committed to ensuring you derive the maximum value from your investments through an unwavering focus on customer success. Maybe that’s why more than 1,300 companies rely on Certent.

    Resolvers integrated platform supports GRC application areas including Risk Assessment, Internal Control, Internal Audit, Compliance Management and Enterprise Risk Management.

    Carta is modernizing and revolutionizing the way private companies manage and interact with their share- and optionholders.

    ZenGRC is trusted by companies of all sizes including Salesforce, Google, Uber and Airbnb to reduce time and cost, while eliminating spreadsheets. ZenGRC is light years beyond using spreadsheets, docs, or emails to manage risk and compliance at a fraction of the cost of other enterprise GRC tools. In additIon to increasing visibility into controls, processes and risks, customers also provide better insights to senior management. Get a free demo today!

    5 of the largest worldwide regulatory agencies use MasterControl. Their Quality Management software enables your company to get your products to market faster at reduced cost, and increased efficiency. Average estimated first year savings for a complete QMS reported at $248,565. As the only automated TOQ provider MasterControl has deployed their software across 1,000 customers and 30 countries. Discover how you can automate your CAPA, Document Control, Training, and other QMS processes.

    Riskalyze is transforming the industry by empowering investment advisors to capture a quantitative measurement of client risk tolerance, and use that data to win new clients, capture and meet expectations and quantify suitability.

    RSA Archer, you can manage risks, demonstrate compliance, and automate business processes.

    Provides an integrated platform for standardizing and managing strategic and operational risks

    DataTracks enables customers across geographies to file reports compliant with the standards of regulators like the SEC (the US), HMRC (the UK), Revenue (Ireland), various EU regulatory authorities, ACRA (Singapore), MCA (India), and CIPC (South Africa). To know why financial accounting firms and enterprises world-over trust DataTracks, please visit https://www.datatracks.com, https://www.datatracks.co.uk, and https://www.datatracks.eu.

    Lime Software puts your business back in control of your Oracle Licensing. Helping you understand your compliance position, manage your risks and maintain accurate reporting of actual usage of all Oracle Technology . Lime does not require any infrastructure to deploy, no middleware or databases are required. Inventory turn around in days not months (Zero Footprint)

    Oracle Fusion Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), a component of the Oracle Fusion Applications suite, provides a complete enterprise GRC platform

    Smart RIA software with our proprietary Advisor Alert technology combines back office efficiencies with Federal and State compliance to offer an all-in-one RIA management platform that helps you to remain audit ready and manage your business while saving time and money.

    World-Check is focused on providing high quality risk intelligence that serves the KYC and Know Your Business (KYB) value chain of highly regulated industries.

    AuditBoard is a fully-integrated GRC platform for SOX compliance, controls management, operational audits, and ERM, all united by a powerful, intuitive workflow. With real-time dashboards that provide quick, 360-degree snapshots of a company’s audit and risk universe, we empower teams to work smart -- and audit happy. Our product suite includes: SOXHUB, OpsAudit, Workstream, ERM, and Compliance. Learn more at www.auditboard.com.

    Compliance Guardian comes with 25 built-in test suites to help you comply with common regulations.

    Gain deep insight into all aspects of enterprise-wide governance, risk and compliance. Adapts to your GRC methodology Maintain your current risk and compliance management processes while improving overall efficiency and performance. Improve time to value Lower development and deployment costs with an application that enables you to automate risk and compliance processes to meet the challenges of change without the need for custom code. Flexible and configurable Reduce your risk and compliance approach over time with a scalable platform that empowers you to deploy fit for purpose solutions with shared resources.

    Real-time enterprise risk management with Microsoft Excel Invantive Control is a proven real-time Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) software solution to assess the likelihood of financial threats and project risks from within Microsoft Excel. Invantive Control provides businesses and organizations with all the functionalities needed to make real-time risk management decisions. In addition Invantive Control empowers you to create, secure and share detailed risk matrices, models and plans in Microsoft Excel. The input and outcome of your risk models will be exchanged with your databases using SQL. With Invantive Control you will have all the functionalities you need to control risks, calculate projected figures and project your future cash flows in real-time. Pairing Excel and databases for optimizing your risk strategy Invantive Control provides you with benefits such as: - Flexibility of Excel paired with the data integrity provided by your own database. - Download and upload facts to your databases using SQL. - Real-time risks management and intelligence within compliance rules. - Database and data warehouse with time-travel to look into your historical figures enterprise wide. - Create and execute predictive models such as PD, LGD, NPV and IRR from within Microsoft Excel. - Calculate projected figures, future cash flows and return on capital investment in real-time. - Structured framework that meets ISO 27002, SAS 70, Dutch GAAP, USA GAAP and IFRS standards. - Open and handle large templates and models within Excel using the integrated document management system (DMS). - Design and edit different risk models. Supported Platforms Invantive Composition for Microsoft Word supports the following databases: - Microsoft SQL Server - MySQL - Oracle RDBMS - Teradata - IBM DB2 UDB - ANSI SQL - ODBC

    Oversight Insights On Demand™ is a web-based software solution that automates spending program compliance by comprehensively analyzing expense report, purchase card, and accounts payable transactions to identify fraud, non-compliant purchases, and wasteful spending. Through visibility into the interaction between policy and behavior, Oversight offers opportunities for ongoing improvement, and helps organizations transform how they are managing risks in their spending programs. Key Differentiators include: • Artificial Intelligence Based Analytics • Behavioral analytics for observing patterns and trends • Robust workflow with automated audit, communications, and root-cause tracking

    Anticipate and navigate global regulatory compliance confidently with the most comprehensive and trusted intelligence available in a single solution.

    DHC VISION is an integrated enterprise management system that combines the core disciplines of process-oriented control to create a powerful solution for successful corporate management.

    EtQ is the leading quality, EHS and compliance management software provider for identifying, mitigating and preventing high-risk events through integration, automation and collaboration. EtQ provides a compliance management platform that enables organizations to implement compliance processes, create new processes and automate and control their compliance ecosystem. Core solutions include Corrective Action, Risk Management, Document Control and Employee Training.

    LexisNexis® Dossier Suite™ is a searchable reporting tool that provides in-depth information on more than 80M companies, 75 million executives and 1,000 industries.

    LogicManager believes performance is a result of effective risk management. Since 2005, LogicManager's enterprise risk management (ERM) software has empowered organizations to uphold their reputation, anticipate what's ahead, and improve business performance through strong governance. Today, LogicManager’s SaaS software and included advisory service help businesses integrate risk, governance, and compliance activities so they can protect their employees, customers, and shareholders. LogicManager was named one of Insight Success’ 50 Most Valuable Technology Companies, was awarded GRC 20/20’s GRC Value Award in Risk Management, and has been recognized by Forrester Research with a perfect 5.0 in Customer Feedback. With offices in the United States and Europe, LogicManager enables companies around the globe to achieve success. To learn more about LogicManager, visit www.logicmanager.com

    CEBOS provides enterprise wide quality management and management system standard software and services.

    MyEasyISO is a subscription based productivity enhancement and compliance management software to enable organizations put a robust quality management system in place as per ISO 9001:2015 standard. We make ISO 9001 implementation, certification and maintenance simple.

    Pentana is a software product that offers a complete solution for risk-based auditing. Comprising audit best practice, risk library content, easy deployment and a modern user interface for on and offline working, Pentana has an unrivalled pedigree in audit and risk management.

    Quality & Project Management for achieving and maintaining ISO 13485:2016, CE Mark or U.S.QSR (21CFR 820) for 510(K) Compliance Success. qmsWrapper integrates 5 separate software into 1 complete cloud based system, including Project, Risk, Document and Quality Management modules with built-in Team Messaging for the best Collaborative Compliance experience. Quality managers with little experience can easily step into the role and effectively start. Create safer, better, medical devices and get them to market faster.

    Riskonnect is a enterprise-class risk management software. Riskonnect is designed to allow organizations to holistically understand, manage and control risks, positively affecting shareholder value.

    A global solution developed to simplify and streamline counterparty due diligence and the ongoing maintenance of Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance records.

    TrackStreet's industry-leading MAP compliance software automates the tedious, time-intensive task of monitoring Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) and Authorized Dealer program compliance.

    V-comply enables you to assign compliance responsibilities either to yourself or others; categorize them under the laws, certifications, audits or other regulations; track their execution and know their compliance status, in one dashboard.

    Delivers real-time, customer-centric fraud prevention that supports a holistic, enterprise-wide fraud management program.

    AdaptiveGRC is a flexible and fully customizable GRC solution, which allows highly regulated companies such as Life Sciences, Energy or Financial institutions to manage their Governance, Risk Management & Compliance activities in one place. It reduces administrative burden (by 50%), overcomes the problem of data inconsistency and gives you greater insight into the state of compliance. AdaptiveGRC consists of five fully integrated business modules: Compliance Manager, Enterprise Risk Manager, Enterprise Architect Manager, Audit Manager and Quality Manager, which cover the whole GRC management process.

    AML Risk Manager from Fiserv provides for each of the four essential areas of an AML program, KYC, Detection, Case Management and Reporting.

    The Aruvio Cloud GRC platform systematically improves business continuity management for organizations of any size.

    Azure Policy is a service in Azure, that you use to create, assign and, manage policy definitions in your Azure environment.

    BLR is a provider of compliance and training solutions in the hr-employment (DOL), compensation, safety (OSHA) and environmental (EPA) areas.

    CertsOnline is a full-service insurance tracking product that has the flexibly to validate and monitor insurance coverage requirements contained in any type of agreement, for any type of organization.

    CertTrack is the premier way to manage certificates of insurance online. The cloud based solution allows brokers and risk managers to request, sort, track and approve certificates. This gives an organization the necessary assurance that each vendor they contract with maintains the insurance required in the vendor contract.

    Checkbuster is an online solution that enables you to keep checklists and perform audits & inspections. You can create your own checklist (in every language) and invite team members and clients to conduct inspections from their mobile devices for you. Add images and remarks to inspection items and create a task for a colleague during the inspection. When you finish your inspection the inspection report is automatically created. You can even add your own logo and layout to the report. With our management dashboard, you will have a full insight into all inspection results. Drill down into the results to get a clear view where the issues occur.

    Compliance 360 enables a comprehensive approach to regulatory compliance, risk and audit management through a common enterprise-wide platform.

    The Guard is Compliancy Group’s simple and cost-effective solution that addresses every aspect of compliance. Their proprietary Achieve, Illustrate, and Maintain methodology with Compliance Coach support helps to satisfy the entire set of HIPAA, HITECH, Omnibus, and PCI regulations.

    Donesafe is Health, Safety and Environment software that connects your management system from workers in the field to the management team in the boardroom. Donesafe makes it fast and easy to access, enter and report EHS data in real time. Donesafe is a modern & fresh platform with end to end functionality. It works online with any device, including offline with native iOS and Android apps. Use our out-of-the-box templates or configure to align with your specific requirements.

    eCompliance's cloud and mobile solution give you a simpler and more accurate way to collect field data while generating real-time safety reports that management can use to make faster, fact-based decisions for risk management. With eCompliance, management and executives have a 360-degree real-time view of safety performance and are equipped with the necessary information to proactively reduce corporate risk, so you can better protect your people and your bottom line.

    Evidon's Consent Solutions provide companies with tools that build customer trust through transparency. Our suite of solutions are designed to honor the rights of your website visitors under privacy laws like the General Data Protection Regulation and the ePrivacy Directive. - GDPR Consent Solution: Ensures your website fulfills the consent requirement of the GDPR. - Site Notice: Gives your customers control of who monitors their behavior with customizable consent banners. - Ad Notice: Gives your users freedom of choice over the ads they are served under the AdChoices Program.

    FICO Decision Central manages all decision assets and analytic models across the entire lifecycle. FICO Decision Central minimizes compliance risk with streamlined validation reporting, consistent workflow processes, automated approval capture and accurate audit trails. By enhancing model performance, it allows businesses a single pane of glass to manage risk.

    FinaMetrica provides best-of-breed psychometric assessment of personal financial risk tolerance. We give you a robust, quantitative methodology for linking risk tolerance scores to asset allocations and widely acclaimed educational materials to assist advisors in setting realistic risk and return expectations for your clients.

    Coginov’s GDPR Compliance Solution allows businesses to adapt to EU data and privacy regulations that come into effect as of May 2018. The software enables compliance by providing a centralized dashboard of all information assets, providing physical and semantic inventories, and giving visibility on how information is gathered, treated, and protected.

    ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) transforms inefficient processes across your extended enterprise into a unified GRC program built on the Now Platform. Through continuous monitoring, prioritization, and automation you can respond to real risks in real time.

    HR360 is a SaaS platform that provides comprehensive, easy-to-navigate human resource and benefits compliance, guidance, and news on both federal and state HR laws, it delivers the information, tools and forms need to stay compliant and provides a great range of online tools including a job description developer and salary benchmarking tool to help manage HR needs.

    Intelex's Environmental Management Software is designed to directly address all the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard and provide a complete solution for organizations looking to acquire certification and maintain continual compliance.

    Intelex’s Risk Management software application facilitates the identification, analysis, monitoring, review and treatment of both existing and potential hazards and risks throughout your organization.

    The integrated Safety Trend Analysis and Reporting System (iSTARS) is a web-based system on the ICAO Secure Portal. iSTARS provides a quick and convenient interface to a collection of safety and efficiency datasets and web applications to make safety, efficiency and risk analyses.

    Kairos is a fully integrated and comprehensive governance, risk and compliance solution

    Provides advanced capabilities such as risk calculators and risk heat maps for risk analysis and monitoring.

    MetricStream GRC Apps and Solutions for the Insurance Industry streamline your GRC processes.

    ModelRisk is an Excel add-in that allows the user to include uncertainty in their spreadsheet models.

    OneTrust is a comprehensive privacy management technology platform that helps organisations demonstrate accountability and compliance with global regulations like GDPR.

    Use Financial Reporting Compliance Cloud Service to optimize controls within and outside your financial processes using an integrated solution as part of your Oracle ERP Cloud deployment

    An end-to-end approach to identifying, governing and protecting personal data.

    Predict360 is an integrated platform of core software modules that provide regulatory, industry and company-specific risk and compliance management solutions.

    Compliance Management System (CMS) is an enterprise-class compliance management solution capable of effectively tracking and managing compliance items, notices, and critical action items related to regulatory and internal compliance requirements of an organization.

    Agiliance RiskVision enables an integrated top-down and bottom-up approach to IT security risk management.

    Rsam offers GRC solutions designed to manage details and dynamic requirements across the enterprise and adapt automation to user needs with drag-and-drop simplicity.

    Most Intuitive & Affordable Safety Software! The easiest way to manage your entire safety program from mobile apps and the web. SiteDocs features a custom form builder, PDF document library, worker certification management, offline-mode, reports, and more. SiteDocs will help you easily manage your safety program while saving you time and helping you maintain the highest standard of safety possible.

    The Sovos Intelligent Compliance Cloud includes global tax determination (Sovos Global Tax Determination), exemption certificate management (Sovos CertManager), sales and use tax filing (Sovos Sales and Use Tax Filing), invoice reconciliation (Sovos Use Tax Manager), VAT reporting (Sovos VAT Reporting), electronic invoicing (Sovos eInvoicing) along with tax information reporting for 10-series forms (Sovos 1099), and ACA (Sovos ACA).

    Sword Achiever is the European-based leader in Policy Management, Governance and Compliance software. AchieverPlus software addresses 38+ areas of legislative, regulatory and best practice requirements within the GRC framework. Its customers rely on AchieverPlus software to methodically communicate, review, test, manage and monitor multiple areas of Governance & Compliance within their entire organisation - be it locally, nationally, internationally or globally.

    Tectia SSH is the leading mature, commercial SSH client and server solution, backed by SSH.COM, the world's foremost experts in Secure Shell technologies.

    Create customized legal policies to give your web-based business complete protection. Stay up-to-date with all new laws, and automatically notify your users of changes. Craft a free policy, or sign up for a premium account to access unlimited policies and upgraded features.

    Whether you face well-known or emerging risks, you need a robust enterprise risk manager and framework to navigate these management challenges or strategically seize opportunities.

    Designed specifically to manage businesses which operate in a high compliance environment, webSMaRT integrates job requirements, employee assignments, and training attendance to definitively answer the question, "Are my employees qualified to perform their job?" Far more than a Learning Management System (LMS) which is based on attendance, webSMaRT utilizes a compliance approach which automatically takes into account practical instruction, employee qualifications and certifications, procedural requirements, equivalencies, refresher requirements, training revisions, and inherited requirements, reducing the time and effort needed to manage the complex issues of regulatory compliance.

    Winaim provides a real time view, ensures compliance to standards and process evidenced with data is helping our clients to ensure food safety across the supply chain.

    Abriska is a modular web based product to assist organisations undertake risk management activities.

    ACL allows you to perform a myriad of tests in your data on financial issues, quality control, inventories and triple reconciliations. All this with a friendly interface and very intuitive.

    ActiveDocs develops software for template management and document automation, giving organizations confidence in their document processes.

    ARM one of the most audited risk management solutions in the world.

    AgenaRisk uses the latest developments from the field of Bayesian AI and probabilistic reasoning to model complex, risky problems and improve how decisions are made. You can use AgenaRisk to make predictions, perform diagnostics and make decisions by combining data and knowledge about complex causal and other dependencies in the real world. Our clients use AgenaRisk to model operational risk, systems safety & reliability, health risk, cyber-security risk and strategic financial planning.

    Allgress is a global provider of IT security, compliance and risk management solutions (GRC) designed for end-user organizations and 3rd party vendors to support their business objectives with the least amount of risk.

    Alsid directory security compliance (DSC) provides a rich set of functionalities to tackle the hardest security challenges.

    Altitude IG® is a SaaS-based platform, featuring a set of integrated modules (including eDiscovery, policy, and reports and analytics) that address a broad spectrum of eDiscovery and information governance challenges for the IT professional. Its value resides in its ability to manage and govern information across a wide-array of content. Data is managed in place (behind the firewall) and not stored in the cloud, mitigating risk while maximizing control of your organization’s structured and unstructured data.

    Rely on LexisNexis AML InsightTM to deliver leading content and technology to speed identity verification, strengthen anti-money laundering (AML) compliance, fortify risk mitigation and support enhanced due diligence for key Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer Identification Program (CIP) and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) regulations.

    APEX Analytix helps companies to recover and prevent overpayments, improve processes, ensure compliant supplier relationships, and optimize working capital.

    FISCAL's AP Forensics Enterprise Suite is a set of powerful tools that can be used by any finance professional to reduce overpayments, detect fraud and protect an organization's overall spend. The software has been designed specifically for P2P staff to run on a constant monitoring, daily or weekly basis, and works alongside any accounting or ERP system.

    Aravo delivers market-leading SaaS solutions for managing enterprise third party risk to help Global 2000 companies protect their brand, build customer trust and elevate business performance.

    Arbutus gives you analytics solutions that best meet the challenging demands you and your team face. You can become better advisors to the organization through progressive and complementary analytics that drive assurance in business data, processes and controls.

    ARCON's GRC seeks to create a system and indirectly influence organizational culture so that compliance with external regulations, enforcement of internal policies and risk management are automated as much as possible and can evolve in an orderly fashion as business and compliance needs change.

    The ARGO Fraud and Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/AML) Suite offers analytics-driven fraud solutions to effectively reduce financial losses, operating expenses, and reputational risk by protecting financial institutions and their customers from fraudulent activity.

    Argoscope is a payment monitoring solution, designed to detect and prevent fraud in organizations. The system monitors the entire payment process, conducting real time risk assessments before approving fund transfers. Argoscope is comprised of hundreds of unique algorithms that enable the managerial level, continuous supervision and preclusion of any unusual payment, in real time and in a manner of seconds. Argoscope provides regulatory compliance without interfering to the workflow.

    Meet internal and external legal and regulatory requirements and manage enterprise risks using the ARIS Governance, Risk and Compliance Platform. Our process-driven solution combines Business Process Analysis (BPA) with audit-proof workflows, turning risk and compliance management into a strategic management tool. Capabilities: - Control Testing - Regulatory Change Management - Operational Risk Management - Issue Management - Incident & Loss Management - Survey Management - Policy Management - Audit Management - Continuous Monitoring - Monitoring & Reporting - Dashboarding

    AspectCTRM is the leading trade and risk management solution for today’s energy and commodity traders, risk managers, operations staff and back-office personnel. It’s the only multi-commodity SaaS CTRM / ETRM software delivered in the cloud.

    Fastpath Assure is a comprehensive, interactive tool that enables organizations to identify security conflicts within your ERP application, better understand their overall security and provide the necessary documentation to both internal and external audit teams.

    The AssurX platform is a versatile system of software solutions for quality management and regulatory compliance to reliably communicate and coordinate information, documentation and activities across the enterprise. AssurX allows regulated businesses to easily identify and control risk exposure and avoid quality or noncompliance problems while improving workflow. It is uniquely configurable to fit any established or dynamic business requirements. The AssurX system creates an electronic workflow of tasks, alerts, escalations and approvals that can be automated to the desired level and mapped precisely to real-world operations. Begin with just the solutions and functionality you need now, then implement what you like whenever you’re ready. No other system is easier to deploy, configure and modify.

    AuditComply enables modern businesses operating in highly regulated industries to manage their compliance demands and provides a new level of visibility through our Analytic dashboard, instantaneous report generation, issue tracking and in-depth analytics.

    AuditDesktop carefully combines Governance, Enterprise risk management and Compliance functionalities to automate the complete process of planning, conducting and documenting an audit and to provide a solution that enhances the performance of audit organizations while making auditor life easier.

    AuditFindings is web-based tool for audit issues tracking is easy-to-use and eliminates the pitfalls of using spreadsheets. Its a robust issue management system designed for audit and compliance departments.

    Audit Management Ba-PRO is an application for supporting the internal audit process. It allows you to set up your own audits / questionnaires web based but also use predefined audit forms.

    AuditOnline is a fully-featured Audit management system, empowering day to day users to complete, respond, report and action on all standards within an organisation to become and remain compliant, e.g CQC. Tablet/smartphone technology links direct to a powerful analytics portal comprehensively managing, automating and mandating action plans.

    Audit Pro is a web-based application that helps an organization manage, schedule, assign, and monitor the status of audits, and the Corrective Actions for any internal audit.

    Audit Prodigy helps deliver complex Internal Audit, SOX and Compliance programs by leading small and large teams and partnering with leadership, audit committees and audit partners.

    Axeptio is a trusted third party that collects and archive users' consent in a GDPR compliant fashion. It's a generic and recognizable form that can be embedded in any website, displaying all the required information about the consent that is given. The end-user can access and modify its choices anytime on Axeptio's platform.

    Cloud based end to end risk management & regulatory compliance

    Beakon is a cloud-based eLearning system. It works to manage or improve safety in high-risk industries. Various management, auditing tools, and risk assessment features included.

    BraveGen is an environmental compliance, health & safety, sustainability and contractor management system. The platform provides real-time reporting and analytics tools. Users can review live data and take immediate action right from the same, intuitive interface across multiple devices.

    LexisNexis Bridger Insight XG is a fully integrated compliance platform that enables organizations like yours to consolidate compliance processes, standardize controls and bring enterprise-wide operational consistency.

    Brinqa GRC provides a pluggable set of building blocks for meeting your IT process governance, risk management, and compliance reporting needs.

    Covers all aspects of the risk management process, ranging from initial risk identification, through risk assessment and evaluation to risk mitigation.

    Developed exclusively for PCI DSS compliance, Card Recon is the industry leading cardholder data discovery tool trusted by more than 300 PCI QSAs globally. Card Recon accurately identifies insecure PANs issued by all major card brands, including track 1 and track 2 data.

    CaseWare IDEA® is a comprehensive, powerful and easy-to-use data analysis tool that quickly analyzes 100% of your data, guarantees data integrity and speeds your analysis, paving the way to faster, more effective audits.

    Certent's web-based Disclosure Management software gives you greater control of your financial reporting process and eliminates manual processes reducing risk and improving efficiency.

    CertFocus is your trusted partner in delivering the highest level of compliance possible in the certificate of insurance management industry.

    EUC Insight Change Management monitors high-risk EUCs to alert on critical changes and implements flexible controls that reduce risk.

    EUC Insight Discovery scans your network to automatically create an inventory of high-risk files, identify errors, and generate an enterprise data lineage map.

    CIMCON’s EUCI Inventory makes it easy to maintain a current and accurate central inventory of your critical EUCs. It automatically updates your inventory as EUCs are used by the business, giving you a strong foundation to lower your EUC risk.

    Cisive is a provider of tech-enabled and compliance-driven human capital management and risk management solutions.

    The Clareti platform delivers absolute data integrity in the most complex global financial environments. Clareti was first launched in 2011 by a senior team with decades of experience in the field of complex data management and a combined passion for progress. Designed from the ground up to be a faster, more agile, visionary data integrity platform, that would push the boundaries of innovation, while guaranteeing robust control and accountability. Rapid, scalable and uniquely flexible - Faster to deploy than any competitor product, Clareti onboard’s new data, adapts to industry-specific requirements easily and brings control to the most complicated data processing environments. - Clareti delivers transparency with powerful real-time visualisation across the enterprise, exceptions are flagged and escalated automatically bringing efficiency and control. - Trusted by nearly a hundred enterprise clients around the world, including tier one financial services and major corporates, Clareti has built a reputation as the most innovative data integrity platform on the market.

    Software designed by risk managers to help organizations streamline their incidents and claims process.

    ClearView is a web based platform that helps organisations to manage effectively their Business Continuity Management (BCM) activity, encompassing risk assessment, business impact analysis (BIA), plan development (Crisis/Incident Management, Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery), exercise and testing and all areas of compliance.

    CloudEQMS is an enterprise quality management software all-in-one solution for QHSE risk and compliance with access to information, anytime, anywhere with BI mobile apps.

    Compfie is a cloud-based, one-stop compliance tracking solution for all corporate governance requirements.

    Compli provides a cloud-based solution that manages compliance activities across the workforce.

    ComplianceBuilder is a real-time monitoring solution designed to enable 21 CFR Part 11 compliance to provide data integrity across IT systems such as file systems, database systems, laboratory or any manufacturing instruments.

    ComplianceQuest is a cloud based enterprise quality management software (EQMS).

    Compli's flagship product, Compligo, is cloud-based software that manages compliance activities to ensure timely and documented completion across the workforce spanning regulatory obligations, HR policy, code of conduct, safety training, and more.

    Creating plans and standards that effectively span multiple entities of your organization.

    The ComplySci Platform is the gold standard for Employee Monitoring and Risk Management, enabling compliance and risk professionals to manage and monitor employee activities, including Employee Personal Trading, Gifts & Entertainment, Outside Business Affiliations, Political Contributions and to automate and track Certifications and Attestations. ComplySci is trusted by over 800 financial firms across the globe to protect their reputations and stay ahead of risk.

    ComplyWorks’ Corporate CMS has changed the way companies and contractors manage their prequalification and compliance processes. Our flexible and scalable web-based solution can help you and your team through the entire contractor management lifecycle. • Execute your existing Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) strategy with your third-party contractors for complete compliance management. • Notify the appropriate contractors or departments and see who has or hasn’t completed the assigned training – prior to them arriving on site. • Improve your compliance, operations and supply chain processes with our CMS for a more efficient and effective operation. • Create efficiencies with your compliance and health, safety and environment (HSE) management to see reduced costs and less fines. • Save your administration team from copious amounts of paperwork and repetitive tasks. • Empower your contractors to take control of their compliance through our easy to use solution – reducing frustrations.

    Streamline the complete policy and procedures management lifecycle with a full-featured App on your existing Office 365, SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint 2013 platforms. Incorporate industry best practices for document drafting, reviewing & redlining, approvals, publishing, roles-based central document repository access, attestations, renewals, search, reporting, real-time dashboards & much more with the intuitive policy management software. Customers include Fortune 500, large, mid-sized and small companies across all industries.

    CookieToGo is a cookie management SaaS solution that helps companies to be GDPR compliant.

    Croner Professional is an integrated HR solution designed to give a complete audit trail for each case and issue within an organization.

    Croner Simplify is a service that combines cloud based software, telephone advice, insurance and on-site support to help organisations of all sizes improve efficiency, protect and ensure compliance with HR and health and safety law.

    cune-RIM will dramatically improve compliance with efficient and effective real-time access to your global registration information.

    Whether you are an Enterprise or Third-Party, CyberGRX is a force multiplier for your team. Our Global Risk Exchange and Risk Assessments-as-a-service eliminate waste and redundancies, so you can focus on reducing risk.

    Cyberwiz-Pro (CWP) is built specifically to manage NERC CIP compliance (CIP 002-CIP 011). CWP has a built-in NERC CIP business process that guides and aides the user through each CIP standard with an easy-to-use and customizable workflow.

    We provide GRC Platform implementation, compliance and risk management services, and consulting on the development and modification of cyber and electronic threat regulations and standards.

    Merrill Corporation is the innovator in technology-enabled platforms for content sharing, regulated communications and compliance services.

    Advanced Risk Management software for the financial services, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing and transportation industries.

    DATEV in one sentence: tax consultants, lawyers, auditors, small and medium-sized enterprises, municipalities, and founders using DATEV software that meets all requirements at high standards regarding reliability, topicality, data protection, and data security.

    DiliVer is an award-winning, venture-funded financial technology (FinTech) M&A software company with specialized due diligence solutions that help yield better combined entity outcomes based on advanced analytics for enterprise performance and growth potential. The software also provides additional M&A transaction life-cycle benefits, including a less painful and more accurate due diligence process, and, when combined with other M&A software packages, better deal sourcing, valuations, and post-merger integrations

    Dockit SharePoint manager solution enables organizations to manage, administer, govern, audit and monitor their SharePoint servers.

    DoubleCheck provides powerful software for managing Governance, Risk, Compliance and Audits, with excellent process management, issue management, assessment, testing and reporting capabilities. With DoubleCheck, you have a cost effective, highly functional and configurable solution to assure and demonstrate effective governance, compliance, audits and risk management.

    Dow Jones Risk & Compliance is a global provider of third party risk management and regulatory compliance solutions. Working with clients across the globe, we have created products and services to help companies evaluate third party risks faster and with more confidence.

    ECATs intelligent audit management software enables organisations, who have significant auditing needs, to easily conduct deep, accurate, frequent audits. Enabling them to cut costs, improve compliance, strengthen operations and gain competitive edge. "Our purpose is to make it easy and feasible for organisations, using mobile technology, to get an instant, accurate and complete picture of the state or status of anything so that they can embrace intelligence in their processes.

    ECOMPLY.io is SaaS privacy management system greatly simplifies data protection compliance.

    Newgen e-Gov Office Automation suite provides government agencies the flexibility to automate document-intensive processes, and develop a highly agile operational infrastructure, it helps to Automate Processes & Reduce Manual Hand-Offs,Realization of a Paperless Office and Ensuring Regulatory Compliance.

    ProcessMAP's EHS software solution empowers organizations to streamline Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) related processes and manage associated risks. It establishes company-wide consistency and provides real-time insight to optimize the overall EHS performance.

    eLicense Software is an automated system for governments and agencies to license professionals in an efficient and a paperless manner it has portals and is web-based for real time speed, reporting and has intuitive, easy-to-use features.

    EMEX - a modular web-based platform that centralises, integrates and automates the management of EHS compliance. Scalable, configurable and designed to meet the needs of dynamic businesses it is truly flexible and allows specific business rules for different divisions and business units throughout an organisation. The configuration toolset available on the platform provides advanced capabilities such as Workflow design, Web Forms configuration and Report & Business Intelligence design. These toolset's along with the flexible application set-up allow organisations to rapidly implement best-practice for all aspects of EHS compliance.

    Enablon offers a Green Facilities solution designed to empower organizations to decrease or, in some cases, completely eliminate manual environmental data entry and validation, resulting in substantial cost savings and risk reduction.

    EnGlobe is a substantive, unified and truly global software solution for Corporate Entity Management and Corporate Governance. A pure web RIA (Rich Internet Application) system, it formally parameterizes all known legal entity types, sets-out logically and organically all known securities, includes and self-fills all applicable regulatory forms and e-filings, governs all management bodies, meetings, minutes and agendas, streamlines all intellectual property management and tracking tools, provides all document automation and management systems and addresses all security, workflows, audits and reports to the most stringent corporate compliance and governance requirements.

    Easily install and deploy the industry-leading General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) solution across your website.

    EntitySquared is a subsidiary management solution designed to streamline entity management, saving time, mitigating risk and ultimately reducing stress.

    Xybion's eQCM-XD is a highly adaptable and technologically advanced Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) & Quality Management System (QMS) designed for today's digital world. Purpose-built with embedded quality and compliance, this next generation platform ensures compliance, risk and quality in complex and highly regulated industries.

    Fastpath Audit Trail monitors and tracks all changes to critical systems data within the target system.

    Fastpath GRC Studio is a comprehensive, interactive tool providing continuous controls monitoring helping users to better understand their security while effectively meeting the needs of their internal and external audit teams.

    Firco Trust: a highly sophisticated and configurable automated solution that helps you screen thousands, even millions of customers at the time of onboarding and regularly.

    Firm58 is a financial management software platform that automates capital markets firms' middle- and back-office processes across asset classes to provide insight into commissions, fees and compliance. The SaaS platform offers solutions for billing (revenue management), profitability analysis (exchange fee management), commission sharing arrangements/soft dollar management, and surveillance & compliance. As trades are divided across multiple execution venues, it becomes difficult to effectively manage fees, commissions and compliance. From billing or revenue management to regulatory compliance, the Firm58 platform gives businesses the reporting and analytics capabilities needed to identify valuable cost insights and quickly respond to changing market conditions. Clients include global market exchanges and execution venues, leading institutional brokerages, clearing and non-clearing broker-dealers and proprietary trading firms. The platform frees companies from the cost and maintenance of on-site infrastructure, with convenient access via your browser.

    Automated analytics that provide prioritized risk scores on all of your vendors, and advance reports can be generated daily/weekly/monthly to identify vendors with high risk characteristics, based on more than 20 proven industry routines.

    FLODocs is a documentation and customization management tool for NetSuite.

    FOSSA is a open source solution designed to provide developers with tools to analyze code automatically to help developers with open source license management.

    FRISS has a 100% focus on automated fraud and risk detection for P&C insurance companies worldwide. The AI powered detection solutions for underwriting, claims and SIU help you to grow your business. FRISS detects fraud, mitigates risks and supports digital transformation at 150+ insurers around the world. You can lower your loss ratio, enable profitable portfolio growth and improve your customer experience. FRISS believes in honest and fair insurance premiums, for everyone.

    A Compliance and Care Management System Designed for Care Managers.

    Our comprehensive suite of cloud-based EHS Software Solutions deliver intuitive and robust best-practice based functionality, enabling compliance & management systems excellence across diverse industries. Over two decades, we’ve helped companies establish safe & sustainable workplace environments worldwide, offering intuitive applications for rapid configuration and deployment, with a focus on fast return on investment (ROI), service excellence and continuous innovation. Join over 600,000 users that trust Gensuite with their compliance and EHS Software needs!

    GLAnalytics, for companies with $1m-$500m in revenue, is a proactive data entry error and fraud detection solution for payroll, A/P, A/R & General Journal activities (A $400 + billion dollar problem) Core functionality includes: 1. Proactive detection of data errors or fraudulent activity in financial records before they become issues. 2. Auditable, measurable due diligence platform to improve your data quality 3. Better insights on existing data 4. Easy to use & very cost effective

    Global Governance's SCM platform is a SaaS product that offers a broad suite of corporate governance tools and services that can be customized based on an organization's needs and resources.

    Global People Strategist is a dynamic web application providing employers with hands-on resources to help companies get compliant with local labor standards and maintain compliance in all countries as regulations change. Global People Strategist helps you: - Stay Current with Local Labor Law - Conduct Real-Time Research on Rules and Regulations - Build Employee Handbooks - Create Authoritative Employment Letters and Documents - Develop Compliance Strategies - Leverage Resource Tools - Find Local Experts (Attorneys, Embassies, Consultants, etc..)

    Global RADAR is the leader in client onboarding, customer due diligence and transaction surveillance. We make it easier to open accounts in a secure digital environment while ensuring compliance with global regulatory requirements and leverage sophisticated analytics to ensure suitability of clients profiles. Global RADAR is built on four solid pillars of compliance: Customer Due Diligence, Document Management, Watch List Screening, and Transaction Surveillance. Our innovative, customizable application and dedicated support team make us the premier solution to address operational and compliance requirements.

    If you never want to write another System Security Plan or spend hours reading the NIST SP 800-53 again, get started with the GovReady-Q Compliance Server, an open source project for techies who aren't FISMA experts.

    GridBank for Exchange provides a comprehensive email archiving solution, enabling high availability access to data assets, regulatory compliance, and reduced infrastructure and storage management costs

    Group Learner™ is a suite of ready-to-go eLearning Courses with a complete Enterprise LMS. Aimed at the Manual Workforce, such as manufacturing companies, Group Learner™ is the perfect solution to manage your training activity.

    Newgen Complaints, Appeals, and Grievances (CAG) management solution is designed to deliver robust functionality across the length and breadth of the solution.

    We design auditing, compliance and analytics solutions that deliver simple, intuitive experiences that help elevate the operational performance of businesses like yours.

    Get the extra edge with the HIPAA institute’s powerful compliance tools, providing you with a sure- shot success launch pad to a HIPAA compliant audit ready office. Trust HIPAA institute to walk you through creation of your policies, procedures, and HIPAA privacy nuances.

    Opus' Hiperos 3PM platform helps manage the risks, compliance and performance - optimizing the value of third party relationships.

    LexisNexis Homestead Exemption Fraud Detection Solution solves these problems. With access to over 10,000 sources, this solution leverages advanced data linking technology to help auditors, assessors, and appraisers to detect fraudulent claims and identify potentially millions of dollars in lost revenue in taxes and back taxes owed, as well as creating new revenue sources for years to come.

    Pro-Sapien provides enterprise EHS management software exclusively to large, multi-site organizations (typically 1000+ employees) in high-risk industries. Based on Office 365 and SharePoint, our software is used throughout the world to support business processes and drive EHS performance improvements by equipping the EHS Director with meaningful metrics, KPIs and powerful analysis tools. With an international client base, the Pro-Sapien team works across a number of sectors including engineering, oil and energy, financial services and health.

    Efficiently find GDPR-relevant data, understand data and database exposures, and act to address issues and minimize risk.

    IBM Watson Compare & Comply: helping enterprises manage contracts and risk more effectively

    Iconics offers a sustainability software solution that includes native capability to integrate across the enterprise to access and merge real-time and historical information on energy and resource consumption, carbon emissions and causes of excessive consumption.

    Ignyte Assurance Platform is a leader in collaborative security and GRC solutions for global corporations. For corporate risk and compliance officers who depend heavily on the protection of their resources, Ignyte is the ultimate translation engine for simplifying compliance across regulations, standards and guidelines. The Ignyte platform is used by leading corporations in diverse industries such as Healthcare, Defense and Technology. Ignyte is headquartered in Miamisburg, Ohio and can be reached at www.ignyteplatform.com.

    Helps you implement a proactive compliance culture where the time-consuming task of internal control is simplified. Gathers all of your documentation in one place and provide you with a shared frame of reference in relation to risk, control and compliance.

    Indian GST Magento is an extension designed to allow Magento sellers to sell their goods according to the new Tax slab under GST.

    Infor Global Financial Controller, part of Infor Local.ly™, is a corporate accounting framework that's designed to help financial departments define consistent and centralized rules, harmonize accounting data, and standardize processes

    Infor Risk & Compliance is a comprehensive solution that helps private and public sector organizations monitor and analyze transactional and master data, as well as user access and application security data

    IntelligenceBank's GRC is a customizable platform, that makes risk & compliance management easy for everyone. Starting at just $29/user/month you can track, manage and report on Risks, CSA, Health and Safety Incidents, Conflict of Interest Declarations, Audit Outcomes, Policies, Contracts, Incidents, Customers and more. You can also create your own registers without IT. Workflow lets you assign tasks, and you can link records to related documents.

    Proofpoint Intelligent Supervision helps streamline compliance. Its fully integrated with Enterprise Archive for easy capture, review and reporting

    Specialized programs, sophisticated management, and your highest quality unbiased feedback.

    Detect communication patterns and trends to uncover the information that matters in fraud or risk events.

    Our product is a web and mobile safety solution that provides management with clear visibility into the current safety performance through reliable, up to date, and simple to use reports, which spreadsheets and manual forms cannot offer. Our offering is multi-modular and designed to grow with your companys requirement to ensure complete workforce management across safety, training, regulation, compliance, competencies, logistics, and environment to ensure your workers get home safe every day.

    Simplify obligation and communication management to ensure compliance and stakeholder satisfaction with INX InForm. Obligations, stakeholder and issues management is a critical component to the successful delivery of projects and ensuring organisations remain compliant, sustainable and socially responsible. Obligations are made up of a variety of commitments that a particular project or company must adhere to throughout the lifecycle of its operations. Obligations can be in the form of licenses, permits, approvals, proposals or tenements. These obligations are associated with extensive commitments by which a failure to adhere to can result in penalties that have the potential to significantly threaten the prosperity of the project and sometimes the company as a whole. Stakeholders are made up of individuals, investors, governing bodies, industry groups and other external organisations in the wider community who have influence on a project or operations.

    JOBARIX, their preventive analysis software enables you to analyze every risk in relation to a task, a piece of equipment or a workstation. Designed step by step, this analysis will allow the identification of every danger and hazard, implement control measures and reduce risks for the affected workers. This simple, intuitive system is easy to use, so you can concentrate your efforts on increasing performance.

    Keylight platform integrates business processes to simplify risk management and regulatory compliance challenges. Its web-based service allows employees to securely and anonymously report workplace incidents and violations, and assign those reports to response teams for investigation.

    Integrates Risk, Compliance & Internal Audit Programs, replicates & synchronizes selected information between databases.

    Komrisk is a web based compliance management solution, to enable organizations to take regulatory compliance management related challenges head on.

    Today you may have a patchwork of internal resources and external vendors to handle your Know Your Customer needs, including Anti-money Laundering and Client on-boarding, this leaves potential gaps in coverage where bad players can hide and put your revenue and reputation at risk. Imagine the value of efficiency, time and cost savings and greater control using one single KYC solution provider.

    Kyckr understands your biggest challenges when it comes to maintaining client data to meet KYC regulations and the difficulty in identifying high-risk in real-time.

    The Laser Audit Reporting System (LARS)is a web-based solution that puts you in control of the complete audit lifecycle by establishing a systematic, disciplined and a uniform process for internal audit management. Get real-time completion status of ongoing audits at all locations. Centrally manage audit planning, audit programs, work papers and fieldwork and coordinate information among Auditors, Auditees and Management at all levels of organization.

    LexComply offers a compliance solution designed to offer comprehensive coverage.

    Actively manage risk by applying the Attract insurance score to relatively rank applications, helping you make better use of credit report information and boost underwriting efficiency.

    Classify risks more quickly- while minimizing costly underwriting requirements

    VerifyRx is a real-time, compliance-based validation solution designed specifically for pharmacy and PBMs. The highly configurable and responsive tool identifies potential claims submission errors prior to dispensation.

    The Maclear risk management solution enables organizations to identify, assess, manage and monitor risks in line with the organization’s risk appetite. The software allows disparate and siloed risks to be viewed holistically across the enterprise enabling management to allocate resources on key risks . Risk and control assessments can be automatically deployed and managed within the software to provide a comprehensive view of all risk categories across the enterprise.

    Mapistry is a mapping tool that allows scientists, civil engineers, and city planners to quickly produce elegant maps.

    Medgate offers a environmental management system designed to centralize and streamline the tracking and collection of key corporate environmental health and safety data.

    Cost effective Sanctions and PEP screening solution to assist reporting entities in their AML compliance.

    As adoption increases so does the complexity associated with securing, administering and governing your SharePoint environment. While out-of-the-box tools may initially be suitable, managing your SharePoint environment quickly becomes a time consuming and daunting task. Even the simplest of activities can consume significant portion of your most precious asset, time. Even then, most organizations do not get the information they need to support governance processes and ensure that SharePoint has been successfully deployed within their organization. Metalogix ControlPoint provides the necessary control without taking away from the freedom that users have come to expect when using SharePoint. ControlPoint provides support for securing, automating repetitive administrative tasks and providing the tools necessary to govern your SharePoint environment.

    The MetricStream Internal Audit Management App accelerates audit cycles, helps improve audit strategies, reduces audit costs, and enhances auditor productivity.

    MetricStream offers sustainability management solutions designed to provide an integrated approach to developing sustainability initiatives based on the organization's business and geographic spread, consolidating volumes of data and workflows, collecting and evaluating relevant information for sustainability reporting, and complying with public commitments and regulations.

    Capital markets platform that integrates treasury, risk management, investment management, and collateral management solutions.

    MyComplianceOffice is a powerful software solution that automates compliance program activities and demonstrates an organization’s culture of compliance.

    mySP Compliance is designed to help users improve the engagement, control and oversight of their compliance, enabling them to implement a robust operational framework to meet all their regulatory requirements.

    NAVEX Global GRC Ecosystem is a software and services that can help organization prevent, detect and respond to legal, regulatory and reputational risks.

    nayaEdge is a complete Information Governance, Risk, and Compliance solution that automates enterprise data management, litigation, and compliance monitoring. It enables organizations to streamline their data governance with efficient information management and smart archiving. And it provides a comprehensive view of an organization's data, knowledge assets, and information management processes.

    We are an Ethics and Fraud hotline that uncovers critical, often missed context from staff reporting by dynamically creating tailored interviews via a combination of machine intelligence and expert knowledge. Available via mobile app, desktop app and/or phone hotline. Our clients benefit from reduced costs and risks from earlier discovery of issues and more efficient investigations. Paired with our InSight Dashboard for case management, we can serve multiple departments and industries.

    Nimonik offers an easy to use platform for audits, inspections and staying up to date on environmental, health and safety law. You can schedule audits, training and other corporate obligations. Our legislative database includes updates, laws and audit protocols for over 65 countries.

    The most advanced usage analysis solution for your Office 365 exchange online. Office 365 Activity Reports with full automation to ease your O365 Security and Compliance Management. Free Trial 15 Days

    Onspring is a flexible and powerful platform that allows for the automation of any business process. We have significant expertise in GRC, Audit, Risk, Compliance, Vendor, Human Resources and Incident Management.

    CenterSphere is a management, monitoring, and control solution for financial services organizations.

    Provides insurers with end-to-end automation of state filings, a robust reporting module for instantaneous reports, a centralized repository to manage forms, and seamless integration with SERFF.

    Paisley GRC is a comprehensive audit, financial controls management, enterprise risk management, operational risk management, IT governance and compliance solution

    With Paratox, their GHS and chemical management system, you can access your company’s personalized library of safety data sheets (MSDS / SDS) and labels. This user friendly and flexible system let’s you focus on prevention while their team manages everything from product inventory to global compliance. Above all, when you choose Paratox, you choose Simplicity, Efficiency and Ingenuity.

    Security & Compliance Auditing Software for Network Devices, Workstations, Servers & Laptops

    Pearl Travel Tech is a cloud-based software service company that delivers comprehensive enterprise solutions to address immigration and tax compliance issues arising from international business travel.

    Ideagen Audit Management is an audit management software products deliver a complete integrated audit management solution for the audit lifecycle from planning and execution through to reporting.

    People Tech provides enterprise applications and IT services.

    Planon is a sustainability management software that allows users to measure the sustainability profile of their buildings and processes in a controlled manner, improving them where possible, and continually monitoring them.

    ProcessUnity's cloud-based solutions help organizations of all sizes automate their risk and compliance programs.

    Procipient is a next generation ERM-GRC solution with pre-built, configurable enterprise risk frameworks with compliance document management, audit planning, issue tracking, and more. Procipient focuses on simplifying risk management, with fast, easy implementation times, and an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

    SunGard’s Protegent suite of solutions provides firms greater visibility into potential risk factors while increasing operational efficiency and regulatory transparency.

    Offers a collection of PSD2 compliancy products and general consultancy.

    Qooling helps you bring your quality and safety management to the next level. The platform allows you to easily gather information from production plants or sides by the easy to use interface for the people in the field. This gives companies the ability to really leverage the data to improve the company.

    Qualio is a web-based quality management platform that helps life sciences companies get products to market faster and achieve 100% FDA/ISO/GxP compliance in audits. Qualio automates the painful paperwork and processes required by regulators for 2x faster accreditation/approval. Work 5x faster than paper/traditional solutions to manage Document Control, Training, NCRs, CAPAs, Audits, Suppliers, Complaints and more.

    Use Qualsys's software to reduce waste, improve customer satisfaction, and be confident you are compliant. Qualsys provides powerful quality management software and are recognised across the industry for our expert implementation services. We offer free end-users, have 25+ years experience and are a UK-based team. Experience working with global blue chips and 100's of SMEs to ensure they comply with even the most challenging regulations and legislation. https://qualsys.co.uk

    Quantate is a web 2.0 risk and compliance management solution that is offered as SaaS and local installed versions.

    Quantcast Choice is a free, consumer-facing Transparency and Consent solution to help website operators obtain, manage and transmit consumer consent signals compliant with GDPR. Quantcast Choice is built on the industry standard, open-source, IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework released in January 2018.

    Quantivate Regulatory Compliance software for insurance companies provides a strong software solution for compliance managers to manage a wide variety of regulatory and compliance processes and ensures accountability throughout the organization.

    Set up your free compliance reminders and never worry about missing a deadline again.

    Raptor One Platform integrates a solution to process all data subject rights stipulated in the GDPR in a lean and efficient fashion without disrupting existing systems. It is implemented on premise or provided through a dynamic cloud setting and can ensure that even with a vast number of data request companies are able to be compliant whilst significantly reducing their costs through a fully automated (Straight Through Processing) procedure.

    R-CAP Audit Life-Cycle and Risk Management Solution leverages on the latest technology and brings Audit Universe & KPIs at your fingertips by offering Mobility, Collaboration & Smart Editing. R-CAP features include: Observations Tracking, Risk & Controls Matrix, Regular Business Monitoring, Audit Timesheet Management, Insightful Dashboards & Reports, and Efficient Workpaper Documentation.

    R-Check is a software tool that checks software for compliance with specifications. It is special in providing cross language reasoning capability and in being able to make strong inferences when reasoning about partial code.

    Enhance your compliance operations to meet and exceed increasingly rigorous regulatory expectations with RDC's ready-built, configurable screening platform.

    ReadiNow GRC is an adaptive cloud-based software platform designed to allow complete customisation that adapts to any organisation's requirements from BCM, ORM, IT risk, compliance, legal management, and WHS.

    RegAdvisorPro automates compliance management for financial institutions of all sizes, as well as provides complete, visible audit trail for reporting and examiners.

    Predict360 Regulatory Change Management Software is a web-based application that enables organizations to track changing regulatory requirements and update all compliance-related activities and documents accordingly, it has a mapping and cognitive technologies to send alerts and provide valuable insight for effective risk management and sustainable compliance.

    The Riliance system breaks compliance down into small manageable components making it easy to implement and control.

    Risk Analyst is an AI-enabled risk assessment tool for commercial insurance including auto, property, worker's comp, and general liability sectors.

    ProcessMAP's Risk Assessment Software suite is a web-based application for managing all aspects of operational risk, ensuring employee health and safety. It enables organizations to have a central repository to store all critical information related to jobs or other risks. Users have the flexibility to establish assessment frequency, generate employee notification of required corrective actions, and record all details of a risk assessment.

    An Integrated Risk Management Information System (RMIS) brings together all areas of risk effectively and efficiently, reducing costs and enabling insights that have previously been unobtainable.

    Protecht is focused on establishing best practice risk management frameworks to enable corporations and government entities achieve their strategic objectives.

    rm.Compliance is a service-supported insurance compliance management software designed to centralize the administration.

    RPX Recovery Planner integrates with the RPX BCM software so that from a mobile device users can utilize Plans and easily manage crisis communications.

    Centralize your IG & compliance teams, productivity applications, and workflows in one central hub.

    VAT compliance platform Designed specifically for digital companies selling globally. We calculate, fill and submit returns, pay VAT in 57 countries. LOVAT offers everything to automate consumption taxes for your digital business. Our monthly subscription plans are simple and transparent. Each subscription plan is based on a number of transactions and number of countries for compliance. You will be able to cancel your subscription plan at any time. Additional services we offer: VAT Registration / VAT Returns / VAT Consulting

    SAP Sustainability Performance Management software is designed to measure impact and drive performance at less cost.

    Rapidly increasing risk – combined with evolving government regulations – requires an advanced strategy when it comes to monitoring data for illicit activity. SAS helps you take a risk-based approach, making it easier to manage alerts, test scenarios and comply with industry regulations.

    Efficiently comply with the Basel Committee's overhaul of the market risk regulatory capital framework – the fundamental review of the trading book (FRTB). Prebuilt modules for both the Standard Approach (SA) and Internal Model Approach (IMA), plus other risk measures defined by FRTB, ease your path to compliance. And a comprehensive view of market risk helps you increase transparency, reduce operational costs and make better-informed decisions.

    Meet evolving Solvency II compliance demands and gain a greater understanding of your company's risk and financial condition. Our comprehensive risk analytics framework enables better risk decision making through higher-quality data, faster internal and regulatory reporting, and transparency and auditability.

    Assess firmwide risk exposure intraday or in near-real time across all risk types, market, credit and liquidity. Our powerful risk engine technology runs risk calculations and aggregates results over an in-memory grid. The software can handle complex calculations very quickly and store large volumes of results so you can investigate risk information using on-demand hierarchies in near real-time. With fast, precise answers to questions about current and potential P&Ls, cash flows and risk exposures, you can make timely, well-informed decisions related to your portfolios, even in highly volatile and stressed environments.

    Proactively manage regulatory risk with a single, end-to-end risk management environment. A transparent framework and integrated data aggregation, analytics and reporting capabilities provide an open, flexible and extensible means of measuring and managing regulatory risk in a constantly changing regulatory environment.

    As the SAS risk engine, SAS Risk Dimensions supports a wide range of risk analysis methods. It provides the ideal user interface for quantitative risk analysts and model builders who need to configure models and risk analyses for market risk, credit risk, asset and liability management, and risk aggregation.

    SLM V2 is a set of interconnected application modules that cover the entire process safety and functional safety lifecycle.