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Home Health Care software is management software that is designed specifically for the home health care industry. Only registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, home health aides, and medical social workers can provide home health care service for adults and seniors post-hospital stay. Home health care software organizes and manages care providers’ skills, capabilities, and credentials to efficiently match the right provider to the right client. Home health care software coordinates business operations and processes—like scheduling appointments, client/caregiver coordination, and documentation of health records and visits—to centralize workflow for efficiency, transparency, and adherence to regulation. Home health care software’s functionalities integrate with human resource, payroll, time tracking, and business intelligence software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Home Health Care category, a product must:

  • Be exclusively used within the home health care industry and not apply to any other industry
  • Coordinate the services of qualified nurses/therapists/aides with the client
  • Ensure staff is fully current and qualified with home health care requirements; improve regulatory compliance across the business
  • Provide a centralized platform for home health care business operations and data
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    Homecare Homebase is a cloud-based solution to help you manage operational, clinical, and financial success with automated business processes, real-time communication and secure data exchange, and more.

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    Mckesson Homecare is a home care software solution that helps you address both of these crucial areas with technology that enables your staff to work more efficiently and accurately through the intelligent automation of documentation and other tasks.

    Silicon Valley based KanTime Healthcare Software, the fastest growing post-acute software provider, provides cloud based enterprise software to home health, hospice, pediatric, and private duty agencies. KanTime helps agencies improve clinical compliance, increase operational efficiency, and most importantly deliver quality patient care with its two core philosophies that are "Do It Right the First Time," and "Manage by Exception." With these core values, KanTime ensures that your clinician always captures the necessary data required for a particular patient as well as provides your back-office staff real time KPIs via interactive dashboards. Moreover, KanTime works seamlessly on any point of care device be it iOS, Android, or Windows based, both online and offline. Additionally, KanTime offers a robust business intelligence tool that allows upper level management to drill down into the KPIs that affect the performance of their agency. For more information visit or please contact for a demo.

    Our solution bridges the gap between point of care and back office operations. Kinnser Software helps post-acute care providers accelerate their revenue and cash cycles, improve productivity and billing processes, and streamline compliance, while providing exceptional care. • Extensive suite of solutions for all post-acute care lines of business, including Home Health, Hospice, Private Duty and Therapy • SSAE 16 certification proves our dedication to protecting our customers’ security • Scalability to support agencies of all sizes, from start-ups to enterprise chains Familiar and intuitive clinical workflows are the backbone of Kinnser’s easy-to-use solutions, eliminating roadblocks that slow down documentation. Clinicians and healthcare staff report saving hours completing visit notes and documentation. As a result, clinicians prefer using Kinnser rather than any other software solution. As a fully web-based, Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) software, Kinnser eliminates costly servers and hardware requirements, and can support both Apple and Android tablets. Additionally, Kinnser offers Kinnser VisitVerify™, an electronic visit verification solution that captures patient signatures using GPS technology, and Kinnser Link™, a tablet-compatible solution that allows clinicians to document at the point of care, with or without Internet connectivity.

    FasterNotes provides electronic billing, eligibility, payroll, authorization management, scheduling, and HR tools tailored to home health practices. The system helps keep agencies on top of CMS, ACHC, CHAP and Joint Commission regulations and is even a good fit for those new to the home health industry. FasterNotes takes a “boutique” approach to customer service. Customers are assigned a “Success Team” that works closely with them to make sure agencies meet their goals. This team approach to success goes beyond software integration and into areas like regulation research, best practices and vendor support. Agencies using FasterNotes will decrease overhead, save time, stay compliant and increase revenue.

    Brightree Home Health software provides the ideal combination of a native iPad® point-of-care app and cloud-based back-office software. Incredibly easy, intuitive and efficient at the point of care, yet packed with powerful features that maximize documentation accuracy and compliance.

    A fully integrated, web-based home care system designed to simplify billing, scheduling, reporting, and more

    A care-centric communication tool designed to solve the communication issues within the healthcare industry

    DeVero, a Netsmart solution is a cloud-based clinical documentation system for home health, hospice, private duty, and therapy groups. The DeVero electronic health record (EHR) system allows home health care agencies to increase efficiency and reduce business costs, allowing the agency to focus on what is really important: providing the best care to your patients. Combined with our compliance and QA tools, scheduling, and billing, you have a solution your entire agency can agree upon. You'll be prepared to quickly adapt to clinical data-collecting changes in the industry and the needs in the communities you serve. The best way to maximize clinical adoption is to use the forms you are already familiar with. Plus, DeVero can accommodate an unlimited number of patients, users, and forms - the system grows as your business grows! It scales to handle all your data, usage, storage, and performance needs.

    firstHOMECARE is a cloud-based home health point of care software that combines functionality with interfaces that think and work the way you do, allowing you streamline operations, reimbursement, and patient outcomes.

    MatrixCare is a cloud-based home care software solution designed to help you manage your agency with features to help you manage sales efforts, marketing activities, and more.

    TherapySync delivers a unique and comprehensive solution to contract therapy companies that can be accessed via the cloud, or as a convenient offline version.

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    Brightree provides cloud-based software solutions for home health agencies and hospice organizations.

    Healthcare Assistant is an automation software aimed to manage tasks that you encounter during day-to-day operations and provides integration with point of care options and tools.

    MedLink is Windows-based integrated medical records, scheduling, and back office family of products that provides you with tools you need manage your business.

    Optima Hospice is a user-friendly software in hospice. This tool streamlines its clients charting, billing, and management processes, allowing them to spend more time with their patients and families.

    Santrax Agency Management is a agency management solution that automates operational processes by incorporating functionality such as scheduling, clinical documentation, compliance management, EMR, billing functions and more.

    A home health care system focused on customer service, communications, scheduling, and payments

    DeVero is a cloud-based electronic health records company that focuses on improving the quality of patient care and reducing business costs for home health, hospice, private duty, pediatric home care, and therapy groups.

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    HomeCare Billing Solution is an integrated clinical, financial, and business intelligence solution that provides tools to help manage patient care, compliance and manage your agency by streamlining workflow, scheduling, billing and point of care.

    HomeSolutions.NET is a web-based home health agency management, EMR solution that helps you manage clinical, financial, and regulatory preformance with mobile capabilities and more.

    MedSys2 is a Windows-based, home health software that combines interfaces that work the way you do with features and functions that gives you the ability to perform tasks at point of care.

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    OASIS Analysis Plus is a software solution for nurses with features and functions to help you manage your agency such as analysis, clinical and financial reports, and more.

    PRN Plus is a cloud-based clinical, scheduling, and billing software for home healthcare agencies with integrated tools to manage your business and manage cost, productivity and efficiency.

    Procura is a community care software that provides tools you need to stay up-to-date with the changing healthcare industry with the ability to manage patient well being and medical efficiency, real-time access through mobile devices, and more.

    HealthMEDX Vision is a EMR solution for long-term, home care and hospice providers that provides clinical, financial, and reporting functions and tools that helps you automate your workflows, care coordination and more with real-time access to patient data.

    therapyBOSS is a solution that offers referral management, field activity monitoring, compliance tracking, billing, a web-based agency portal and other communication tools to manage your agency.

    AdaCare is a home health care solution that helps you manage your scheduling with staff management, caregiver web connection, marketing, scheduling, telephony and more.

    An online Electronic Medical Record system created specifically for Home Care Industry

    Alora Home Health Software is a web based software system designed to empower home health care agencies with high efficiency and productivity.

    Axxess is a home health technology company, providing a suite of cloud-based software and services.

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    Caresys is a fully integrated care home management software solution designed to add value to care organisations. The software can be purchased in numerous modules and also in a mobile application, which provide a business specific application allowing information to be shared cost effectively amongst any number of different people at different locations. The latest version of Caresys includes new features such as a revised user interface which allows for swifter navigation, further reducing the time spent on administrative tasks and enabling staff to focus more on planning and delivering care services. Caresys Mobile allows point-of-care recording of the services provided.

    A home care software designed to work from anywhere at any time

    Crescendo offer comprehensive solutions that help effectively market and close planned gifts.

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    Encore is a single, integrated client-server solution for home health organizations

    Genie is a software solution that provides a secure and encrypted system for your patient's data, with medicare updates, and features and functions to help you manage your agency.

    HALO is a home health care solution that provides features and functions to help you manage your agency including, payback and cost savings, modular construction, real person help desk and more.

    HEALTHCAREfirst is a home health and hospice software.

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    HCS Connect is an integrated tool that provides tools and features that will help you manage your patients information, time and patient education.

    Care Coordination System (CCSSM) uses automated processes and centralizes necessary patient information to facilitate the management of patient care.

    mjsONE is a web-based home health software that provides functions and features to help you manage your agency.

    From financial to clinical to point of care, HealthWare has a solution for you. All of HealthWare’s applications fully integrate with one another, eliminating duplicate data entry, streamlining your processes and making your agency run more efficiently. Using today’s most advanced technology, HealthWare gives you access to your information where and when you need it, on a completely secure and HIPPA compliant connection.

    eXchange Suite provides automation and transparency for both parties involved in a subcontract relationship by allowing you to electronically transmit referrals, keep electronic records or all communication and more.

    Homecare Net is a Windows-based software for home infusion pharmacies that offers, patient records, document tracking, scheduling, and more that allows you to manage your enterprise.

    Data Soft Logic’s Home Health Centre for Home Health Agencies. Your complete home health web-based software solution anytime, anywhere, for your entire Home Health organization. Across all clinical disciplines of your agency Data Soft Logic’s Home Health Centre is here to improve your efficiencies and increase your profits.

    Home Health Gold is a home health care management software that provides CMS rules, compliance, treatment monitoring with dashboard, readmission reporting and more.

    TynetOnline is a cloud-based software solution that provides collaboration between field staff and allows you to provide care while managing time and the agency's resources, and allows you to view patient care along using the point of care manager.

    PROMISE is a billing and financial reporting software that provides automation of the billing and reporting process with features and functions to help manage billing and your agency.

    MediSked is a web-based management platform that provides solutions to help manage quality of care, costs, capacity, and performance in the event of an audit.

    On-Demand Homecare is a HIPAA and CMS compliant, web-based solution for managing patients, employees, billing, and reports by allowing to to manage your reimbursements with capabilities to submit surveys and assessments, auto RAP generation, and more.

    Progresa is a home health practice management system that integrates clinical and financial patient data to help manage paperwork and clinical documentation, scheduling, and more.

    Service Agency Manager (SAM) is a home health management software that provides billing and scheduling functionalities, manages patient & physician care planning, and more.

    Spectrum TeleTrack is a web based HomeCare Scheduling System that has been designed with your needs in mind. First hand Home Care business ownership experience allows our staff to focus on the areas that will have an immediate impact on your business

    Suncoast brings all the elements of hospice, palliative, and bereavement care together in one intuitive, client-centric product. The result? Our customers are able to easily deliver great care by putting patients—not paperwork—first. But we didn’t stop there. We also built a team experienced in building and growing hospice and home health businesses.

    The SwipeSense system empowers healthcare professionals to prevent the spread of pathogens. Personal and wall mounted dispensers ensure on-demand access right at the point of care.

    TheraTracker is a custom software solution to helps you create a blueprint for expectations in documentation and communication by allowing you to follow the progress of and participate in the management of each patient.

    Certintell makes telemedicine simple, secure, and convenient for providers, employers, health systems and patients.

    VisiTrack is a home health software solution designed to streamline the clinical, scheduling, and financial operations of your agency that provides tools, utilities and reports needed to help manage staff productivity, profitability, and focus on quality care.

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    AccuPoint is a practice management software for healthcare providers

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    Adaptive Care Software Solutions develops, supports and sells web based integrated software for ongoing support of persons with extended care needs.

    Home care reporting and scheduling.

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    An "all-in-one" cloud based home health software system made to handle skilled and non-skilled home care services

    Ankota Home Health Care helps the care agency determine and organize assignments and routes. This allows the health workers and supervisors to keep their focus where it should be, on patient care.

    ARROW System is a homecare software.

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    aTouchAway from Aetonix is a comprehensive communications and information sharing platform simplifying the delivery of quality care for chronic patients at home. Completely secure, with easy-to-use digital video & messaging, aTouchAway enables care givers to connect everyone in a Circle of Care - including patients. With advanced functionality for workflows, wearable device data capture, customizable forms, and a resource library make aTouchAway the obvious choice for complex care providers.

    Empowering home health agencies to monitor their carer delivery in real time

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    CaraSolva provides a Software as a Service (SaaS), subscription based electronic medical administration (eMAR) package.

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    Carecenta is a homecare management software.

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    CareVoyant is an integrated EHR and billing software solution for home health, private duty home care, long term care and outpatient clinics.

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    CareVoyant for Home Care is a comprehensive solution for agencies providing private duty nursing home care (skilled, non-medical, adult or pediatric), home health, and therapy services for medicaid, private insurance, private pay and medicare patients.

    CliqCare is an end-to-end full service enterprise solution for home healthcare companies. CliqCare is available for single location startup businesses as well as multi-location running businesses in home healthcare and nursing services providers. CliqCare is designed to meet all departments of a home healthcare agency, starting from recruitment, training, certificate management, realtime appointment monitoring and payrolls for care workers and signing up, medical and care records upkeeping, appointment booking, care planning, medical billing and notification system. CliqCare is an integrated application to securely transmit and receive data to medicare and insurance exchanges as well as telephony, SMS and quickbooks integration is available optionally.

    CMS 485 Professional is a home health care agency software.

    A home health software that expedites tedious data entry, simplifying processes in the home health industry

    CSM/PCS-Personal Care Services offers health and human resources practice management solutions.

    Elements VISTA allows you to manage clients and caregivers, print reports, create schedules, and control billing

    e-MAR is a pharmacy integrated interface, designed to eliminate the need for paper MAR sheets, increase efficiency and decrease error.

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    F2F Video Health Care Solution is designed for rural and urban health, video governance and hospitals, doctors and patients.

    FieldSync is designed to give healthcare providers a tool to help customize to fit the needs of the clients they serve.

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    GoodLooking is an agency that specializes in designing, building and consulting on iOS apps, web-based custom software, and websites.

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    HCS Connect is an integration tool designed to provide a direct link to Truven Health Analytics educational content.

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    HealthTrust Software is a compliance solution for healthcare.

    HMx allows organizations to manage resources, increase capacity, automate scheduling, and ultimately improve patient care

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    HomeAdvantage is designed to help search, buy, sell and save on real estate transactions.

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    DSS HB Mobile is designed to enable home-based primary care nurses to download patient data to mobile devices using VistA published RPC Broker calls.

    HomeCare For Windows SQL is a home care software that includes patient intake, scheduling, billing and electronic claims submission.

    Home Healthcare Assistant is a home healthcare software designed to help keep track of patients and increase profit.

    Home Healthcare SOS Online provides a subscription-based, online clinical documentation system for home healthcare agencies.

    PAS and CPC are solutions that provide patient tracking of referrals, rejections, program admissions and electronic billing with DMS, charting and mobility for nurses and other disciplines.

    Home Care Clinical is a clinical management software that makes your patients EMR accessible to all users across all service lines with a cross-functional workflow that allows you to update records, manage orders, communication with colleagues and more.

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    istCare is a comprehensive care management software.

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    Kaustik simplifies all administrative work involvning personal assistance, such as scheduling, time reporting etcetera.

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    Map Business Online is a web-based business mapping software offering radius maps, zip code maps, territory design, market analysis, and business visualization tools.

    MediSked is the leading brand in holistic solutions that improves lives, drives efficiencies, and generates innovations for human services organizations that support our community.

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    Developed by industry experts with over a centurys worth of experience in the home care and software industries, MEDsys Software Solutions is the complete technology for home care agencies. MEDsys Software supports Medicare, Medicaid, Skilled and non-skilled Private Duty, Pediatrics and Adult Nursing. Our software 100% web based with the state of the art technology, offers convenient, real-time data exchange.

    MyHomecareBiz is an on-line and off-line Evidence-based Practice Point-of-Care software for home health care nurses and therapists.It is also a back-office management software for scheduling, billing & payroll for all payers & home health skill types.

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    NDoc is an integrated software solution that provides end-to-end coverage for your agency's needs with analytics to help you manage operations and financial performance and interoperability capabilities to keep you up to date.

    Netsmart innovates electronic health records (EHRs), solutions and services that are powerful, intuitive and easy-to-use. This platform provides accurate, up-to-date information which is easily accessible to care team members in behavioral health, social services and post-acute.

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    Oncare Purchasing Software helps you coordinate departments, automate time-intensive routines, and improve efficiency and accuracy - resulting in greater profits and productivity.

    On-Demand Homecare enables homecare agency staff and caregivers to enjoy more efficient, streamlined operations, like enhanced control over patient care, employee communication, billing and reporting, all within HIPAA and CMS regulations.

    On Schedule is a employee scheduling software accessible by managers and staff members from any computer with an internet connection. On Schedule includes a drag and drop interface - the mouse moving, creating and stretching shifts.

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    Optima Home Health is a complete, compliant and simplified EMR and billing software solution, designed with agency and clinician input and approval. It provides streamlined workflows, compliance guardrails, and offline point-of-care documentation. It ensures patients get the safest, most effective treatment possible through evidence-based practice, and allows home health agencies to thrive with improved operational, clinical and billing process efficiencies and intelligence business insights.

    Pariox is an all-in-one software for home health therapy companies with features integrated to help you manage your time and money such as, electronic documentation, scheduling, medicare compliance, referral management, billing and payroll, and more.

    Perfect is a Home Health Software solution that offers some of the following, electronic visit verification, daily insurance eligibility checks, direct insurance billing, friendly mobile app, customizable notes, and much more.

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    Note-e-fied Incorporated is best at developing smart home care software solutions and customizing our services to suit your needs and processes because our team is composed of tech-savvy, passionate people who have more than a decade of industry experience. With our comprehensive knowledge and focus on home care and hospice, we are able to design solutions that will help you become competent and leverage your own capabilities in a more effective and economical way.

    Founded in 2008, PlayMaker CRM is the leading cloud-based customer relationship management solution designed specifically for post-acute care to assist with maximizing sales efficiency, growing market share and increasing profitability. PlayMaker CRM is used by hundreds of agencies large and small that realize the benefits of using innovative technology to grow and stay ahead of the competition.

    Res~Call is a solution for aged care organizations that helps manage your organization from administration to clinical to financial with a centralized information based, care plans and case notes, clinical reporting and more.

    RespiTrack's web-based program is the proven solution for improving workflow, creating efficiency and controlling labor costs. This comprehensive suite of applications makes it easy to track time and attendance, expenses, scheduling, client details and more.

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    Rosemark Software is the Complete Home Care Management Software Solution for Home Care Agencies..

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    SEKOIA provides Consulting, Expertise and Innovation in cybersecurity to respond to the challenges of a VUCA world.

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    Semmel moves pen and paper hand hygiene audit to digital audit using a mobile phone or tablet with this mobile friendly solution.

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    ServiceWarrior Android application provides your mobile work force with a real-time view into their work. It also provides dispatch on the fly, Pre and Post trip inspections, Field payments, Email and Print Receipts, Proof of Service, Photo's and Notes embedded in Work/Service Order.

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    SERVTracker makes home care more efficient, accurate, and simplified

    MyHomecareBiz is an automated, paperless clinical management that provides customer support, billing, scheduling, physician orders and more.

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    New software developed by StaffGroove helps nursing home administrators simplify the task of ensuring compliance with state CNA in-service training requirements. CNAs can sign in to training on a variety of devices, including: laptops, iPads, card readers, and even smart phones. Based on requirements specific to your own state, the software shows you a complete picture of in-service training compliance at your facility.

    Staffplan Roster is an established, robust and user friendly rostering software solution designed specifically for community care providers. This cost-effective home care management software serves all functions of a modern community care service from support worker recruitment and service user referrals, through to scheduling, training, timesheets, invoicing, gross payroll, expenses including mileage calculation with Bing Maps, management reporting and more.

    Synergi Life provides the tools needed to manage and improve home health care businesses

    ABA Therapy Provider Software - Scheduling, Case Management, Billing and Payroll

    The Rosemark System is a home care software solution that helps manage your agency's efficiency by organizing your home care management tools into one system.

    Total Nurse Solution is a Home Health Care Agency Software that helps you to get your Referrals, Intakes, Case Manager Reports, Plans of Care (POC), Calendars, Modified orders , Resumption of Care , Hospitalization, Re-certifications and Discharge activities automated.

    TurnPoint Software is committed to developing quality software products that enable carers to focus on care delivery, while helping to reduce costs and lift productivity by automating routine tasks such as invoicing, staff scheduling, payroll, journey planning and clinical record keeping.

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    Tynet Online is an integrated EHR and agency management suite that empowers Acute Care health professionals with the tools they need to improve patient care and increase revenue.

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    VCDoctor is a HIPAA compliant Mobile Solution for doctors to engage their patients and provide better care by facilitating remote treatment to Chronic Care patients. VCDoctor bring patients and doctors together by facilitating video consultation and improved communication.

    ViolaCare allows agencies of all sizes to have access to a enterprise-level software without paying the enterprise-level price.

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    VISIONS Home Health is a comprehensive software package that is created for, and affordable to, all home healthcare agencies. VISIONS Home Health performs most of the major functions associated with home healthcare administration with ease.

    VisitCall is a family of products for Home Care companies of all sizes.

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    VisitManager identifies issues and allows early intervention to decrease acute care visits and exposure to preventable readmissions

    A Medicare compliant software for scheduling in the home health industry

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