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Companies in the hospitality industry use hotel management software to cover all aspects of their operations, from room bookings and guest services to sales and marketing. Not all hotel management solutions provide support for all business needs that hotels encounter. Some vendors limit the scope of their products to certain areas like bookings and guest management. Hospitality companies also use this type of software to engage, attract, and retain customers. Advanced hotel management solutions can also help hotels with property management or back office features.

Hotel management software needs to be integrated with back office software, like accounting, or with property management or facility management solutions for maintenance and repairs (when this type of functionality is not part of a hotel management solution). Integration with tour operator or travel agency software is also important.

To qualify for inclusion in the Hotel Management category, a product must:

  • Manage availability and rates for rooms, conference venues, or other facilities
  • Provide an online booking engine that guests can use to reserve and pay
  • Allow marketing and sales teams to find and retain new customers
  • Include features to manage front desk operations such as check-in or check-out
  • Deliver integration with websites where hotels can list their rooms
  • Track and monitor hotel administration activities such as cleaning or maintenance
  • Help hotels implement and manage loyalty reward programs

What You Should Know About Hotel Management Software

Hotels are extremely complex machines with many moving parts. From front desk workers to housecleaning staff, concierges to restaurant cooks and servers, hotels require considerable coordination and organization to ensure guests are enjoying themselves. And since hotels are so involved, there is no one software solution that will fit every hotel’s business model. Hotel management software can look like a lot of different things, but the end goal is always to make sure the hotel runs smoothly and efficiently.

For instance, reservations are the backbone of the hotel industry, and in this day and age, booking a hotel online is an expected feature. For everything from small hotels or boutique hotels to huge hotel chains, no reservations means no business. For that reason, reservation software is a mainstay component of hotel management tools.

Customers expect a certain level of convenience, and that means elements such as online bookings, virtual check-in and check-out, and flexible services. Hoteliers are turning more to cloud-based solutions over on-premise options because of the easy implementation and integrations. Increasingly, smart hotel software is becoming available to provide a completely customizable experience for customers. With innovations such as using customers’ mobile devices as room keys or in-room television remotes, the world of technology is opening up for the hospitality business.

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Why Use Hotel Management Software?

Hospitality management is difficult. The day-to-day operations of a hotel are often elaborate and entangled, involving many different individuals in many different roles. In some ways, chain hotels have many advantages over independent hotels, given that some resources such as marketing and sales may already be provided. However, hotel management software can be an equalizer that streamlines processes that were once manual and required communication with several different departments.

Aside from reservations, hotels may need accounting tools, marketing tools, hotel property management (PMS) tools, housekeeping tools, sales tools, and more. Hotel management software is built to meet some or all of these needs to ease some of the pain of running a hotel and hospitality business. For instance, the advantage of having one tool that handles both front desk check-in and housekeeping is that front desk workers will know in real time which rooms are ready for new guests, allowing guests that arrive early to receive a room rather than being forced to wait until a certain time.

But the obvious advantage is the opportunity to save money by using one tool that does the work of several. Utilizing hotel management software allows hoteliers to save both money and precious time, since implementing one tool is much faster than implementing and integrating several. And if you already own several tools, hotel management software will often integrate with some if not all of the tools already in use. Property management, not to mention hotel management, is complex and involved, and hotel management solutions seek to ease some of those burdens.

Kinds of Hotel Management Software

Hotel management software is a broad category. The end goal of every hotel management solution is to aid with the running of a hotel, resort, or bed and breakfast, but that may look different for every organization. Because every business is unique, the array of features offered by hotel management software varies from solution to solution. Listed here are some common iterations.

Bookings-focused – Hotel booking is crucial to maintaining a hospitality business, so there are many hotel management tools that focus heavily on online booking features that either integrate with a hotel’s website or with other online booking engines. Payment gateways and billing features may also feature heavily.

Operations-focused – As mentioned earlier, hotels have many moving pieces that require constant organization. Hotel management tools that focus on operations will have plenty of accounting, employee scheduling, inventory management, and possibly even sales and marketing features. The goal with these solutions is to improve operational efficiency and lower costs while increasing revenue.

Property management-focused – PMS, or property management tools, are essentially end-to-end solutions that cover all aspects of a hotel’s business. Hotel management software that is also considered a PMS will have many features that touch on every important facet of the business, from front desk to back office.

Hotel Management Software Features

  • Booking/reservation manager: A means for guests to make reservations online, as well as a way to monitor availability, change reservations, and possibly make group bookings (wedding blocks, for example)
  • Front desk/front office operations: Guest check-in and check-out, room allocation, housekeeping, laundry management, and guest profiles
  • Channel management: Planning room availability and rates, managing bookings from multiple channels in one place, dashboards to easily relay information
  • Property management: Inventory, facility, and maintenance management
  • Mobile support: Access to features from mobile devices
  • Sales and marketing tools: Tools to drive sales and bring more customers to the hotel, such as CRM and SEO
  • Analytics: Reporting on key metrics such as guest trends and finances

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    OPERA PMS provides all the tools a hotel staff needs for doing their day-to-day jobs - handling reservations, checking guests in and out, assigning rooms and managing room inventory, accommodating the needs of in-house guests, and handling accounting and billing.

    Optimize your hotel management with HOTELLO Centralize the management of all these functions: PMS, POS, reservation system, GDS, CRS, revenue manager, task manager, marketing and much more.

    We are the world-leaders in Guest Intelligence solutions for the hospitality industry. Our cloud-based solutions enable clients to obtain a deeper understanding of reputation performance as well as operational/service strengths and weaknesses. We provide actionable insight to increase guest satisfaction, rankings on review sites/OTAs and ultimately revenue.

    RDPWin is a property management software that provides tools and features to help manage your properties and bookings for the properties.

    eZee FrontDesk is a general purpose hotel and motel software which is can be used as a hotel maintenance software, hotel reservations software, hotel management software, hotel billing software, hotel property management software (pms). It is ideal solution for hotel having 10-500 Rooms. It Provides features like - Reservation Center - Front Desk Operations - Profile Management - Rate Management - Revenue Management - Back Office Operations - In House Operations - Event Management - Analytics and Reporting and more.

    Hotelogix is a comprehensive and flexible web-based property management system that helps you manage your hotel operations seamlessly through its Frontdesk, POS, HouseKeeping, Booking Engine and reporting modules. With Hotelogix, you can dramatically lower your running costs as the PMS supports all distibution networks and channels (GDS, IDS, Travel Agents, Channel Managers and Facebook). Hotelogix also offers a Free Forever PMS Plan which is a single-user plan with all features of the PMS.

    REBEL provides turn-key and custom solutions which enable the partners to increase revenues while also decreasing customer acquisition and operational costs.

    Hotel Property Management System is a front-desk system that allows user to manage bookings, rates, inventory, channels, finances and guests.

    iHotel offers a single platform solution to help you manage your hotel with reservation management, property management, guest billing, customer relationship management, marketing and reporting to help you manage your hotel.

    innRoad is an integrated hotel management software that provides property management, an online booking engine, global distribution, a revenue manager, and more to help you manage your business.

    SimpleRez is an online booking engine that provides functionality and usability in order to manage the visitor's experience and manage room nights in the destination with features and tools to help you manage the booking process.

    360HMS Hotel Management Software is a cloud based software that perform multi language & multi currency print outs and remote access to control business any place to the world.

    AavGo is an innovator and leader in the hospitality personalization & communication technology domain. AavGo plays a pivotal role in improving customer loyalty,revenue,operational efficiency & customer service levels while also reducing operational expenditure for the hotel.

    ATRIO PMS is a cloud-based property management system designed with a user experience and modular architectures to streamline workflow and connects disparate technology systems to offer streamlined operations and more.

    Axis Suite provides the hotel management softwares like channel manager, hotel booking engine, central reservation system, revenue management system etc. AxisRooms is one of the leading hotel distribution solution provider.

    Cendyn is a cloud-based software and services provider that develops integrated technology platforms for driving sales and marketing performance in the travel and hospitality industry. The Cendyn Hospitality Cloud offers the most complete set of innovative software and services in the industry, covering hotel marketing, guest engagement, group sales, and event management. With offices in Boca Raton, Atlanta, Boston, San Diego, Toronto, Whistler, London, Munich and Singapore, Cendyn proudly serves more than 30,000 clients in 143 countries with enterprise spend levels in excess of $1 billion. For more information on Cendyn, visit

    Channel Manager is a hotel accommodation provider and site updater that manages booking engine and full front office system, its a real time property management system comprises of enhanced features such as inventory management, guest check in & check out, invoicing, overlapping of rooms and many more.

    Cheerze is a reservation management solution that integrates areas of the hospitality enterprise into one software system allowing your staff to manage customer satisfaction with front office management, housekeeping, POS, and more.

    Manage your hotel from any location with Clerk Hotel.

    Clock PMS is a modern all-round hotel management system in the cloud. The system introduces a comprehensive web booking engine, channel manager, revenue and yield management, integrated restaurant POS, data API for export to third party hardware and software. But what Clock PMS stands out for, is the mobile guest self service - a feature that allows for attractive digital guest services like self check-in, keyless entry, secure online payment and invoicing, digital room service and more. Clock PMS is cloud based and requires no installations, specific hardware or maintenance. Powered by AWS, it guarantees data safety and uninterrupted service. To get familiar with the full functionality of this modern hotel software you can start with a live demonstration guided by a helpdesk expert who will answer all your questions and demonstrate the features that matter the most to you, followed by a 30-day free trial.

    Meet Infor CloudSuite Hospitality, built to meet the needs of hotel, gaming, and entertainment companies. It provides proven capabilities in key areas such as revenue optimization, property management, asset management and sustainability, business intelligence, social business collaboration, and mobility, all delivered within an integrated framework.

    The B2B side of the $650B Hotel + Lodging Industry is still very antiquated and highly fragmented, and in order for companies to generate revenue, 10+ disjointed, costly, and/or outdated software tools are required in conjunction with a very laborious process carried out thousands of times per year. Direct™ is the forward-thinking, do-everything platform for lodging management companies of all sizes worldwide. Our next-gen software platform adds tremendous value bringing every feature necessary to run a business under one roof by consolidating or replacing the functionalities altogether, enabling companies to generate more revenue, with less effort, and at a lower cost than they can with competing platforms. For just 0.5% per transaction handled through the system, managers can streamline day-to-day operations, fully-automate distribution to top marketplaces, and increase direct conversions via a free, modern e-commerce website builder – no technical skills required. Optimize your business with Direct™, the only truly scalable all-in-one solution for professional vacation rental management companies, B&B's, and soon independent hotels & hostels.

    Easy InnKeeping is a web-based reservation software that provides features for financial, audit, and management reports and tools to help manage data and security levels of staff.

    Welcome to the world of cloud-based hospitality solutions with eZee Absolute! The newest development from eZee Technosys, eZee Absolute brings the combined power of SaaS and cloud computing to Property Management Systems. eZee Absolute carries a full set of power-packed features; every major and minor component of a hotel's requirements right from online booking, check in - check out, housekeeping, maintenance and many other functionalities.

    eZee Centrix Hotel Channel Manager is an integrated solution for managing hundreds of OTA's and GDS from single location. It also has direct interface with eZee Booking Engine and eZee Cloud PMS as well as eZee On-Premise PMS. It has features like 1. Single-point dashboard for managing all your distribution channels 2. Instant automatic update across all channels 3. Yield management, 4. No Overbooking, 5. Maintain rate parity without any effort and more.

    With EzRMS revenue management software specifically designed for the hospitality industry, you can sell the right product to the right customer, at the right time, and for the right price. That's because the core software application will automatically calculate demand forecasts for each future use of your hotel rooms, and recommend the appropriate selling strategies, such as open/close rates, stay controls, open/close room categories, and overbooking levels, maximizing your yield and profit

    Automate and track handling of guest requests, complaints and internal work orders from assignment to escalation and follow up.

    FCS Gateway allows hotel chain or owner to group various hotels with different PMS, PABX and other 3rd party systems under one roof without the worry of complex interface requirements and management. We make it easy to streamline complicated integration work.

    FCS Housekeeping is a multi-language web-based application dedicated to streamline the entire cleaning and inspection assignment process for both guest rooms and public areas in the Housekeeping department. Together with its FCS Housekeeping mobile app, the entire e-Housekeeping solution is designed with state of the art rules and conditions based logic to allocate room cleaning assignments to the most desired room attendant at any time of the day and supervisors can inspect rooms.

    FCS Laundry is a solution specifically designed to streamline laundry and linen management activities within a property. It is especially ideal for hotels with more than 300 rooms, mega resorts and casino hotels that experience a huge demand on laundry services. FCS Laundry helps to track each laundry transaction with a pre-set budget, and can cater to different types of laundry needs.

    FCS Voice is a SIP and analog based gateway for voice and digital messaging. It is comprised of two sub systems, Voice and Fax system which can be implemented la carte or as a total solution that sharing the same database with single login function. FCS Voice works seamlessly with all major PMS and PABX systems, ensuring guests voicemails and fax messaging are handled securely and efficiently upon guest check-in and check-out.

    FortuneNEXT 6i Hotel ERP is used by luxury hotels, independent and chain hotels, boutique and business hotels, resorts, service apartments and small hotels both in the star and non-star category. What makes Hotel ERP unique is that it is designed to run on a single database, seamlessly integrates Front Office and back of the house modules, is PA DSS certified, is backed by 24/7 technical support and overall has a lower total cost of ownership.

    Fullview Hotel Management Software is a one stop solution for all your hotel needs. Fullview HMS comes with an integrated channel manager, booking manager, payments manager, room service manager, guests manager and data analysis tool. Fullview HMS is developed by experiences hoteliers after talking to many hoteliers about the challenges faced by them and their staff with respect to growth and management. We make hotels win.

    GuestPoint is a property management system that provides tools like online bookings, revenue management, group management and more that assist in running your property.

    HelloShift is a communication platform for hotel staff and guests. It replaces antiquated communication mechanisms, such as handwritten logbooks, sticky notes, and walkie-talkies, with a Facebook-like interface that hotel staff is already familiar with. The platform also allows hotels to proactively manage guest experience via personalized pre-arrival and post-stay bulk guest SMS.

    Based on Dialexia’s award-winning Hosted PBX software, HERO Hospitality is a hosted PBX software solution built specifically for hotels & other hospitality environments.

    HOL is a web-based property management system that provides integrated modules like calendar facilities to help you visualize your accommodations availability, bookings and guest management, and more to help you manage your reservations.

    Hoteldruid is a web-based hotel management software that includes features and funcitons to help you manage the demands of your rental facility.

    Hotelier Property Management System is a hotel booking system designed to perform reservations in a graphical interface, with an automated platform that provides a place for managing and distribution of your property and provides functions and tools to help you manage your hotel.

    hotelminder is a management and distribution solution with tools and features in one system to help you manage room rates and bookings from one interface.

    InnkeyPMS Solution is a software for Property Management System that supports multiple properties with multiple currencies, all manageable from multiple geographical locations, including reservation, front-desk, point of sale, material management to financial books of account and reporting for all of properties and Hotel Website.

    KWHotel is a hotel management software designed for small and medium accommodation facilities. Available in three different versions, it contains a variety of useful features including: - the fully interactive calendar - customer base, logbook, statistics and reports - an advanced room and rate plans management modules - the online booking engine and Android mobile app - direct synchronization with - synchronization with the channel managers - professional technical support

    Megasys HMS is a web based hospitality management solution that allows guests to query availability and request or confirm an online booking with your company with interfaces and features to help you manage your bookings.

    Mews Commander is a cloud based property management solution for Hostels, Budget and Family Hotels that automate manual tasks, payments and booking management, it allow business owner to focus on creating great guest experiences.

    mycloud- one of the most advanced and feature rich web hotel management system, no investment required, simply subscribe and start using it.

    MyPMS is a cloud-based system that gives you a centralized reservation system and GDS integrated into a property management system to help you control your property securely from any place on any device.

    Shivam Medisoft is established in the year 2002, an ISO 9001:2008 certified Organization based out of Hyderabad providing HMS (hospital management software) to large, medium and small Hospitals, Diagnostic labs, Polyclinics and Clinics in Cloud or Server based. More than 600 clients are using our product in India and abroad. Our product’s unique in house designed framework offers ERP HMS solutions by customizing the software to suit your hospital requirements, needs and wants as desired by the management. Our OP – IP EMR of General Practitioner, Ob/Gyn, Orthopaedic, Paediatric module is lauded by India’s leading Doctors and Hospital. Our 24/7 Customer support Team has an excellent track record of resolving issues for uninterrupted smooth operations winning the trust and confidence of our Customers. Shivam’s free generic Hospital App (Shivam MD Dashboard) and Patient Apps ( myEHR) offers mobile technology for greater convenience to members of the Hospital Management and Patients to manage their electronic medical records.

    OTA Insight delivers hotel and property revenue management technology.

    Pure Automate is the Hotel Software/Product of Pure Weblopment LImited.It's an ultramodern Hotel Management System to simplify operations and enrich guest experience.

    RezBook is a property management software solution that allows you to search and retrieve guest/reservation history records and create new guest records without going through the reservation calendar with cash drawer management and more.

    RMS Hotel is a cloud-based property management and reservation system for service accommodation businesses that allows you to manage reservation management efficiencies and bookings via real-time online bookings and channel management integration.

    All-in-one powerful, flexible, easy-to-use, and affordable Hotel Management Software. roomMaster by InnQuest Software serves more than 5500 properties and manage over 450,000 hotel rooms every day! Property Management, Booking Engine, GDS and Channel Management, Point-Of-Sale, Revenue Management, Reporting, over hundreds of available interfaces. Our superior and dynamic approach provides a completely integrated solution designed for all of your hotel technology needs, giving you more time to spend with your guests, your staff and growing your business. No other PMS can compete with roomMaster on both price AND features. Boost ADR and RevPar with top-notch Revenue Management tools and interfaces. roomMaster uses auto rate tuning to increase your rates based upon occupancy, plus many more innovative methods not found in any other PMS. Save on high commission online travel sites using iQ-WebBook Booking Engine to offer your guest a book direct option. With a modern and intuitive design, iQ-WebBook is by far the best and most affordable solution on the market. Increase your sales with iQ-WorldLink Channel Manager by connecting roomMaster to an extensive list of GDS Partners and OTA’s.

    All-in-one, cloud-based hotel management software solution made for independent hotels, B&Bs and apartments. ✓PMS ✓Channel Manager ✓Booking Engine

    Roomsy is a hotel management software that allows you to track and manage reservations by letting you know who is staying in which room, when with features like reporting, employee tracking, and more to help you manage your business.

    RunShiftRun is a cloud platform that uses revolutionary technology to simplify, enhance, and coordinate communication for all types of hotels. The program is designed to handle operations and marketing needs by assisting management, employees and guests to connect together in a more efficient way in order to improve overall revenue and guest satisfaction.

    Provide total solutions for hospitality businesses including property management system, mobile hospitality application, back office system, internet booking engine, restaurant point-of-sale, and hospitality system interfaces.

    The Booking Factory is a property management and marketing software solution that helps independent hotels get a better direct relationship with their guest.

    TradeMeSoft Hotel is a Hotel Management Software that generate reports of the availability of rooms and payments and perform online reservations and monitor clients.

    Trench provide a Cloud Based Hotel Channel Management Software that helps hoteliers to manage their hotel properties in a single channel that will be automatically distributed to all Online Travel Agents.

    TrustYou Messaging enables hotels to offer online and mobile check-in.

    uHotelBooking ia a hotel management, reservation and online booking system for all types of accommodations and hotel operations.

    WebRezPro is a hotel property management system that is designed to meet your front and back office needs with features and tools to help manage your reservations and properties.

    WINHMS front office module provides leading front facing software which is able to perform quick and accurate check-in and check-out functions for guests.

    Xotelia helps short-term and seasonal rentals owners to manage listings across multiple distribution websites. The company currently allows owners to manage nearly 50 platforms, including peer-to-peer sites (Airbnb, Housetrip, Wimdu), as well as booking platforms (Expedia, synchronizing availabilities and prices across different calendars. Xotelia can install a commission-free booking engine on any property website. It helps owners to convert lookers into bookers.

    YieldPlanet is a rapidly growing premium software provider focused on hotel revenue and channel management. We deliver powerful yet easy-to-use solutions for hotels in distribution and revenue management. We are an international company with over 15.000 hotel properties in over 60 countries. Some of the most advanced hotels in the world use YieldPlanet to grow their business, e.g. Accor, Hilton, Best Western, Golden Tulip etc.

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