HR Overview

HR software automates how companies conduct business with relation to employee management, training and e-learning, performance management, and recruiting and on-boarding. HR professionals benefit from HR software systems by providing a more structured and process oriented approach to completing administrative tasks in a repeatable and scalable manner. Every employee that is added to an organization requires management of information, analysis of data, and ongoing updates as progression throughout the company occurs. As there are many responsibilities within HR departments, there are many solutions captured within the HR software category such as Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and Human Capital Management (HCM) software.

Types of HR Software

  • HR Management Suites

    HR Management Suites include functionality across all aspects of recruiting and human resource management. These products often offer separate modules for each element of HR management, including recruiting, training e-learning, core HR, and more, which can be purchased as needed and work together to provide an inclusive HR solution. Learn more about HR Management Suites
  • Core HR

    Core HR products offer human resource teams a variety of tools to help in the management of company employees, including employee attendance, salary structures, benefits, and more. Learn more about Core HR
  • Recruiting

    Companies use recruiting software to facilitate the hiring and onboarding of new talent, including tools for creating and distributing job posting, managing and tracking applicants, organizing applicant data, and managing other recruitment tasks. Learn more about Recruiting
  • Training eLearning

    Training e-learning software programs are digital tools for the training, education, and development of employees or customers. These might include online courses, social learning tools, tools for creating training materials, and more. Learn more about Training eLearning
  • Performance Management

    Performance management software organizes and tracks performance evaluations for employees and improves communications between employees and managers regarding goals and performance. Learn more about Performance Management
  • Workforce Management

    Workforce management software offers a broad range of tools to help employers and HR managers organize information and processes surrounding their workforce. Learn more about Workforce Management
  • Travel Management

    Travel management software helps businesses control travel bookings employees, save money on travel expenses, and make better travel decisions for employees. Learn more about Travel Management
  • Digital Interviewing

    Digital interviewing software allows users to prescreen candidates and conduct interviews remotely. These tools can use live or recorded video to screen candidates who may not be able to travel to the interview site. Learn more about Digital Interviewing
  • Freelance Services

  • Other HR

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