HR Management Suites Expert Insights

by Ward Christman

On what major criteria should a buyer assess an HR management suite (HRMS)?

Business Need: After clearly defining your HRMS requirements, make sure they tie into your core business drivers - if you are shopping for an HRMS and it doesn't help solve a real business problem or substantially advance the business with hard or soft savings, then you should stay with what you have or go back to the requirements drawing board.

Fit Analysis: Look for systems that match your company's size, geographical footprint and need for simplicity or sophistication. Also look for a vendor with a similar culture and view towards customer service. If there is misalignment in these areas you'll be paying too much for a system you'll hardly use or you'll have a system that won't be able to keep up.

Other: HRMS, HRIS, TMS, TAS, etc. - there are many "suites" out there so what's the best criteria for selection? Look for a solution than can go both deep and wide to cover as many parts of HR as possible, but rest assured you'll need to find point solutions to fill the gaps, so look for a partner that knows how to "partner" with other suppliers in the market. Also look hard at their integration capabilities and overall integration strategy.

What major trends do you see in the HR space right now?

There is a big shift towards alliances among the HR Tech vendors. Most of the HRMS providers have dozens of partners and the trend shows the number of partners will continue growing to meet the market demand.

How do these trends and the direction the industry is moving toward affect companies evaluating and using HRMS tools now?

There is a constant surge of new HR tools hitting the market and buyers and suppliers alike are struggling to keep up with new shiny toys. Certainly G2 Crowd can help sort through what's delivering value and what isn't, but be sure to work with your HRMS partner to determine the easiest way to leverage the value of their current partner network, and how you can help them vet new potential partners that look like good candidates to help HR drive business results.

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Ward Christman
Founder & Chief Advisor @HRTechAdvisor
Ward Christman’s career in HR technology began in 1992 when he launched one of the first online job boards. Since then he has held various sales and management roles while helping build HR Tech market leaders HRsmart, Lawson (now Infor), Bullhorn, Kenexa (now IBM), and now is the Chief Advisor for HR Tech Advisor. Ward Christman has 20+ years experience in HR technology and services with special expertise in employee referral (selection of tools and best practices), ATS solutions (system selection and configuration) and job marketing (via job boards and social media).