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Idea management, or ideation management, software structures the process of gathering insight on products, then organizing and managing those ideas for the purpose of improvement or development. This feedback comes from employees, customers, and partners, etc., for the explicit purpose of adding the feedback into future products or product releases. Idea management software enables companies to solicit feedback via email,web-based applications, or forms that employ online collaboration channels to discuss the feedback to capture and store ideas. Idea management software is a step-up from the traditional office suggestion box that allows for strategy that enables companies of all sizes to continuously innovate and grow. Idea management software facilitates the full transparency of a company, as anyone who has access to the database can track ideas from inception to implementation. Ideas are collected from all areas of the organization, beyond specialized departments like R&D, product management, and marketing. These products integrate with team collaboration tools to allow users to manage both internal and external-facing feedback.

To qualify for inclusion in the Idea Management category, a product must:

  • Engage customers, employees, stockbrokers, etc., via web-based applications and forms
  • Gather solicited ideas and feedback onto a central database
  • Allow for collaboration, edits, and input on collected feedback
  • Have an organized search functionality within the database to select and reject ideas
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    With over 2 million users worldwide, and $5+ Billion in net benefits recorded to date, Brightidea is the #1 Idea Management Platform on the market. Engage your employees at scale, collaborate on novel solutions, and foster a culture of innovation within your company. Wherever you're at in your innovation journey, our platform & people will help you get to the next level.

    Spigit’s innovation management platform enables organizations to crowdsource breakthrough ideas from the employees, partners and customers that know their business best. With Spigit, prioritize and track all ideas in your pipeline, from original conception to implementation--in new products and services, improved processes, and enhanced customer experience. With over 6 million users in 170+ countries, Spigit is the most widely used innovation management platform in the world.

    MURAL enables modern teams to think and collaborate visually, on demand. Imagination Workers can better understand problems, visualize concepts and align teams around human-centered solutions on a simple, playful and powerful cloud solution. MURAL workspaces combine: - Visual thinking canvases to research, brainstorm, organize, design, plan, and share concepts - Tools for live collaboration to align teams and make decisions - A meeting orchestrator to run better creative sessions - Design Thinking and Agile frameworks to kickstart and help structure collaboration - Integrations to other collaboration and software tools, including Slack, Github and Jira.

    Qmarkets is a leading enterprise-grade innovation management software, with costumers including hundreds of organisations across the globe. Our platform allows you to engage internal and external stakeholders, generating ideas using your employees, partners, or customers, transforming these ideas into quantifiable results using our unmatched suite of evaluation tools. Each of our systems is configured to our customers' specific requirements and needs both in technical functionality and visual design, matching the platform to the customer's internal innovation culture. We combine this flexibility with our global network of expert innovation partners to maximize the success of every project we work on.

    IdeaScale is idea management software that helps you find and develop the next big thing.

    Idea Spotlight is a highly scalable and flexible platform that enables internal and external innovation initiatives for organisations around the world.

    Sideways 6 | Ideas from Anywhere Sideways 6 exists to build better businesses through employee ideas. Our integrated approach removes the barriers to innovation, ensuring more ideas are shared - and the best ones are brought to life faster. Find out why over 3 million employees from the likes of Sainsbury's, British Airways and Rio Tinto trust the Sideways 6 approach at www.Sideways6.com.

    InnoCentive is the global pioneer in crowdsourced innovation. We help innovation-driven organizations solve their critical business, scientific and technical problems by harnessing the power of the crowd. Through InnoCentive, organizations can augment their organization with a vast on-demand workforce, share risk, discover diverse perspectives and make unexpected partnerships. We offer our proven Challenge Driven Innovation methodology, diverse global network of over 380,000 problem Solvers – all separately and specifically registered with InnoCentive - and purpose-built technology, as well as accompanying training and program management services. Over the past 16 years, InnoCentive has partnered with leading "Seeker" organizations from around the world, including AstraZeneca, NASA, Lumina Foundation and Essity, to help them transform their economics of innovation through rapid solution delivery and the development of sustainable open innovation programs.

    For a 5-minute demonstration of COMPASS, go to www.creato.com/compass COMPASS is a project portfolio management system that collects and ranks ideas, allows management to engage in feedback with employees to improve ideas, rescore ideas, and approve ideas. Once ideas become projects, COMPASS will guide the end user with just-in-time tools and training. Tools are extensive and include descriptive and inferential statistics in addition to simple brainstorming tools. Training is derived from the ASQ Lean Body of Knowledge. COMPASS will always recommend the best tools and best training based on the status of the project. Reporting is extensive and includes the ability to send alerts to staff based on projects approaching milestones, running behind, or missing data. COMPASS also includes full integration with SharePoint including single sign on, for purposes of indexing work and accommodating a variety of file formats. Finally, COMPASS promotes collaboration by sending project updates automatically to all stakeholders. Finish more projects, finish more projects faster and finish projects with greater returns with the COMPASS Quality Management System.

    Glint Innovation is a collaborative innovation platform that brings your employees, customers and focus groups together to generate value for your business. Their valuable ideas can be an immense source of inspiration toward enhancing services, developing products and improving processes. Glint Innovation is used worldwide by many organizations including governments looking for new ways to connect, collaborate, engage and generate value. Glint Innovation is Available on Web, iOS and Android.

    Ideanote makes it simple and productive for teams of any size to share, develop and act on ideas, together. Intuitive design, automatic progression and instant ideation tools are at the core of the ideanote platform. We structure and focus your ideas, helping you to go from idea collection to action, helping employee and customer insights to drive your business forward. Curious? Head to our site and try it out for yourself

    iEnabler is a company that specializes in helping organizations of all sizes to grow and transform by offering new possibilities and navigating business complexities in novel ways.

    SAP Innovation Management is a software that helps user foster innovation, capture it, and rapidly convert it into industry-leading, value-generating initiatives.

    Stormboard is realtime collaborative whiteboard software enabling teams both in person and remote to collaborate on a shared whiteboard.

    ideaPoint software enables global enterprises to capitalize on breakthrough ideas and opportunities at any stage of development, accelerating innovation and driving growth, all within one secure, easy to use tool.

    Prioritization done right. airfocus is a powerful, intuitive, and easy to use software suite that helps decision makers prioritize decisions and build more effective roadmaps. airfocus provides a SaaS platform for teams and managers to make strategic decisions, communicate team priorities, delegate work, track progress and timelines, and ultimately, provide more transparency and accountability. It integrates with with Jira, Trello and soon Asana to get you started in minutes.

    Crowdicity provides a management software that empowers organisations to harness the idea and creativity of their people to discover new perspectives, insights and opportunities.

    Ideawake is an idea management software designed to collect, automatically evaluate, and implement the top 5% of ideas that will drive 95% of new business results.

    Innovation Cloud is end-to-end innovation management platform, compatible with all of your business processes and fully configurable to meet your organization 's needs. Innovation Cloud consists out of a comprehensive set of features and cutting-edge software modules enabling you to accelerate the execution of your innovation management processes. We provide a systemic and structured approach to realize durable organic growth driven by enhanced organizational innovation capabilities.

    Oracle Innovation Management Cloud is a software that helps user systematize the selection and translation of the best ideas and inventions into profitable offerings for customers.

    Easily create and present online presentations. Create and track sales proposals online. Create accurate contracts online. See who's viewing and opening sales materials

    ConceptDraw MINDMAP ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a next generation mind mapping tool that has the power and flexibility to increase productivity for individuals and teams. CD MINDMAP is designed to assist in organization, learning, planning, writing, and presentations for individuals and teams. CD MINDMAP allows for the rapid gathering of critical information and organizing it; as well as the capability to re-purpose content saving time when working on critical tasks. CD MINDMAP imports and exports to a wide variety of file formats that extend its capabilities as a productivity tool. ConceptDraw MINDMAP supports both PCs and Mac computers, provides no-charge technical support (phone and web tickets). The product can be used alone or in conjunction with its ConceptDraw OFFICE suite mates (a bundle of products that also includes ConceptDraw DIAGRAM – business graphics and diagramming; ConceptDraw PROJECT – project management). ConceptDraw MINDMAP can be purchased from CS Odessa or one of our worldwide sales partners. A free trial of any of the ConceptDraw products is available on our web site. Uses of ConceptDraw MINDMAP Note taking Boundary grouping Topic Pin Building presentations (has its own presentation capability) Writing Map Minder Tool Project planning (topics can be configured as project elements) Meeting management Requirements gathering Brainstorming (has built-in brainstorming tool) Task management (topics identified as tasks can be sent to Microsoft Outlook for following assignment assignment) Electronic white board Instruction tool Use and share map contents directly to Microsoft OneNote and Evernote Tweet directly from mind map Organization tasks (work and personal) File types that can be imported to ConceptDraw MINDMAP as a mind map Microsoft Word Microsoft Project Microsoft PowerPoint ConceptDraw PROJECT OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) Text Indented Outline Text Numerated Outline Mindjet MindManager FreeMind XMind File types that ConceptDraw MINDMAP can be exported to: Adobe PDF (hyperlinks are preserved in export) Microsoft PowerPoint (1. all map text is organized and exported as a presentation, or 2. map images are assembled into a presentation) Microsoft Project (mind map is exported as a project) ConceptDraw PROJECT (mind map can be opened as a project) ConceptDraw PRO (mind map can be exported as various diagrams) Web page map image (exports map image with live hyperlinks) Web page outline view (exports map in outline format in web view) Export map as graphic image in any of the following formats (PNG - supports Transparency, BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF) OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) RTF (Rich Text Format) Text Outline (configurable) ConceptDraw MINDMAP is designed to save time as well as help with organization on work and personal tasks. ConceptDraw MINDMAP provides a flexible mind mapping tool that provides a wide range of task attributes that can be used in 100’s of different ways. ConceptDraw products have a history of innovation, and have been serving our customer’s needs since 1993.

    Get from an Abstract Thought to an Execution. germ.io is a tool that allows you to capture your abstract thoughts, break it down to bite sized next steps, collaborate, brainstorm and start executing.

    The ready to go platform to engage employees and gather ideas from all over your organisation in an easy way. --- Hives began with a simple idea That knowledge and experience need to be shared. Once upon a time, we used to be a team of consultants that would help organisations to create a better and more effective digital workplace. However, we understood early on that many of our clients had a hard time enabling their employees to voice their opinions and share ideas of improvement. They simply lacked a permanent model for constant change. And without an easy way to gather ideas, a change would come slowly and the health (and wealth) of the organisation would be threatened. The concept actually works much like a beehive. By the way, did you know that the beehive is a commonly used symbol of industry and cooperation? And it makes a lot of sense as in a hive, every bee has a purpose and a specific task, and they all work together. And much like a beehive, the well-being of, and the culture in, an organisation is dependent on the busy bees it consists of. A beehive works like so: Its internal structure is called a honeycomb, and it is made out of a mass of hexagonal prismatic cells composed of beeswax, creating a foundational pattern of actual geometric efficiency. The bees themselves gather nectar and other sweet juices from flowers, which transforms into honey in the bodies of the bees. The honey itself is then stored in the cells of said beeswax. Sound familiar? The process of working together, with a purpose, gathering nectar and transforming it into honey is pretty similar to how we humans coexist and cooperate. We thrive when we work for an organisation that has a strong foundation and efficient work processes. We want to be a part of something bigger, and we want to contribute where we can. We gather inspiration and impressions all day long, and these transform into actual ideas when you least expect it. But where are these ideas supposed to be harnessed and harvested? That was the challenge for every single organisation we talked to. So we decided to create a solution to these problems and build a tool that would give companies the possibility to empower their employ(b)ees in ways they didn’t even think was possible.

    IdeasMine - The Power of Collaborative Ideas. Powerful Ideas and Innovation Management Software.

    BrightSpark is an idea management system that facilitate direct engagement from employees and customers.

    Modern, affordable and feature rich SaaS platform for Open Innovation. It will take you less than ten minutes to set up your first campaign and call out for ideas to an invited crowd of user or the public. All plans come with instant signup and a free trial (30 days).

    HYPE GO! provides innovation management software for Open Innovation, Ideation, Idea Management, New Product Development and Invention Disclosures.

    Ideaflip is a software that makes it easy for a team to quickly turn thoughts into ideas, share and refine them whether they're in the same room or on the other side of the world.

    Imaginatik is the industry leader, powering innovation for leading organizations worldwide. We offer end-to-end innovation management software and consulting services that help clients across all stages of their innovation journey unlock the creative potential of their employees. From idea generation and collaborative problem solving, Imaginatik has been the vendor of choice for companies like NIke, ExxonMobil, PWC, Pfizer, Delta, Liberty Mutual, Shell, Goodyear, and more.

    inno360 Enables Disruptive Innovation inno360 is designed to enable leading innovation companies to identify disruptive opportunities for their new products, both within and outside their respective industries. To do this, we provide you with a complete view of the competitive landscape, available and emerging technologies, potential solution partners, and other profound insights that will inspire new directions for your products. The actionable intelligence provided through inno360 will help you cultivate a comprehensive product strategy and bring disruptive products to market faster and more efficiently.

    Civic Engagement Tool, Powered By Algorithms. Pick a question, invite your citizens and let our algorithms analyze & respond to inputs, for you.

    Kindling: idea management and innovation collaboration software for organizations.

    Nectir is a class-leading idea management platform for rapid business innovation. The software allows for employee idea collection, challenge solving and dynamic sprints setup - where teams create viable business solutions. Nectir's intuitive platform ensures that ideas are strategically aligned through smart gamification. social recognition and incentivisation. Its extremely easy to use interface allows for fast team on-boarding and implementation. It's intelligently simple innovation software built for mid to enterprise level businesses.

    Planbox Innovate is a management software platform that collaborate, develop and capitalize the ideas from employees and community of customers, partners and suppliers.

    ThinkTank is a cloud-based Digital Engagement system that transforms how leaders engage and align distributed teams.

    All-in-one support suite that offers 4 solutions from small to corporate business. - Feedback System; - Help Center; - Community Portal; - Knowledge Base; - Live Chat.

    Viima is the best way to collect and develop ideas. What's more, it's free for up to 50 users and can be taken into use within minutes! Viima is designed to make idea management transparent, super easy and effortless for everyone involved. Viima also supports all kinds of different idea management and innovation processes, even at the same time. While you might need a heavy duty stage-gate innovation process for new product development, other teams can still use Viima with a very lightweight process for their own purposes. Viima is used by all kinds of companies across industries, ranging in size from small teams of just a few people all the way to large enterprises with tens of thousands of employees. Viima supports an unlimited number of ideation boards that you can use for different purposes, both within your company and with external stakeholders. Each board can have their own processes, settings and access rights. User management is also very easy with built-in Single Sign On for all the most common services like Office365, Google for Business and Microsoft AD. Some highlights from our features: -------------------------------------------------- - Highly visual and engaging user experience - Supports any kind of idea management/innovation process - Unlimited number of ideation boards, each with their own processes and access rights - Ideation campaigns and competitions within the company or with external stakeholders - Evaluating ideas based on freely adjustable metrics with support for multiple evaluations in the different parts of the process - Color coded and easily adjustable categories for ideas - Hashtags for grouping ideas into themes across categories - Mentioning users makes it easy to let the right person know about ideas or comments affecting them - Mobile version makes it easy to add ideas, upload images or reply to comments while on the go - Automated notifications for interesting actions - Leaderboards that reward users based on their activities add a touch of gamification - Highly responsive support team and a dedicated account manager helping you with your business needs

    Wridea is a tool for idea management and collaboration service.

    2-plan Desktop is a free project management software.

    Accept Mission is a brainstorm tool which uses gamification. Harvest input from different groups. Users generate ideas undercover and earn points for the (best) ideas. It's perfect for small to very large groups and offers easy collaboration, time, place and function independent.

    Accolade is a platform that enables user to seamlessly and efficiently coordinate and synchronize ideation processes and activities with strategic planning, roadmapping, process and project management, portfolio management and optimization, and resource planning.

    Agora is a file sharing and collaboration platform that connects Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box with one another, enabling its users to edit, create, share, and collaborate with all their documents in one place.

    Argu is an idea management software that helps users to get people involved in the decision-making process.

    The technology and community behind Betterific enable individuals to reach a network of people willing to create better customer experiences. With Betterific, people run innovation challenges to crowdsource products, campaigns, and customer experiences.

    Braincatena is a tool to create, discuss and develop creative and innovative ideas with the team - a collaboration online tool for brainwriting.

    BrainStorm allows to accelerate the thinking of writing and planning, capture and organize information and ideas. It enables high-speed logical thinking, writing and planning.

    Brainstorming Room is a free private space to brainstorm online with a team invited. It provides to launch brainstorms, generate ideas and capitalize on innovative thinking.

    Open innovation and collaboration platform where internal colleagues and external partner companies or knowledge centers join forces to create, enrich and assess innovative ideas within strategically selected areas.

    CorasWorks Idea & Innovation Management is an end-to-end solution that provides a rich, web experience for idea capture and collaboration, along with structured review, evaluation, and approval, and, the ability to integrate with activities that drive execution.

    Co:tunity is a smartphone and web application for collaborative problem solving that can easily gather, share and develop trends and ideas, analyze and report in the same digital platform.

    Crowdoscope is a tool for obtaining the collective intelligence of small or large groups of people. It is a self-organising visual environment that can support an unlimited amount of participants.

    CrowdWorx Innovation Engine is a modular software platform for all types of innovation processes, including Innovation Management, Idea Management, Open Innovation, and Crowdsourcing.

    An application designed to work with thousands of users, for a massively collaborative work

    Eideabox provides a platform that allow user to share their ideas and views with senior authorities to help the organization to improve Revenue by getting new ideas and innovation ideas.

    Eris Solver is a Crowd-Solver platform for complex problems that answer complex questions to help company harness the latent Power of its Crowd and solve its complex issues.

    Is your innovation programme ready for a decisive upgrade? Adaptable to your processes, Exago Smart was built for inclusive collaboration and to make innovation grow in large enterprises. It facilitates idea management and gets you sharper results with a patented, smart crowd selection mechanism, based on prediction markets. Exago is trusted by medium to large companies across sectors and geographies, including leaders from Fortune500 and from Forbes’ most innovative organisations ranking.

    eZassi Open Innovation is a software that expands the reach of ideation initiatives while protecting the intellectual property rights of the organization, it includes controlled idea capture for both external and internally generated ideas and challenges, provides automated idea assessment and customized workflows that populate a searchable idea repository.

    GLIDR software helps entrepreneurs, product managers and innovators validate that they’re going to market with products and business models that drive real value.

    Haydle is an enterprise Q&A system that captures your company's tribal knowledge, and gets you a better answer faster.

    Headstarter is a modern and intuitive idea sharing cloud platform for getting many small (and bigger) ideas implemented.

    HP Remote Graphics Software is an application virtualization tool for accessing 3D professional graphics applications remotely.

    Hunchbuzz is a cloud based Idea Management software that enables the generation, collection and development of feedback, ideas and suggestions as part of the overall organisational development strategy.

    Ideacomb is a software that collect ideas from internal and external sources, involve customers, partners and others in the product development process, foster innovation culture, enable Idea Pipeline Management, measure Key Metrics for Open Innovation initiative enerate enthusiasm in employees towards driving the solution

    Crowdsource, curate and implement the best ideas from across your teams to grow your business faster. Forget complex spreadsheets, dated intranets and long-winded annual surveys. Give your team a beautiful, lightweight idea management experience that they'll love.

    Ideafactory is a tool that produces a real-time online result report that is automatically ready for use to show idea-specific evaluations and answers to other questions.

    IdeaGlow is an Idea Management Software that Capture, Track and Manage Ideas & Suggestions of employees.

    Corso Innovation Management software helps you capture your organization's best ideas and develop them into valuable new innovations and solutions.

    IdeaJam is an idea and innovation management software that conduct effective idea collection and management, it has a control panel that can be turned on or off to allows user to use only the features needed.

    ThanksBox is a platform with communication tools that allows employees to provide feedback and insights. Surveys and idea sharing can also be sent out through the suite. Users can view engagement analytics and gain valuable information.

    Ideas Engine is a software for large groups that generate, prioritize and refine ideas and integrates with Social Networks and Intranets.

    ideation360 is a platform which facilitates the collection of ideas from a group of stakeholders. Campaigns can be developed and sent out to users to gain survey responses or ideas.

    ideocial is an exciting new platform combining innovation with enterprise social media. It's crowdfunding platform seamlessly integrates with your existing enterprise social media platform.

    id-Force is software for industrial, trading and service companies of all sizes as well as for institutions in the public sector that would like to give new impetus to their company suggestion scheme or continuous improvement process, supports the entire idea management process from the submission of an idea through to its implementation and its defined sequence structure simplifies process-optimized work.

    IDhall SC is a software solution for Web and multilingual kind that meets three basic needs to sustain a process of innovation and progress, capture all opportunities for progress , whether small ideas or major strategic projects, exchange, prioritize and decide actions to be implemented and follow in real time the progress of the process.

    Ikabo is a technology incubator that works on helping organisations drive innovation and positive change.

    Incubatize is a software that help companies improve their workforce engagement, business goal alignment and building a people led innovation culture.

    Innofication provides a platform that offers a wide range of opportunities to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship within organization where the customer has an important role to generate ideas into marketable propositions.

    ideas4all Innovation Agora is a suite that offers the most complete and flexible solution to manage innovation with different internal and external actors, in any sector, it incorporates unsolicited ideas to its idea generation processes, while monitoring ROI through project managers.

    InnovationCast is designed to support your company's engagement in innovation from beginning to end.

    GainX is a world-class technology company providing Innovation and Transformation Strategy Management (ITSM) solutions for corporations. Our experiences across the top institutions internationally give us a unique understanding of the innovation and transformation challenges that organisations are experiencing. GainX provides a cost-effective, robust solution powered by an AI and machine learning engine. Our solutions are designed to help you transform, innovate, and commercialise repeatedly and to gain measurably higher returns on your innovation and transformation investments. GainX Intellect software is our portfolio management and commercialisation platform that supports organisations innovation initiatives

    The INX InNovate is a collaborative, systematic solution designed to simplify the management of change process, foster innovation and mitigate organisational risk.

    ITONICS Ideation is an online platform that combines idea generation, expansion, rating, aggregation and collaborative selection in medium and large-sized companies, it supports classic stage-gate processes, idea competitions, ideation workshops and close and open innovation approaches and can be customized according to specific requirements.

    Launchboard collects customer conversations & research and automatically extracts actionable insights about customers needs and problems. LaunchBoard identifies high value pain points from sales opportunities and conversations with existing customers - accounting for frequency, MRR, trends and more.

    MeetingSift is a Web-enabled App for more Effective Meetings

    Nosco is a social platform for ideas that allow user to create and share ideas, post comments and vote for ideas, user can follow ideas, people and campaigns and get updates in personal activity feed.

    PIT is an idea management software that enables ser to share, enrich and grow ideas.

    Sem.idea is a software that can be used to efficiently and safely store centrally,evaluate,analyze ideas,innovations,improvements or customer suggestions to generate own idea campaigns for current subjects to always be up-to-date even in case of market changes.

    SkipsoCrowd is a platform that provides a simple and intuitiive interface to help team manage end to end crowdsourcing and comunity, it has a private admin application that streamline all the activities of crowdsourcing program from a central location.

    smartcrowds is an innovation management platform that addresses the 360 challenge of organizational innovation, turning great ideas into lasting business change time and time again.

    SocialJsIdeas is a crowdsourcing collaborative solution to mind map ideas and innovate. Users can work to solve business issues and gain ideas collectively.

    Solverboard helps organizations to inspire, capture, measure and reward the collective intelligence of their people, their network and the world to deliver genuine value. Users can submit ideas and analyze insights.

    Table of Visions provides crowdfunding software solutions for brands, businesses and organizations. Our fully customizable white label solution can be used for innovation and idea management. We work as a full service provider for clients such as the Sparkassen-Finanzportal, Vaillant Group, Audi as well as Wikimedia Foundation Germany.

    TemboSocial Ideas is a software that generate, share, and discover great ideas

    ThinkChange is a solution that engage employees and stakeholders in business improvement tailored to organisation's priorities and challenges.

    Verve is a solutions that help Enterprises, Academic & Research Institutions and Open Communities to tap, manage and execute Ideas

    Vocoli is an employee engagement and suggestion platform that help companies capture great ideas, engage their workforce, and foster innovation.

    WAVE is a platform that allow employees to submit ideas, collaborate, evaluate, prioritise and select ideas which are bright and can be executed to stay flexible and in sync with the fast-paced business paradigm of this age.

    WE THINQ is a platform that helps change makers lead communities to create social impact, develop ideas and get meaningful feedback.

    Yambla is a solution that helps user discover and execute the best ideas in the company by providing social innovation management which impacts the company culture by transparently managing the company's innovation process and turning it into a simple, social and addictive experience.