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Best Inbound Call Tracking Software

Inbound call tracking software attributes inbound phone calls to their sources. By generating different local and 1-800 numbers for advertisements, locations on a website, and pay-per-click campaigns and keywords, organizations can track which sources are generating the most calls. Further, products often provide advanced call routing and interactive voice response systems to qualify leads and provide more granular reporting. Inbound call tracking products are most frequently used by marketing teams to better measure the success of specific marketing campaigns. Inbound call tracking products integrate with digital analytics and digital advertising tools to include offline conversion in overall funnels. They also integrate with CRM products to successfully log and track leads.

To qualify for inclusion in the Inbound Call Tracking category, a product must:

  • Generate unique numbers for different advertising campaigns
  • Track which campaign individual calls are coming from based on unique numbers
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    Know what makes your phone ring - every click, every call, every channel. CallRail provides call analytics to data driven marketers, improving visibility into what advertising campaigns are driving inbound and outbound phone calls and allowing marketers to optimize campaigns to improve campaign ROI. Trusted by more than 100,000 businesses across North America, CallRail delivers intuitive self-service software to businesses that care about calls by enabling smart marketers to know what makes their phone ring. Contact us about our international plans now offered in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil!  CallRail tracks phone calls from online and offline marketing campaigns (such as print ads, radio ads, TV ads, referrals, SEO), analyzes which campaigns best convert into customers, and increases phone call conversion rates by recording calls for training to make sales reps more effective - all breaking the limitations of historical PPC tracking! Simply put, CallRail is a cloud based telephony redefining the way companies track, handle, and analyze phone calls. Instant Free Trial. No Credit Card Needed. Learn more at CallRail.com.

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    DialogTech provides the only platform for end-to-end call attribution and conversion essential for data-driven marketers.Our technology empowers marketers by providing the call attribution data needed to confidently invest in campaigns that drive calls, as well as the conversion technology necessary to control and personalize each caller’s experience, so each caller is routed to the right person at the right time, and more callers are converted to customers.

    Invoca is a call tracking and analytics solution that helps marketers get conversion reporting and campaign attribution from inbound phone calls. Powered by award-winning AI, our platform delivers real-time call analytics to help marketers take informed actions based on data generated before and during a phone conversation. As a result, marketers can dramatically improve ROI by driving more revenue-generating calls, increasing conversion rates, personalizing the customer journey, and running more efficient campaigns. Visit invoca.com or call 855-400-3199 to learn how to drive more calls and turn them into sales.

    CallTrackingMetrics’s award-winning call tracking and automation platform provides thousands of businesses the tools they need to track, manage and optimize phone calls to increase conversions and scale for growth, worldwide. From understanding which advertising campaigns are driving phone calls to advanced routing and call management, we arm businesses with the tools to transform communication into powerful intelligence. Integrations with systems like Google, Salesforce, Facebook, and Shopify ensure that call conversions are seamlessly integrated into existing sales and marketing processes. Businesses around the globe rely on CallTrackingMetrics to connect millions of calls each month. CallTrackingMetrics has also been recognized in Inc. Magazine's 5000™ list of fastest-growing private companies, and as a leader on G2 Crowd for inbound call tracking software.

    The best customers for your business are those who pick up the phone and call you. Marchex helps you understand who called, why they called, and helps you turn more of these callers into customers. Marchex Call Tracking, the leading call analytics platform for measuring precisely how effective your digital marketing strategies are at making the phone ring for your business. The platform includes channel-specific solutions, such as: - Marchex Search Analytics measures which keywords drive conversions from customers who call from call extensions on your paid search ads and integrates seamlessly with the bid management platform you already use. - Marchex Call Marketplace, powered by Marchex Omnichannel data, allows you to acquire new customers while lowering acquisition costs.

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    RingDNA is a complete sales acceleration engine for inside sales teams using Salesforce. RingDNA's Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce helps outbound sales reps use RingDNA to make more calls, connect with up to 400% more prospects and fully automate voicemails. RingDNA also improves inbound call performance. Calls can be routed to the right reps based on any marketing source, complete with prospect data that helps reps have more successful conversations. RingDNA also automates call logging and reporting, providing managers with dozens of actionable reports out of the box. The result: more dials, more conversations, more inbound call conversions and more revenue.

    CallFire provides easy-to-use, self-service voice marketing solutions to thousands of businesses across the US & Canada. We specialize in helping local businesses grow and retain their revenue with outreach and engagement services such as IVR, Voice Broadcast and Call Tracking. In addition to serving local businesses, CallFire empowers non-profits, religious groups and other organizations to connect more effectively with their audiences. CallFire is headquartered in Santa Monica, California with affiliated offices in Austin, Texas and Kiev, Ukraine.

    From a conversation between founders Ross Fobian and Richard Hamnett about the disconnect between online and offline customer journeys, within two years the pair had launched their campaign level tracking project. Heralding many industry firsts, including integration into Google Adwords and Google Analytics, by 2010 their visitor level tracking was live, the business had 100 customers and ResponseTap had joined the Telegraph's Tech Start-Up 100 most promising technology start-ups in Europe. Today, having raised £4m in funding, the business has 80 staff, 50 new customers every month, offices in London, Manchester and the US, and billions of web visits, phone calls and associated transactions processed every day. Allowing marketers to connect the customer journey to the phone call, and for call centers to start the conversation where the online journey left off, ResponseTap’s Call Intelligence helps optimize campaigns and improves the customer experience. Over 1,600 brands use ResponseTap, with customers including Aviva, Virgin Money, Hiscox, Wickes and WhatCar? “We've always been about finding innovative solutions to complex problems. About making life easier for marketing and sales teams, and better experiences for customers. ” ROSS FOBIAN, RESPONSETAP FOUNDER AND CEO

    Salesforce Sales Analytics quickly gains pipeline visibility, track team performance, and uncovers opportunities to grow the business. And it uses Einstein Discovery to surface hidden insights and get intelligent recommendations so you can sell faster and smarter.

    Enterprise grade inbound call tracking for businesses, call centers, and professional marketers. Our innovative call tracking and routing platform has the absolute best reporting and analytics in the business, with real-time access to everything and live dashboards to monitor your call flow.

    Unleash the Power of Professional Conversations. Truly is the all-in-one enterprise voice platform bringing rep productivity, global telephony, and realtime conversation intelligence together with one tool. Organizations use Truly to clean up their voice stack. Get more conversations and cleaner data for your team while saving on cost. As the only inbound and outbound voice solution, Sales and IT leaders alike love using Truly. Truly works everywhere, captures all your call data, and maximizes conversation quality with minimal support required.

    CallSource- Own Every Lead CallSource is the premier technology-enabled business performance system that optimizes our clients’ revenue, profit, and brand reputation. CallSource pioneered the call tracking industry and has become the leader in actionable analytics. We deliver insights to solve, strategize, and implement solutions for our clients engaging with their sales performance data. Since 1991, CallSource has recorded and analyzed over one billion phone calls, providing cost-per-lead analysis, sales conversion percentages, sales recapture solutions, and training and coaching solutions to thousands of businesses in the United States, Canada and Australia. As a business, CallSource believes in enhancing the performance and accomplishments of our clients and our people. For more information on CallSource visit: www.callsource.com. Contact CallSource today at 877-CallSource.

    PhoneWagon is simple, beautiful call tracking software that helps you see which marketing campaigns are working. Easily setup unique phone numbers and put them on your different marketing campaigns or use dynamic numbers on your website to see where your customers are coming from. Spend your marketing dollars in the areas that work.

    Call Box is the leading provider of phone call tracking solutions. The company's innovative software empowers over 100,000 businesses to Own the Phone by understanding what generates their best phone leads and how their people are handling those leads. Call Box operates a proprietary network of over 75,000 human call reviewers who score phone calls to quickly discover everything that happened and identify important opportunities. Call Box is based in Dallas, TX and was founded in 1988. This technology has been customized into different products for the Automotive, Healthcare, Home Services and Multi-Family industries.

    ActiveDEMAND is a flexible marketing platform for digital marketing agencies and marketers. ActiveDEMAND packages range from the full-featured call tracking application for the small business marketer to the powerful Marketing Agency Portal designed for digital marketing agencies with multi-client management needs. Engage and track prospects using the integrated, comprehensive call tracking module, do more with built-in email templates, landing pages and social media. Convert leads and prospects into customers using automated marketing to manage nurture campaigns, auto-replies and more. Retain customers and grow your repeat businesses with powerful newsletters, special promotions and more.

    Retreaver helps marketers, agencies and brands better understand their customer journey. Our cloud based software provides real-time inbound call data by tagging, tracking and routing the caller to the appropriate person, or department. Leverage data from popular marketing solutions such as HubSpot, Eloqua and Instapage to deliver personalized experiences and increase conversion rates. Retreaver will have you identifying which campaigns are driving the most revenue, while creating a true omni-channel strategy with insights that promote higher conversions and happier customers. Call us today 866-898-7878 or visit try.retreaver.com to learn more!

    From basic call tracking to advanced call attribution – we’ve got the solutions, scale, and quality analytics to ensure that every one of your calls count, 100% of the time.

    Convirza finds ingenious ways to use customer conversations to deliver remarkable business results. To address the growing demand for intelligence from phone interactions, Convirza’s call analytics and automation platforms help sales, marketing and customer service analyze and act on calls to generate more revenue and improve customer experience. The company recently released a ground-breaking call marketing optimization platform (Convirza for Advertisers) from its headquarters in Silicon Slopes, Utah and office in Agoura Hills, California. For more information visit www.convirza.com or follow the company on Twitter (@convirza), and on Linkedin.

    Calltracks provide call tracking & analytics software for SMBs through to Global Enterprise to help you understand what marketing channels make your phone ring, including the keywords your web visitors’ use. With the added ability to track offline sales and transactions generated from your calls, including those generated at a later date in-store, you can now get a full picture of your return-on-investment at the click of a button. Furthermore Calltracks can integrate directly with your web analytics account and other 3rd party tools. See which web visitors convert over the phone, including their behaviour on your website before, during and after they call you. Phone calls can be viewed alongside other conversion metrics such as form fills and live chat requests to help you maximise your marketing and your website’s potential. Ultimately, Calltracks will allow you to optimise for revenue and not just for conversion – helping improve your profits and reduce wasted spend.

    Lucep is a mobile solution that helps businesses increase their online lead generation and conversion.

    Call Tracker makes it radically simple to setup tracking numbers and get the call analytics data you need so you can focus on what's working and stop spending on what's not. We have core integrations with the tools you use like Google Analytics, WordPress, Google Adwords, and Zapier to integrate your call data with your business data.

    Hot Prospector is a Outbound sales automation platform that integrates email, sms, ringless voicemails, outbound dialer and inbound dialer into a simple crm.

    What is Ringostat? Ringostat is a complex solution including: ● call tracking; ● cloud PBX (internet telephony); ● lead management (automation of work with clients, building contacts database, collecting additional data about the customer); ● callback — conversions generator + intelligent form of callback. The system allows to determine the effectiveness of advertising (up to the keyword detalisation) in terms of the goals achieved in the form of phone calls, find out the main problems in business processes in order to improve them.

    Velocify Pulse™ is a new kind of sales acceleration platform in the Salesforce ecosystem. More than just a dialer or email tool, Velocify Pulse is the only full featured, enterprise class sales solution that meets every sales team’s needs and optimizes every stage of the sales cycle – from prospecting to lead engagement to closing the deal. • Prospecting - Find and nurture leads faster and with more precision • Communicatoins - Intelligently power through sales calls with advance sales dialer • Optimization - Optimize workflows to significantly improve your conversions • Analytics - Drive continuous sales process improvement • Rewardification™ - Motivate your sales team with the rewards they really want

    Aloware is a universal Call and SMS tracking platform, that provides data-driven marketers with superior Call Tracking and Reporting technology. Aloware enables businesses to drive and deliver more inbound calls by quantifying marketing channel performance and visually analyzing inbound call quality and conversion rates. Aloware allows business analysts to make informed decisions and optimize ad spending and social media expenditure. As a communication platform, Aloware simplifies business texting and call routing for teams of any size, helping salespeople take Real-Time Customer Engagement to the next level.

    AvidTrak provides tailored, stand alone and white-labeled, call tracking solutions (for Agencies) which enable Search Engine (PPC and SEO) Marketers, Display Advertisers and Direct Marketers to enhance the advertising effectiveness of their campaigns.

    Infinity is a Cloud based call tracking service with integrated visitor tracking capabilities. With Infinity you can track calls from your website and know exactly which marketing activity brought those visitors to your site. Call Tracking evolved from the need to identify which online marketing campaign investment delivers results. Our system allows you to identify which marketing source has led to a phone call and therefore gives you confidence to invest more aggressively in the campaigns that are known to deliver results.

    Call tracking is the center piece of the WhatConverts solution for agencies and companies that want to see the complete marketing picture. We go beyond phone call tracking to track all marketing through phone calls, web forms, and e-commerce transactions

    Analytic Call Tracking by identifies the marketing channels that make your phone ring and has the flexibility to assign phone numbers to each marketing channel like Youtube, Google Places, Facebook, etc.

    Callcap is a Call Tracking and Monitoring solution for companies looking to improve ROI, marketing effectiveness and staff performance. The suite of products help clients decrease their costs, train their employees, and measure new marketing ventures immediately with the use of call tracking phone numbers and recorded call evaluation services.

    Tracks the effectiveness of your online and offline advertising campaigns with call tracking, route to multiple call centers with call routing, generate greater response with memorable 800 numbers, and easily understand the results with unified data reporting.

    Simplified Call Tracking dedicated to helping businesses reduce costs and increase profits. Our product allows users to; 1) Test the quality of their advertising across any marketing source 2) Gain Intelligence On Customer Behavior 3) Understand & reduce their cost-per-lead and overhead and much more...

    We provide marketers with a set of powerful, proprietary and integrated tools to help reach your business goals of increasing customer satisfaction and boosting your ROI.

    A call based automation system that allows a business to see which ad campaigns are driving the best return on investment. CallOutcome360 Benefits: • Identify Trends and Growth Area • Collect Insights On Missed Opportunities • Improve performance w/ higher conversion rates CallOutcome360 Features: • Keyword Tracking • Multi-Channel Tracking for an Omni-Channel Experience • Self-Service & Full Service • Geographic Targeting • Prospect Intelligence • Call Analytics • Call Recording • Call Scoring

    WebpageFX is a full-service Internet marketing, web design, and web development agency offering integrated web solutions for medium to large sized businesses across the globe.

    Affordable, a-la-carte call tracking software. Generate a call tracking phone number in less than 60 seconds. $10/mo plus usage. Free trial available. No long term commitment, cancel anytime.

    Delio 1 Click is a Marketing Automation Saas Platform specialized on Online to Offline conversions. The product will provide Lead Management for any Leads starting on Online (web search, call extension, landing page...) and switching into an Offline Channel (phone, chat, sms, ...). The model will allow customers to: • Increase sales conversion • Decrease CPA • Set up full Offline attribution • Provide Audience clusterization

    Virtual Call Center Services & Telemarketing Software for your business. Dynamic Interactive offers Voice Broadcasting, Predictive Dialers, SMS Marketing, Call Tracking and more.

    Mediahawk tracks which online & offline adverts, PPC campaigns & SEO keywords bring telephone leads & sales.

    Vontio have developed and launched a call tracking, recording and analytics product that is geared towards businesses who like to make decisions based on real, accurate and transparent data. Some highlights of their product include dynamic and static phone numbers (local and toll-free) and call whispers.

    Magnetic North delivers SAAS OnDemand productivity and communications solutions delivering call recording and predictive dialing solutions Since 1998, Magnetic North's solutions have been helping Global 2000 customers such as HP, Vodafone, Stream International, Sirius Radio, Hospital Billing and Collection Services, Chubb, Johnson and Johnson and more to deliver the best possible service to their clients, and increase workforce optimization and and analytics. With over 130,000 users now, in more than 20 countries, our customers rely on us to help them grow their own organization. We believe our fresh new approach to doing business, known as "The Magnetic North Advantage", enables these companies to have long term and mutually profitable relationships with us.

    WildJar is asophisticated call attribution and call intelligence solution to help grow business by optimising and driving revenue from inbound phone leads.

    Call Booster is a Click-to-Call widget that helps our clients convert more visitors into calls on their mobile websites. The widget mission is to capture visitors that were about to leave without making the call.

    Call Tracking, Reporting, Recording, Scoring, 800 Numbers, Analytics, Training, Coaching, and more.

    Our call tracking software allows you to setup call tracking numbers in a snap and add them to your online and offline marketing material.

    CallRoot is a call tracking software for marketing teams & agencies. It tracks & records incoming phone calls, dynamically inserts phone numbers & maps referrer source with every incoming call.

    Call Tracking Pro is a call tracking and analytics software that helps you configure inbound phone calls.

    CallTrax Plus' ad tracking service is an ad tracking tool that helps you track marketing by accurately collecting data about phone responses to your various efforts.

    Call tracking and multi-channel marketing solutions.

    Clixtell provides complete solution for businesses and digital marketing agencies. Call tracking, web analytics, Pay-Per-Click fraud detection, prevention and protection services for online advertisers in the new digital era. Constantly growing and improving, we are proud to provide a safe & sound transparent advertising experience for our customers. We help businesses optimize & protect their advertising campaigns, increase sales, profit & ROI and to improve customer service.

    By using Delacon’s advanced call tracking solution, you will be able to analyze the data to gain insights into what happens before, during and after the call. You’ll be able to follow your lead’s journey from the marketing initiative that sparked their interest, through to the phone conversation with your team and beyond.

    INVOX Call Tracking assigned a unique tracking numbers to each individual advertising channel allowing you to measure which advertising channels or source are driving phone calls. INVOX Call Tracking measures the quantity of calls for each advertising channel and provides insight into which marketing channels are generating the most phone calls. Using this data, you can adjusts the marketing budget to intelligently invest in highest-performing campaigns. Request a DEMO - https://www.invox.ro/en

    Phone call tracking and productivity software for individuals and businesses around the world.

    KeyMetric adTrax empowers you to improve your marketing effectiveness by reporting which advertising sources, campaigns, media, keywords, search terms, tweets, and content are delivering valuable inbound leads and sales, including phone calls.

    Call Tracking software for small businesses focused on sales and marketing campaign funnel conversion optimization.

    From intelligent call routing - based on preceding web activity - through phone sale recording in AdWords to segmenting callers for online retargeting advertising & content, Outleads' technology covers every aspect of the customer journey.

    PBXDom cloud reports can easily generate detailed reports of your telephone or call center activity from anywhere in the world; there is no need to purchase any additional software. You can achieve this by installing a collector of PBXDom and connecting your PBX or Call center to the computer that you installed this software on; that’s all there is to it. The collector software automatically receives your call information from your call center or PBX and then it sends that information to PBXDom’s server, then our server analyses the information in order to provide you with a variety of reports.

    Industry leading CTI call automation & call analytics. Robust mobile & KPI analytics capabilities w/ little implementation & development. Increase visibility of your call activity. Click to Dial, Screenpops & Dashboards. Ask about compatible providers. VoIP, CTI and Call Analytics, improving User Adoption and Productivity Call Analytics Reporting & Dashboards, Native in Salesforce and Salesforce 1 Mobile telecom solution w/ Click to Dial, CTI, and Call Analytics in SFDC & SF 1 Industry leading CTI call automation & call analytics. data you need, in realtime, completely automated. Phonami with gUnify, seamlessly manages call analytics in SFDC & SF. Call data is natively in Salesforce for Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Reports and Dashboards. Click to Dial in SF1 to VoIP. Compatible UCaaS phone providers: Phonami Cloud PBX, Broadsoft, Telesphere (a Vonage Co.), Simple Signal (a Vonage Co.), EvolveIP, iCore, Alteva & many more. Please contact us to see if your existing provider is compatible. KPI's sync with dynamic mobile Dashboards in Salesforce1. Mobility, Call Analytics and CTI Integration. Key Features: -CTI, Click to Dial, Screenpops, input Date, Time, & Duration of all In and Out calls using any device. Auto call logging into your SFDC and SF1 app. Add Subject, Tags, and Comments all without being in SFDC. -Connect calls to Objects (Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Cases, etc.). -Integrates PBX, CTI, KPI and Call Analytics into Salesforce1 -Google Chrome Browser -Non Profit Discounts -Improves User Adoption -Reduce data entry -Realtime KPI's

    Talkie is a free service to communicate with your customers visiting your website.

    Waybeo is an Inbound phone lead acceleration platform with Call tracking and analytics.