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    Cisco routers support secure, reliable enterprise connections. These enterprise routers help you implement an intent-based, future-ready WAN that is constantly learning, adapting, and protecting. Deploy routers for the branch, cloud, co-location, or the data center with any type of connectivity, including MPLS, Internet, and 4G LTE.

    The AR2500 integrates routing, switching, security, and other functions, meeting the increasingly complex service requirements of industrial networks. It features an industrial modular design, supports Ethernet and serial communication interfaces, allows flexible networking, and ensures stable and reliable services

    The AR502 series IoT gateways are designed for industrial environments and support communication in challenging environments such as extreme temperature, high humidity, and electromagnetic interference.

    The Huawei AR509 series IoT gateway can be widely applied to industrial wireless backhaul scenarios in banking, transportation, environmental protection, and other fields

    AR530 series IoT gateway provides comprehensive security and management features; flexible FE, SFP, and RS485 interfaces; and integrated data collection features — Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Power Line Communications (PLC), and Building Energy-efficiency Management System (BEMS) — in a compact enclosure that can be mounted vertically or horizontally

    The AR550E gateways have powerful routing, security, and IPSec VPN capabilities, and support PoE power supply and clock synchronization

    Industrial-grade IoT gateways designed to provide super-high availability in harsh operating conditions to support mission-critical control and automation systems in the power, transportation, and mobile services industries, as well as video surveillance, national security, and Safe City infrastructure.

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