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Insurance billing software helps insurers configure billing plans and invoice clients. Insurance billing products enable users to maintain non-standard payment arrangements and facilitate bill collection and accounts receivable reconciliation. These products also allow agents to create reports in the form of customer bill summaries, which detail policy costs for both business and personal lines of insurance. Some insurance billing products also offer online bill pay support. Insurance billing products can be utilized by insurance agencies of all sizes. These products are typically used by accounting departments at large insurance agencies and by agents at independent insurance agencies. Insurance billing products can streamline the premium billing process, reduce administrative costs and errors, and improve organizational cash flow. Insurance billing products can be implemented either as a standalone solution or as part of an integrated insurance suite.

To qualify for inclusion in the Insurance BIlling software category, a product must:

  • Facilitate insurance bill collection and accounts receivable reconciliation
  • Maintain records of client payment history within a centralized database
  • Allow users to create reports detailing customer policies and payment histories
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    Applied Epic is the industrys most technologically advanced, flexible and secure cloud-based agency management system, providing powerful automation capabilities and a greater level of visibility across an entire book of business. The system offers a single, open application with integrated capabilities to efficiently manage customer relationships, policy and benefits administration, sales automation, and financial accounting processes.

    CodeMetro provides business management software and insurance billing services.

    BillingCore streamlines, automates, and speeds all key billing activities, including bill processing, account management, and cash management.

    Billing Decisions is a feature-rich, configurable solution backed by experts in the nuances of insurance billing.

    Bridge Billing automates the premium billing process, reducing administrative costs and errors, improving cash flow and providing enterprise-wide transparency for invoicing, payments and receivables.

    Premium Billing 360 is a highly scalable solution that can be delivered as a service or as an on-premise implementation.

    TimesManager, is built with you in mind, because they care about recovering your lost revenue.

    Agency Pro provides tools to enable users to run a virtually "paperless" insurance agency.

    Healthcare IT Experts developes billing systems designed for seamless claim processing with automatic claim generation and processing after creation of encounters.

    BillingEnterprise provides carriers the ability to configure the system for their specific needs with regards to bill plans, billing options and billing rules.

    CyberLife is a Web-enabled, n-tiered system that provides cost-effective administration of life and annuity products.

    Diamond Billing automates routine activities like non-paid cancellations and reinstatements.

    Let us show you how Duck Creek Billing can enhance customer satisfaction, increase your bottom line, and give you a competitive advantage.

    FINEOS Billing is a premium billing and reconciliation management solution for group, voluntary and individual insurance designed to support all product types and billing models.

    Guidewire BillingCenter was developed to enable property and casualty insurers to better engage and empower their billing teams and agents to deliver superior customer service, improve workflows and operational performance, and reduce total cost of operations.

    Total Solution For The Global Insurance Market

    INSIS fully supports individual and group life products, unit-linked products, commercial and personal non-life lines of business, health products.

    InsuranceNow is a cloud-based, all-in-one solution that enables rapid implementation, quick upgrades, and freedom from the constraints that come with daily system maintenance

    InsureBill is designed to improve cash flow and generates timely, informative and seamless reports.

    Majesco’s insurance billing platform supports all products and billing types for L&A individual, group, voluntary benefits and worksite lines of business on a single platform

    Majesco Billing for P&C enables this by supporting all P&C lines of business through a broad array of billing types – Direct, Customer Account, Agency Statement, Agency Account Current, Wholesale, List/Payroll Deduction and Deductible Billing, among others.

    Marsh ClearSight is a cloud-based RMIS that connects people, systems, and data for the clearest lines of sight throughout your risk ecosystem.Marsh ClearSight completely reimagines the RMIS experience with one goal in mind to make your job easier, faster, and more effective.

    OneShield offers the premiere billing and receivables system for P&C insurers across all commercial, personal and specialty lines.

    Psyquel uses physical power, encryption, backup and firewall protection so that your information is far safer with us than it could ever be on a computer in your own office, and your access to it as reliable as your dial tone.

    Quicksolver enables insurers, reinsurers,MGAs, and MGUs to create and launch new products and programs faster and keep existing ones refreshed and competitive with less effort than ever before.

    Sapiens IDIT Billing & Collection enables Property and Casualty/General Insurance carriers.

    Tropics Billing and Accounts Receivable brings flexibility and functionality to billing and collecting insurance premium.