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Intellectual property management software assists in the tracking of trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other intellectual property. Law firms and corporations utilize these tools to manage databases of trademarks, automate forms and correspondence for new and ongoing intellectual property ownership, and track possible violations of legal rights for subsequent prosecution. For law firms who manage designers, artists, inventors, and companies with patented products or services, intellectual property management software helps centralize up-to-date client information, license agreements, and opposition filings in a single repository. This software often integrates with case management tools to streamline the lifecycle of intellectual property procurement and litigation. Some products in this category function solely as patent search engines or filing assistants.

To qualify for inclusion in the Intellectual Property Management category, a product must:

  • Provide tools for managing trademarks, patents, and copyrights and related legal rights
  • Assist in the intellectual property lifecycle, including filing for or renewing contracts, disclosure agreements, and processing payments from clients
  • Offer one or more features related to legal disputes or enforcement actions involving clients’ intellectual property
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    Jurivox IP management system is a completely integrated and powerful solution.

    KSS TechTracS is an innovation management system that enables an you to manage your innovation supply cahin including research management, technology & intellectual property management, and agreement management.

    Labs64 NetLicensing is a first-class solution in the Licensing as a Service (LaaS) sector.

    Use of patent analytics for strategic patent prosecution. Start with patent examiner allowance rates and time lines and grow with a suite of prosecution tools that drive material efficiencies.

    NetDocket is a way to manage your intellectual property portfolio and is designed for owners and attorneys who want a secure, easy access to matter data without server or client-side applications.

    Patent application document proofreader, editor, error checker solution

    PatentHunter is a software program that helps patent attorneys, businesses and inventors search, download, and manage USA patents and published patent applications.

    PatentWizard is a software program designed to assist inventors in drafting and filing provisional patent applications and will assist you in writing like a patent attorney if you're dedicated to writing your own patent.

    PatOrg IP Management offers a wide scope of design possibilities for data management. Thus input masks can be created special to matter type and country.

    Patrawin is a software that empowers law firms of all sizes to implement a complete and fully featured IP practice management system it maximises attorney efficiency and client satisfaction without having to compromise or modify their established IP operations and processes.

    Patent and trademark IP firm.

    Centralized trademark management platform that helps businesses keep track of their trademark related activity.

    Portfolio Estimator is an Intellectual Property Cost Estimation and analysis software, developed by Quantify IP, aimed at providing future cost estimation and IP portfolio analysis with various types of reports for Patents, Designs and Utility Models. Portfolio Estimator also allows users to import their own IP docketing data. The software estimates costs related to filing, prosecution, grant and annuities. Both official and associate charges are estimated by the software.

    Ports Group manages, monitors and actively protects assets in the field of trademarks and domain names.

    The very best intergrated IP software solution delivering portfolio management, business focus and clarity to key IP issues in an ever changing world

    REBEAT Digital Business is a license management software for digital music distribution businesses.

    Patent and portfolio analytics platform.

    RenewalsDesk is a cloud-based IP portfolio management and renewals payment service which allows automated instruction of renewals, secure card payment, and automatic receipt storage in the case record for easy review.

    RoyaltyZone is a web based rights & royalty software, Licensors easily share agreement terms, monitor compliance, enforce policies, analyze results, and measure success and increase royalty revenue, spend less time managing compliance, and make better, more informed licensing decisions.

    Sentinel RMS is a license enforcement and enablement solution providing software and technology vendors with control and visibility into how their applications are deployed and used.

    Symphony is the most cutting-edge, cloud-based IP management and patent prosecution platform available on the market. Since its launch in 2016, symphony has revolutionized IP management through its innovative use of Salesforce.com’s Lightning platform, delivering the industry’s most advanced workflow and automation capabilities with access to global patent data - all in a highly configurable, intuitive system, designed for the modern IP professional. From invention capture to docketing to annuity management, symphony brings all facets of IP management onto one stage.

    The IP Management System allows you to optimize your IP management with a solution thats right for you. Get a tailored solution that covers the entire IP lifecycle developed to meet your needs today and capable of adapting to meet your needs in the future.

    Its the ultimate self-service clearance solution that gives you the power to search word and image trademarks instantly and globally, without compromising quality.

    Invention Hub is a SaaS-based software platform that makes it easy for companies to capture more of their intellectual property (IP). It provides a secure system of record for a company's IP, where they can collaboratively document and track their innovative ideas, as well as convert them into protected assets, patents or trade secrets.

    Unycom IPMS is a software solution for IP management with a set of web-based applications Unycom IPMS supports you in surcharging and optimizing your IP managment process.

    Patent Management, Trademark Management, Monitoring and more. uptoIP is the intelligent Software for Managing Intellectual Property

    WINPAT is a practical software systems for the management of intellectual property rights and is a solution for protecting intellectual property in law firms and legal departments of industry and research.