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Invoice management software includes products that help automate the tasks involved with invoice processing, which gives accounts payable (AP) teams increased speed, efficiency, and accuracy. Once invoices are received from merchants, service providers, or employees, they typically must go through an approval process, after which their information is copied or transcribed for records and payments are individually drafted and delivered. Invoice management software streamlines this workflow by scanning invoices, reading and pulling data into the AP system, and transferring payments electronically. Users in the AP department can easily review and approve invoices through a platform’s interface. Some solutions offer a mobile application for remote viewing and approval, in addition to payment allocation and account selection for each payment. Once invoices are processed, they are stored either in the cloud or on-premises for easy access at a later date. These tools will often allow manual data entry for invoices in addition to automatic data capture.

Collecting, approving, and processing invoices—also referred to as the invoice-to-pay process—is a central component in the financial life cycle for any business. These software solutions benefit the AP and accounting departments by eliminating the need for paper records, manual data entry, and mailing checks for every balance fulfillment. A number of invoice management tools also provide features of or integrate with other types of software, including billing software, procurement software, and accounting software, and often provide other helpful features related to invoice management.

To qualify for inclusion in the Invoice Management category, a product must:

  • Assist with automation of invoice processing
  • Pull data from invoices through copies, scans, or digital files
  • Provide simple approval functionality through desktop and/or mobile interfaces
  • Sync with company accounts to transfer payments related to approved invoices
  • Store invoice files, along with approval and payment histories, on the cloud or on-premises
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    Companies of all sizes use SAP Concur to go beyond automation to a connected spend management solution encompassing travel, expense, supplier invoice, compliance and risk. For more than 20 years, our customers have stayed a step ahead with SAP Concur’s global expertise and industry-leading innovation, including time-saving tools, leading edge technology and connected data, in an ecosystem of diverse partners and applications. User-friendly and business-ready, SAP Concur unlocks powerful insights that help businesses see spending clearly, so they can manage it proactively.

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    AvidXchange's complete solution is comprised of three main applications: purchase order application, invoice application, and payment application. These applications are supported by several service teams to enable our users to have a very supported software experience. Purchase Order Application AvidXchange’s Purchase Order Application enables you to automate your company’s purchase order process and control costs by preventing unwanted purchases. You begin your AP process by entering a requisition into the Invoice Application for the goods and/or services vendors require. That requisition is then sent into a workflow for approval. Once the requisition has the appropriate approvals, it becomes a purchase order and is sent to your vendor for fulfillment. After those goods and/or services have been rendered, the vendor will invoice you. When the invoice enters into the AvidBill Service, the purchase order is associated to the invoice using the original purchase order number, vendor, and amount that was established at the beginning of the process. The purchase order and all of the individual line items and coding have now “flipped” to the invoice. Invoice Application AvidXchange’s Invoice Application is a web-based paperless invoice management system designed to automate the way companies manage accounts payable documents. The Invoice Application provides finance executives and AP managers with enforceable controls, powerful reporting, and added “visibility” to all documents in their organization. AvidXchange Invoice mirrors your existing invoice approval process. Paper invoices are either scanned into an electronic format, or electronically submitted directly into the Invoice Application – either through direct data-import or through the Vendor Portal. Invoices are automatically coded, assigned to the appropriate workflow, and routed electronically for approval. Once fully approved, invoices flow directly into your accounting system for payment processing. Payment Application AvidXchange’s goal is to enable you to facilitate 100% of your vendor payments. Every company is unique and has a variety of vendor relationships, and our mission is to empower you with robust options to pay your vendors with best-in-class methods for paper checks and electronic payment methods. AvidXchange’s full-service payment offerings are available using AvidPay, AvidXchange’s bill payment service. When you select payments in AvidPay to be paid, they are then sent over to the AvidPay Network. The AvidPay Network is the network through which your vendors get paid. The AvidPay Network optimizes the electronic payment mix, with an average electronic adoption of 45%. For vendors that you would like to pay in-house, Create-A-Check is available as a self-managed payment option. You manage your vendor data and can facilitate payments via MICR check, ACH/EFT, and wire transfers in-house using the Create-A-Check software. 5 Key Benefits of Automating with AvidXchange: 1. Reduce Processing Costs - Automating reduces processing costs by 60%, or more. How? By eliminating the hard costs associated with paper invoices and checks, such as postage and check stock, as well as eliminating the soft costs associated with manual processes, such as data entry. 2. Create Processes that Scale for Growth - By eliminating the paper from your accounts payable processes, you also remove the manual tasks that are associated with them. Therefore, in an automated environment your company will be able to add invoice and payment volume without having to add headcount to handle labor-intensive functions. 3. Improve Control & Visibility - Automating payables gives your company 24/7 visibility into the status of invoice and payments from anywhere you have an internet connection. Additionally, we configure your workflows to mimic your current approval processes, so that you maintain all of the business rules you have in place today coupled with an electronic audit trail for an additional level of accountability. 4. Implementation in 45 Days or Less - We have a three-step process that we’ve developed over 16 years of helping to get customers up and running on our software. Every customer gets a dedicated implementation specialist that walks them through the three steps: data collection, configuration, and testing. 5. Service Teams to Support Your Experience - From the moment that you decide to become an AvidXchange customer, we have service teams in place to support you. During implementation, you have a designated implementation specialist to help you get up and running on our software, and after you’re implemented you get an account manager to help with any questions you may have along the way while you use the software. Additionally, we have a support team that has a 15-minute response rate based in Charlotte, NC. If you use our payment service, then you also are aided by our vendor enablement team and payment services team to maintain vendor data and optimize electronic payment conversion., the leading digital business payments company, helps automate your accounts payable (AP) process and saves you up to 75% of the time typically spent. It’s the most widely used and one of the most integrated digital business payments platform, and it syncs with your accounting software to improve team productivity and reduce errors. With, you can turn your finance department into an efficient, paperless environment with automated approval workflows, digital document capture and management, and built-in team collaboration. Key Benefits: Increase efficiency and save time Save up to 75% more time by eliminating the manual work associated with accounts payable, like processing paper invoices and checks, getting approvals, and recording payments in your accounting system. Simplify international payments Pay your international vendors the same way you pay a domestic vendor -- quickly and easily. Avoid hidden conversion fees and payment delays by paying vendors in their local currency. Gain more control and visibility Delegate more tasks to the right people on your team, and set up robust business rules to simplify your approvals process. See a digital audit trail for every invoice and complete payment history for all your vendors. Keep everything in sync syncs with QuickBooks™ (Pro, Premier, Online), Xero™, NetSuite ® and Sage Intacct ®, so your team just enters a payment once and they’re done—it’s fast and accurate. Plus, invoices are matched with remittance information to speed up reconciliation. Get up and running quickly Implement in just hours, and send your first payment in minutes. Getting started with is easy, without giving up the robustness and flexibility you need to manage your accounts payable process. Trust in a secure solution Feel safe knowing your data and payments are protected by rigorous security and compliance measures, all optimized to the highest industry standards. We’re a trusted partner of four of the top 10 largest U.S. banks, and over 60 of the top 100 accounting firms.

    Cloud-based solutions for collaborative spend, finance, and sales management. ERP and CRM systems are great, but they don't do much to improve interactions between businesses. For all your investments in technology, your B2B transactions are still managed with a fragmented array of applications and manual processes. Blocking your view, keeping costs and risks high, and hobbling your competitiveness. You need technology that makes trading partner collaboration easier and more efficient. Because in a volatile global marketplace where businesses rise and fall every day, sustainable competitive advantage requires strong, mutually beneficial relationships. Ariba makes that easy. With just your web browser and a user-friendly interface, you can work with your trading partners using market-leading SaaS solutions for spend management, collaborative finance management, and sales acceleration management all integrated on a single platform. These solutions are available by subscription and on-demand, so there's no software to install or maintain. They're scalable, cost-effective, and burden-free. They're also easily integrated with your ERP and back office systems. All it takes to extend your processes to more trading partners is plugging into the Cloud. And no worries, Ariba systems are thoroughly tested to ensure continuous, secure, and reliable service delivery. You can be up and running in no time, using the industry's most complete platform to efficiently and effectively locate, communicate, and collaborate with your trading partners. Commerce is simply better with Ariba technology, whether you're looking to drive sales, control spending, or manage cash.

    ServiceChannel provides facilities managers with a single platform to source, procure, manage, and pay for repair and maintenance services from commercial contractors across their enterprise. By delivering unprecedented transparency and data-driven analytics of service quality, across all trades, locations, and contractors, facilities managers drive significant brand equity and ROI for their organizations without outsourcing or investing in new infrastructure. ServiceChannel Service Automation is an integrated suite of web- and mobile-based solutions to help manage the entire process of facilities management, including finding contractors and suppliers, entering all planned and demand service requests, tracking work orders, and processing payments. There are currently two different packages to meet your business' needs: Service Automation Essentials and Service Automation Professional. More than 500 leading global brands use ServiceChannel daily to conduct business with 50,000+ contractors at more than 300,000 locations in 63 countries. These customers use ServiceChannel solutions daily to help optimize millions of transactions and billions of dollars of facilities management spend annually.

    OnBase Workflow offers a rich set of point-and-click configurable rules and actions that allow AP processes to be quickly automated without the need for custom programming. It automates the process of identifying data exceptions, such as missing information and PO mismatches and can automatically notify the approver to speed exception handling. It can even route invoices back to suppliers when necessary.

    Coupa Invoicing software saves lots of trees. But the benefits of efficient, accurate, and timely invoice management and processing software goes far beyond saving your AP department from drowning in a sea of paper. With the Coupa online invoice management software solution, you’ll also strengthen supplier relationships, use resources more effectively, capture early payment discounts, increase compliance, and reduce business risk. With Coupa's electronic invoicing automatic capture and processing, your invoices will be ready to pay within days. And with insight from Coupa Invoicing’s dashboards, finance can optimize payment schedules to capture discounts and manage cash. Benchmarks and trend analysis will help you identify bottlenecks, while Coupa’s e-invoicing administration tools allow you to optimize without calling IT. And when audit time rolls around, you’ll be ready.

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    With Chrome River INVOICE, modern finance users will enjoy using a fully mobile-enabled invoice management solution that reduces paper while increasing efficiency and compliance. With INVOICE, teams can quickly capture, store and approve invoices that AP teams can access on-the-go or at work, empowering AP teams to take advantage of early pay discounts, increase visibility into spend, and go paperless

    Armatic is a modern AR management and billing platform, providing automation, enablement & insights from proposal to payment. Built from the ground up with interoperability, Armatic enhances the power of your existing accounting/ERP system with integrated communications, workflow automation and powerful business intelligence. Key Benefits Include: Boost Cash Flow - Fully automated AR/Collections drastically reduces time to payment (DSO). Our advanced rules engine can deliver emails, SMS and Letters automatically, ensuring the highest likelihood of payment, while enabling prompt, efficient customer communication. Enhanced/Streamlined Billing - Enable subscription/recurring billing, progress billing, automatic payments, payment plans, late fees, coupons, online billing and interactive customer portals, all integrated with your current systems. Reduce Resources - Streamline processes and Increase efficiency/accuracy across finance, sales and support teams with dynamic automated workflows, self service options and automatic sync/reconciliation. Drive Revenue - Close more business with integrated proposals, electronic signatures. Centrally Manage agreements and price lists, share documents, capture payments and automatically start billing at contract. Unlock Data Insights - Increase cross team communication and visibility with communication tracking & customer/user activity logs. Analyze results performance with MRR, collections & churn reports/projections.

    Our end-to-end accounts payable automation solution streamlines your accounts payable process, from invoice to approval and payment.

    Stampli is a plug and play cloud-based invoice management solution for Accounts Payable that streamlines AP and helps get invoices processed 5 times faster. Until today, Accounts Payable’s greatest challenge was the communication breakdown that occurs in the process. Stampli solves this problem by turning each invoice into a communication tool which centers the conversation about the invoice on top of the invoice itself. Stampli eliminates chasing stakeholders, reducing the time to process an invoice by as much as 80% - and makes the process enjoyable for everyone involved! Featuring an intuitive and collaborative user interface, Stampli integrates seamlessly with leading ERP's including NetSuite, Intacct, Quickbooks, and SAP. Set up is fast, easy, and free, and no implementation project is required.

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    Determine, Inc. (NASDAQ: DTRM) is a global provider of SaaS Source-to-Pay and Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management (ECLM) solutions.

    With BeanworksAP, your invoices are entered with guaranteed accuracy and stored securely in the cloud. Leave the data entry to us while your team tackles more strategic accounting tasks. Then use SmartCoding to intelligently code invoices along with automatic PO-to-invoice matching for seriously fast AP.

    BillingMe is a billing and invoicing software that provides invoicing services for folks with multiple projects. Uses Paypal,, Stripe and integrates with Slack.

    Tackle rogue spending and drive efficiencies with ReQlogic, a highly configurable end-to-end productivity suite that adapts to your business, delivering powerful workflow automation and enhanced visibility anytime, anywhere.

    For small businesses and sole proprietorships in need of fast and accurate document reduction and spending management solutions, The Neat Company provides a cloudbased expense data and document consolidation, retention and processing platform that saves time and money while enabling collaboration with competitive insight.

    Aliphia is a billing and invoicing software help users to design the invoice by adding the company name and logo.

    AllInvoice is a billing and invoicing software that tracks employee time on projects, create invoices, create clients and projects and track how users companies are doing.

    Apptricity Invoice is a billing and invoicing software that eliminates paper file searches and keeps processes running smoothly.

    Ariett provides an intuitive, cloud travel and expense reporting solution that employees love to use on any mobile or laptop device and managers leverage for corporate policy compliance and pre-approval of travel and expense requests. Ariett offers an end-to-end, cloud purchase to payment platform that helps organizations gain control and visibility to all indirect spending, including employee expenses, from one application without having to buy and implement multiple business solutions. From their phone – whether iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone or any other device – employees can easily submit pre-travel requests and then capture receipts and import credit card charges onto their expense report after the trip. Serving over 2200 customers primarily in Software/Technology, Business Services, Non-Profit, Healthcare and Education industries, Ariett helps organizations better manage expenses with spend management analytics and reporting; seamless integration with Intacct, Dynamics GP, NetSuite and other accounting systems; and global visibility to spending across the organization. Ariett’s Key Travel and Expense Reporting Features: - User-friendly Expense Report Entry and Approval from Any Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop - Pre-Travel and Pre-Expense Approval - Easy Receipt and AP Invoice Capture - Import Corporate and Personal Credit Card Charges - Policy Management with Expense IDs and Business Units - Mileage Calculator with Google Maps Integration - OCONUS/CONUS Per Diem Rates - Integration with Accounting System Dimensions, GLs and Entities - 200+ Standard Ariett Reports on Department/Employee Spend, Accruals, Open CC Charges & More! - Multi-Currency and Multi-Entity Capabilities

    Atkku Invoice manager is ideal for printing invoices directly from quickbooks environment and is directly integrated with Quickbooks software for accounting and bookkeeping.

    BeeBills is an invoicing system that is perfect for small businesses. Whether you invoice for hours, services, rentals or products; BeeBills got you covered. - Hour Logging - Recurring invoices. - Customizable invoice design. - Automatic reminders to customers. - Direct payments to you from your customers through Stripe.

    Biller Lite is a billing and invoicing software with features like receipt generation, barcode printing support, and product rate master.

    BillGrid is a billing and invoicing software that makes possible for users to manage billing and expenses electronically, track client details, collect payments, and make estimates.

    BillingServ is a billing and invoicing software that helps any size business to sell, invoice, and accept payments online for the complete range of products and services.

    BILLIVING is a billing and invoicing software that allows users to create PDF invoices and receive online payments with PayPal/Authorize.Net.

    Create free invoice for Small Business

    bMobile Sales is a POS software that eliminates paper invoices and printed lists of customers and products. It can perform sales transactions and account maintenance in the field using only their Android mobile phone.

    Brisk Invoicing is a billing and invoicing software that allows users to create and send invoices securely from anywhere, instantly email, and print or save invoices to PDF.

    Bee Invoicing is an application that simplifies invoicing, and is ideal for small businesses and contractors. With Bee Invoicing, you'll be able to easily track all customers, projects, invoices, quotes, and time, and can even generate packing lists and customer statements! Best of all, Bee Invoicing lets you get started quickly by importing Items from a spreadsheet, and Customers from your Contacts.

    Invoicing & Reporting Solution For Tradesman & Small Businesses

    Conterra FIM automatically consolidates all forms of incoming invoices. Efficiently capture and store e-mails, PDFs, e-invoices and scanned paper to a central repository. Integrated Intelligent Character Recognition software exponentially improves data entry speed and accuracy. Integration with your existing accounting software means you only enter data once. The approval process starts automatically whenever a new invoice enters your system via fax, e-mail or scan.

    Corcentric removes the complexity and inefficiency from network transactions, making it easier to do more business. Streamlining accounts receivable processes by automating each step from PO receipt to payment reconciliation, Corcentric ensures accurate billing with minimal IT and personnel involvement. Corcentric Billing electronically connects sellers and their buyers within a custom private-label, cloud-based network portal that provides paperless invoicing, full visibility into invoice and payment status at any time, and valuable insight into transaction data. Specializing in receivables and transaction management systems for manufacturer distribution networks and group purchasing organizations, Corcentric not only assumes supplier credit risk by extending purchasing credit directly to members of GPOs, our supply chain financing give suppliers the option to get paid early on invoices. In addition, buyers have the option to extend payment terms so they have access to more working capital.

    Digital DocMan began as a basic virtual filing cabinet, converts paper into digital files and then storing them on a local server.

    Get started in minutes invoicing clients and collecting payments from your website

    EASY Invoice is the established and trusted solution for digital invoice processing. It captures invoices from paper and electronic formats, extracts invoice data, routes invoices around the organisation for approval, and finally passes posting data to the ERP system while storing the invoice in our revision proof archive.

    Optiform eobXL is a solution designed to automate transactions and accelerate billing cycles for healthcare providers.

    Ezy Invoice is an invoice software tool for the small and medium sized business.

    With flexible payment options and powerful automation, FINSYNC makes invoicing easy for your team and payment easy for your clients.

    Handdy invoices is an online invoicing software for small businesses.

    Handy Invoice is the most easy to use invoicing application for small businesses in Australia. Its simple and intuitive interface allows you to create neat and clean invoices with no fuss.

    Iabako is invoicing and business management software for small businesses.

    iInvoicing is a professional solution for all your invoicing needs with a comprehensive set of features designed specifically for the smaller company..(SOHO Small Office Home Office)

    InfoFlo is a fully integrated contact, relationship, email, calendar, document & task management solution.

    Simple, fast and beautiful invoicing.

    InvoiceASAP provides easy mobile invoicing and mobile payments, so busy professionals can create, pay, and send estimates, orders and invoices on the go

    Create Professional & Custom Invoices, POs & Estimates

    Invoice Quickly is an online invoicing and estimating platform designed to help small businesses,freelancers and agency owners. Businesses can get paid faster by sending online invoices to their customers and accepting online payments on their invoices. Freelancers and businesses can send unlimited number of invoices and emails to their customers and clients. With Invoice Quickly users can also save details of unlimited Customers/Clients and Products/Services. Payment reminders can be easily sent on a click of a button to the customers who are late on their payment and even these emails can be customized to your needs. Invoice Quickly reports provide powerful insights about business's best and worst performing products and it can also help you identify your best customers.

    Best Time Tracking & Online Invoicing Application for Freelancers/consultants and SMEs.