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Internet of things (IoT) management software helps manage strategies involving the connectivity of smart devices, as well as smart packaging, and their impact on a business. The internet of things refers to the wireless communication between devices and their ability to send, receive, and create data based on user activity and environmental factors. IoT management products help businesses monitor and take action on the communication from and between registered devices, as well as control the devices from a remote interface on a desktop or mobile device when necessary. These products log and store data from connected smart devices that provide real-time insights to help businesses uncover trends and become more efficient. IT teams within various organizations use IoT software to centralize activity and analytics related to a smart device network, receive alerts when performance is interrupted, and export relevant information to other IT infrastructure or analytics programs.

To qualify for inclusion in the Internet of Things Management category, a product must:

  • Sync with and monitor activity of smart devices
  • Provide tools for controlling, updating, and retrieving data from synced devices
  • Allow actions to be taken based on data received from devices
  • Provide dashboards and analytics for devices
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