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Internet of Things security, or IoT security, involves solutions for safeguarding smart devices and centralized user hubs from unwanted access or manipulation. The Internet of Things (IoT) is an increasingly prevalent network that allows disparate devices to communicate with each other, automate processes based on environmental or behavioral factors, and collect data based on performance and interactions. This advanced method of communication is not compatible with established methods of cybersecurity and is vulnerable to unique cyber threats that can steal data, corrupt software, or override commands. IoT security systems provide users with a secured data pipeline and constantly updated threat awareness and protection so devices can communicate and users can connect with, manage, and draw data with minimal risk.

The technologies of IoT security are expanding and evolving to meet the demands of the cybersecurity landscape and IoT as a whole. Products in this category share core qualities of other types of IT security software and are built to integrate with IoT management tools, to give companies complete, reliable use of this network. To ensure optimum security when deploying IoT devices within your organization, discuss best practices with cybersecurity consulting providers, and consider a qualified IoT development team to complete the build and deployment process.

To qualify for inclusion in the IoT Security category, a product must:

  • Be compatible with the latest Internet of Things devices and technology
  • Bolster security measures inherent with inter-device communication and user access cases
  • Require extensive authentication to verify device ownership or administrative license
  • Alert device owners when device communication is interrupted or other situations arise
  • Assist with software updates as they become available
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