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Jail management software is designed to simplify data organization at incarceration facilities both large and small. It works to reduce inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the heavily populated punitive system. It can aid in tracking inmate locations throughout multiple facilities, retain individuals’ booking and release dates, centralize access to inmate medical records, organize cell distribution, keep up with incidents, and provide updated information on jail populations. Jail management software is intended for use by jail management officials such as sheriffs, wardens, and other types of administrators. Certain jail management software could integrate with Automated Fingerprint Identification Softwares (AFIS) and paperless document management to further simplify access to information.

To qualify for inclusion in the Jail Management Software category, a product must:

  • Centralize access to a range of legal or organizational documents and records
  • Track inmate cell and facility location
  • Record inmate booking and release dates
  • Maintain a searchable booking history
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    SleuthJAIL is a jail management solution that helps manage efficiency and operational overhead that offers sharing between multiple jurisdictions and tracking of inmates from booking to release.

    Ki Corp Jail Management System provides detainee tracking from intake and booking to release including identification, automatic booking number generation, booking activity and history, charge tracking, financial tracking, and more.

    Loc&Track is used for flexible reporting for accurate, current and detailed information about offenders.

    Mi-Case is a provider of a suite of web based software solutions to public and commercial sectors.

    SmartJAIL allows you to track and manage the aspects of an inmate's incarceration period by providing an integrated solution for streamlining the process of booking and maintaining a searchable booking history.

    SuperDisplay Touchscreen system provides agencies with a modern solution that incorporates all aspects of correctional facility physical security into a single, fully integrated package.

    VCS' Scheduling and Time & Attendance Systems are suited for small and large organizations.

    APSS Rescue the Alert Public Safety Solutions Emergency Medical Services Software allows managers and users alike to have more time to do what comes naturally, serve the public.

    BIS Corrections Management is a relational database- oriented information tool for managing your corrections, jail or detention facility with jail record-keeping tools to help you manage time and accurate information about inmate populations.

    cFive Catalyst helps case managers maintain effective client relationships, enables timely communications and intervention, and promotes client self-management and rehabilitation.

    CIS's The Jail Management System (JMS) is a comprehensive on-line transaction based System which provides comprehensive inmate management, facilities management, billing, special programs and provides seamless integration with CIS' other public safety software.

    Dynamic Public Safety is an innovative web based suite, specifically designed for the unique demands and requirements of criminal justice systems in the USA. Dynamic Public Safety is not a "cookie cutter" system; instead it was built from the ground up to serve the entire law enforcement community.

    eFORCE Jail Management Software allows you to retain the information you need for arrested individuals with tools and features to help you manage your data.

    WorkflowJAIL Inmate Management is a web-based software that allows you to manage tasks, accuracy, and provides your administrators with reporting and analysis capabilities to help you manage your daily jail facility tasks.

    Enterpol Jail Management System is a solution that allows you to track inmate activity from inmate's' arrival until release with the ability to clone records and keep historical records intact when inmate is booked into the system again.

    The eOMIS Electronic Inmate Management uses technological efficiencies to improve the way inmate information is accessed, providing daily benefits across all of your operations.

    Golden Eagle JMS is an intake systems that inmates tracking, medical records, visitation logs, commissary management, and warrant tracking.

    GUARDIAN RFID is the definitive leader in inmate management , monitoring , tracking solutions for jails, prisons, and juvenile facilities.

    Jail Guardian is an interactive software suite to help manage your law and order needs with jail & records, dispatch, pistol permits, inventory, evidence, and other modules to help you manage time and money for your agency.

    IBR_Plus is a software management suite for law enforcement agencies and fire and rescue services.

    IMACS is a incarceration management and cost recovery system that provides a system for monitoring and managing inmates and run functions to manage your facility.

    InCustody is a jail management system that provides tools you need to establish an information-based command center for your jail with integrated RMS to give you search capabilities and access to the persons case information.

    The Inform Public Safety Suite is designed to address the current and future challenges of public safety. The enterprise-wide solution consists of 911, computer aided dispatch, mobile data, records management, field-based reporting, and jail management to optimize and automate the workflow to improve the way your PSAP, Law, Fire, or EMS agency manages and processes information. Inform users benefit from a shared and consistent workflow, maximizing the availability and re-use of critical information for all. From the California Highway Patrol which is the largest state police agency in the United States to 82 of the top 100 metropolitan areas in the nation, Inform supports some of the highest volume, most complex public safety operations.

    Inmate Management is a jail management system that allows you to manage input from cell assignment to mail call and inmate accountability and helps you centralize your data to fit your needs.

    IMS from VBIS provides a comprehensive solution for efficient prison management.IMS lends itself to easy customization and is designed to streamline the processes across prison facilities.

    Intelli-Force specializes in Software & Systems Engineering, Cyber Security, Agile Development, System and Database Administration, Information Assurance, and Project Management services for the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Intelligence Community (IC) etc.

    Sundance's The Jail module provides management tools and reporting specifically designed for modern Jail/Holding facility. The Jail management system controls all areas from prisoner checks, medical/visitor/meal logs as well as booking and photo imaging screens, which allows for fast and efficient booking of inmates.

    Jail Solutions is a multi-featured solution designed to manage aspects of jail operations by administering cell assignments, daily census, basic commissary, healthcare questionnaires, and more.

    Online, interactive jail booking and management system that provides information on incarcerated adults.

    Beacon's Jail management systemis with fingerprint identification bookings which is also customizable to fit any size agency.

    JMS is a jail management system that provides biometric readers and signature pad integration and more customized features to meet the needs of your agency.

    Offender Management System helps maintain an inmate's incarceration from intake to release with features to help manage initial intake, charges, sentencing, property, housing, medical, meal planning, and more.

    Prime Software Technologies is an Information Technology consulting practice that fuses information systems and business understanding into one solution.

    ProTrak is a jail management system that is built for enterprise scenarios with distribution, clustering, and mirrored servers that allows you to manage your facility.

    rps-Jail Management Software is a jail and detention center management solution designed to help manage your jail flow within an integrated system, providing you with access to information from booking records to commissary orders and more.

    SuperDisplay Touchscreen System is a scalable, integrated security system with customizable solution from revenue-model video visitation system to RFID inmate tracking all controllable from your touchscreen workstation.

    SleuthJAIL is a jail management system that automates and completely manages all records on each inmate from the moment he or she steps into your facility.

    Southern Software JMS is an inmate management software that offers user level security and allows additions and changes to be made to a drop down list with features and functions to help manage reporting, compliance and more.

    Tiger Commissary Software is a Jail management Software and provides Commissary Servies and Food Services to County Jails and State Prisons.

    Offender360, part of Tribridge Justice and Public Safety suite of solutions, is cloud-based software system for case management built on Microsoft Dynamics that manages the entire offender lifecycle from intake to release.

    Offender360 is a cloud-based software system for case management built on Microsoft Dynamics and designed to manage the entire offender lifecycle from intake to release.

    Tyler Jail Management manages inmate processing, tracking, and reporting.

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